Saturday, September 27, 2014


Putting the “Eco” Back into the Economy

The principles of sustainable business are not sustainable, they must be regenerative, and restorative, or they are simply business as usual!

• EVOLUTIONARY PRINCIPLES—Those who are afraid of the collapse of this civilization are not yet ready to create Civilization Next. Collapse it must, but in an organized fashion using the principles of sustainability, restoration, regeneration and regenerosity such as: composting the old, biomimicry, ephemeralization, field-phenomenological perspective, symbiosis, synergy, closed circle resource flow, recycling, zero-waste, Flow, vortex and Phi, Hermetics, Natural Step, Universal Law, community/communication/communion, permaculture, sharing, skill bartering, the ecology of abundance, eudaimonia, articulated by Panspermia directed from the Source, eternal recurrence, the ecology of abundance, fractal design, microcosm and macrocosm, tunicity, primordial connection, nature-IQ, yin/yang mitotic processes, autopoietic genesis, extraOrdinary design, harmony of opposites, The Precautionary Principle, ever changing ‘systemic’ structure, Freedom, the primacy of sovereignty, facilitation-leadership, decentralized power, reciprocity, Taoist flow of giving and receiving, Natural Philosophy, Nature Wizardry, reWilding and celebration.

• UNIVERSAL LAW—Universal Law is sacrosanct…that is, regarded as too important or valuable to be interfered with. How then did leadership, that aspires to “the right to rule,” become so far off base? The mundane, the monetized and the mammon reduce the universal or the common law to the commercial…that which pays tribute to power. In the mosh pits of primate power wrangling Universal Law, is a plastic plaque on the wall. The is no soulution to the human problem, but waking up! Ethics, law, morality and right conduct is a matter of how OPEN one is to Universal Law, and how transparent one is to the bullshit. As you know the power pyramid runs on bullshit. Healthy organizations and social structures cannot run on bullshit or they are not sustainable. In complex communion with the reality of nature and the Universe, “sustainable anything” dances to a far different drum than any mere human can conger.

• THE PRIMACY OF SOVEREIGNTY—Within the evolutionary paradigm of becoming fully human, the primacy of sovereignty is absolute. Only whole humans can cocreate a whole world. All of our problems, social, mental, emotional, physical, technological, economical, ecological and spiritual are caused by a lack of personal sovereignty, causing a cultural of the partial human that prevents the collective emergence of the full and noble human. Personal sovereignty is the next step in the evolution of humanity...long overdue. Building up the executive functions of the prefrontal lobes and balancing brain hemispheres to engender sovereignty is the most important work (play) we could be doing. The crisis we are currently undergoing is a moral crisis in which we either embrace the divinity and primacy of the sovereignty of the individual and thus make the evolution into the Prefrontal Lobes...or continue our species decline into ever greater degradation of our humanity, wholesale cultural collapse and ecocide.

• SOVEREIGN SELF—Sovereignty is the umbilical to the is the universal Self or the light field...the closest thing between us and Zeropoint. There is nothing more powerfully transformative than the pure, unadulterated Sovereign Presence of the divine human. Sovereignty is the coalescence of Self and allegiance to the deepest call within, motivating us towards a transcendental destiny. We each have vast latent abilities within ourselves that are inherent to our original cosmic design, which are eternally calling to us to re-awaken them beyond the limitations of the given human culture. Creating the sovereign self is the fundamental striving of all beings for determinateness, for completeness, for an explicit identity. It is an inherent drive arising from the core of our being—the Zeropoint field of infinite potential. Identive power as in “the will-to-power” of Nietzsche, and “the self-actualization need” of Maslow is the longing of the heart for the sovereign self.

“We all strive to reach a goal by the attainment of which we shall feel strong, superior, and complete.” Adler

“We must heal the whole world to heal our Self, for we are the world, and the Universe. We take back the planet by laying a stake and taking back our lives” Saraca Fiscova

• SOVEREIGN DESIGNThe sovereign life is designed with sovereignty principles throughout its infrastructure. Sovereignty is not a set of techniques like affirmations, exercise, meditation, or mind mapping that makes up a mystic life. It involves using the design process and creating a planned life using the principles of sovereignty that makes it a truly sovereign life and gives the leverage of this discipline to the creative endeavor. Sovereignty is not a raft load of techniques thrown at a lifestyle with no design savvy or experience behind you. The notion of sovereign social ecology draws from the Aristotelian concept of eudaimonia (flourishing), that property of one’s life when considered in its whole. That is, the virtues of a good life go beyond any single set of norms or constructs. Sovereignty is an art and a science with a set of principles or doctrine...when you see it you know it as sovereignty. Personal sovereignty from a legal and societal context (relationship, economics, social structure etc) is the foundations of the creation of a truly HUman civilization, for if the individual is not faithful to the divine directive within their core then they are on the wrong path. If everyone is dispossessed, disenfranchized and dissociated from their sacred call then society is degenerative.

• EQUITY CONSCIOUSNESS—In a dualistic, manipulative social system we intimidate, hex and shame other animals and humans into performing or slaving for us. Women and the non-white races especially, have carried the burden of victimhood because for their survival they have had to more readily sacrifice their own soul’s Dharma and self-needs to cater to others. Thus their Self-system has not been adequately exercised to build up a sense of who they are, along with the establishment of healthy boundaries with others. Enmeshment, codependency, poverty, retardation and degeneration are some of the symptoms of this Self denial. When caught in this bind of survival through slavery, we project our skills and competency onto others and in this way we make ourselves helpless. In slave/poverty-mind we essentially “victimize” ourselves with the aid of others, who are polarized to power by our feigned weakness. Purely because we fear our own enlightenment, freedom, success and self-support. Helplessness is the greatest of diseases for sure, and is a complete illusion.

• SELF-DISCIPLINE—Or the discipline to be one’s Self. To become a loving disciple of our Self is thus the answer to all the suffering we “cause ourselves” due to our bad habits of poverty-mind, relationship-abuse and substance-abuse. True Discipline is not some taskmaster imposition of external law. True Discipline comes from within through the simple commitment of loving attention to the Self. Commitment is not a decision it is a realization of Truth and the Real. I propose that Thanatos, or the death urge, is the resistance to enlightenment, not the fear of death. Therefore commitment is just merely seeing through one’s own Thanatos, or resistance to enlightenment or Truth is it not? Self-Discipline is the observation of “Necessity” and seeing through the sneaky ways we try to avoid life and the will to work towards the fulfillment of our highest dreams.

“The word “Discipline” comes from the word disciple — to be a loving student of. Self-discipline is being a loving student of yourself.” Peter Mc Williams, Love 101.

• ORTHOGENESISOrthogenesis meant literally “straight origins”, or “straight line evolution.” It is the drive for teleological perfection, which is the creative force in evolution or Eros, or élan vital arising from the implicate ground of the universe itself. This intrinsic drive of cosmic teleology is the organizing mechanism in evolution that slowly transforms individual organisms and species. Orthogenesis, orthogenetic evolution, progressive evolution or autogenesis, is the hypothesis that life has an innate tendency to evolve in a unilinear fashion due to some internal or external “driving force.” Homo industrialis’s errant divorce from nature means that the planetary course of evolution is no longer unilinear, but bipolar and entropic, flipping from growth to collapse with ever decreasing energy and resources available for following the creative course of evolution. Homo restoratis however can return evolution to its natural cosmic course through restitution, restoration, reparation, recuperation, redemption, reinvestment, rehabilitation, reconstruction and recovery.

• THE PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE—The Precautionary Principle means that when we experiment with nature, we force ourselves to err on the side of caution, not profits. The Precautionary Principle recognizes that human civilization is fragile, and science-sounding experiments can run amok in ways that simply cannot be anticipated by even the most brilliant and well-intentioned human minds. Those who do not abide by The Precautionary Principle need to be immediately restrained before they utterly destroy the very conditions on our planet that make human life possible.

• BIOPHILLIA—To love all life including oneself seems to be the quintessential goal of life. As we regenerate our physical body and the planet we deepen consciousness and in doing so we gain even greater knowledge of ourselves and how to promote Life in the Universe. Sovereignty is that subtle and awesome power that protects and furthers all life through Universal empathy, morality, compassion and connection to the All.

