Friday, May 16, 2014


  ~ Obedience to Evil Empire

Fool me once, fool me again, fool me once more, and fool yourself you are fooling me.

Unless we halt the process of degeneration and the moral and spiritual decline the madness, chaos and destruction is going to get much an accelerating rate. We need to work on regenerating ourselves and the earth, focusing on the totality of our environment and that we may harvest the full epigenetic expression of our DNA and whole-brain capacity. We barely have the strength to tolerate reality as we are, let alone do anything about moving beyond Collapse to start establishing Civilization Next.

Understanding the causes and mechanisms of our fallen human nature is the first step to throwing off the veil of dysfunction, disease and decay. When we see the big picture of cultural developmental disability we no longer take our own dysfunction and reactivity personally…then the false front of denial and defense preventing redemption and  illumination can lift. Thus a global-wide rewriting of history and our collective and personal script is needed to reboot Homo sapiens…so that we may become aware that we “know” and “don’t know.” Just when and how did we start betraying our very existence?

In studying the combination of arrogance and ignorance of the Borg we may observe that the bravado and bluff arises from naivety where…"we don't know that we do not know." The power-over stance of those dissociated from their sovereignty is not empowerment, and so their self-esteem is none other than self-centric narcissism. This front of having to "be on top" has to fall before true self-knowledge and self-love can be born.

Contrition or contriteness (from the Latin "contritus," means ground to pieces, that is crushed by guilt) is sincere and complete remorse for sins one has committed. The bully has to give up bullying and feel remorse before he can become truly HUman.

However, along with the psychopath those incapable of remorse are unlikely to grow beyond the Hindbrain. Notice how arrogance, ignorance, bravado and bluff represent an insurmountable barrier against arriving at remorse, rectification, reformation and improvement. The combination of power-over, arrogance and ignorance…the dominant constituent or universal character of the Borg, prevents the evolution to the true HUman that we actually are. The potential “higher” has been hijacked by a perpetual systemic feedback loop of retrogressive dysfunction.

"Judas" (spelled "Ioudas" in ancient Greek and "Iudas" in Latin, pronounced yudas in both) is the Greek form of the common name Judah (יהודה, Yehûdâh, Hebrew for "God is praised"). Justice, judicial: from iudicium for "judgment, decision, opinion, trial, wish, desire.” 

Some of us know that Judas (he who turns away from the Light) and Icarus (he who flies too close to the sun) are one and the same archetypal metaphor for the underlying spiritual pathology of Homo degenerous. Judas the back stabber is a naïve fool, because he sides with the dominant power to inflict harm on the ultimate good. Such an allegiance with the bad and denial of the good is in itself a sure sign of a lack of mature prefrontal lobe development. We have in the current collapse era fidelity to the liege lord of money, which equates to a material form of FREEDOM…thus Judas is a feudal vassal compulsively carrying out the dictates of the profit margin, at the expense of the genuine freedom of personal will that comes from allegiance to the ultimate good. Each moment we bow to a lesser god, we sell our sovereign soul short.

“Everyone has his formula for happiness, but whatever it is that you value, you can buy it with lots of money. And even if you can't (which isn't often), you can buy other great stuff that will take your mind off what you can't have. So, money is our ultimate goal."  Who Stole My Cheese, Ilene Hochberg

In denying universal good and being a do-badder, Judas could not help himself, as he was compelled by the power-hungry collective mind to betray the evolutionary Christ. Miscreant Cabals or collectives of evil-doers get away with escalating irrational injustice, that snow balls as they justify, reinforce and legislate their own version of reality for profit. Using the methods of the power-hungry collective mind, power-abuse for profit and sins against life can be arranged for a price, regardless of moral right, commonsense and human decency.

Power cannibalism usually involves the basic needs associated with status, dominance, ownership, territory, possession, resources, affiliation, sex appeal, security, affirmation, validation and physical sustenance. The Judas syndrome is a version of power cannibalism where the Judas feels guilty and afraid of their moral deficiency, their inability to know right from wrong and are ashamed of their dark anti-empathic emotions. In order to compensate for this lack and to feel more ethical and in control the Judas acts to betray a victim through entrapment, accusation, slander, back stabbing and collaborative persecutory allegiance with others against the prey.

Judas is trying to feel more empowered and in control by stimulating the dopamine reward system via sensationalism, extortion, power cannibalism and warfare. Thus the Judas subconsciously projects their moral deficiency onto others in an effort to fight with their own inner demons in order to "grow." However, such Hindbrain tactics do not grow Prefrontal Lobe executive skills and moral certitude and so for all Judas's efforts he/she doesn't actually achieve the desired goal of feeling powerful, secure, righteous, good, worthy, accepted, admired or respected. This clearly shows that power-over merely perpetuates powerlessness and the crippled personality of the Master/Slave.

