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 What does "the Uraeus connection to the cosmos" look like; how is it experienced; what might foster such a process?

The umbilical connection the cosmos IS the spiritual level of the HUman, which arises through sublime connectivity on all levels from Zeropoint to Godhead. Thus said, we can easily see the nottwo of Mind, Matter, Energy and Spirit...hence we ARE the Universe. As we awaken to this fact we realize (real eyes) the fact that I and the Father (Spirit) are One. In the beginning the development of the spiritual connection is brought about through removing all that blocks and diverts the grand synthesis of the apotheosis...the moment spiritual "epiphany" when the Subject of your Consciousness becomes the Object of it. The atonement (attunement) of Christ (Christos) is divinization, deification, making divine, or theosis. It literally means to become more divine, more like God, or to take on the divine nature through the transforming effect of divine grace. This divine or Universal being is within us now, but kept from us by the black sludge of material culture and our own resistance to the Light.

In unveiling the Grail and giving way to the universal…“The two or twin extremes are embraced as a harmonic or complimentary whole...where does that imply neutral?” Arik Redman on Jan-1-00 9:49pm

The realization of universal objectivity, detachment, neutrality, fair witnessing or spiritual dominion is the ultimate aim of life, thus this is the principle drive. The fact that all human beings are not already enlightened is due to the fact that we are socialized to go after the material crumbs under the table instead of going directly for the spiritual banquet on the table. Ironically when we are wholly consumed by 3D impulses and substitution gratifications we become numb and dumb and we lose our freedom and power to create our world according to that which feeds and supports the highest in us.

The more we chase after the lesser drives at the expense of the higher drives the further away from reverence, equanimity and serenity we recede. Meditative focus on our Bindu point brings us back into coherence and sufficiency whereby we have the presence of mind to choose to follow the universal will. Sympathetic Resonance with zero-point energy  acts catalytically to resurrection us as a spiritual Being. When this realization dawns, we are no longer a creature of the physical reality and comes to the sense of the Source/Creator as our own inner spiritual space. Such Soul consummation can only be found on the inside, its an interior journey to the center of the heart. To be looking for it in the world is to set oneself up for perpetual nonfulfillment. If this world is your heart's fulfilment then you must have already found it on the inside so you are not looking to be fulfilled from the external...and so you are...fulfilled.

All the negative and harmful facets of the adaptive personality are compensations for the sense of lack and separation. So rather than trying endless Hindbrain means to attain security and power that are clearly unsustainable and never really work, we might as well go straight for the spiritual gold. By focusing on reconnecting the spiritual level of the HUman to the cosmos by building the umbilical connection...this sets us on our spirit roots whereby all thoughts, emotions, actions and experiences further feed our cosmic reconnection. If the culture itself is disconnecting from Nature and Life, then we must disconnect from the death culture...for life comes only from life.

Don't "try hard" to that merely creates tension, severance, exclusion and disallowance that sits like a schism or a buffer between us and the Source, and keeps us forever from dropping into the Self. Hyper-reactivity to duality ultimately paralyzes us into an exhausted fugue in which we lose our faith and capacity to move forward. The impulse for neutrality (stillness) is the attunement and atonement by stopping interference patterns at the deepest level. Neutral here means rising above conditions, unconditional or invincible. The Grail comes from that which is prior to opposites, space-time, all thought, and concepts.

God is a metaphor for this transcendence, it can't be put into words and it cannot be is simply "The Mystery." The opposite of the Mystery is boredom, disinterest, apathy and dissociation. We lose our “interest” in life when we get bogged down and expend our energy in over-reactivity to perceived positive and negative, good and evil. Boredom is due to a lack of newness or novelty through the binding and entropic effect suppressed aggression and frustration. Thus if you are going to carve an interesting path through life you have to be brutally honest with yourself and others...otherwise it is just happenstance stew...which is boring because it is not driven by the higher spiritualized circuits.

During Inner Arts Uraeus Meditation when we turn our eyeballs up to the bindu point of the Uraeus we see an elongated triangle. This triangle comes in the form of a white line that is traced from the outer corners of the eyes to the apex point at the top of the forehead 3” out from the hairline. We may also see an eye in the center of the triangle. Thus there is a spiritual alchemical connection between the symbols of the All Seeing Eye, The Eye of Horus, the elongated triangle, the cone of White Powder of Gold, the Bindu, the Phoenix, the Cobra’s Head and the Obelisk. These symbols are all related to the sovereignty of the noble Self achieved through raising the eyeballs towards the bindu point of the elongated triangle. This redirects all spurious energies to the core wherein the genuine qualities of spiritual eminence come into prominence through the cooperation of the Sacred Marriage. Permitting as it were higher organization through beneficent affiliation, agreement, assistance, congruity, conjunction, connection, consanguinity and engagement.

The Uraeus at the apex of the triangle (pyramid) is unity consciousness, which is not just the complimentary joining and synthesis of the opposite sides of the triangle, but is the transcendence of opposites. The Uraeus is a stargate between the electromagnetic world and the quantum vacuum…our cosmic connection is achieved through the perfect marriage of opposites. A sacred union born of coherency or sublime connectivity, that is communication between all levels from Zeropoint to Godhead. Coming into the clarity of sacred alignment we make the quantum shift to thrival mode and delve into the transcendental chemistry of divine imagination and compassionate action in which the efficacy of the executive forebrain is engaged. Only in the higher fidelity of the noble sovereign state are we consistently working towards the Mystic Civilization. That which sustains builds the sustainable.

