Sunday, May 12, 2013



It was a crazy dream, society was breaking down due to the madness created by Monsanto. People were having to live with each other more. I was journeying in people's houses and walking with my ex-husband. He was living in a rather socially chaotic house so I told him he should come live with me for a while, but then I thought of my new love whom I wanted to be with soon. The dream had an apocalyptic air, and there were 3 super large owls over a lake. I think the dream was about clearing the clutter to make one emotionally available, cause there was a lot of useless "stuff" everywhere.

The patterns on the lake surface were orange rectangles with complex incised, repeating and patterns, many orange rectangles of the same design floating on the ripping water. Perhaps the patterns on the water represent structured water, blueprints, imprinting...or DNA. The three owls were in tight triangular formation, and about 4 times as big as normal owls. The owls commanded wide-eyed wonder, awe and mystery, and since they were connected to the water, it speaks to the wisdom of nature to inform, structure and store information against chaos/inertia.

I think the dream theme was materialism in a scarcity economy, and clinging to materialism in the time of transition increases social chaos and conflict, and undermines emotional bonding or intimacy, plus breaks down cooperation and living relationships between people. Basically holding on to what was...the useless material and emotional junk from the past undermines the Flow, synchronicity and Phi needed to bring about the social transformation. Emotional unavailability, numbness and morbidity entraps us in the power-based culture and keeps us locked out of realizing the love-based culture. Those that hold onto the past modes of being are "unbondable" or unrelational within the context of a post-materialist society, that demands so much more from us...nothing short of our authentic Self.

I think this is what the dream was reaching for...the orange patterns on the surface of the water represents lipids (fats) in their relationship to water and oxygen in providing the membrane boundary and transport system to and from the cell to the extracellular fluid. When the integrity of the bilayer lipid membrane is breached through inferior or damaged fats in the diet the cell's ability to maintain its structural integrity and exchanges with its environment is compromised...the cell's hull is breached and the vehicular integrity of the cell and all its functions is diminished. Life's ability to conduct its exchanges with the environment is reliant on the precise sacred geometric design of the lipid bilayer of the cell membranes themselves. Extrapolate this, and we can say that the sanity and spiritual success or failure of a civilization itself is based on its ability to build strong cell membranes from high integrity fats and to make both the body, the food and the total ecosystem highly antioxidant and antiinflammatory.

Electron abundance to the cells is facilitated by the charge condition of water itself, its electrolyte mineral content, and the integrity of membranes in contact with body fluids. Raising charge increases circulation and the delivery of vital oxygen and materials across cell membranes. The transport function of the cell membranes is critical and reflects the structures of the fats and proteins they are built of. So charge terrain depends not only on the electrolyte quality of body fluids, but the composition, structure and conductivity of cell and mitochondrial membranes.

Can we assume that Monsanto's efforts with gene manipulation, and roundup is destroying the cell membrane through lipid changes, other than the obvious excess Omega-6 to Omega-3 from the eating of cereal grains?

The structural perfection of the membranes of the cell and the mitochondria is essential for the cells relationship to the 'LIGHT AND SOUND' by which the cells communicate with each other. The organisms response to solar photons is also reliant on the structure and antioxidant integrity of the lipids in the cell membranes. All living cells are essentially solar cells...our cells derive much energy, information, metabolic function, and structural engineering from sunlight. If our cells are built from inferior materials at the atomic level the body's relationship with the sun is "out of whack" and photons which would normally be life enhancing become life destroying. When our atomic architecture is out of Phi alignment, the informational in-form-ing ability of life in the universe is undone.  Ionizing radiation affects the function of cells and organs and DNA damages that pass on to succeeding cell generations. Exposure to radiation strongly affects the rapidly dividing tissues and cells, hastening and slowing down cell division affects embryonic tissues. Damages to cell membranes, mitochondria and cell nuclei result in abnormal cell functions, affecting their division, growth and death.

Dr Johanna Budwig asserts that unsaturated fats are fundamental in recharging the body’s electro-magnetic field and to generate a store of electrons for recharging cell membranes. The store of electrons in the lipid membranes highly attract oxygen and stimulate cell respiration. Budwig also investigated the relationship between fats, electrons, photons, and the solar energy from the sun. The electrons in the lipid membranes also attract photons from sunlight by means of magnetic fields, caused by the electron “spin.” However the cellular structure’s own wave-length must correspond to the absorption of solar energy…ie: the electron-rich highly unsaturated fats must be present as a harmonic resonance system for the sun's energy. Sympathetic resonance occurs when a form of radiation has a similar frequency as a body part. Budwig viewed the human body as an antenna for the sun and the interplay of the sun with the electrons supplied by our food and the earth as the governing principal for all vital health of the body. However if the cell membranes are composed of mishappen plastic rigid fats they cannot enter into resonant vibration with the photons from the sun and so oxidation, inflammation and melanoma occur.

 The combination of the high quality fats and the high beta-carotene will endure a significant boost in energy, brainpower and pain relief. Vegetation absorbs red and orange light of the color spectrum. By the time sunlight reaches the forest floor, most of the red and orange light is filtered out. We are able to safely absorb light into the deeper tissue in the narrow spectrum window from 500 to 1220 nanometers. The red (640nm) is for anti-aging and treatment of skin inflammation. In the mitochondria, there are molecules called respiratory chain enzymes. These are also known as cytochromes. These cytochromes function to assist the cells to use energy from nutrition to form ATP. They are energized by a limited spectrum of light and have the power to transfer that energy directly to cell metabolism, the same way plants use the sun for energy.

Life’s ability to resonate in a healthy frequency for the informational building of solar collecting cells requires both the correct nutritional components (building blocks) and the electron energy from the earth herself. The negative charge of the earth’s surface provides the electrons that prevent oxidation. Thus the more we are connected, directly to the earth via the skin, the longer our lifespan and the less pain, inflammation and disease we will suffer from. Disease, pathogens and cancer loves an acid, electrically imbalanced, ungrounded, hypoxic body because the immune system cannot protect a cosmically divorced, electrically discombobulated and ungrounded body. Decomposers love eating that which has already separated itself from the tree of life.

When a civilization has separated itself from the warp and weft of the cosmos it is undergoing collapse.