Thus Judas is in perpetual struggle for self-esteem as he takes his vengeance and power-hunger out on victim after victim...never finding peace or reconciliation with God (sanity, sanctity) and never feeling good about himself. Judas is a textbook psychotic. OCD neurotic habits of nagging, manipulating and controlling the people around us and not allowing them their own reality, energetic space and sovereign-will is part of the Judas complex. Judas is an archetype, but here I am looking at the phenomena of spiritual betrayal of self and other as being ubiquitous in general society. Not that we are actively running around stabbing "the good guy" in the back, but that the denial of the divinity of the individual is a given in a competitive society.

Divide and conquer is the cause of the collapse of social structures because it is opposite of communion, communication and community. Divide and conquer is the source code of the Borg, and the ultimate strategy for distracting the mind and desecrating the soul.

The Borg is a complex social system that negates and betrays order to maintain retardation and arrested spiritual development. The Borg naively betrays sovereignty to keep the power-over control system in place, so there needs to be a constant reign of fear to stimulate the amygdala to hijack the brain. This is why contemporary humans are constantly seeking external fulfillment and outer affirmation, while sucking up to external authorities. Once we are on the sovereign path every act of violence against our being teaches us to more fully embody our Presence and actively create a world in which HUmans can thrive. If however we present ourselves as a “victim” to the power hungry Borg then we feed into the ongoing demise of humanity and the planet. Sovereignty demands the self-discipline and determination to avoid imbibing the poison of Hindbrain presovereign thought, word and deed.

The brute nature of mob rule, Hivemind or the Borg is due to the fact that it operates prior to the individuated and actualized or sovereign self. Thus Judas represents "arcane" man driven by Hindbrain dominance without guidance from the executive brain. This is why Judas betrays the Christ or the realized individual...and why the Judas Syndrome is a betrayal of the primacy of sovereignty and the sovereign rights of the individual. In betraying our higher HUman self we set ourselves up to being vulnerable to the collective Judas or Hivemind, because we have less executive skills to deal with the Borg. You see therefore that our personal evolution is vital to surviving the caustic, brute nature of the collective, which threatens to degrade our selfhood. We evolve and succeed to the degree that our sense of self-worth is greater than the limiting and intimidating collective hysteria of "mobocracy."

How we feel about ourselves is largely determined by the power constellation in our family of origin, and whether the family structure was based on inclusion, solidarity and equity, or conversely was based on exclusion, competition and inequity. The former family structure produces individuals with a strong sense of self-worth and confidence, and who have surplus energy for creativity because they are not working against themselves. The later family structure produces unintegrated individuals who feel they are never enough and who feel they live in a hostile world full of conflict.  This is the defining difference between being a syntropic sovereign self,  and an entropic presovereign self incapable of self-regulation and self-determinancy.

How we feel we measure up to others in height, morality or social standing determines how we feel about ourselves, and so in turn how we feel about others.  Experiencing social situations from a low self-worth, low status position can lead to paranoid thoughts. Excessive mistrust of others builds directly upon our own negative feelings about ourselves. When we feel comparatively physically or emotionally smaller and weaker this heightens our levels of mistrust, paranoia and fear of others, conversely when we feel taller, more powerful and self-confident we are more trusting of others. Shyness is a common but often seriously limiting constellation of feelings and attitudes experienced in social situations. When we are down on ourselves we feel we are incompetent, dislikeable or inferior, and so we experience social reticence…that people are deliberately staring, thinking badly about them, or trying to cause us harm and distress.

Why does Judas betray “The Good?” Because he fears his own sovereign authority and the associated responsibility of personal choice, farsight and moral certainty. Judas thus betrays his own sense of justice and righteousness, and as a consequence he hangs himself…he turns himself upside down…hence he reverses Eros and desacralizes himself…makes himself into the mundane, domesticated, intellectually compromised and false man. That is, Judas betrays Christ Consciousness and the executive functions of self-control, self-discipline and self-mastery because he doesn’t want to grow up. Judas says “To hell with evolution, I am going to be a pawn for the status quo of power-abuse so that I can benefit from the bullying and extortion of the dominator cabal.”