Through meditative focus on the Uraeus we become clear and less reactionary, thus energy is able to build and become strong enough for: "Joyous participation in the sorrow of this world." Joseph Campbell. This is not just a balancing act of light and dark, but a transcendence of habitual thought and reactivity to what one assumes to be good and evil in one’s life. Coming back to our Self for the first time is both shocking and laced with the grief over having our soul kept in the cramped dark inside us for so long suppressing our deepest pain and our longest-held yearning. Having forgotten our power and courage to even think an original thought, we have become immobilized and boxed into the known by default. Yet imagination comes before implementation.

It is the responsibility of the sovereign to imagine futures beyond those horizons defined by the dying imperial humanity. And to “engage people in the promise of newness and embark on the crafting of a new reality beyond collective grief, depression and despair. Such distress doesn’t go away simply when we fail to listen to it, it gets buried layer upon layer in the tissues, cells and atoms of our being. Recognition of the hurt of marginalization and inequity (gender, race, age, class etc…) means an end to all social arrangements that had nullified such gnawing pain by a remarkable depth of numbness. Imperial consciousness runs on the default program of “business as usual” despite the pain and numbness, so the transformative power is achieved through active concern for our own numbness to that hurt, thereby subverting the values and assumptions the imperial reality relied upon to maintain itself. 

When applied to society-at-large, active-compassion is expressed as solidarity through recognizing that same helplessness in all those made partial and marginalized within the Borg. If the consumerist empire is a Hindbrain phenomena then it is obvious that the soul-ution is to use Forebrain active-compassion in a living ministry to build an alter-community outside of imperial identity. Such an alternative community is the seed of a new human beginning. The administry of sovereignty happens in the space between clinging to the old ways and yearning for the new. Counteracting the numbness of the empire of consumer culture requires the felt recognition of the passion to be HUman: that is the capacity to care, suffer, sacrifice and die in order to gnostically divine a new world beyond the pathological machinations of negative control. Given half a chance the HUman spirit’s raging drive for wholeness will ultimately push aside all foreign objections, anesthetics and diversions that stand in its way.

In our present dejected state it is hard to imagine an ascending life and ascending culture because our innocence (innersense) has been lost from disappointment through experiencing the constant blights and slights to soul. As soon as we develop the Uraeus connection to the cosmos that allows us to transcend current conditions and we can start to build an ascending life. Since everything we do creates a plethora of conflicting positive and negative effects, we need a certain innocence, naivety or buoyancy to keep us moving on our path. In God or unity consciousness there are no limits. But the most important freedom to acquire is the freedom from our own inner tyrant and order to liberate the genius and energy needed to cocreate a healthy genuinely human society.

Children are not committing suicide because they are spoilt or abused. They don’t want to live anymore because they have been deceived about where we are at as a species and have not been given a big picture context to the human story and their lives. Rather than been bestowed the skills to deal with the broken humanity of a civilization in decline by which they could construct a life for themselves, they are sent off into the world with dreams, fictions and wishes. Thus we destroy our child’s innocence by not preparing them for the world as it exists…through holding them hostage in unchallenging domestic asylum and schools for slave programming. Through presenting them with the great lie that “culture cares” we force them into a life of disillusionment, antithesis and deconstruction by chronic (slow) or acute (sudden) suicide rather than assisting them to create a life that is relevant, appropriate or of interest to them.

Through building a warrior's inner strength to face "Reality as it is" without disappointment or wishful thinking we can assist children to reach a prefrontal maturity through which they will not be undone by their own hyper-reactivity to the sorrows of this world. In assisting children to plainly see that Hindbrain culture is a colossus monster, but that by developing higher HUman functioning we can easily side step the Goliath, we truly serve them to find their straight arrow way in the world. To not be caught up and paralyzed by The Given, but to envision beyond the black mists to passionately, proactively take-charge, we grant our children a license to their own future Made world.

This work of building the objective witnessing in children will have to be undertaken in groups, for it is hard for anyone to stand in the light of their truth when those around them are still believing in fairytales. I am entrusted with all the children of this world, as we all are. Whether we live up to that responsibility or not is the measure of how well we have grown beyond the haunted prison of our trauma conditioned self. Seriously, children need to be brought up in a community of sovereigns in order to naturally be the full HUman that they are. This is simply allowing the evolution of What Is to naturally be without destroying Beauty, Goodness and Truth. It can be done, but we have to deprogram ourselves from the autodestruct mode we were born into in denying, suppressing and diverting the pain we experienced within the barbaric survivalist society.

“The chief of all remedies for a troubled mind is the feeling that among the blessings which Nature gives to man, there is none greater than an opportune death; and the best of it is that every one can avail himself of it” Pliny

“Suicide may also be regarded as an experiment — a question which man puts to Nature, trying to force her to an answer. The question is this: What change will death produce in a man’s existence and in his insight into the nature of things? It is a clumsy experiment to make; for it involves the destruction of the very consciousness which puts the question and awaits the answer.” Arthur Schopenhauer

We are stuck between a wall and a hard place when we avoid people, places and things because they are not real to us, and then we fail to make a life of people, places and things that ARE real to us. The survivalist or rather the thrivalist is one who CREATES the change...not merely adapting or meta-adapting. Slavery is no longer supportable whether they be children, wage slaves, housewives, thirdworld peasants, or military drones. Thus we have no choice but to grow into total liberation, empowerment and the autonomous self-dominion of all individuals...thus establishing the Mystic Civilization.