“In our ways, spiritual consciousness is the highest form of politics. We must live in harmony with the Natural World and recognize that excessive exploitation can only lead to our own destruction. We cannot trade the welfare of our future genera- tions for profit now.” -Leon Shenandoah, Tadodaho, Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy

• FIRST DO NO HARMPrimum non nocere is a Latin phrase derivative of the Hippocratic Oath that means “first, do no harm.” Non-maleficence, which is derived from the maxim, is one of the principal precepts of medicine. Another way to state it is that, “given an existing problem, it may be better not to do something, or even to do nothing, than to risk causing more harm than good.” Non-maleficence is often contrasted with its corollary, beneficence Non-maleficence is sustainable, but it is not regenerative, nor restorative. That is, simply “doing no harm” is not good enough in a world suffering from Systemic Environmental Collapse (SEC) from thousands of years of the complexification of Biocide. The obvious update to the Hippocratic Oath is “regenerate and restore the earth and all her glories to the most highly conscious and alive planetary organism possible.”
• AWAKENING—The experience of awakening, is really one of returning home from being lost on a worldly journey and breaking through the externally attributed self-identity...having become intimate with a cosmic Self so vast and mysterious that the shell we knew ourselves to be before is cast off. Of course if we do not change our habits, circumstances and/or social environment to reflect the changes in the depth of our inner experience...once the honeymoon of the awakening is over we will find ourselves re-encased in the armor of emotional sclerosis through our encounter with the unenlightened Borg world. Now however, because we are more conscious the prison we then find ourselves in is far more distressful than the unconscious prison we lived in before we were awake.

• EVOLVING AWARENESS—The power hierarchy of the commerce of slavitude combined with the sexual intimidation of being a gender within the usury and competition of Borg society is a surefire combination for the rapid rebuilding of the prison of the soul. If we lived in a spiritually awake culture we would already be Awake and we would not build these shells of neiscience and numbness that we then need to break out of. The Awake human willing to speak truth to power-over in order to breakdown the walls of slavitude and usury is a danger to the status quo, and the only hope we have of making a better world in which the full enlightened human can flourish. By establishing the primacy of the sovereignty of the individual we can bring about a new society in which Awake humans can live free.

• SELF-TRANSFORMATION—By Awakening Sovereignty we recover, uncover and discover that Eternal I that has remained buried within us in a degenerate society. Transcending a culture that would have us enslave to ego-satisfactions, and overcoming our own futile attempts at compensating for the pain of separation from our Self. Sovereignty is the next necessary stage of our species evolution vital to establishing the solutions to the fall of the exploitive industrial civilization. Sovereignty is the solution to the degeneration of the human species and planet earth through the rectification of unconscious animal power imbalances, and the establishment of the noble, whole or cosmic human capable of universal morality. If all we ever do is all we’ve ever done, then all we’ll ever get is all we ever got. It’s time to do — and get — something different.

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” ~ Lao Tzu

• TRANS-WORLDLINESS—Trans-worldliness is the most essential step towards the regenerative sovereign life, for until we can see and feel above the smoke and mirrors we are victim to the persuasive power of other people’s minds. Bandied about trying to serve a multiheaded hydra we end up forever lost, and silently grieving over the loss of life unlived. Without trans-worldliness we are apt to blame the world for our own inability to live a HUman life. The presovereign Borg entranced in scarcity mentality feels at the atomic level that there is not enough to go round. All thoughts, feelings and behaviors then are motivated from deprivation. Even with love, there is never enough to go around. Hence the anger, frustration, boundary infraction and plain stupidity of competing for power-over. The primacy of sovereignty is absolute, for nothing in the universe makes sense without it…and no-thing or nobody knows its way.

“We can only escape from the world by outgrowing the world. Death may take man out of the world but only wisdom can take the world out of the man. As long as the human being is obsessed by worldliness, he will suffer from the Karmic consequences of false allegiances. When however, worldliness is transmuted into Spiritual Integrity he is free, even though he still dwells physically among worldly things.” ~Manly Palmer Hall

• TRANS-XENOPHOBIA—Scarcity consciousness is born from cosmic separation, which produces a pervasive sense of anxiety and shame, and a dread of seclusion and abandonment. The isolated, xenophobic MeMe disrespects the primacy of sovereignty and so betrays both self and other. Self preservation to those enmeshed in the power drives of the world necessitates exclusion, competition and protectionism. Such a defensive posture towards life leads to depersonalization, disorientation, mechanization and the implosion of the capacity for a “whole” HUman life. In compensation for “not having a life” we then adopt other-centeredness as an excuse for the incapacity to focus our will on self-completion and self-fulfillment. Presovereign’s beget presovereigns and everybody loses in the lose/lose game of self-sacrifice and self-betrayal. The sustainable economy begins where scarcity mentality ends, therefore the restorative society is founded on the creative abundance of sovereign individuals that dare to venture beyond the known.

Sovereignty, genius, cosmic connection, abundance and providence are one and the same thing.

• LIFE CULTURE VS DEATH CULTURE— In the death culture all human functions are reduced to the opposite or inverse of their true intentions. As long as we remain entranced by unconscious zombie systems Murphy’s Law will rule our lives and we become a parody of our potential cosmic being. The Borg is what I call the pupael, uninitiated human who operates mostly from the Hindbrain and who is formed within the sadomasochistic (master/slave) culture. The flatland, materialistic focus creates a society of robotic zombies void of the inherent ethics of social empathy on which the fundamental humanizing principle “The Golden Rule” is founded. All aspects of human culture at the Borg level of realization are a tragic-comedic parody of themselves. Politics that doesn’t lead, medicine that doesn’t heal, education that prevents learning, religions that infantilize, agriculture that kills the environment, cooking that kills food, housing that cages, marriages that destroy love etc…

• THE GOLDEN RULE—Healthy humans automatically expresses a passion for equality and a strong sense of social justice and solidarity based on the Golden Rule—set on the foundations of radiant self-love. Substantiation of the sovereign brain does ironically take social reinforcement by peers who are naturally beneficent and live by The Golden Rule. The Anti-Golden Rule is the violation of sovereignty…it is violence against Man, nature and cosmos. Those who violate the sovereignty of other humans and animals are not in touch with their own sovereign divinity and so have no legal or ethical right to rule. Morals define personal character, while ethics and law stress a social system in which those morals are applied. If our ethical system doesn’t preserve the sovereignty of living organisms then it is in violation of the most basic law in the universe…the right to life! The Golden Rule is the Keystone to building a sustainable business, and an evolving species. Our transformation from a dysfunctional, unsustainable and spiritually empty society means a return to sacred civilization founded on The Golden Rule.

• EMPATHY—The presovereign Borg is plagued by commodification and usury, is repressed, and moved by misplaced sentimentality yet lacks empathy, needs to be right, is arrogant, in chronic denial, and emotionally repressed. Empathy IS...”I and our brother are one.” It is our avoidance of this fact that generates nonsense, neiscience and non sense. However those engrained in consensus reality and embedded in Borg conditioning are power cannibals, which makes empathy with them uncomfortable, and misunderstanding the norm as they “impose” their mind on reality, rather than letting reality “inform” their mind.

• WIN/WIN CONSCIOUSNESS—Win/win is Unity Consciousness when the Subject/Object, Self/Other division has been dissolved through empathetic resonance. This is the highest estate of each of us and is the origins of true abundance. The state of spiritual abundance has nothing to do with worldly success or money, however these are often the result of abundance consciousness because we need resources to do our Soul’s work. One can still be in poverty consciousness and be rich, and in fact this is often the case. In Win/Win consciousness the individuals highest good is preserved so that we can have our cake and eat it too. If we could make our agency communion then our problems would be solved.

• BENEFICENT DIFFERENCE—Negative forms of competition, suppression, exclusion, conflict and the rejection of beneficent difference represent a lack of positive clarity. Preserving the sense of upliftment and well-being of “isms” (gender, yin/yang, race, family, country, religion, politics, class) in general social interaction is vitally important, because prior to awakening and sovereignty our identity is one-with our “isms.” That is we believe we ARE the different identifiers that we are attached to. Thus even if a presovereign is talking down their own “isms,” it is up to the sovereign to not join in with the negative-ism appraisal, but instead to offer a positive feeling-picture to the equation, in order to build up the health and well-being of the “ism.” This is one of the main keys to collective emergence from the draining hindbrain gossip necessary to generate an environment of communal safety and inclusivity. To be able to spin soiled straw into gold on the fly is a sure sign of the Fair Witness in action, through the grace of benign inclusion in caring for the whole.

