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To write a book on power abuse in pyramid structured organizations I needed a term to call the perpetrator, both male perps, female perps and unisex perps. Power slut works good for females, but might wear on one's nerves over time like the power slut herself. I think perhaps “powerhoe,” might work for both males and females. As you can see I am equating power abuse with sexual promiscuity and sex abuse or sex harassment for in both cases the normal boundaries associated with sovereign integrity and personhood are violated. Power harassment, power cannibalism, power addiction, or power lust involves the promiscuous disregard for sovereignty of others in order to obtain the power-drug.

If both the language, the lore and the law are built up around the notion that power addiction is equivalent and similar to sex addiction and sexual promiscuity...we might be able to shift human social evolution in an upward direction. So the words I use to "label" power perps must be both classic, permissible in legal discussion if not in court, and humorous. Silence in the face of breaches to our sovereignty supports the processes of dehumanization that leads to the domestication, homogenization and pasteurization of humanity. We must find a way to speak our truth to become our truth. Only humor can deconstruct the thorny walls of the power pyramid that were constructed to serve the few and entrap the many.

Generally speaking, our emotional state is generated by our mood and interpretations of events. When we interpret difficulty such as a negative boss as an obstacle, we feel angry and frustrated. While if we view our boss as "exactly what we need now in order to become a better person," we experience a sense of calm certitude and appreciation. If we cannot fully accept our circumstances or outcomes such as the presence of a toxic boss, or poor health, we will not be able to interpret these outcomes in a positive light.When we reject a negative, we just create a double negative. Double negatives tend to accumulate until we are drowning in the refuse of our own procrastination and self-negation.

If we engage our circumstances proactively this provides us with the energy, insight and resources to deal with challenges and apparent negatives. Thus we must simultaneously “accept” the malevolence of the existing power programs and maintain a positive attitude, while not capitulating to dehumanizing and sadistic torture, and making efforts to elevate the surrounding power structures towards  equity and sovereign unity.

The cowardly inability to address and challenge those who hurt us and who undermine our sovereignty, allows an open invitation to others to abuse us in kind. Depending on the severity and nature of the attack there may be the need for time to heal in order to redress the perpetrator from a place of empowerment rather than victimhood. However, once we are on our feet again, if we do not at least tell the perp that what they said or did was wrong, then our wound never really does heal completely.

If we go through life with repeated unresolved wounds, subconsciously we invariably expect to be treated like garbage...and so we attract continued violation against our being and the mutilation of our soul. The death of the soul is not so much due to complying with the exploitative regime of the death culture, it is due to the lack of conscious active initiation, participation and exploration of our lives. The robust and free thinking mind can find its way out of any cage...created by self or others. Mind becomes its own messiah, given the universal perspective of the wholebrain, and the depth of the heart.

Obviously any efforts we make to resolve the damage and heal the wound should be undertaken in a manner which will prevent further harm and negative repercussions against us. With regards to damages to health, genes and quality of life that bullying inflicts we might regard gender-power harassment as being worse than sexual harassment, because there are no systems for psychological or legal help to bring about resolution and restitution. In fact there is barely even the language available to describe the perverse, underhanded and occult nature of gender-power harassment and so punishment and compensation should reflect the profound "difficulty" around expressing and correcting such crimes against society and humanity.

We have a long way to go towards generating a society in which the sovereign rights of the individual are respected such that individuals can indeed grow to become all that they ARE and not be crippled and twisted by a system that breeds and rewards psychopathy. If we give free reign to sadism then we are part of the problem, even as we be pummeled into undifferentiated, indeterminate sludge. There is no place for cowards in a sovereign world...those cowards who bully and those who allow it to continue.

The mind creates and perceives its own reality filtered through a lens composed of past knowledge and experience. Bullying, danger, damage, difficulty, shock and experiences that are fear and pain based tend to be more deeply engrained in the autonomic brain, essentially to protect the organism from potential future threats. Pervasive unconscious fear is concretized in the neuromusculoskeletal system, stagnating all Flows, impeding metabolism and handicapping growth.