Higher child rearing entails creating a social vessel in which individuals no longer fear fear and so they become fearless, and are not afraid of truth and so they become truthful. Such a childrearing context would be a hands on learning environment of skill building through doing, inquiry and experimentation. Children would be taught to think, not what to think. They would be taught to enjoy mistakes as valuable information rather than worrying about being wrong. They would be encouraged to develop their soul connection to the Muse so they may have an inner guiding light as to their direction in life.

The children of the new world would be shown the true nature of karma, emotions, nature, purpose, value, relationship and existential perspective. They would learn about the interconnectedness of the sacred geometric structure of the universe and the mathematic correspondence between light, sound and form. They would be sanctioned to design, create and manifest their world around them according to the deepest motivations within. They would acquire a transanthropomorphic understanding of history, and an anthropogenic understanding of the origins of Man. As such they would be able to effortlessly hold the complexity of apparent opposites in their hearts, rather than wear it as a shield to protect themselves from chaos. They would be rooted firmly in the earth, while being married to the stars.

For advanced child rearing inspiration see: Thomas Hubl, John Gatto, Neil Kramer, Rudolf Steiner, Paolo Lugari, Buckminster Fuller, Osho, Krishnamurti, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Walter Russell. Damanhur, Green School Bali.

Utopian Dreams, Tobias Jones  —Book on some of the world’s ecovillages.

The Millennium Quest, A Damanhurian book.

The Prophetic Imagination, Walter Brueggeman

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 Solaris is built of crystaline energy generating solar/zeropoint tapping stone which is grounded into bed rock...thus it is a living city that has a bioenhancing field as well as all the power to run the mega-buildings. The city itself one could say has a soul that embraces the souls of its inhabitants.  Cities should be designed outright along the lines of the Kosmic organism so we need to use the screw design for megabuildings and the distribution of water. We also need to focus more on biomimicry of the human body in laying out cities.  Biomimicry or biomimetics is the examination of nature, its models, systems, processes, and elements. I have the beginnings of the tech for energy generation...which is both solar, zero-point (and wind-tunnel in the desert)...the entire skin of the mega-buildings IS the energy generation device.


In 1998 I had a vision of a futuristic city that was so beyond anything that I could have conceived with my rational mind, that I saw it as a meta-key that unlocked our future civilization, the potential inherent in the design of the solar system and even hinted at the answer to the Grand Unified Theory. The Solaris city is made of a manmade-crystalline stone that incorporates transition group elements (eg: iridium, rhodium, palladium) into its layered lattice. Sonar technology in a sound chamber is used to help generate the lattice of the crystalline stone in such a fashion that it becomes a superconductor and collector of light energy, which is then stored in liquid crystal batteries. And if John Hutchinson’s crystal batteries are a taste of what is to come, then Solaris also generates energy from Zeropoint. Thus Solaris is completely non-polluting with plentiful energy produced for travel between cities also. Solaris is a vision of a sustainable, non-polluting, cashless and spiritually advanced and evolving society. In this civilization each individual lives out their soul’s life within the Collective Muse, which is transrationally - that is nonlocally, spiritually or cosmically integrated.

The Vision

The Solaris Vision is only a metaphoric key to the future civilization. It is important to realize that I do not mean to imply that the actual shape of the buildings look like the arches in the vision. The transcendental mind packages information into simple archetypal forms that are of a universal sacred geometry, which are then “unpacked” for the full implications in all aspects of human life. In the vision I saw a forest of mega buildings of unearthly grandeur, resonance and beauty. The shape and luminescence of the buildings revealed their function in Cosmic design, showed what they were made of and even intimated the level of psychological and spiritual development of the builders. Great arches, smooth and featureless, radiating brilliantly in the sunlight, with an inner spiritual light and resonance of their own. It was apparent that these buildings were made out of a man-made silicate stone and that the stone itself was collecting energy from sunlight and conveying the current via superconduction to storage in liquid crystal storage batteries or superconducting magnetic energy coils. Thus the buildings themselves generate enormous quantities of inexhaustible clean energy for all the energy needs of the city and beyond.

The nano silicate ceramic stone is semi-opaque so that diffuse light is transmitted through the walls during the day reducing artificial lighting needs. My Solaris vision showed arches of solar collecting ceramic stone, and these do not impinge on each other shadow-wise until just before sundown. So the crescent shape of these mega structures is the perfect form for maximum light absorption and energy generation. For the majority of the day there is very little shadow forming on adjacent buildings. Note that the shadows one sees in the paintings were created from the sun at a 6.30 pm summer aspect.  Also for the purpose of creating these paintings I spaced these building closer than they would be in the actual city. Durability—These buildings are designed to be practically immortal, therefore they must be situated beyond the anticipated boundary of the upcoming ice age. The durability, wind tolerance and earthquake proof capacities of this arch form make these buildings ideal for an ice age survival civilization, when winds will approach 250 mph.  —First real move in the direction of permanent prefab manmade energy generating stone…Ercolith is Concrete mixed with Styrofoam and set in wall panels for ease and economy of construction. Earthquake proof and fire resistant.

Permaculture Base

The green area between the mega-buildings is always permacultured, and the city is surrounded by intact ecosystem. No surrounding land need be the city is completely self-sustaining. We will see spectacular non-polluting solar cities and intensive permaculture existing simultaneously. Benign human habitation will be set directly in wilderness or thriving pristine natural ecosystems, for with total concept-planning, urban sprawl will be a thing of the past. Our architecture/landscape will be designed to maximize the bio-forcefield, and so provide ideal conditions for spiritual growth. Free from toxicity and with physical care and survival needs provided for by this deeply sustainable culture, humanity can then turn its focus inwards to develop the awesome capacities for Spirituality and High Art that await our attention.