• DIVINE PROVIDENCE—To live a life of abundance we have to grow beyond poverty-mentality. Poverty-mentality is the refusal to liberate our larger Being and live our deepest function in consciousness. Poverty occurs through a lack of receptivity and responsiveness to community needs. That is, just what does the community want or need and how much are they willing to pay for it? With this “demand” in mind and through acute sensitivity to Goodness, Truth and Beauty, then abundance mentality is achieved. Poverty is dissolved through transcendent vision and the entrepreneurial exercise of our highest talents (greatest gifts) and Morality, Wisdom and Aesthetics. Fear of Enlightenment prevents Divine Providence.

• OVERCOMING POVERTY MENTALITY—Poverty mentality is crippling to the genius of the Muse, largely through lack of resources for experimentation and time wasted in menial employment, without the space and energy to explore our greater purpose in life. Poverty also keeps us back in the Hindbrain locked into the mediocre, scarcity mentality, competition, me-mine and the mundane. Right livelihood brings about the Surplus Socioeconomy rather than the Scarcity Economy. Poverty mentality is a self-reinforcing feedback loop, because as long as we remain in a non-creative state, we are separated from the Muse that would manifest the providence by which we would extricate ourselves out of poverty mentality. A child born into a family or cultural meme of deprivation, poverty mentality, separation, exclusion and repulsion has to then find reconnection, regenerosity, inclusion, self-love and intimacy with the divine outside of the family or culture.

• ABUNDANCE MENTALITY—Abundance is our natural state…cosmic connection, nonseparation and élan vital…the fruits of spiritual growth and the integrated HUman. Efficiency = Abundance. One has to be actively creating poverty and separation to be struggling in a super abundant and omni-intelligent Universe. Spirit always tells us where our greatest good lies, if we grant ourselves permission to really show up and listen to what it is we WANT and to follow the directives of Spirit. And the want of the Universal Human serves all life, therefore we have infinite energy, resources and insight through which to draw on to manifest our desires. The poverty-culture short circuits this cycle of feeling-intuition-visualization-action-result….all of which is a divine function of the Human in an abundance-culture. Infinite Potential, Infinite Abundance and Infinite Intelligence just IS when we stop giving ourselves over to lose/lose!

• BORG SHAME—Equanimity in the face of a dying planet is perhaps not the healthiest of stances, and yet the fact that we only live a century gives us a sense of irresponsibility and reprieve from the nightmare of collapse. However the fact that we are all given an exit door doesn’t excuse criminal negligence in the face of humanities war on nature. Intrinsically the loving child in us knows that working, indeed living FOR the planet is the greatest joy conceivable and is perhaps the only reprieve from a terminally “guilty mind.” The shame and guilt of being a commodity in a culture of idle consumerism and substitute gratification is too great to bear. The soul-ution therefore is to work towards bringing the Age of Restitution and the eco-economy into existence via our own particular soul’s directives. Cosmic separation is the source of shame and low self-esteem, lack of self-love, poverty mentality and slavitude.

• INTEGRITY—Integrity = integration and grit.
Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” Steve Jobs
“You can either dedicate yourself to what people think of you, or to what it is you really want. What do YOU think of you – that’s what makes all the difference.” Bob Proctor

• ACTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS—”If anything can go wrong, it will.” Murphy’s Law. As long as we remain entranced by zombie systems, Murphy’s Law will rule our lives and we become a parody of our potential cosmic being. The cage of oppression that constitutes identification, habit and conformity is too great a burden in the Age of Restitution. If we “go along to get along” we can only expect the shit to pile up until we drown in it along with everyone else. By applying higher consciousness we can compost the shit and use the old to create the new. The human experiment is reaching obserd levels. (Obserd: Repetitive and unproductive behavior or actions.) We need to stop going along with obserdity, and start building a world fit for sane Humans to inhabit in the style they dream fit.

As Albert Einstein said, “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.”

• NOT JOBS BUT VOCATION—”Jobs” in a cosmically delinquent culture are anti-employment. Humans like naturally find their vocation once they are no longer preoccupied by “jobs.” The concept of industrial civilization is bankrupt as it is founded on planet killing, life harming principles...resource extraction, slave labor and waste. Cities and jobs? 20 million people crammed into a city...who ever came up with that idea? No one. All participants in the bankrupt industrial civilization are prostitutes working for a corrupt pimp. Jobs are out. Entrepreneurship is in!  It would be easy to maintain a sense of joy in life if one didn’t have to work for a living, but instead worked AT living. The two rarely seem to be the same thing. We need to rethink value, redesign “work,” and reimagine what it is to be a human being and to be 100% Muse-vocation supported.

”You either Make Money or Make Sense, they’re mutually exclusive.” ~Buckminster Fuller

• PROFIT OR PROPHET—The human species would have to magically evolve and become sane and responsible for significant change to climate dynamics. The habits of industrial agriculture, animal farming-meat eating, deforestation, urbanization, mining, hydrocarbon and nuclear energy would have to come to a rapid end. The psychological origins of idle consumption and the entire machine of commerce that feeds it would have to end. The majority of “jobs” that now contribute to ecocide would have to be changed to “jobs” that contribute to restoration and regeneration of the ecosystem. In the eco-economy the “bottomline” of the business world would have to change from profit to prophet, otherwise talk of “climate change” is just a lot of hot air. Chuck Blakeman is an outstanding author on progressive and democratic business models…“Why Employees are Always a Bad Idea; and Making Money is Killing Your Business.”

• THE PRIMACY OF PROFIT IS UNPROFITABLE—When greed and profit rule...regenerosity or the ecology of abundance is broken, the economy is unsustainable and collapse is inevitable. In order for the higher HUman to thrive we cannot be qualified first by our commercial value, or moral, divine primordial union with God is lost. When we are commodified we become bereav’d of light and disconnected with the regenerosity of God. The only real advancement in terms of cosmic evolution is regenerosity, all other forms of profit are mere fuel for inevitable entropic collapse. Pirates without a cause take up the religion of profit. Degenerosity is victim, poverty-mind based on deprivation and fear. Regenerosity increases love, energy, lifeforce, information and wakefulness…via Truth and Presence.

• REGENEROSITY (Divine Providence)—Regenerosity is contagious but it takes a while for others to catch on, and there are the inevitable regressions into reptilian grasping and usury. It is the slow emergence from the sadomasochism of conqueror/slave mentality to a more consciousness win/win social structure. Regenerosity is of course a lived Faith that comes from dropping into Flow and being informed by Spirit. The buoyancy and synchronicity of regenerous energies spread like wild fire through a community creating greater movement of money, energy, ideas, assistance, resources...and most importantly a Kosmic creativity and joy. The daily confirmation of the deepest tides of existence, thus quickening awakening itself.

• RIGHT LIVELIHOOD—We are a civilization in transition. When you sell evolutionary product(s) that humanity needs to get through this “eye of the needle,” then you no longer need to make a living through the normal channels of healing, spirituality, teaching, information dispersal etc...This frees up our Muse and our service to others (dharma) from the corruption and inertia associated with acquiring money exchange. Right Livelihood is one of the fastest routes to the new socio-economy and post-formal ethics for we are then generating capital in which to invest in the abundance thrival socioeconomy by selling products that will help us all to get there. Selling “transition tools and products” is also the fastest route to establishing the financial liquidity needed to grow ourselves free of wage slavery, so that our spiritual vocation is actualized and successful.

• SOVEREIGNTY AND COCREATION—Cocreating the new world for the whole HUman is the ultimate in solidarity. It is pointless protesting power-over and is like telling a carnivore that it is not ethical to eat other creatures. After all it is we who purportedly elect the wolves to guard the hen house. The fear and loathing frequencies are void of "depth, context, range, layering, coherence, embedding and multiplicity." This dis-conjunction of brainwaves locks us into a lower order reality in which the soul and the sacred is absent. The fear and loathing frequencies of sadomasochistic dominance and submission must be transcended in order for us to be able to use our expanded human faculties to become fully HUman—and thus cocreate the world we desire! The point being, that without the sovereignty of the individual being the central focus of a civilization then the collective is terminally diseased and in perpetual collapse...for there is no true community without sovereignty—for the human soul is enslaved rather than liberated and enlightened.