Trauma victims see the world through a veil of mistrust, grief and defeat. Thus the lens of perception created by armoring produces an apriori paranoia, fear and traumatic delusion—which tends to act as a magnetic attractor to further dark, shadowy and pathological attacks. This weariness and closed heartedness can be so systemic and ingrained that we fail to even notice it. Our innocence, faith and optimism having been scarred, we go through life with one foot in the grave, in a pessimistic atmosphere of doom and foreboding.

A pervasive fear of being ridiculed, attacked, abducted and abused works on the subliminal level to zap our energy and undermine our lives. Even one instance of abuse or bullying can be carried on in our system not only in our own lives, but passed down through generations through the epigenetic expression or inhibition of certain genes. For more on the epigenetics of trauma see: Inheritance: How "Rare" Diseases Unlock Cures for Everyone by Sharon Moalem.

The Borg or wetiko is not so much a mind virus but a pruning of the neurological system through lack of recognition and acknowledgement of higher faculties of being. Parents pass on their own shame and lack of self-love onto their children either through neglect or abuse or both. The way to stop the emotional plaque is through self-love and self-respect...compassion that spreads like a tsunami from a bleeding heart. Compassion IS worldcentric, it is the world feeling for itself.

Part of being a world caretaker is to not allow oneself to be victimized. We cannot do much about being misunderstood, but we can speak out against injustice. It is so much easier to just go along with being a victim and to not stand up to tyranny and abuse. To do so is not compassionate for ourselves and certainly not compassionate for an abusing powerhoe who needs to be given an opportunity to redeem their cannibalistic ways. Complying with sadomasochism is a one-way ticket to hell for both the powerhoe and victim alike.

The collective traumatic brain damage, cellular deterioration from stress and emotional/behavioral disturbance from being the target of the delinquency of powerhoes...contributes to The Fall of Man through separation, rejection, dejection and loss of connection. Thus if we bring the conversation to the fore and openly discuss the unnecessary devastation we endure due to the nasty side of our simian nature we may create social conditions in which sociopathy can no longer flourish. A “system” is only as good as the individuals within the system, and for a system to flourish it must support the thrival of all members within the system. Thus a thrivocracy is the only rational approach to the arch template of governmental and organizational systems.

The sovereign enlightened perspective must take into account the corrupt, unjust and supercilious nature of the powerhoe’s greed that ultimately bankrupts everything it touches.  In this day and age when we have so little time to turn the ship around, collaborating with the enemy and placating the powerhoe’s wrath by going along with obsolete systems of exploitation, extortion and abuse means that we are letting the future slip away, not just for ourselves but for the entirety of human progress and global evolution.

For more on the epigenetics of trauma see: Inheritance: How "Rare" Diseases Unlock Cures for Everyone by Sharon Moalem.

Psychosis and Power: Threats to Democracy in the Self and the Group, James M. Glass

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Solaris The Living City


My highest vision of Solaris (future civilization circa 3000) came to me in hypnagognia (Theta) in 1997.

Solaris is built of crystaline energy generating solar/zeropoint tapping stone which is grounded into bed rock...thus it is a living city that has a bioenhancing field, as well as all the power to run the mega-buildings and activity in the city. The city itself one could say has a soul that embraces and feeds the souls of its inhabitants. Solaris is a soular city.


Waking up is the greatest drug trip there drugs necessary!

In 1997 I had a hypnagogic vision of a futuristic city that was so beyond anything that I could have conceived with my rational mind, that I saw it as a meta-key or sigil that unlocked the path to Civilization Next. The vision suggested the potential inherent in the design of the solar system and even hinted at the answer to the Grand Unified Theory. The view of Solaris I saw in the vision was in “transcendental vision” mode and so every atom was scintillating, it being the highest visionary tryptomine chemistry...heading up towards DMT levels. I saw the city through the eyes of a future mystic or Timeless creature from the future. I was experiencing the transcendental consciousness of the Solaris dwellers for the duration of the vision.