The site on which the city is situated is intensively landscaped in edible permaculture surrounded by intact wild ecosystems. A lush Eden of fruit and nut bearing trees and plants provides year round fresh remineralized foods “free for the picking” to all citizens. Streams, waterfalls and fountains abound, creating an atmosphere rich in negative ions.  We will see spectacular non-polluting solar cities and intensive permaculture existing simultaneously. Benign human habitation will be set directly in wilderness or thriving pristine natural ecosystems, for with total concept-planning, urban sprawl will be a thing of the past. Our architecture/landscape will be designed to maximize the bio-forcefield, and so provide ideal conditions for spiritual growth. The smell of fragrant blossoms and rich humus pervades the city.

“The poorer the resource base…the smarter you have to be…a societies capacity to be smart is in turn influenced by a nation’s ecology…environmental issues interact with political and economic issues. It is extremely difficult to restore a damaged ecosystem even when all the parts are still available.” The Future in Plain Sight, Eugene Linden

In a sovereign population most adults are breatharian is mostly superfoods, fibers for industry are superfibers like hemp and bamboo...


Non polluting shuttle cars and underground Superconducting monorail trains convey people between the buildings so that the air is 100% without toxic emissions. I don’t like the idea of flying cars. By the time there are air cars the design structure of present cities will be obsolete. Raised freeway style roads for electrogravitic vehicles is just is both dangerous and unsightly. I like the idea of mega-buildings with conveyance tubes throughout. Then you don't even need cars, for in a total concept city there are veins of superconducting transportation in all directions, with the fastest ones underground perhaps. Zero pollution and no “noise.” Larger conveyance tubes between buildings are underground, so you don't actually SEE ANY TRANSPORTATION. A vehicle (blood cell) in a conveyance tube can speedily zoom along and when the people want to get off at a specific place the vehicle automatically pulls out of the stream and up to the exit portal. The people get out and the vehicle pod falls back into the stream to pick up the next person (...rather like lifts in our regular buildings.) NO vehicle in a mega-building is ever PARKED. Thus the transportation is all part of the mega building structure itself...individuals do not own their own vehicles. Between cities are superconducting trains and antigravity flying machines. The idea of the mega-building is that it is a village or a city in itself that is completely self-contained and non-polluting.


In the vision all the buildings except one, were huge arches, there being only one steeple-type skyscraper with an elongated pyramid on top. If there were two transmitting towers they would create an interference pattern and the noospheric amplifying effect would be scrambled. You see this culture is so far in the future that the inhabitants live in a benevolent Universe, the tower increases the telepathic communication of the people, and in this way the entire Globe keeps up to the speed of Spirit. The tower structure in Solaris is the telepathic literally increases the "state" of Onemind in the population, so they exist in Global Gnosis as their daily consciousness. The superconducting current of the stone creates a harmonic field (perhaps 10 Hz) which is the resonance of the highest spiritual state (Christ Spirit). This alpha frequency, similar to the earth’s own Schumann harmonic frequency, would contribute to the psychic health and evolution of the inhabitants. In this way the entire energetic environment is geared toward ascendancy, and we don’t have to waste our time and energy in delinquency, disease and dysfunction. There is nothing to hide, protect, no competition, no warlike states left in the population, and so Spirit is known, heard and conveyed through perfect love...and amplified both through the resonance of the cities themselves and the laser effect of the consciousness-transmission towers. It makes our technology and verbal communication systems look like kindergarten play. Telepathic transmission is also possible between earth and the space structures as well.

Spiritual Advancement

This culture is trans-commercial, money is obsolete as are all other forms of posturing and power, which waste so much of our existence and create so much of our suffering. Free from toxicity and with physical care and survival needs provided for by this deeply sustainable culture, humanity can then turn its focus inwards to develop the awesome capacities for Spirituality and High Art that await our attention. A spiritually advanced technology would consist of buildings, machines, modes of energy production and transportation that do not impact negatively on the natural environment. Thereby creating a civilization that supports the progressive health and evolution of consciousness through a greater understanding of the subtle physics of life and the cosmos. Thus we will learn to live in harmony with an increasingly complex perception, planet and universe. Through appreciation for the ever evolving needs of the whole-human and Gaia we can start to build humane conditions that feed the full spectrum of our being. This careful preservation and enhancement of Gaian-Human bio-spiritual capacity is essential, for mere rational, intellectual level technologies are not accountable to Global Empathy and Universal Morality. Only technologies founded from Soul are benign or advantageous to all of Nature and thus are trans-anthromorphically ethical.

Coherence of Sympathetic Resonance

The extra coherence provided from being in this living-city will help fortify the inhabitance so that they both rise in consciousness/spirituality to sage levels, and their bodies are exposed to heightened coherence as well so that cancer, and most other diseases will no longer occur. As it stands now our technologies are degrading our physical and mental health faster than we can find fixit solutions to solve the problems. This is so because our technology-science-medicine is and our general living conditions are still anti-life at this point. Once we understand the quantum nature of our biology, we will essentially have to change everything about how we operate and we will move into a very new technological era.

Monatomic Technology

I think the key to the quantum jump needed to build Solaris is monatomic physics and m-state exotic matter. The combination of the monoatomic physics of exotic matter with solar energy is an inevitable step in the ephemerialization of subtle technology…gaining maximum energy from minimum use of resources with zero waste and pollution. If you put the monatomic platinum group elements in a ceramic base you can create what could be called a living stone, a living building, a living city. The cities will go on generating electricity even if every one on earth dies of a plague.