“The essence of life is the achievement of joy, not the escape from pain.” Ayn Rand

• WELCOME CRISIS—Crisises propel one the illusion of external authority, external gratification, external worth, external purpose, external safety, external comfort and external gods etc... When we awaken the externals may still be there but the unconscious attachment to them is broken. We may try and patch back together our belief in externals in order to summon up motivation or to look “normal” to others, but we know we are only fooling ourselves. Every country is fucked beyond comprehension! However if we can penetrate the power madness, we can at least get something started. At present “people” seem to still be in compliance to the current powerdigm, however that structure is losing its strength every day now! As more and more people wake up to the fact that crimes against nature, life and the planet are no longer a viable option a new human will emerge that adheres not simply to man’s law, but to Universal Law. “Be with me as we move forward,” I think is the slogan of the new zeitgeist of the restorative civilization. Rising to the call of crisis allows us to change the circumstances of our lives to fall into the etheric judicial flow for universal beneficience.

 “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Socrates

• HUMILITY AND TRUTH—Arrogance and denial are born of greed, and greed is born of cosmic separation...and all the material civilization has to offer is varying degrees of separation. Thus those who are entranced in the nightmare of programmed consensus culture are trapped...chasing after that which only furthers their divorce from, nature cosmos and the divine. Take for example the farce of higher education in America, where it costs so much to get a PhD and only to be left with lifelong debt and few job prospects...whereupon one becomes a willing slave for evil corporations that commit heinous crimes against life and the planet. The roots of sovereignty, permaculture and mystic life draw on the fundamental desire to become more HUman and to live and express a truth beyond the status quo and the conventional. This is not a fashion, fad or a religion. It is an evolutionary adventure using practice and principles to explore the hidden depths of potential. It is the process of humanization itself. Pure visionary philosophy and mystic poetry is the ultimate prize.

• MORAL JUSTICE—“The impossibility of endless economic growth is the primary truth that must be revealed. The Ponzi-scheme economy that has been sold to us is no more real than pie in the sky. Once that delusion is gone, we can begin to imagine and build a sustainable economy…It is clear that we are entering a time of primal moral outrage at the depredations and deceptions of the power elite. Let’s embrace all our primate strong points —our creative inventiveness and our deep sense of empathy -- as we pursue moral justice.”  ~Kelpie Wilson, sustainability advocate.

• NONINTERFERENCE—Our insecurity and social dis-ease occurs in direct proportion to how much of our Being is realized or manifest, or how much we are suppressing our Essence. Suffering arises from our efforts to suppress or interfere with our Essence or Divine Will. In letting go of all effort, self-suppression, loyalty to mediocrity and the consensus of stagnation, we can penetrate the interference pattern of the collective suppression of Essence and so give birth to Truth rather than delinquently clinging to Life’s stream. It is very interesting that the Prime Directive is Noninterference, and yet we are also asked by the universe to be a creator. Noninterference makes sense to the “creator” when used in coordination with the zero aggression principle, the anti-coercion principle, and the non-initiation of force principle—that is a moral stance which asserts that aggression is inherently illegitimate.

• GOODWILL—How do we marry our will to the Universal? As a collective the current civilization of Homo sapiens is sociopathic, biopathic and gaiapathic. Merely creating a lighter footprint on the earth is not enough however, we must rapidly evolve in consciousness and socially to avoid or eliminate the types of destructive behaviors we see around the world today. Whether our will be good or bad is a matter of how awake we are to the cosmic mandate. Good will is informed by a passionate desire to return to a harmonious relationship and understanding of Nature. We are in the process of discovering our souls-orientation, and developing individual sovereign motivation that is at one with the collective goodwill. Prior to this period we have relied on external forms of navigation, be it Necessity, parents, teachers, government, culture, materialism, church etc...

• RECEPTIVITY—We cannot ‘get through’ to another without first of all receiving them fully. Only through an unconditional receptivity to others do others become receptive to us. To Grok Nature we must fully receive Nature…and only in this way can we know the wisdom of her ways and so be informed and formed by universal truths. To Grok Nature we must learn to fully feel ourselves and to feel Nature with our bodies. Intimate connection to Mother Nature is the ultimate university and cultivator of genius. Coming Home gets easier and easier, the less we give to that with incongruent to our cosmic will. Nature as Teacher, Viktor Schauberger

• QUALIA UNIVERSE—The most fundamental scientific ‘fact’ is not the existence of an objective physical universe, but our subjective experience of it. Peter Wilberg in his book “The Qualia Revolution: From Quantum Physics To Cosmic Qualia Science,” argues that Qualia in this sense are the basic stuff of which not only our dreams but the “stuff” of which physical universe itself is composed. Yogic philosophical wisdom is built on the foundation of principle of embodied spiritual awareness or ‘inner knowing’ that delves into the ultimate metaphysics beyond the event horizon of “Being’ and Non-being” - to reveal the multidimensional universe of subjective awareness and its hidden powers. This inwardly felt body is the subjective or lived body, an awareness body - made up of sensual field-qualities of awareness – of qualia. Peter Wilberg developed The New Therapy – or ‘Inner Bodywork’ that heightens awareness of phenomenal experience emerging within non-local fields of awareness or subjectivity. All of our individual units identity emerges from a common source field of awareness.

• RECONNECTION—Scarcity consciousness is born from cosmic separation, therefore cosmic reconnection is the source of abundance consciousness, for cosmic communion is the source of life itself. You cannot get to God via mere cognition and symbolism (by God I am simply referring to Nirvana or cosmic connection, Universal Truth, I am That, an orientation within that reconciles the I with the All). The bodymind cannot realize homeostasis, cosmic equilibrium or peace without electromagnetically and devotionally replugging into the cosmos. The neuroendocrine roots of the nervous system are nurtured by diverting the focus of consciousness away from fear, scarcity and hopelessness, and turning it towards love, abundance and hope. Positive emotional tone is an inside job, as we cannot rely on the changing world to “cause” us happiness, joy and love. Going “inside” and reconnecting to our causal agentic will, allows us to more openly explore the outer world without presenting ourselves as a “victim.”

Innerself intimacy and self-mastery is essential to our ability to communicate with the outside world, to know what we want and to succeed in our endeavors. The outside world changes as we change on the inside. When we enhance our ability to maintain our wholeness by plugging into Nature’s energies and the cosmos, we more fully embody our Presence and actively create a world in which HUmans can thrive. Sovereignty is about overcoming the fundamental separation of self from the All. My book “The Inner Arts” is on exercises for replugging into the qualia universe. As the Inner Arts exercises build the neurological roots of selfhood we grow beyond the narcissism, addiction, codependency, neurosis, psychosis, the criminology and the deficiency/scarcity mentality of the Borg.

• FECUNDENCY—The way to generate extra incoming, is to generate greater outgoing, and to do so in the existing predatory socioeconomic environment that is entropic or breaking down. The only thing that actually reverses the decline in energy, consciousness and fecundency is “Truth.” Thus to generate more incoming, we must send out more outgoing in the form of Truth, for only universal Truth uplifts life circumstances in a salvationary sense. This is quite a different take on economics than the standard pack of lies, the skimming and the package deals approach to customer service. Give people what really will increase their lifeforce, success, happiness and well-being and ultimately the increased plenitude will be felt by all. Ultimately respecting sovereignty and the sanctity of life is the only means of sustainable communal abundance. The economy would be “constructive” in a rational world. Regenerosity is the abundant giving of spirit that fosters the growth and evolution of consciousness and life. It is the opposite of usery and charity that breads infantilism, helplessness and codependency.

• IMPLOSION INTELECHNOLOGY—The Vortical double helix DNA type cycloid movement is Mother Nature’s methods of generating energy and revitalizing nature via the process of vortex induced implosion…spiraling towards Zeropoint where the majority of the energy in the Universe lies. Implosion is part of Mother Nature’s unique life forming energetic process. It is the opposite of the explosive principle used by the current civilization, which we all know causes heat, destruction, death and disease. Explosive technology is used to control, weaken and enslave Mother Nature and human populations. Discombobulated and disconnected from cosmic gnosis Borg humans tend to screw everything up no matter what “goodness” the universe provides for them. Which is why we need to start creating sovereign humans.