The Solaris city was both earth based, and cosmic or divine…I saw mega arched buildings and blue sky shining in golden-rose sunlight. The word architecture is composed of three words: arch—primal, prototype, epitome of good, a model or replication; techne—technology; and ure—substance or matter. In short, the word architecture means spirit-making-matter. The vision was a binary key pointing to the technology, the mindset, values, ethics and consciousness of the future humans. After the vision it took me 6 months to unpack the technology…and consequently the consciousness and value system of the people. Only by building a foam core model and trying to photograph it in the sun to produce shadow did I find out that it was a solar city.

The Solaris city is completely non-polluting with plentiful energy produced for travel between cities also. Solaris is a vision of a sustainable, non-polluting, cashless and spiritually advanced and evolving society in divine union of Flow. In this civilization each individual lives out their soul’s life within the Collective Muse, which is transrationally - that is nonlocally, spiritually or cosmically integrated. The society is structured not hierarchically as in primate societies, but is autopoetic…arising spontaneously through the synchronicity of creative individuals in divine communion. In a world of realized people, with very rapid transportation, cities need not get larger than 20-30 thousand.


In the vision I saw a forest of mega buildings of unearthly grandeur, luminescence, resonance and beauty. The Solaris Vision itself is a symbolic metaphoric key to the future civilization. It is important to realize that I do not mean to imply that the actual shape of the buildings look like the arches in the vision. Do you understand how profound the transcendental visionary mind level is? that it gave me source code Sigil in the arches and phallus...the actual Solaris won't look like this, but only this exact symbolic form could have told me it was a solar/zeropoint city that increased Christ-Psi consciousness.

The transcendental mind packages information into simple archetypal forms that encompass holographic universal sacred geometry, which are then to be “unpacked” by the  temporal 3D rational mind for the full implications in all aspects of human life. Even if I cannot understand the vision immediately, I know the cosmic validity of the information through the intensity of the power/frequency/presence of the energy signature of the vision. Visions offer possibilities beyond the limitations of our present world view and draw forth the rational mind to make our dreams a reality. Thus nature’s subtle secrets can increasingly be understood and used for our ultimate fulfillment and ephemeralization by following the intelligence of soul through inner divination. Greater integrity and greater depth is not a luxury it is a survival imperative.

Biomimicry or biomimetics is the examination of nature, its models, systems, processes, and elements. Cities should be designed outright along the lines of the Kosmic organism so we need to use the screw (Phi) design for megabuildings, transportation flows and the distribution of water. We also need to focus more on biomimicry of the human body, Phi and sacred Geometry in laying out all aspects of design.

I have the collected the preliminary data of the technology for energy generation...which is both solar, zero-point (and wind-tunnel in the desert). The entire skin of the mega-buildings and infrastructure IS the energy generation device. The stone crystal is geometically designed at the atomic level. I got a second snippet vision at a latter date which showed me alternating silver-gold layers sandwiched between silicon quartz layers. I would like to try myself at some point to work with ceramic solar collecting cells or at least fund someone who is working on them.

The shape and luminescence of the buildings revealed their function in Cosmic Design, showed what they were made of and even intimated the level of psychological and spiritual development of the builders. Great arches, smooth and featureless, radiating brilliantly in the sunlight, with an inner spiritual light and resonance of their own. It was apparent that these buildings were made out of a man-made silicate stone and that the stone itself was collecting energy from sunlight and conveying the current via superconduction to storage in liquid crystal storage batteries or superconducting magnetic energy coils. Thus the buildings themselves generate enormous quantities of inexhaustible clean energy for all the energy needs of the city and beyond.

Solaris is made of a manmade-crystalline silicon stone that incorporates the monoatomic state of the transition group elements (eg: iridium, rhodium, palladium) into its nano layered lattice. Sonar technology and EMFs in a sound chamber are used to help generate the lattice of the crystalline stone as it sets in such a fashion that it becomes a superconductor and collector of light energy, which is then stored in liquid crystal batteries. And if John Hutchinson’s crystal batteries are a taste of what is to come, then Solaris also generates energy from Zeropoint.