The superconducting scientists need to marry the monoatomic physicists and the solar scientists. Then we need enough iridium/rhodium in the mono state to play with and combine it with silicon and calcium? etc... The mixture is heated and combined then poured into molds. It is then set in a resonant sonic chamber and the frequencies are tuned to the needs of the solidification rates of the specific elements so that the stone sets into an elaborate lattice with polar oriented monoatomic elements at certain points within the lattice structure. During the manufacturing of the ceramic stone it is set in a resonant chamber, so that the crystals develop into a semi or superconducting lattice. Since our superconducting technology is only at the stage of achieving superconduction at temperatures of –123°C or at extreme pressures, we are in need of a quantum jump in our understanding in order to even begin to see how such a city could be actualized.

It is spin coherence is the key to instantaneous communication and levitation. It is the monoatomic atoms that collect solar and/or zeropoint energy and superconduct energy to the battery coils, crystal batteries or liquid batteries. (NB: Superconducting is not a flow of electrons but a sympathetic resonant effect; if not superconducting the stone could certainly be an electrically semiconducting ceramic). 

Asteriod Belt

The Solar System…An a priori Clockwork Mechanism

We will probably have to wait until the asteroid belt can be mined economically before this free energy civilization can come about. The cities collect enough energy for all transport needs (cars, planes, trains) so the civilization is totally non polluting. This technology can also be used in creating huge space stations or orbital manmade planets, or moon bases. The asteroid belt is between Mars and Jupiter. Galactic influence on the solar system disturbs the asteroid belt roughly every 30 million years. The cycle of mass extinctions starting with the last one of 65 million years ago is 79:69:35:112:78:67:125 million years between each catastrophe. Not all mass extinctions are associated with an iridium layer so there must be some other forces at work. But the last major event occured 65 million years ago when the asteroid that hit the Yucatan wiped out the dinosaurs. The black geological layer all over the earth resulting from this collision contains something like 10,000 times more iridium than the earth’s mantel. From this we can assume that during the formation of the solar system the iridium atoms settled out in the asteroid belt area. Beyond this line are the huge lighter gaseous planets with their solid moons. Perhaps the asteroid belt never was a planet because of the huge tidal forces of Jupiter prevented the normal accretion of planetoids. The dual influence of the sun and Jupiter literally kept the pieces from aggregating.

Curiously it is like the entire solar system is an apriori clockwork mechanism of the evolution of the elements and consciousness. The almost total annihilation of organic life on earth seems to be necessary during this evolutionary process toward ever greater “awareness.” It is unlikely that humans would be around if the asteroid had not impacted the earth. I put forward the theory that the influx of huge quantities of iridium into the biosphere 65 million years ago kick started evolution into a new quantum level of consciousness. Life used the iridium to evolve the warm blooded mammalian species, once the competition from the dinosaurs was eliminated. Life needed an influx of iridium to get to the next stage in evolution...the self-reflexive consciousness of humans. The iridium was the catalyst for the next quanta in evolution of mind by increasing the superconductivity of cells.

That iridium occurs in an asteroid belt rather than a planet is perfect for mining, as there is no contending with G forces while returning with a load. Technology and consciousness both would receive a quantum jump through entering the Iridium Age. In fact it may be that the only way we can save humanity from another asteroid hit would be if as a global community we could mine the iridium in the asteroid belt and use it to evolve enough to deal with such a huge cosmic event. Iridium because of it’s incorruptible, and catalytic properties would be invaluable to an advanced, regenerative, non-exploitive and pollution free culture. I imagine that it could be the essential ingredient in the superconducting stone of Solaris.

The Technologies of Soul are a Survival Imperative

Greater moral-value integrity and greater depth is not a luxury it is a survival imperative for humanity and a healthy world. Increased awareness of the consequences of our actions and the quickening impact of the coming  ice age will bring on a huge expansion in our subtle-mystical understanding of nature. This will be reflected in a deepening of the Human Kosmos and a profound liberation of the soul of the individual. Perhaps a thousand years from now, if we become tuned into the subtle nature of ourselves and if our technology becomes aligned with the subtleties of nature, people may live in solar cities.

A spiritually advanced technology would consist of buildings, machines, modes of energy production and transportation that do not impact negatively on the natural environment. Thereby creating a civilization that supports the progressive health and evolution of consciousness through a greater understanding of the subtle physics of life and the cosmos. Thus we will learn to live in harmony with an increasingly complex perception, planet and universe. Through appreciation for the ever evolving needs of the whole-human and Gaia we can start to build humane conditions that are benign or advantageous to all of Nature and thus are trans-anthromorphically ethical.

The degree to which we learn to avoid compromising “lifeforce” or the biosphere, will determine the success of the human race. Our survival, success and fate is now in our hands. We will determine the course of our own evolution or devolution depending on our value for life. On realizing that it is ourselves who pose the greatest threat to our wellbeing, we recover our humility to rebuild the world anew. Where heart knits together the fabric of our Kosmos we come home to ourselves. If not for our own sake, then surely for the children of the future. We are alive after all...why not LIVE!

Friday, December 14, 2012


Agenesis literally means a (not)-genesis (developed). The Borg IS the power-brain damaged such it is subhuman whether ye be top dog or bottom dog the power-stress generates limited access to the higher genius and spiritual qualities of the whole HUman.