“Since the present way of looking at things is founded on a false worldview, humanity has set foot on the road of an unstoppable, regressive proliferation of cancer.” ~Viktor Schauberger

“This civilization is the work of man, who, high-handedly and ignorant of the true workings of nature, has created a world without meaning or foundation, which now threatens to destroy him, for through his behavior and his activities, he, who should be her master, has disturbed nature’s inherent unity.” ~Viktor Schauberger

• OVERTHROWING POWER-OVER—Power automatically gets out of control in hierarchal power systems because it naturally accumulates to the top, begins to over-assert itself and become an oppressive burden to the supporting structures beneath it. Those at the top naturally abuse their privileges and productivity is lost in negative Hindbrain emotions and inefficiency and malignant control. Power addiction is sub-normal, because you have to suspend the empathic principle of the Golden Rule and the humanizing effect of the Heart/Prefrontal Lobe connection in order to engage in aggressive, antisocial behavior. Thus if you have a civilization based on competition at all costs and war for war’s sake, then dehumanization is inevitable. Fascism, genocide and ecocide are sure to follow in both a chronic and acute capacity. Until sovereignty becomes the foundations of human existence Homo sapiens cannot evolve and will remain stuck in eternal karmic recurrence, spiritually neutered by the malignant abuse of power.

• TRANSFORMING POWER ABUSE—Both the dominator-sadist and the submissive-masochist are locked into unconscious compliance with compulsive animalistic power-abuse circuitry. Going along with power abuse is still power abuse. That is even the victim who “willingly engages in a game of being victimized is abusing the harmonious differential of power equity.” Or rather compliance with psychosis, is in a way worse than the psychosis is stupidity! The primordial need for uniformity, conformity, and inclusion is an elemental force in the mammalian psyche that is as deep as the principle attachment bond - to the mother and father. Exploitative capitalism relies on this primordial need for belonging and to keep one’s head down and follow the herd. Sovereignty demands the self-discipline and determination to avoid imbibing the poison of Hindbrain presovereign thought, word and deed. If we don’t stand up for our HUmanity we will have it taken away from us. To be free of the gravity of the Borg we must learn not to resonate with it either in compliance or resistance.

• OVERCOMING SADOMASOCISM—The perversity of the power-hungry is that they have a deep victim complex that makes them aggress on the world and torture the weak. Then they get paranoid, which only accelerates the perversion. Nothing around these people is straightforward, honest and wholesome. Entire nations can fall under the shadow of war and evil, and call it good and God’s will. We have yet to address how crazy Homo sapiens is. Until then, we cannot grow up. A victim is someone who is not yet discovered nor learned to uphold and defend their sovereignty. A victim’s powerlessness stems from core needs going unmet in childhood, producing learned helplessness and a negative self-image, or low self esteem (namely martyrdom) having given away their response-ability. This stunting in the development of the whole HUman explains the sorry state of human society and civilization as a whole. The culture of Hindbrain power feeds on fear and disease and relegates light, love and joy into a contagion of dark diminishing returns.


• CREATION = TRANSFORMATION—The roots of neurosis lie in a withholding from Universal Truth. It is the self doubling back on itself and constantly second-guessing its own existence—collapsing the wavefront of full sentience and dropping us out of Flow. Creation requires that we move beyond the world weary doubt and scorn to build the energy and conditions for Flow. The spiritual must be the source and center of all other areas of human endeavor and so we need spiritual transformation in the trenches and we need it NOW! Defense-mind is implosive Universe cosmology which leads to the dead end of disease and depolarization or despiritualization. Unconditionality or innocence is expansive or infinite Universe cosmology through which Christ/Buddha nature is Real-ized leading to infinite potential for life’s emergence.

“If you are thinking a year ahead, sow a seed. If you are thinking ten years ahead, plant a tree. If you are thinking one hundred years ahead, educate the people.” ~ Chinese Proverb

• FLOW—Flow is the driver of transformation through the harvesting of happiness. Flow is the mastery of chaos and order to bring about positive change. The process or the capacity for FLOW itself is the goal, for it is simply living at levels that incorporates our Whole or higher human capacities. The happy brain is a brain in Flow…that is the capacity to get lost in the moment doing what you love to do, to feel a connection to nature and humanity and the universe. Happy people are more “connected and integrated,” thus they are more confident, optimistic, energetic, empathetic and sociable. Negativity is anti-creativity, which contradicts or is antithetical to growth. Thus we lose our creativity and our cosmic connection…when we are lost to negativity and depression we literally feel the door to the transcendent future is closed to us.

• SUPERIMPOSITION—Life is created by the union of the male and female in the microcosm and macrocosm. Every “thing”  in the Universe is sex...that is the alchemical marriage of the poles, sexes, charges and hemispheres. All three basic process of life, breathing, mitotic division and meiotic division are waves. This wave carries the information of the whole system. The breathing, yin and yang mitotic processes originate from the inner space—the Source of Life. In other words the sublime marriage of the poles of the Tao integrates the entire potential within the individual for uninhibited and maximum growth. In the book Cosmic Superimposition, Wilhelm Reich shows how the superimposition of two orgone energy streams --is the common functioning principle in all of nature on the microcosmic and macrocosmic scale.

• THE ASCENT OF ECOMAN—The Borg world is collapsing because it has lost its capacity to win out over doesn’t know what Life is and how to further it in the most vital and exuberant way. The anti-earth and anti-human culture is dying, so obviously the mystic, Kairos culture that uses heart intelligence, primordial connection and nature-IQ is the human that will be evolutionarily selected. Simon Powell, in his book Darwin’s Unfinished Business - The Self-Organizing Intelligence of Nature furthers Darwin’s vision by showing that evolution is not just about the survival of the fittest but rather the survival of clever and sensible behavior. The key to survival is to look at life and nature keenly and discover the knowledge of the superior order and be “informed” by the intelligence of the Universe. All life is instinctively is anti-gravitational in that it works to conquer gravity and perpetuate in time. Unsustainable Man is reverting all life back to dust, while Ecoman has the potential of taking life to other star systems.

• THE ONE, THE MANY AND THE ALL—The source of Life and Antigravity is Zeropoint or the Unified Field. The creatrix of the Universe is a Conscious Field that unfolds and enfolds in the wave of the Tao, the rhythmic dance of the periodic oscillation between repose and movement, tension and release, sinking and leaping, in-spiration and ex-piration, holding back and letting go. The implicate inner space of the singularity is one everything and which gives rise to everything and controls everything. Since Life is created from the Universal Field of Intelligence beyond matter and spacetime we both genetically and epigenetically evolve through the intimate relationship with the  force of the inner space the Conscious Field of the creatrix of the Universe. In this way the Universally moral, Kosmically encoded Human is born unto themselves, a natural process of sublime metamorphosis from the inside out, in autopoietic genesis from the Whole.

• THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING HUMAN—The cosmic HUman is vastly more intelligent than education, vastly healthier than medicine, vastly more creative than the 9 to 5, vastly more loving than the nuclear family, vastly more dignified than commerce, vastly more diplomatic than politics, vastly happier than prozac, vastly more productive than careers, vastly more important than we are ever given credit for. At this next stage of humanities journey the genius of each individual is fully lived and war and disease no longer hold us bound to our primitive survival consciousness.

• FREEDOM—We don’t really value our freedom until we have it taken away from us. Whatever freedom we attain in life must be won from the forces of control, habit, allegiance to history and delusional power systems. Disembedding from Hindmind consciousness is to be free of the Borg. By freeing ourselves from the Borg we empower the HUmanization of the species and encourage the establishment of a sacred society. The new world is created in the dreams of the willing who embody an intense and irresistible desire for freedom (Eleutheromania). The Freedom to “do good” is the only real freedom. The true meaning of social democracy is the realization of authentic “freedom to do good” that arises when people escape the malignant influence of totalitarian socioeconomicpolitical orders through taking the necessary steps toward a truer integrated-individualism. Freedom is the ultimate wealth. Freedom is our highest energy state in which the Muse of our sacred purpose speaks to us most clearly.

• SYNERGY VS. ENTROPY—Consumer society consumes the human. A sustainable, synergistic society’s highest values are connection and regenerosity, or the spontaneous expression of the gifts of spirit and the communication and sharing of those gifts. Thus synergist society builds up not only the land, the ecosystem and the people, but it also humanizes. Thus all the time, effort, capital and resources spent on attending to the colossal symptoms of degeneration and chaos within an entropic culture are instead put into the service of the whole to improve the commonwealth for all creatures. No one need fall through the cracks in a regenerous system because there is enough water (love) to boost all individuals. People only fail when the system itself is broke. There is no tyrannical hierarchy than can stand in the face of intimacy and connection.