The nano silicate ceramic stone is semi-opaque so that diffuse light is transmitted through the walls during the day reducing artificial lighting needs, and is slightly luminous at night. The Solaris vision showed me that the arches are solar collecting ceramic stone, because the arches do not impinge on each other shadow-wise until just before sundown. For the majority of the day there is very little shadow forming on adjacent buildings. So the crescent shape of these mega structures is the perfect form for maximum light absorption and energy generation. Note that the shadows one sees in the paintings were created from the angle of the sun at 6:30 pm on a summer evening.  Also for the purpose of creating these paintings I spaced these building closer than they would be in the actual city.

Durability—These buildings are designed to be practically immortal, therefore they must be situated beyond the anticipated boundary of the upcoming ice age. The durability, wind tolerance and earthquake proof capacities of this arch form make these buildings ideal for an ice age survival civilization, when winds will approach 250 mph.

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Stage Development of Willpower and Contribution

Here is a chart of the spectrum of consciousness and associated will, power and giving. This makes it easy to see where we are at with regards to energetic exchange so that we live and give regeneratively rather than sacrificially or parasitically. I have correlated various organs and areas of the body with the Stages of Consciousness from page 633 of “Integral Psychology,” by Ken Wilber and associated them with various types of ‘giving or service’ and finally with the stages of the evolution of the will and power principle. The Sovereign Will spirals around from inner illumination to externalized accomplishment throughout its evolution…growing through the hyperbolic cyclic play of internal yin and external yang processes.

1. Gonads—Presocial autistic (Reactive, fusion)——‘Dependent’
Extraverted will, Fear-based Rage, blind physical force without regard for consequences, desire for violence and catharsis; sadism expressed in various forms against self and others.
2. Adrenals—Symbiotic (Naïve)——‘Submissive’
Introverted will, Passive-aggressive, internalized rage, need for drama and revenge, strong inner saboteur that victimizes the self.
3. Gall Bladder—Impulsive (Manipulative)——‘Servile’
Introverted will, Bilious-force, submission with internal resistance, aggression due to helplessness.
4. Spleen—Self Protective (inferiority)——‘Addictive codependent’
Extraverted will, Guilt-force, Manipulative punishment and reward tactics.
5. Pancreas—Conformist (industry)——‘Conciliatory’
Introverted will, Weak-will, resolution to submit to external powers, good little child; diversion and scattered motivation.
6. Liver—Conscientious-conformist (role confusion)——‘Bargaining unconsciously’
Extraverted will, Righteousness-indignation, appeal to justice at the egoic level, holding grudges.
7. Thymus—Conscientious (identity)——‘Trading consciously’
Introverted will, Law-enforcement, fairness, rules to reduce chaos, enhance order/organization and increase the civilizing principle.
8. Heart—Individualistic (consistency)——‘Non-competitive truce’
Extraverted will, Good-will, friendly attempt at equality, inner/outer nonviolence and inclusion.
9. Thyroid—Autonomous (differentiated from ego)——‘Intellectual concourse’
Introverted will, Equalitarianism, Intelligent inquiry on the best means and creative outcome for Win-Win.
10. Third Eye—Integrated (authentic)——‘Creative synthesis’
Extraverted will, Partnership of equals, 1st transcendence of the force of dominance and submission; semi-permanent grounding in one’s Truth.
11. Crown—Transcendent (active genius)——‘Merger of souls’
Introverted will, Soul-Synergy of genius in service of mutual Art.
12. Full Integration—Unitary (Saint, Sage)——‘Pouring forth of Divine Grace’
Extraverted will, Mutual Art in service of the enlightenment of all humanity.
13. Realization—Nondual (Noetic-Self, Avatar)——‘One Being, no separation’
Introverted will, self-transcendence, Ultimate empowerment used exclusively for transanthropomorphic wellbeing of all creatures.