The corpus callosum is a central bundle of nerve fibers connecting the left and right hemispheres of the brain, thought to be involved in motor, sensory, visual, problem solving and creativity. During adolescence, these nerve fibers thicken and process information with greater efficiently. In a typical brain, corpus callosum functioning becomes much more efficient around ages 10-12, as the callosum mylenates leading to the burdening development of social understanding, social communication, comprehension of non-literal (poetic, symbolic) language, problem solving, executive skills (for example organization, foresight, planning, flexibility in response to novelty and change), novelty seeking, risk-taking, emotion recognition in others, empathy, self-awareness and personal insight.

If the soul of a creature has any one essential loci in the body, it would be the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC). That is the frontal part of the cingulate cortex, which resembles a "collar" around the corpus callosum. The ACC has a key role in monitoring the self and directing attention to perceive the salience of experience and perception, thus it acts to contextualize our experience. The anterior cingulate is involved in the regulation of autonomic activity according to the current context of behavior. It is the most powerful of the cortical suppressor areas and it is also a potent autonomic effector region involved in the subjective experience of emotions. A way to think about the role of the ACC in conflict and error monitoring is that these cognitive processes produce autonomic reactions that signal the requirement for adaptive control of behaviour. Axons emanate more numerously from the right hemispheric ACC, as the limbic system is structurally more expanded in the right hemisphere than in the left. The anterior cingulate cortex is activated in obsessive–compulsive disorder, a condition characterized by excessive focus on real or imaginary problems (ie: worry).

Paranoia and schizophrenia exhibit a reduction in error sensitivity in the right anterior cingulate cortex, along with increased glucose burning associated with free radical damage. Oxidative stress damage in the brain may contribute in part to the pathological process in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, partly due to acidic pH from catabolic-metabolism and a diet low in alkalinizing raw fruit and vegetables. When we are in conditions in which we cannot grow as nature permits then the stress load imposed by “limitations” (be they social, economic, political, religious or imaginary) causes a metabolic backlash at the energy generating level of the mitochondria in which an inefficient production of ATP produces excessive free radicals that lead to defective or abnormal development. Such malformation or dysgenesis lies at the heart of the learned helplessness of all individuals and populations that are under the duress of pathological power, or terrorized by imaginary demons. Rendering…” distortion/feedback in the ACC and continuous replay of unresolved wounding (i.e. perpetual victim outlook) through limbic system is what runs the train off the tracks.” David Weiss

I came across the ACC in Nov'2008 when suffering power abuse from a boss I had a sleepless night and heard an article on rejection and the ACC on the BBC. This was the key information that kicked off the writing of the Awakening Sovereignty series. I learnt about how rejection lights up the anterior cingulate cortex, which is the tissue around the corpus callosum and inhibits dopamine in this area; blocking dopamine receptors through the antagonism of the receptors. This denervation or anti-dopamine reaction chemically lobotomizes the hemispheres to prevent emotional distress from the right-hemisphere and the emotional-stomach-brain from interfering with the functioning of the adaptive, analytical left-hemisphere that is needed to make logical, calculated decisions in times of crisis.

You may observe that there is an automatic split-second anaesthetizing schism of consciousness that occurs in situations of social distress and during shock in general. The principle leap I made in working out the biomechanics of the hierarchal status stratified culture, is that it is rejection or "self-hatred" that is the underlying destabilizing, neurologically castrating phenomena on which the degenerative processes of pre-sovereign civilization are built. Self censure, shame, guilt, self-hatred, self-disgust, depression, insecurity, isolation, self-ridicule and self-criticism become the chains holding back the individual through the socially conditioned pre-judiced against one’s self.  Self-hate, self-rejection, self-unforgiveness are methods of self-lobotomy we use to hide from the responsibility of showing up as our sovereign, cosmic or Real Self.

Heal this faster than light automatic reaction of self-hate or other-hate and the mechanisms of manipulation, control, bullying, terrorism and seduction that constitute the psychological "glue" of pyramid society are exposed and undone. Leaving the individual "free" to determine their own fate beyond mere reactivity to unconscious stratification regimes of class, status, and power established within the collective human psyche over millions of years.

As the cognitive and affective judicial center the anterior cingulate cortex registers both empathy and rejection. We can interpret rejection and exclusion as a form of negative empathy or antipathy. This is the key to understanding the level of health of the biochemistry of selfhood or sovereignty and human community. That the Anterior cingulate cortex lights up during the emotion of rejection is the key to the loss of “Selfhood” for it seems that low dopamine utilization in the bridge between the two hemispheres due to repeated episodes of self or other rejection is undoubtedly associated with the pain, numbing, depression, torpor, stagnation and loss of self-confidence.

We all have probably experienced a loss of cognitive acuity when we experience “self-error” by feeling rejected by others or ourselves. Through the shocking jolt that occurs during the self-anaesthetizing experience of others rejecting us or chronic self-rejection, we are neurochemically lobotomizing ourselves. Through such neuro-dygenesis, in a very real sense, we are cognitively retreating from our existence and openness to our environment. This break in inter-hemispheric communication occurs in an effort to reduce the pain carrying electrical charge from the emotional right brain/limbic system from entering our left-brain ego-adaptive brain. In undergoing this shock-numbing repeatedly we essentially brain damage ourselves into a domiciliate trance—a dissociated removal from the intensity of reality and thus inadvertently prevent our Whole integrated and creative self from emerging and developing. Consequently abdicating from our spiritual life. The unfortunate victims of prefrontal lobotomies lost not only their anxieties, but also their sense of self.