• EPHEMERALIZATION—Ephemeralization, a term coined by Buckminster Fuller, is the ability of technological advancement to do “more and more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing”.  It is just as Buckminster Fuller’s vision pointed out, that ephemeralization will result in ever-increasing standards of living for an ever-growing population despite finite resources. By applying the concept of ephemeralization abundance-centered sovereign geniuses will bring into the world extraOrdinary designs, that will allow the entire human race to reestablish sacred order and return to sanity. Population will naturally harmonize with the environment once people breed from their benevolent souls instead of their needy genitals and broken egos. Eventually every man, woman and child on earth will be a sovereign genius—because they already are—they just don’t know it.

“Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.” Buckminster Fuller 

• NATURE IS THE ULTIMATE TECHIE—Nature’s systems are sustainable, symbiotic, synergistic and life itself is composed of the ultimate intelligence and technology. Manmade systems are unsustainable and entropic, they breakdown and run out, and are composed of crude, inefficient, non-Phi design that works against the grain of the Cosmos. Nature builds her creations from the Source (Zeropoint) outwards in the most complex, intricate, “useful” articulation of helical spiral forms imaginable. Life is “sculptural in-formation architecture,” an intricate encoded messaging system of computational biology articulated by Panspermia directed from the Source. The winding gyrex of the entire Universe, a vortex swirling into the eternal night is the creatrix, the master architect of all Life down to the smallest virus.

"Humbling also are the hordes of organisms casually performing feats we can only dream about." ~Biomimicry, Janine M. Benyus

• BIOMIMICRY At least nature knows how to get it on! Each organism exquisitely living in intricate interwoven systems, maintaining a dynamic stability, continually juggling resources without waste. We need paradigm shift in thinking towards letting nature be our teacher and our architect and designer. “There are only two choices: either Evolve quickly to understand Nature and develop methods to live in harmony with Nature and Her Creator or get destroyed. Until we discovered biomimicry “The lessons inherent in the natural world, strategies sculpted and burnished over billions of years, remained scientific curiousities, divorced from the business of our lives…Our challenge is to take these time-tested ideas and echo them in our own lives.” Biomimicry, Innovation Inspired by Nature, Janine M. Benyus— Jay Harman, entrepreneur and inventor is at the leading edge of biomimicry. —Harman appears in Prince Charles’s documentary Harmony: A New Way of Looking at the World

• AUTOPOESIS— “Autopoiesis” (from Greek auto, meaning “self”, and poiesis, meaning “creation, production”) refers to a systemcapable of reproducing and maintaining itself. Autopoietic systems are generative.  It is as though Humanity is re-membering who they are via an intuitive, instinctive future-memory. The frequency of cosmogenesis is the Music of the Spheres flowing “with” the Uni-verse and not against it. This is Grace, redemption, apotheosis - sympathetic resonance is the ultimate power of freedom of Spirit in total surrender to the awe of the Mystery. Genuine autopoietic community is based on love, not duty and conformity. This freedom is the Truth of our Kosmic nature. Anything less is a lie, a divorce from the aliveness and dignity of our existence.

• UNIVERSAL RESONANCE—Humans who fail to pulsate one with Nature becomes the cause for gravitational fall of the Universal System. He brings destruction and death to the world. The material world and living world forms the parallel world and all life works against gravity. It is designed in such a way that the system cannot collapse. When one world is winding and collapsing to center point, the parallel world is unwinding and thus balancing the system. Earth is designed to maintain certain energy to matter ratio. The Earth is self-organizing system including all living systems. The living system actually drives the system and holds it from collapsing. Spirit is emergent "with" matter. Spirit is the organizational principle of living-matter. The regeneration of our "nature" only occurs with a simultaneous resurrection of our spirit.

• HOLOGRAPHIC FRACTAL RESONANCE—“We are embedded in a fractal feedback dynamic that intrinsically connects all things via the medium of a vacuum structure of infinite potential. Everything radiates energy that’s why we see it. And the contractive part that we don’t see, would be the vacuum energy-space-time curving into it generating singularity -- generating the gravitational field. And that feedback between the internal and external is what drives the dynamic of all the forces of the universe, which reduces to two forces, gravity and electromagnetic. Everything we see in the universe is just division of that energy dancing in the vacuum in various states.” Nassim Haramein.

• THE TAO—The universe needs to be understood from a Holographic point of view of whole systems level. Take for example the functioning of heart. It also expresses itself in east and west division and the day and night energy cycle. When one part is expanding (light, heat) another part is contracting (dark, cold). Two opposing functions LIGHT AND DARK are happening simultaneously balancing the system. Working from the Taoist perspective literally reverses the tendency for all things to breakdown over time. When the individual or the parts are drawing on the principle premise of Phi and cosmic connection, then the society or the whole becomes holy or sacred.

• REDUNDANT SYSTEMS—“Current human structural systems are quintessentially ‘industrial era’ organizations. They are rigid hierarchies, mandated and controlled by central government, with top-down power structures. One of their key features, therefore, is inflexibility. Typically there is an administrator at the top; supervisors and workers are at the bottom - rather like a 19th Century army. The ‘meat in the sandwich’ is a layer of bureaucracy and middlemen in-between. Supervisors and workers are the marginalized, disempowered ‘foot soldiers’. The system imperatives are neither about people, society nor, indeed, the future. They are largely abstract in nature and can be summarized as: power, control, economy, efficiency and profit.” By Richard A. Slaughter, Foundation Professor of Foresight, Swinburne University, Melbourne.

• UNIVERSIAL SCIENCE—The science of the compartmentalized, dissociated Borg or Hindbrain human is a danger to all existence, because the moral compass and intellect have been hijacked by mammon, and human reality has been severed from Universal Truth. Nature, and the Universe however always bats last, and so we can never get away from the consequences of our nescience. So the foundations of cosmic or scientific truth is the evolution of a conscience in which human truth and Universal Truth are one. Everything else is a lie on the long road to hell.

• PERMACULTURE—Permaculture is gestalt...a systems study of the whole. Not just how to produce more and better food, but how that food production affects and is affected by the surrounding environment. In the war between sanity and insanity, the technology of Permanent-Culture will ultimately win because it will be the only economically viable means of survival as Decentralization and Independence come to the fore, and the parasitic culture dies off. Regenerative Systems (Beyond Sustainability) will become increasingly selected as the moral demands of the consumer increase…Value-Utility Cognition...turning war into peace. In evolutionary terms it is survival of the smartest...the most aligned with the depth of Cosmic Truth that will thrive in Noble-Condition....for the parasitic culture ultimately leads to genetic decay and the breakdown of complexity. (David Holmgren, Bill Mollison, Geoff Lawton, Andrew Faust)

• EVOCULTURE—In the war between sanity and insanity, the technologically Perma-Culture will ultimately win out because it will be the only economically viable means of survival as Decentralization and Independence come to the fore, and the predatory/parasitic culture dies off. Regenerative Systems, that is those Beyond Sustainability will become increasingly selected as the moral demands of the consumer increase. “Value-Utility Cognition”...turns war into peace. In evolutionary terms it is survival of the smartest and most ethically abundant and regenerous, that is those most aligned with the depth of Cosmic Truth, that will thrive in the Noble-Estate....for the parasitic culture ultimately leads to genetic decay and the collapse of order, complexity and sanity.

• TRANSCULTURALISM—To be born into Borg society is to have our childhood stolen by a penal education system, our vocation stolen by indentured slavitude,  our self-respect stolen by war taxes, our future stolen by criminal politicians. Indeed Borg civilization is a criminal cabal that steals human lives and gives little but toxicity, painkillers and death in return. The entire Borg system of Homo degenerous is rigged against the freedom, enlightenment, sovereignty and success of the individual on every level. Without a solid non-commercial philosophical, spiritual and moral foundation on which to base a civilization we are ALL traitors to our country and of the earth. The sovereign acts for the joy of the act itself.