Within the competitive social milieu we learn to betray ourselves by being taught self-hatred and betrayal. Making oneself into one's own slave is the greatest crime there is. In a divide and conquer sadomasochist society as we observe ourselves through the eyes of Other we are self-rejecting and self-shaming as a matter of course, unless we are in the Alpha position. Authoritarian social structures that use fear as the principle motivator cause the brain to develop in conflict with itself, and paradoxical will then undermines the ongoing development of the sovereign self through an ongoing barrage of self-censor, self-sabotage and self-diminishment.

In pyramidal power systems, bullying and cronyism is not only rife, it is mandatory to get to the top. There needs to be a study on institutions to see if the mechanisms of institutional collapse are due to the codification of degenerative Hindbrain processes. And thereby build our understanding of how to create meta-structures in society that support the whole HUman, rather than degrade it. Meta Structures are the organizational framework that holds the Matrix together...the traditions, language, customs, social codes, biases, laws, rules...that is all the preset givens to the design of the social habitas and the organs that comprise the body of civilization.

It is just a matter of time before everyone moves into the sovereignty circuits because the Borg is literally killing itself...and all life. The rate we are going it will take a thousand years to quit the violence towards self and other and come into universal harmony to achieve Civilization Next. Mystic cosmology and implosion technology arrived at through gnostic illumination must be forwarded by a spiritually evolved HUmanity, or we will always have what we have now, which is—the highest technology being secretly horded by malicious, psychopathic traitors for their own personal gain at the expense of the earth and the many.

The resanctification of civilization demands a radical revisioning of the role that consciousness plays in the perception of reality and its unfolding. The beneficence of a well-ordered social society ensures the spiritual development of the members of that society. It is obvious that mystic civilization can only be born through the sovereign emancipation of each individual. The developmental path towards sovereignty demands the self-discipline and determination to avoid imbibing the poison of Hindbrain presovereign thought, word and deed. With conscious evolution we might get there sooner. We each have to start where we are, to throw off the weight of the psychopathic status quo. Conscious civilization is the only way humans can endure the repercussions of their own existence. Thus sanity is ultimately unavoidable.

We see therefore than any social system that prevents the ongoing development of the whole HUman is counter to the thrust of evolution itself…and is plainly doomed.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014



The overarching reason for the Fall of Man and the degenerative complex is “toxicity produced by decisions made in fear.” The toxicity of fear lowers the oxygen needed to fuel consciousness, creating a maladaptive, traumatizing culture, which is why our civilization is in an advanced state of decay. I am talking more of cellular O2 levels...the cellular environment conducive to the aerobic respiration of the cells vs. acidity, toxicity, stagnation, oxidation/inflammation, and plastic-fat coated cells. This self-perpetuating cycle of rebellion against Natural Law is collectively upheld by the suppression of the knowledge of truth – through anamensis caused by our very sins against nature and life. We kill ourselves and the earth slowly in order to remain numb and dumb enough to keep doing it. To emancipate ourselves from the toxic-fear we have to find within ourselves the will to grow and transcend the madness of Homo degenerous. We have to start living and breathing as though our life depended on it…because it does.

The five stages to a drowning are surprise, involuntary breath holding, unconsciousness, hypoxic convulsions and clinical death. We are no longer surprised by the sorry state of the human condition and are now into involuntary breath holding and unconsciousness. The sovereign has moved beyond the magical thinking of “doing more of what worked in the past” even when it is clearly failing, to a lucid apprehension of the universal applicability of moral principles. Through aligning our lives, mind, body and soul with the precepts of the natural law we can get out of the toxic swamps of the Borg and stop drowning altogether. Imagine having the strength to breathe freely without fear. Nobody else is going to save us from drowning because they do not know they themselves are flailing around in hypoxic swamps and being eaten alive by internal rot.

Everyday we are faced with decisions that could lead us to a more enlightened existence or if we take the wrong path this brings us more fear, internal conflict and emotional pain. We lose our sense of peace and become filled with confused motivations and chaotic desires. Often our desire is in direct conflict with our inner knowledge of right and wrong, no matter how we try to rationalize our decisions. Frustrated with our capacity for reason and the ultimate validity of our decisions we try to find satisfying self-justifications for our unethical behavior. Breaking a general precept of natural law carries the penalty of soul-guilt.

Ironically in Mesopotamia at one time the highest god was “Sin”...the moon, and all lesser gods consulted his council. If Sin had won out, and the world was ruled by the moon, that is the right-brain, the feminine, and the heart...we would have a sane, sacred civilization instead of a fallen one. Dictatorship and tyranny doesn't allow for full brain development of the whole HUman. It spiritually and creatively castrates the brain and the lives of individuals within the system. Top-down organizations run by fear produce inequity, scarcity, instability, insecurity, madness, and ultimately global suicide.