Thus we see that the compulsive dominant/submissive duality of the Borg arises from the lower conscious forms of will that are weak or less empowered. Sadomasochism encompasses both the dominator’s aggression as force and preemptive entitlement, and the submissive’s aggression in the form of seduction and manipulation in an effort to get apparent needs met. As our needs and self-responsibility evolve along with our empowerment to meet those needs, this growth is synonymous with the evolution of will itself. The levels of Stage Development of the Will to Power and Contribution can be combined with the Spiral Dynamics chart to provide a clear staircase to achieving sovereignty and enlightenment. The panoramic view of the spectrum of the evolution of consciousness, service and will gives us great hope for the potential growth of humanity and life on earth. Clarifying the levels allows us to better understand the underlying motivations of ourselves and others and to clearly dissect the apparent complexity of reality to bring about constructive change.

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In one of my gnostic episodes, I felt that psi penetrated time through correspondences, sync points in the wave function of the solar EMF field/solar wind and the earth's field.

The way I see precognition, is not that the events have already happened so much, but that psychic-subtle life grows and digests and has a life of its own—the information that comes into our lives propels the "conscious" work that needs to happen. Remember 99% of consciousness is actually unconscious, that doesn't mean to say that it is not there...we are still living that consciousness even if we are not aware of it. Precognition is a "gift" to help point us in the direction of the cosmogenesis work that needs to happen.
I thought of an amazing idea that ties in the polarity of the sun's solar skirt into brainwave states, psi and precognition. The Japanese just sent up a new solar electromagnetic field observatory so our understanding of solar dynamics is going to rapidly improve in the next few years.

Ballerina Skirt Model of the Solar Interplanetary Current Sheet
“Over most of an 11-year solar sunspot cycle, the magnetic field assumes a spiral form in each hemisphere, but with the opposite polarities that reverse from one cycle to the next. The oppositely directed magnetic fields are separated by a thin current sheet—a magnetically neutral layer along which current can freely flow—that lies close to the equatorial plane of the sun.
Magnetometers carried aboard spacecraft in the mid-1960’s showed that the rotating flow had four magnetic divisions, or sectors, resembling the vanes of a pinwheel. The sectors alternate in polarity like oppositely aligned bar magnets: if the field of one sector is north-south, the adjacent one is south-north, and so on. A field directed away from the sun is termed positive; directed toward the sun, it is termed negative.
[The current sheet extending out from the equatorial plane] is warped upward and downward as it extends into the interplanetary medium. This warped current sheet, then cuts across the earth like the undulating skirt of a pirouetting ballerina. The sector pattern derives from four passages of the warped sheet past the earth every 27 days. At ach crossing, the magnetic polarity switches from positive to negative or vice versa, depending on whether the earth is above or below the current sheet. From one rotation to the next, the size of each sector may vary, and the warp may flatten out near the earth so that only two sector crossings occur in one rotation….The underlying pattern [of the undulation] is very long-lived, and the sectors that result from it may persist for decades.” 153, Sun and Earth, Herbert Friedman, Scientific American Library.

As the sector boundaries pass the geomagnetic storminess and the intensity of the magnetic field at the earth drop to a minimum and increase again after the boundary to reach a maximum in about two days.
Having been fascinated with the solar skirt phenomena and the polar directional change through the sectors for many years I tried to connect up this phenomena with the periodacy of brainstate change to determine the timing of precognitive dream/visions and their real-time event. I thought that perhaps the precognition and event might be temporally connected via the mechanism of occurring in the same solar skirt polarity. Thus say we have a precognitive dream in the positive-field, then the event we foresaw would occur also in a positive field.

I was specifically focused on working out the 2 day prior vision between a precog dream and the real-life event, which is the kind of precognition I tend to have the most of, but it appears with a 27 day rotation of the sun divided into 4 sectors, the earth does not fall into the same current sheet polarity within the two day period. This however does not rule out the possibility that the sun’s electromagnetic skirt does not have an impact on brainwave states and on psi and precognition in particular. The 2 day psi window might be at a period in the sun-skirt sector where “noise, interference, turbulence” was at a minimum…coherency in the solar output directly relating to coherency in brain function and consciousness.

