Friday, August 21, 2009


Sovereignty is the quality of being independent and responsible for ones life conditions, in such a way that we are in charge of our life and prepared to meet challenges to our freedom and well-being. Sovereignty means liberation from those things that undermine our proactive autonomous self-determination.

Once we are willing to take responsibility for everything that happens to us we start to recognize how deep is the structure we’ve created through fear, which keeps us locked into a diminished experience of ourselves and the world. Sovereignty is being be willing to act from our own integrity - not from anger, martyrdom or victimhood – and so we are able to start changing our lives through proactive love and unity. Our reality is changed by first changing on the inside, which then affects the external world. This self-aware inner change and the consequent the ability to meta-adapt, is freedom or sovereignty. Sovereignty is taking total responsibility for ourselves, our community and for Gaia.

We are inextricably tied to that which we resist, such that we lose our sovereignty in the bargain. Thus in resistance mode, even when we claim we want spiritual and emotional sovereignty, we are actually perpetuating its opposite, for that which we resists persists. When we are stuck in a revolutionary rather than evolutionary mode we are unaware that we are perpetuating a cycle of fear, non-responsibility, blame and victimhood. For when we become angry about a challenge to our freedom it is because of our inner victimhood and lack of sovereignty. This perpetrator-victim bonding creates resistance toward the very structure we are struggling to pull away from, thereby keeping us chained to it.

Thus sovereignty is self-origination. It is not in anyway defining ourselves as the mirror image of our opposition. Once we move out of the oppositional mode, of having to defend our right to "be" and step into our vision, we begin to operate from our sovereign self. It is then that co-dependence is dropped as we shift from reactivity to proactivity begins. Only then do we start to mature spiritually. Only then does spiritual community emerge as good-will builds the resonance of the Muse into the music of collective creation. Spiritual community cannot form within authoritarian systems for cognitive function is impaired by power imbalance, and mind, heart and spirit cannot flourish under dictation. Rather than mere inter-dependence, we must now start talking about mutual independence or proactive cocreation...Smart action that feeds us, community and Gaia.

Sovereignty is the goose that laid the golden egg. Indeed it is the only goose that does.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Flight of the Geni


After some 20 years of tireless dedication to his in depth research on the grand unified theory, Nassim Haramein's most recent scientific paper, "The Schwarzschild Proton," just received the prestigious "Best Paper Award" at the University of Liege, Belgium during the 9th International Conference CASYS'09 (Computing Anticipatory Systems). Chosen by a panel of 13 peer reviewers, this significant paper marks a new paradigm in the world of quantum theory, as it describes the nuclei of an atom as a mini black hole, where protons are attracted to each other by gravitation rather than some mysterious undefined "strong force." This radical new view of the quantum world produces a unification of the forces and appropriately predicts measured values for the nucleon of atoms.

Consider how scary it is that some of the smartest minds on the planet got so off course with physics/cosmology...and that the rest of humanity followed them like lemmings off the cliff of rationality. Nassim is like a messiah figure come to reinstate the mind of Man into a sane cosmology. The power of one individual genius against all the political and academic might of multiple generations should not be underestimated. However, notice the Parsifal nature of Nassim's heart, in that he is merely "amused" by opposition or the old “established” ways of thinking. He is not "fighting" the old paradigm, he is loving his way through it into the vast magical universe. Thus it is easy for people of all kinds to "follow-with" him, because he is not embittering himself with the brittle bones of obsolescence. This is a leader not at all interested in crucifixion and so as a model for the method of "re-geniusing" the human species - so that our intelligence works for us rather than against us, there has been no better exemplar than Nassim me thinks.

Inner sovereignty comes from the "Pure Heart" and yields perseverance, courage, resolve, endurance, composure and grace. Inner sovereignty amounts to the greatest gifts in life…character, nerve, substance and class. The deep inner strength and quiet determination of the Pure Heart reflects the power of geometry inherent in the Unified Field...there is no greater power in the Universe than the Unified Force. To see, know and be all things.

Nassim had the verve to actually ask what was that rotten something in the state of Denmark? Though compassion urged Parsifal to ask the king, “Father, what ails thee?” the rules of knighthood told to him by his mother, forbade him to ask unnecessary questions. Nassim asks the deep questions regardless, for politely accepting the current worldviews does not further the progress of science. With our human systems on the verge of collapse, it is suicidal to not question our systems along with their limited scientific foundations. The “event horizon” of human understanding is where the Parsifal hearted like to hang out. Nassim uses the knowledge of Man as a ladder and yet he is faithful only to the Source. Thus Nassim is an example of the positive balance of the archetypes through which sovereignty is born:

THE WARRIOR/WARRIORESS—Discernment/definition
THE LOVER—Clarity of desire/Desire of clarity
THE MAGICIAN/CRONE/MAGUS—Scientist/Explorer —The Resonance Project is pleased to announce that Nassim Haramein has been invited to speak on Coast to Coast AM on Tuesday evening, August 18 at 11 PM Pacific time. Haramein will share his unifying research into the structure of the universe, drawing from such fields as theoretical physics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, and anthropology. Please join Coast to Coast listeners for this three hour interview.

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette
Facing the Dragon: Confronting Personal and Spiritual Grandiosity by Robert L. Moore, Max J., and Jr. Havlick
The Archetype of Initiation by Max J. Havlick Jr. and Robert L. Moore
The King Within: Accessing the King in the Male Psyche by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette

Monday, August 17, 2009


• The Sovereign Self is a Unified Field Object (UFO)…that is it is generated by coherency in consciousness, matter and energy with the Unified Field, such that there is less friction, disharmony or dissonance.
•Theta wave (4-8 Hz) being the love window through which the Sovereign Self “descends” into our conscious reality. The 4 Hz end of the scale being the hypnogogic channeling of transtemporal and cosmic information stream, while the 8 Hz end being conscious revelatory state associated with creativity and grokking in the waking state.
• The Sovereign Self is composed of masculine (King) and feminine (Queen) that marry together to create the actualized or whole person. This occurs through the 8 Hz star tetrahedron interdimensional Merkaba generated by the solar heart.
• Thus through sublime conjunction, the King and Queen reign free and make sense, wholeness and order. Through this stabilization of consciousness the higher self is known, and a much larger realm emerges, along with a higher sense of purpose.
• To the degree that we are defended, that is contracting ourselves from the Unified Field, is the degree to which we are incapable of feeling or expressing love…thus the Merkaba cannot synchrotron to Universal or Cosmic Christ levels.
• Universal compassion is to resonate with the universality of all life, such that lower motivations no longer trigger a response: guilt, shame, fear, hate, jealousy, avarice, revenge and greed.
• Universal compassion understands all things and “draws up” by example…thus allowing release of the armor (memory of recriminations) and permitting forgiveness and hence Flow.
• With the armor dropped we are born anew each moment and can be informed and in-formed by the Sovereign or Cosmic Self. Expansion is thus unlimited…to Know Thyself is to know that we are infinite.
• Therefore we see that we cannot base a mystic or spiritual civilization on notions of original sin and self-hatred, and so the patriarchal pyramid culture is fatally flawed, and is crumbling around our ears as spirit breaks free.
• Sovereignty is Self definition from Source…Sovereignty is not in anyway defining ourselves as the mirror image of our opposition, nor out of rejection of what we have known ourselves to be.
• Sovereignty is the divine right to be the source of ones own origination. Because we ARE the genesis/genius of our being anyway and so sovereignty is just facing the truth of existence.