Metaphysically speaking..."the only thing we should fear is fear itself"...and we shouldn't even fear that. The fear is cellular and systemic on all levels—right down to contracted DNA. Originally you could say it originated in the basic mammalian survival instinct, but now it is institutionalized into all structures, customs, behaviors and functions of human society. Humanity reeks with is so ubiquitous that we rarely notice it. We swim in an ocean of fear. The presovereign Borg pattern of social organization is generated from fear for shock/stress chemistry debilitates the neurocircuitry for selfhood, creating anamensis or self-forgetting and social fragmentation. Insiders form an allegiance to the established status quo, while outsiders fall foul of the community hierarchy.

Turning our back on fear merely perpetuates it. This is what we have been doing and it has only resulted in half the population on pharmaceutical drugs. We are obviously not going to get to enlightened society by numbing our pain, guilt and distress. To build a civilization based on love rather than fear we must work on every level to turn the lead of fear into the gold of love. That is we must learn through the experience of alchemically changing our own lives towards the cosmic connectivity of love from the soil to the soul. However just regenerating ourselves is not good enough, in order to stop species senescence we have to regenerate the entire planet...that is stop ecocide.

We console ourselves by playing the victim and carrying the unconscious belief that there is nothing we can do to change the set up on the chessboard. The "chessboard" is real...we soon learn this if we want to play by "our" rules rather than the established ones. However, from the vantage point of the sovereign's objective perspective we are able to see that the game is contrived and confabulated, and that as long as we play by certain parameters and use our natural advantages within the "presets" of the game...that we can make full use our imagination and visionary capacity to be both in this world and beyond it. At the highest level of spiritual presence - the future, or Timelessness is instrumental in our decision-making. Only by rising above the chessboard can we gain the advantage, security and status of these high level processes.

“The ability to subordinate an impulse to a value is the essence of the proactive person.” ~ Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

In order to remain quietly in slavitude as a spiritually retarded, presovereign child we have to kill ourselves daily with devitalizing, toxifying habits. As each of us breaks out of the limiting operating system based on the experience of being excluded, where we came to believe that we were not lovable, or that life was a struggle, or that there was never enough, or that we needed to harden ourselves against an unsafe world, we begin to understand our intentions, both the conscious and the unconscious ones. When we take charge of our destiny we discover that we are the source of our own safety, worthiness, abundance and love, and that we are 100-percent responsible for creating our life, we no longer need the excuses or limiting beliefs to hold ourselves back.

Remaining presovereign means that we have submitted our truth and our soul to willing participation in the theater of the absurd. Becoming sovereign means acknowledging that we ARE love. Being love we chase fear out of everything we encounter through strategic nonviolence. Through the love of love the sovereign frees themselves from conceptual biases and precepts apparently inherited from biological and human history. Who are we to merely define ourselves from the past and the Given. A new life of freedom, passion and aliveness awaits once we accept our beauty (love), embrace our personal power and BREATHE!

“We were conceived in love spiritually, and love is the center of our beings. It is the energy of our souls, the spark of our divine nature. Being made of love, we cleave to it and seek it in all that we do. When we do not have it, or when we have lost it, we grieve. Its presence or absence colors our every action. It is life. It is happiness. It is salvation itself.” The Ripple Effect, p. 145 Elizabeth Eadie

Homo degenerous is a stuck pig, and you can put a bandaid on the pig as it bleeds out by attempting to stop the tide of injustice and corruption if it pleases you to do so. You might also try and help the victims of crime and injustice. However until humanity evolves into Homo regenerous the hell generated by our fallen nature will not stop.

Stopping the repercussions of a degenerative civilization requires healing, growth and evolution for which there are various "fixes" which can be described metaphorically as:

• ASPIRIN—Temporarily takes away the pain of consequence, but does nothing to create change and fix the problem. Painkillers help us avoid growth by denying truth.
LAXATIVE—Temporarily gets rid of the pain of consequence and provides a window of clarity for change and opportunity to find solutions. Laxatives help us pretend that they is no problem.
• FASTING—Merely fasting will reduce the symptoms, and the trajectory of the decline...however it won't cure the degenerative complex by itself, even as it extends lifespan.
VITAMIN—If the negatives and toxins of consequence are sufficiently removed nutrition helps us to heal, grow and evolve for lasting change. Sometimes however we use supernutrition to try and make up for our sins, thereby avoiding growth. 
 • ELIXIR—Amrita, "the Nectar of Immortality," is a quintessential alchemical preparation reported to be a sovereign remedy that grants the drinker eternal youth, longevity and the cure for all diseases.