It is this brain damage whether through self-inflicted lobotomizing shock or exposure to injustice by tyrannical others that perpetuates the dominance and submission chemistry of the negative pyramid-power that has largely formulated the structure and destiny of human civilization to date. The biochemical lobotomy of reduced dopamine utilization around the corpus callosum will probably be revealed by science to occur during most if not all “shock” events…be it physical, mental or emotional shock…and whether the stressor be chronic or acute. This shock-block may be the principle means by which we remain divided and less than a whole HUman though our exposure to ongoing stress, inequality and injustice. We see here one of the mechanisms by which we “pull back” from the sharp edge of the proprioception of life and diminish our self integration in the process. Since our primate origins the toxic power of the master/slave social structures, social institutions and social practices self-perpetuates the schism of hemispheric lobotomy. Thus to overcome the dominant/submission social model requires that we address this self-shocking mechanism. 

Equality, sovereignty and indeed evoluton necessitates practices, processes and philosophy to fortify the Whole person.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Now as corporate culture replaces nature, horrible things are happening to our own flesh and blood.

"We live in a society in which spurious realities are manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations, by religious groups, political groups. I ask, in my writing, What is real? Because unceasingly we are bombarded with pseudorealities manufactured by very sophisticated people using very sophisticated electronic mechanisms. I do not distrust their motives. I distrust their power. It is an astonishing power: that of creating whole universes, universes of the mind. I ought to know. I do the same thing." Philip K. Dick, 1978

The acceleration of time and the penetration of time into Timelessness or Eternity are symptoms of the quickening of spin related to kundalini awakening. Also associated with kundalini or consciousness awakening is the projection of our own state, feelings, psychic content and inner experience onto others, the world, the Universe, God, metaphysical creatures and "spirits." That is, in the beginning before we have claimed fully our own lens of perception we still get the sense that we are dictated to, informed and influenced by OUTSIDE SOURCES. It can take a full-on mega kundalini awakening totaling about 10 years, plus the intensive work of sovereign self-observation to "call our felt-sense projections home" in order to become the fully integrated, self-authoring and causal creature that we actually are.

The New Age movement, and the classical traditional religions associated with the war machine are particularly dangerous mental frameworks that keep us locked within this circular autogenus feedback loop in which we project the problem and the salvation “out there,” and so we never break free of externalizing our felt-response, and claiming our Source as an internally generated phenomena. Until we make ourselves conscious of our own mechanism, machinery and capacity for the generation of sensation, feeling, mood, cognition and psychic and subtle content, we can never discover the causal center of our Self by which we can know ourself as sovereign, whole and divine. Unteathered and irresponsible response to inner and outer phenomena leads to desire, hope, fear, paranoia, jealousy, territoriality, exclusion, avarice, and unmitigated crime on such a scale that nations war against nations…without even realizing what they are doing, or the eternal consequences to life on earth and the soul of humanity.

We ourselves are the Guru and the Demagogue! Once we real-eyes this we can claim the quickening as the healing scalar, nonlocal, omniscient, omnipotent force from within. Then we are freed forever from symbols, imagery, emotions, words and actions of so called rabble-rousering leaders who deliberately inflame the emotions, prejudices, and ignorance with false claims and promises in order to gain unrestrained power via the despotic abuse of authority. By granting itself new sweeping powers and deliberately inflaming opposite sides into a petty clash of faiths, the ruling corpro-military complex has set the world on the path to further human rights violations to to fulfill their own personal dreams and agendas. If we place authorship and authority outside of our Self…we lose ourselves forever like an autumn leaf blowing in the unnatural, fetid winds of history.

We have seen the enemy and the enemy is us. We are the Borg! It takes many years to get there because the sociobiological self-hatred is so endemic, so very interior and pervasive, but once we realize our causal core we find eternal redemption and lose our fear forever. It is then we become sovereign and live in a beneficent universe. It is only then that we can return to the Garden of Eden. The ouroboros must circumnavigate 360° to its origins point before self-reflexive awareness can come home to roost. Circumvolution, where the outer is the inner and the inner is the outer, as in Hegelian philosophy, cuts the mind-numbing spell of cause and effect, and returns the helm of reality back to us, via the nondual möbius of fully circumspectrum self-reflexivity.

When the ouroboros bites its own tail, the serpent gains its swan wings (dual brain hemispheres) can fly according to divine will. This is pure electrodynamics of the EMF egg of the body's merkaba...both the top and bottom of the spine must be in perfect consort for the full spectrum of conscious communication to be generated. Thus we see the importance of a raw diet, and perfect devotional relationship with the energies of Gaia and Cosmos for the type of superluminal communion needed to become fully our Selves. In this sense, we can clearly observe in every cell of our body, what a false prophet our current civilization has been for us since the antideluvian age. And on feeling into the lie, we can more quickly move beyond it to create a community of dreams in which all can be who they truly are.

The Psychoneurotic Dearmoring Products are to help get humanity over the Borg hump to the mystic civilization...that is transitioning over the suppression of our humanity to the expression of it.

To be God Blessed is to be one with the All...having the will, the wings and the goodness of the cosmic lifeforce...cosmogenesis.

Friday, September 28, 2012


Losing yourself is a slow process that occurs one unspoken word or false action at a time.  To maintain sovereignty therefore we must voice our truth in a world lost of reason, to be a voice of reason in a world that has lost its mind.