We know that the polarity of the sun’s solar skirt has effects on biology, cells, health and behavior, so there is every reason to suppose that it also affects primary perception of the cells, mind, psychic abilities and spirit itself.

Using the type of lateral vision of Terrence McKenna we can propose that precognition occurs via windows of correspondence created by the repetition of similar or identical brainwave states, which allows the penetration of consciousness through time via sympathetic resonance. The fabric of time thus becomes transparent to superconducted consciousness through windows of corresponding brainwaves states, perhaps influenced by the polarity of the sun’s solar skirt.

Terrence McKenna in his study of the I Ching said that the ancient Chinese saw everything as caused by its analogical resonance with past and future events which have the same temporal elements embedded in them. These temporal elements were in a sense creating an interference pattern with each other…ie:synchronicity. 

I propose that synchronicity and the meshing of interior and exterior events which describes prepotent relationships in nature might be somehow involved in the solar-electromagnetic field in which the interior-psychic content and the exterior-actual events take place. The sun therefore is like a metronome which dictates to a large degree the type of emergence of consciousness and behavior, which literally translates as a God or puppet master to our ongoing human drama. We dance to the beat of the sun! Which means that Akhenaten (and his dad) were correct in deifying the sun as Aten the one God.

Long periods of field correspondence would tie into the annual seasonal bioperiods and the 11 year sunspot cycle as well. Precognition therefore might be increased say during solar max, solar min or during flips from one polarity mode to another. One could for example have a precognition occur at summer solstice, during solar max, while in a negative solar field sector and have the actual event happen 22 years later during summer solstice, at solar max while in a negative solar field sector. It takes 22 years for solar max to return to solar max again.

Until people start to seriously document their psychic and dream life we won’t be able to work out these solar-psychic periods. But it would be easy enough to substantiate if people collect the time and dates of the precognition and the actual unfolding of the event. Then run these through a computer program that contains the time and date of solar field sector data and the sun spot cycle. In this way we could map the nested fractal nature of time and of consciousness, and assess whether psi activity has anything to do with solar-time.

The number of sunspots visible on the sun waxes and wanes with an approximate 11-year cycle. Although sunspots themselves produce only minor effects on solar emissions, the magnetic activity that accompanies the sunspots can produce dramatic changes in the ultraviolet and soft x-ray emission levels. These changes over the solar cycle have important consequences for the Earth's upper atmosphere.

Check out the prediction graph at the bottom of the NASA page, it’s another solar max around 2010 or so, so we can expect a lot of people popping at this time. At the moment we are heading for sunspot minimum.

These websites have some info and diagrams to understand the solar skirt dynamics, but the best illustrations I have found are in Herbert Friedman’s Sun and Earth.

“Generally, the solar wind flow is diverted around Earth by its magnetosphere that is maintained by the Earth’s intrinsic magnetic field. Solar wind particles cannot enter, unless there occurs a process called magnetic reconnection of interplanetary and planetary magnetic field lines. That may happen if the northward pointing Earth field on the front of the magnetosphere is hit by solar wind carrying a southward pointing interplanetary field. In such case, significant geomagnetic disturbances of various kinds are initiated.”

“The earth’s magnetic shield is so perfect that only 0.1 percent of the mass of the solar wind that hits it manages to penetrate it. But even that small fraction of total energetic-particle radiation generates a host of complex auroral phenomena and accounts for the storage of enormous numbers of particles in the Van Allen radiation belts.” 158, Sun and Earth, Herbert Friedman, Scientific American Library.