• REWILDINGRewilding means to return to a more wild or natural state; it is the process of systematically un-doing domestication. The term originates in conservation biology and in the anarchist sense it refers to overcoming human domestication, initiating and regenerating human culture, and returning to the sense of the aboriginal, unbroken human. Since as free individuals we recover our wild rather than domesticated nature, we are not devitalized, clogged, buffered, numbed out and otherwise suppressed by the crippling conditioning of shame, duty and conformity. Rewilding is considered a holistic approach to living, as opposed to skills, practices or a specific set of knowledge.

• SKILL PROGRESSIVENESS— In moving from the exploitative paradigm to the value-added paradigm requires that we be meta-adapted to the world around us. The sustainable socioeconomy is a skill expanding social structure that builds real self-empowerment and security. The exploitative socioeconomic paradigm sets everyone up for failure by providing the illusion of an insured pyramid scheme by which they may gain an advantage. To progressively mature in self-reliance and sovereignty you rarely ever barter for skills and products. The sovereign seeks information (intell) and tuition for building various skill sets. This is genuine insurance and security. Even as we build community through sharing the common wealth of resourcefulness and creativity…we attempt to be an active participating cocreator, rather than a mere trader. This makes for healthier, more inspired and energized interactions with others, rather than the blind autopilot of the slave and the merchant. In all our communal affairs we aim for economystic engagement, synchrony and intimacy.

• SOCIAL ECOLOGY—A modern definition of social ecology understands it as the interactions within the social, institutional, and cultural contexts of people-environment relations that make up well-being. At its core, Social Ecology’s motivating philosophy is a pragmatic one --the most persistent ills of society (sprawl, malnutrition, deforestation, urban violence, waterborne disease, obesity, housing insecurity, and countless others) seem to resist the prescriptions emerging from reductionist, uni-disciplinary research. The complexification of “problematic phenomena” begs for approaches that are cognizant of system complexity. In social ecology one must think relationally and respect the complexity of integrated systems, and this requires a multiplicity of perspectives even to study relatively bounded phenomena.

• FACILITATION LEADERSHIP—True leadership is about facilitation of the sovereignty and success of all members of a team or organization and enhancing the communication between the levels and the parts. If leadership does not show a superior ability in facilitating collective success, then it is not leadership and has morally forfeited the right to rule. Coercion, terror, threats, seduction, bribery, playing favorites, invoking jealousy, harassment, extortion etc....these are all Hindbrain methods of trying to inflict coercive power-over someone else’s sovereignty. They are the opposite of leadership. Ultimate power corrupts ultimately, while ultimate empowerment reestablishes universal harmony and order. Leadership involves: establishing a clear vision and sharing that vision with others in a way that they will follow willingly; providing the information, knowledge and methods to realize that vision; and coordinating and balancing the conflicting interests of all members and stakeholders.

• NUDE EMPORERS—The idea of authoritarian leadership is defunct. Borg solidarity in corruption. Sovereign spiritually mature humans don’t need presidents or governments, hence they are becoming a parody of their true function. Higher civilization is moving beyond Kingdoms, states, military, and leaders. Only those who “order and envision” the optimum future and cultivate a precedent to bring about the ultimate collective goal are worthy of being called a leader, a president, or a preceptor. If your efforts are creating a scenario where the majority of people do not want to go, then you are obviously not a leader, but an antileader. Empire is the Alexander Napolean embarrassing pompous infection of politics and diplomacy. A malignant cancer that only exists in relation to that which it feeds on like a vampire.

• DECENTRALIZED POWER—Power is the ability to cause or prevent change. Working together we can use the power to cause change for the benefit of the many instead of the few. Power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts absolutely. Soon decentralized power will be the only thing there is as we plug into the Unified Field both technologically and spiritually. Power automatically gets out of control in hierarchal power systems because it naturally accumulates to the top, begins to over-assert itself and become an oppressive burden to the supporting structures beneath it. If we consider decentralization on all levels then we see that Point Of Use and Serial Resource Tributaries (Resource Flow Trees), plus Zero Waste are essential to any Noble-Sustainable Culture (Permanent-Culture). Decentralization leads to greater efficiency, economy, integration and minimum waste...more utility and less infrastructure.

• DIVINE ORDER—Decentralization leads to the divine or optimum order. In the parasitic culture the thinking is that hierarchical design with one central leader leads to the greatest order. However in actuality what happens is the one guy at the top acts in his own interests while sucking energy out of the collective sociosphere. If we consider decentralization on all levels then we see that Point Of Use and Serial Resource Tributaries (Resource Flow Trees), plus Zero Waste are essential to any Noble-Sustainable Culture (Permanent-Culture). Decentralization leads to greater efficiency, economy, integration and minimum waste...more utility and less infrastructure. Truth is ultimate and unbounded.

• VISIONEERING—The human race is foremost suffering from lack of visioneering and imagining different ways of doing things. The main problem with humanity at present is the inability for original and visionary thought in daily life...and this is so perhaps because the subtle and overt fear mongering keeps us in our lower brain functioning. If we are on automatic pilot, stuck in our pain-body, buffered by addictions, bored and stuck in a repetitive daily routine, then it is unlikely that a eureka, vision or blinding insight will arise. Visioneering is about generating the type of chemistry that encourages visionary windows in which higher information can “come through.” There is no greater spirituality than living in communion with the Earth and gaining the intimate understanding of Nature and the Universe that such communion necessitates. All minds, energy and resources must now be spent on reinventing and redesigning human civilization.

“The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes.” Marcel Proust

• POSITIVE EMPOWERMENT— Self empowerment is the higher frequency consciousness behind the building of the mystic culture of sovereigns, where we explore our unique contribution of adding true value to the whole. The use of negative power is only dropped when sovereignty of the individual is the fundamental social and socializing principle, for only then are we truly HUman.
We have no alternative but to increase our sovereign choice to make decisions that support not only our own growth, but the wellbeing of the whole. Success is inevitable because the resurgent, rising sun energy is more sincere, hopeful, ecstatic and enduring than the forces of decay and slumber. Each person must come to their own sovereign empowerment, under their own steam, in their own time. But we can only stay empowered by supporting each others spiritual franchize.

• HONESTY/TRANSPARENCY—Honesty in meeting our world and the ability to express our truth without infringing on the sovereignty of others is the way to feel safe within chaos and uncertainty. You cannot heal from the trauma and repression of tyrannical patriarchal cabals of global power by ignoring hard truths and making up convenient lies. The sovereign builds the capacity for truth and socioeconomic integrity over time through sovereignty practice and eliminating all hints of sadomasochism usery and dependency from their lives. Conformity to pathological power creates the social disease process of the Borg, where truth is warped beyond recognition of who we are and why we are here. The mortar that holds the power pyramid in place is silence, lies and repression.

• END OF SLAVITUDE—Slavitude is a Borg trance state where poverty and mere survival entraps the weary through force of habit in a form of unending slavery. A combination of the words slavery and servitude (cf. “indentured servitude”). Slavitude is when although you have the freedom to quit your job with an abusive employer, you are too financially stressed and overworked to find another job. Slavitude is becoming increasingly common in western economy and society where employees are disposable (and so can be abused mentally/worked to death) and wage increases have not kept up with inflation. Making ourselves into our own slave is the greatest crime there is. As long as we commodify ourselves, we remain a commodity.

• THE END OF SLAVERY—I feel us breaking out of the hand to mouth existence. Slaves first rebel from their circumstances by getting fed up. This indentured meagre existence began with the cultivation of cereals, potatoes and beer. The addiction to sugar and starch keeps the slave in a serotonin stupor and makes frustration, futility, boredom and robotic labor not only bearable but inevitable. Thus the potato eaters breed potato eaters on into infinity, until they get so pissed off with the hamster wheel that they start SPEAKING THEIR TRUTH and eventually start acting on the notion that they too deserve a place in the sun.

• BEINGNESS—The sovereign works AT living, but doesn’t work for a living. In The Made world we share WHO we are as the greatest miracle, joy and treasure. In The Made world...sharing WHO we are is the currency of social intercourse and discourse. It is quite simple once you are able to give up your addiction to commodification and start to demand quality, value and qualia in your life. To overcome numbness and dumbness you have to substitute it with the finest most invigorating intelligence, and the most sublime sensation—sensory satisfaction that can only come from regenerated nature.

