Thursday, November 25, 2010


You can't actually build a new brain and a new society using the same power-over tactics of the old. The trick is to “click forward” into ecstasy and compassionate action.

T.D. Lingo and Neil Slade argued that the amygdala has been socially conditioned to remain on high alert, thus blinding us to our unlimited creative potential. When we rely on our "reptile brain" we will feel little but fear, sadness and paranoia. But by using the directing power of thought we can command the brainstem to open the heart and this warms and opens the interior brain and frontal lobes. You can tell if this is happening by the noticeable flip into the deepening of emotional connection (Presence) and the love that softens the eyes. Neil Slade and T.D. Lingo say that it is the anterior amygdala activates our frontal lobes, hence producing pleasurable emotional states because the frontal lobes house our "pleasure” centers. Conversely when the posterior amygdala is stimulated, the reptilian brain takes over causing great fear and sadness.

“Merely release the frontal lobes and you automatically get group telepathy, you automatically get advanced intelligence, you automatically get whole brain power…its Power…the power in your own head. Take it, and once you take it…higher reality…this lower reality is a pain in the ass.” T.D.A. Lingo

Starting in the late 1950’s Lingo held "amygdala clicking seminars" at his mountain Brain Dormancy Lab where he would teach willing students how to first become aware of their amygdala and then to actually stimulate these two walnut sized organ. Lingo's students had success and reported a "wonderful state of mind," heightened awareness, increased creativity, improved intelligence, pleasure, and even paranormal activity from brain self-control. Unlike drugs, meditative amygdala stimulation, once learned, produces better, stronger and deeper results over time. By using the amygdala and brainstem to turn on the prefrontal lobes we can recover the enchantment, childlike wonder, awe, interest and magic that existential material reductionism took from us.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are believed to act by inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin after being released in synapses. And serotonin produces Alpha brainwave through which the triune brain can be integrated into larger coherent whole…reptilian- autonomic, old mammalian-limbic and neocortex-human. But we do not need drugs to reinstate our serotonin levels to the pattern of a dominant (integrated) individual…we simply need to focus consciousness on tuning the brainstem into the heart and then the heart balances our neuro-hormonal chemistry for us. Since it is other humans who are the greatest trigger to our involuntary threat and fear chemistry gaining conscious control over this automatic status/security wiring gives us a solid sense of internal power with which to navigate our social world. When we are no longer intimidated by the intimidating ape we can stabilize whole brain functioning and arrive at the emergence of complex states where we can apply our energies wholeheartedly to visionary creativity and happiness. We cannot even be grateful (with a joyous liver) when we are still vulnerable to being unplugged by the subterfuge or power-over tactics of our fellow man. And without gratitude we are always going to resort to lower forms of coping behavior that undermine our highest dharmic path.

It is human nature to abuse power if power goes unchecked. However, we can establish our sovereignty over power-abuse by the daily practice of building up our Alpha wiring. The dominance position is attained through conscious control over autonomic processes in accord with the dictates of “free will.” The more we build prefrontal communication with our reptilian brain, the more free will, sovereignty or self-determinancy we have at our disposal for challenge and response. By stabilizing a strong serotonin-Alpha frequency base we generate a mother-matrix through which our agentic motivational dopamine is legitimated as being life-upholding. A strong dopamine system is vital for a vivid reward and satisfaction response needed to maintain the motivational drive of the Alpha male or female.

In establishing sovereignty we “each” have to cultivate the neurochemistry of the Alpha animal, not through exerting power over others, but through actualizing and utilizing the full powers of the whole human. Only by each individual engaging in sovereignty practice can we hope to build a social system in the equilateral circle model through which the ongoing continuum of human actualization can geometrically progress. Then we can reconcile human power dynamics and the activation of free will. “Free Will” is the capacity of rational agents to choose a course of action from among various alternatives. We hold people responsible for their choices only when we regard those choices as free. Thus a person must be conscious and self-conscious since a non-conscious being cannot be said to have free choice or to responsibly choose. They say free will is indispensable to the essence of being human. But that free will must be in accord with the flow of the lifeforce in order to first “do no harm,” and to further the evolutionary emergence of man in deep time and the endeavor of life in the universe. The greatest obstacle to advance of enlightenment is the illusion that the problem has been solved. Thus to avoid any premature ideological conclusion that limits our unbounded identity there is a need to continually revise our presumptions about where we are at and where we are going.

Instead every moment offers the choice of redemption via the Darwinian natural selection of thought, emotion and ingenuity toward frontal lobe behaviors: cooperation, imagination, creativity, intuition, logic. This is a kind of wish-fulfillment, a literal fait accompli, where the tangible and short term processes of conscious selection and adaptation, fuel the higher level evolutionary directionality of our individual and collective paradigm. At the edge of conscious evolution there is a kind of “frontier effect,” whereby we learn that at the higher expressions of being human we naturally move progressively away from fear. Nature rewards new life sustaining thought and behavior with the forward clicking amygdala pleasure response. Thus love pulls us forth at high-speed in a primordial self-referential emergent progress from the seat of immanent consciousness. We ARE the force of evolution, and so if we do not become conscious enough to claim it, we fail to gain the momentum to ride the crest of the wave…and instead may be crushed beneath its raging waters.

In the conditioned flatland, left-brained masculinized world it is "unintegrated" rational thinking that blocks the integrating power of empathy.
The Frontal Lobes Supercharge, by Neil Slade.

See this outstanding video from the 1970’s on T.D.A Lingo —TD Lingo - PART 1- "Lingo" and The Dormant Brain Lab Documentary —Frontal Lobes Supercharge by Neil Slade