See some info on Schumann Resonance, earth EMF and solar cycle effects on biology in Cosmic Influences at
Also in Earthmind by Paul Deverearux; Body Electric by Robert Becker and at the Cycles Institute website:

McKenna views history, with it's hunger for completion, as "an anomaly... a complete fluke," in which "all ideas of salvation, enlightenment, or utopia may be taken to be expressions in consciousness of the drive of energy to free itself from the limitations of three-dimensional space." As history races toward it's denouement, evolution is carried out of strictly biological confines and into the mental realm where language and other abstractions begin to pull us together toward "a complex attractor that exists ahead of us in time." This "concrescence," says McKenna is now so close that it can be felt in the sense of accelerating time and complexity…Alfred North Whitehead proposed this same idea. He said that history grows toward what he called a "nexus of completion." And these nexuses of completion themselves grow together into what he called the "concrescence." A concrescence exerts a kind of attraction, which can be thought of as the temporal equivalent of gravity, except all objects in the universe are drawn toward it through time, not space.

Archaic Revival (1992)
Trialogues at the Edge of the West (1992)
Chaos, Creativity, and Cosmic Consciousness by Rupert Sheldrake, Terence McKenna, and Ralph Abraham, 2001
The Evolutionary Mind: Conversations on Science, Imagination and Spirit by Rupert Sheldrake, Terence McKenna, and Ralph Abraham, 2005  —Audio and transcripts with Jeffrey Mishlove and Terrence McKenna — Derivation of the Timewave from the King Wen Sequence of Hexagrams by Terence McKenna

To actually see into the future I think would require quantum level physics...I don't think there is any way using classical biology and physics where the future can be preseen. Throughout my life I am coming increasingly to the conclusion that precognition (and a lot of other supposed psi activity which is actually precognition in disguise) is due to some kind of looking through a window in ones own timeline. Not looking into the future objectively, but subjectively...that is we only see that information that will be in the path of our conscious awareness in the future. Precognition is almost like a prompt to put that event directly into our experience one way or another at least be aware of it while it is happening, because there is some psychic content there to be mined for spiritual evolution.

Someone like Nostradamus however is in another ballpark because he could see stuff that occurred after his death, so obviously not in his own personal timeline.

"If consciousness is operating at the quantum frequency level it would also naturally reside outside of space and time, which means that we theoretically have access to information, "past" and "future." If humans are able to influence quantum events, this implies that we are also able to affect events or moment other than in the present." 175 The Field, Lynn McTaggart.

Obviously besides plasma, electromagnetic fields, ions, weather, Schumann resonance, Long waves etc...that is classical forces enacted on us by solar influence on the earth...all this can somehow be translated into influence at the quantum level also. So precognition is perhaps a quantum phenomena which is influenced by solar-earth interaction...and Stuart Hameroff would probably say it had something to do with photons in the microtubules of the brain. I have a feeling that we are only just beginning to discover experientially how freaky "time" actually is.

Doctor links solar flares to strokes—By Lester Haines, 22nd May 2006
A Slovakia doctor claims to have linked peak solar flare activity to an increase in strokes and brain haemorrhages, Dr Michal Kovac started probing incidence of strokes in southern Slovakia's Nove Zamky back in the 1980s "after observing unexplained increases in stroke patients on certain days, weeks, months and years". He subsequently discovered a correlation between 11 year peaks in coronal mass ejections and strokes.

Kovac also found that fewer people suffered strokes when the moon was at its apogee. His findings, published in the Bratislava Medical Journal further the idea that people are physically affected by "fluctuations in the earth's geomagnetic field". No precise explanation is forthcoming, however. Kovac said: "We see a correlation between the human body and lunar and solar phenomena, even if we don't know exactly what explains the connection."
The last phase of high solar flare activity was back in 2000-2001. Kovak noted: "That means we have four more years in the cycle. Then we'll be busy again." ®

Basically what we need to eventually do in our research is to tie solar-earth physics into quantum processes in the brain.