• POWER-WITH—Machiavellian Power-over is totalitarianism, an ever encroaching virulent disease that is extremely infectious, malignant, and poisonous. Divide and Conquer is the ultimate strategies for distracting the mind and desecrating the soul. The only way to fight it is to increase your own sovereignty, independence, autonomy, self-reliance, abundance, imagination, creativity, immunity, discernment, critical thinking, empowerment, aliveness, joy and bliss. Dictatorship and tyranny doesn’t allow for full brain development of the whole HUman. Power-over spiritually and creatively castrates the brain and the lives of individuals within the system.

 “Our entire system, in an economic sense, is based on restriction. Scarcity and inefficiency are the movers of money; the more there is of any resource the less you can charge for it. The more problems there are, the more opportunities there are to make money.

This Borg reality is a social disease, for people can actually gain off the misery of others and the destruction of the environment. Efficiency, abundance and sustainability are enemies of our economic structure, for they are inverse to the mechanics required to perpetuate consumption.

This is profoundly critical to understand, for once you put this together you begin to see that the one billion people currently starving on this planet, the endless slums of the poor and all the horrors of a culture due to poverty and pravity are not natural phenomenon due to some natural human order or lack of earthly resources. They are products of the creation, perpetuation and preservation of artificial scarcity and inefficiency.” ~ Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist Movement

• LAW OF ATTRACTION—It is a universal law that you get back what you put in. But if you have withdrawn your energy and are withholding spirit and have separated yourself then the Taoist flow of giving and receiving is cut. When we radiate our energy out we complete cosmo-electromagnetic circuit...whereby we move from the passive Flatland world of master-slave to the enchanted world of the sovereign mystic. Consciously working with the Law of Attraction is the first baby step towards proactively living the Muse to manifest a life in tune with our highest values and greatest joy.  When we focus on techniques, material possessions or success by power-over efforts we can never be secure in the world. Only in living true to the highest within us can we ever hope to feel at home in our body or with those around us.

• PROACTIVITY—Engagement and virality. If we do not engage, then we disengage by default. We can spend our entire lives living the negative consequences of lack of engagement without realizing that only we ourselves can direct our energy to radiate and pour out of our being to connect to the cosmos and illuminate the world. The responsible path is the proactive one where you make a conscious choice not to remain small, helpless and immature. The sovereign aspires to absolute responsibility of the content of their experience through penetrating appearances, widening boundaries, perfecting discretion, increasing discernment, awakening the powers of choice and proactive positive action. Self-negation is a form of spiritual suicide, due to the “self” effectively ceasing to exist as a proactive agent and instead relates to the world “in reaction to” the given hierarchies, values, rules, relationships, vicissitudes and systems in society.

• POST-POLITICS—I think “authorities” are resorting to criminal means like terminator GMOs to reduce the population because they can’t do it sensibly by legislating for a 2 child maximum due to  election-popularity reasons. Thus this covert system of hypocritical governance is dark, unconscious, occult and evil. So democracy and the two party system is counter to its own supposed objectives. It cannot lead or organize on a logical, conscious and humane level or else it won’t be given the chance to rule via being elected. The species and the globe is in trouble under this kind of obsolete corrupt system...and more importantly our ability to humanize and remain humane is under attack.

• EMPIRE = CANCER—War for resources, land, money or power is unconstitutional and an anathema to the World Charter of Peaceful Nations. Therefore empire in all its forms covert and obvious is to be strenuously resisted and legislated out of existence by the World Court. In order to govern, both the authorities and the people need to face the facts - no matter what, and move ahead in a conscious and humane fashion…via science, rationality and empiricism, but without empire. The term empire and imperialism derives from the Latin imperium (power, authority). In political science empire-building refers to the tendency of countries and nations to acquire resources, land, and economic influence outside of their borders in order to expand their size, power, and wealth. Power-over is the number one socially contracted disease of the delinquent Hindbrain human.

• HIGHER VALUES—Money, power, status and the three F’s (Fucking, Fighting, Food) warp the value of all that we do and are within the Borg sociosphere. How can we become more HUman within a dehumanizing environment? How can we arrange it so that the environment humanizes rather than degrades us? Eric Fromm suggests that the way to become truly free in an individual sense is to become spontaneous in our self-expression and behaviour and respond truthfully to our genuine feelings. For that we must dissolve our Borg-shell in the light of the fully embodied spirit. Unless we work together to create The Made world now we will be forced to kowtow to the false authority of ever increasing evil. Transcendence of The Given world is only achieved in its positive, creative form when we have spiritually grown up and graduated to spontaneously and blissfully creating The Made world. As we grow into our sovereignty we move beyond “Freedom From” to the more mature and exhilarating “Freedom To.”

“To plunder, to slaughter, to steal, these things they misname empire; and where they make a wilderness, they call it peace.” ~Tacitus


We only get to be the free sovereign soul that we are willing to cultivate, fight for and defend.

I think that the current mode of exploitative capitalism is reaching terminal proportions because it is on its way out, so it is making a last ditched effort to extract all it can from an immoral systemic organization. Thus we have ecocide and genocide going hand in hand at full steam ahead. However, although this mode of operation is obviously going to end with the last soldier and the last resource, I don’t think that human civilization itself is going to collapse into complete barbarity or complete hegemony. I think we can assume a more diverse outcome rather like the lifecycle of a forest, in which those organizational structures that have out-lived their usefulness to preserving lifeforce will fall down to the forest floor and provide sustenance to the vital growth of the new.

Any culture that bases their operating law on the high art of universal ecological principles is vastly more advanced than our fallen exploitative culture of commoditization. Spiritual, biological and environmental evolution involves concentrating electrical charge. Entropy implies diminishing returns, while implosion or centripetal vortexing reverses entropy. Thus those organizations or organisms that concentrate electrical charge create reliability, reproducibility and abundance. The emergence of beneficity and co-creation as principles of, collaborative design is leading to the new wealth paradigm, generating new value opportunities, efficiency and productivity within the mechanism of the “value/resource chain of social organization.” —Natural Philosophy Alliance


INNOVATIVE EFFICIENCY: Buying time by using all resources as efficiently as possible—time used to redesign how businesses are run. Achieving a truly sustainable economy will also mean managing institutions so they are not just efficient and innovative, but also restorative of human and natural capital, the third principle of Natural Capitalism.

REDESIGN: Redesign how we make and deliver all products and services using approaches such as cradle-to-cradle concepts, Biomimicry, the circular economy, Design for the Environment, and others. Nature makes a wide array of products and services that run on sunlight, producing neither waste nor toxics. The design of macroeconomic systems and microeconomic enterprises should mimic healthy, native ecosystems in diversity, adaptability, resilience, and local self-reliance.

RESTORATIVE: Achieving a truly sustainable economy will also mean managing institutions so they are not just efficient and innovative, but also restorative of human and natural capital, the third principle of Natural Capitalism.

REDEFINE SUCCESS: Ecosystem services such as a healthy climate, soil fertility, and the restorative capacity of an intact biosphere are not presently on any company or country’s balance sheet. Yet they underpin the capacity of the planet to sustain life and thus the economy. So long as our economic and accounting system treats them as having a value of zero, it will be impossible to implement any sort of capitalism that can deliver enduring wealth and well-being.

The Way Out: Kick-Starting Capitalism To Save Our Economic Ass, by Hunter Lovins and Boyd Cohen


Begun in Sweden in 1989 by cancer researcher Karl-Henrik Robert, The Natural Step developed by building a consensus among prominent scientists, which can be summarized as four system conditions for sustainability: 
1. Materials from the earth’s crust must not systematically increase in nature (e.g. heavy metals, fossil fuels).
2. Persistent substances produced by society must not systematically increase in nature (e.g. PCBs, CFCs DDT). 
3. The physical basis for the earth’s productive natural cycles and biological diversity must not be systematically deteriorated.
4. There must be fair and efficient use of resources with respect to meeting human needs.


The Seven Principles of Hermetic Philosophy from The Kybalion:

1. The Principle of Mentalism. “THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental.” “He who grasps the truth of the Mental Nature of the Universe is well advanced on the path to Mastery.”​

2. The Principle of Correspondence. “That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing.”

3. The Principle of Vibration. “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.” The Principle of Vibration — embodies the truth that Motion is manifest in everything in the Universe — that nothing is at rest — that everything moves, vibrates, and circles.

4. The Principle of Polarity. “Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

5. The Principle of Rhythm. “Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”

6. The Principle of Cause and Effect. “Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”

7. The Principle of Gender. “Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.”