I must do some reading on the matter...perhaps these would help:

Apparitions and precognition; A study from the point of view of C.G. Jung's analytical psychology by Aniela JaffeÌ

Through the Time Barrier: A Study of Precognition and Modern Physics by Danah Zohar 1984

Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality by Dean Radin, 2006

An Arrow Through Chaos: How We See into the Future by David Loye, 2000

Time Rhythm and Repose by Marie-Louise von Franz


With Solarpsi I am suggesting a type of timing orchestrated by the changes of positive/negative polarity in sun’s solarwind creating a type of brainstate window of correspondence between the prevision and the event itself. Contemplating this kind of dissolves my brain because our understanding of time then becomes lost to solar-earth positioning and electromagetic-gravitational effects. Contemplating solarpsi is a mind expanding thought experiment.

For 20 years I have been keeping my eyes out for some substantial work on earth-solar physics and its effects on biology...and I found 70 pages of it in the back of Tutankhamum Prophecies: The Sacred Secret of the Maya Egyptians, and Freemasons by Maurice Cotterell.
Now I am not big on speculation on ancient civilizations, but there is some very useful info in Cotterells book which can be used to piece together the larger picture. For example he says solar max there is increased flocculation of albumen which means more heart attacks and strokes at this time. This must be due to a higher cosmic ray influx with the increased solar flares. This flocculation could also lead to certain behaviors like warfare, crime and marital breakup due to chaos and biochemical "clogging" of our consciousness and hence behavior. It was even found that babies born around solar max have a higher incidence of schizophrenia.
If this is the case then we can expect a pretty chaotic time going through the galactic ecliptic and upcoming solar max...because of the increased cosmic rays. And for those of you thinking of making a baby, either make it right now, or wait until after 2012. Or keep a watch out to see what the stats are on cosmic rays as we enter the ecliptic, there may in fact be no increase in their numbers in the galactic horizontal which case baby making could start up again after solar max.
We need to chart the solar cycle with the birth of geniuses, because there might be some correlation to geniuses being created just after solar babies conceived sept-oct of the second year after max.

The scientific community is gearing up to study cosmic rays and the solar flares. The medical world also needs to use this opportunity to observe the physical and mental-behavioral effects of the flares-cosmic ray influxes on their patients. For the rest of us we need to increase the colloidal zeta potential of our cells, build mineral and enzyme resources and "meditate"...I have an intuition that because meditation affords some electromagnetic separation from the earths EMF that it will not stop cosmic ray influence in the body, but will strengthen the body against any effects, DNA damage, flocculation etc...

Fasting, meditation and purification-spiritual practices in general make consciousness more mobile and receptive...more liable is the term I like to use.
Solar flares, cosmic rays, shifts in the earths EMF, gravitational tidal effects, Shumann resonance etc...all these impact the water in our bodies and its properties, as well as all the processes and structures in our cells and intercellular fluids. Changes in the spectrum of light from the sun also have effects, along with the weather, ion content of the air and geomagnetic and latitudinal influences.

Meditation according to Paul Devereux in Earthmind meditation allows the yogi some degree of differentiation from the influences of the earth's EMF. I think this is because the heart and brain fields of the meditator are stronger and thus are able to hold a stronger morphogenic forming pattern to the bodies energy. The influences are still the same, but the tenacity of the structured order of the bodymind makes the meditator more impervious to outside rays and fields. This is not to say the meditator becomes less sensitive, they are actually more sensitive as a sensing instrument, but that their stronger morphogenic presence resists "deflection" and perversion from “outside” influences.

Life is imprinting...everything imprints us into who we are. We being reasonably conscious creatures can select to a certain degree via attraction and repulsion what energetic imprints we are exposed to and hence determine what we will become, through the continuous alteration and manipulation of our environment. We pattern ourselves to our environment through our responses be they aggression, opposition, passivity, reception, cooperation, sympathetic resonance or unification. The stronger the heart-field the more we can maintain our integrity within the complexity of external influences.

"Increase in the viscosity or stickiness of protoplasm and body fluids is associated with contraction and congestion of tissue. Aging itself is related to dehydration of protoplasm, decreased colloidality and increased viscosity. I am convinced that emotion and thought influences viscosity of fluids, perhaps by altering pH." Phoenix Rising, Jana Dixon