Hyperdefensive or offensive violence is unnecessary if you use your heart and your brain. Belief in oneelf is courage born of the suspension of disbelief. Believing in our Self is the suspension of the violence against ourselves that keeps us from deeply using our heart and brain. How did we learn such self-abuse? We learnt it from the social environment around us composed of people that have not yet come to love themselves.

One of the necessary stages of healing from trauma (initiation) is to be able to speak one’s truth to a higher authority. We start out as children able to go to our parents and “tell on” our siblings for bad behavior. Children who learn that bad behavior is not tolerated and that good behavior is rewarded are learning skills that will last them a lifetime. But our ability to “tell on” others for abuse or neglect becomes harder as we leave childhood behind. It is harder if not impossible to “tell on” our parents for abuse or neglect due to a deep sense of performative contradiction. Harder still when our livelihood is supplied to us from our abuser, such as a boss or a corporation. If you tattletale on your nation state for their abuses against you and others you are likely to be called unpatriotic and a trouble maker. Whistle blowers in this corrupt capitalist world are well on their way to becoming an institute and governing body in themselves, for there are so many of them.

Normal or "good" behavior is usually determined by whether it's socially, culturally and developmentally appropriate. However a presovereign society is a “sick society,” where the self-hatred and low self-esteem drives the very wheels of commerce and relationship. In the juvenile delinquent milieu of Borg culture “normal” behavior has defaulted and degraded to being “bad.” In a civlization composed of broken individuals, the totality of the environment has been constructed to drive a wedge between nature and man. Where culture itself has become the cause of the Great Schism between body, mind, soul this drives a stake in the heart of the HUman world. And without heart, everything falls apart.

Thus we stand on the edge of the known world, having to forge a new way of being human that does not sanction or encourage “bad” behavior in all its various forms, in order to knit back together the HUman cosmos. As we take our stand against the collapse of civilization, there is no higher authority we can run to to tell our tale of woe. We stand alone under the stars, weighing the scales of justice in our heart, trying to hold our own against the corrosive force of madness all round. For this we need Belief in ourself, that is courage born of the suspension of the violence against ourselves. If we stop self-abuse and come to love ourself, this spreads via ripple effect to all those we meet. Then, as we come together as self-loving sovereign beings and tell the truth of our experience we will have the courage to face reality and to relearn as a collective that bad behavior will not tolerated and that good behavior will rewarded…no matter where in the hierarchy of power and privilege one resides.

“Neither seek nor expect the sanction of those lacking the insight to comprehend your voyage home.” M. J. Holshouser

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Coincidentia Oppositorum


The Marriage of Light and Dark

The sovereign is the "causal origin point" to the precipitation and perception of their life and experience. Thus if we are engaging in what appears to be outside negativity or something or someone is triggering us, then the first step to realizing our causal nature is to ask what lessons are we investing our time in this experience for. As children we have less perspective, skills and capacity to deal with negative circumstances, but as we develop we evolve to the point of total responsibility for the optimization of our experience. If we cannot course correct and shift a situation towards that which is at least palatable to us (and others) then exiting the scenario is preferable than being poisoned by intractable conditions. That is, we stay with stressors only for as long as they challenge us to grow through inquiry, insight and strategy. Challenges give us an opportunity to grow stronger and as our strength grows, we can take on bigger challenges. Thus the darkside, shadow, negativity, difficulty and triggers must evolve over the course of our lives, or else it is obvious that we are in stasis and are just coasting through life without any peripheral or focal vision of where or who we are.

How we CAUSE our self-world can be readily observed in how we do NOT CAUSE our us the illusion of the world living us, instead of us living the world. We fail to get past stuffy recycling, composting, and rebounding effects until we actually put the loaded paint brush to the canvas and paint. That is our life is not doing us, we are doing our life, even if we have chosen or abdicated to not be an active participant. CHOOSING to be an active participant is the first baby step beyond being a victim of circumstance and asleep at wheel. Individuation is simply becoming who you ARE rather than a commodified resource unit for yourself and others to exploit. Thrival is not achieved through becoming a cog in a machine. True abundance is achieved by the development and expression of our genius and taking up our soul profession. Our real growth and influence is measured by our treatment of our Self. Our only real growth comes from Self-will-power.

The creative process involves questioning, insight, thought, prioritization, action, execution, and creating with intention and purpose. If we have not taken up the conscious cause of our own existence and realized that we are the CAUSE our self-world then we are still living in the hindbrain in conscious or unconscious fear. And in fear we are always a slave to happenstance rather than the master of our own destiny. If your spaceship is vulnerable to the forces of chaos, inertia, decay, delirium, delinquency and attack—then you need to up your shields, boot your core, clean your windows, raise your sails, find your coordinates and commit to your course.

Competition, whether one is top dog or bottom dog is still slave psychosis for it is a fight/flight with other for one's survival. The hindbrain has limited choices associated with animal programming hence it is reactive not creative. It lacks the frontal cortex’s ability to control behavior, plan, reason, conduct higher-level thinking and connect what we know about the world to how we behave. The ability to transcend or disembed from the hindbrain is achieved through the equanimity of gratitude. Thus appreciation, apprehension (understanding), and the capacity to be cellularly grateful for the play of light and dark allows us to develop the neurological aptitude for Fair Witnessing.

If we fall into reactive attraction and aversion we are slave to the phenomenal world and our knee-jerk responses to others. However as we build up the Presence in the Uraeus we develop the dexterity to deal with dualities and paradoxes, ambiguities, manage polarities and hold multiple perspectives without breaking down under the strain of disindentification. By focusing the mind’s eye at the Uraeus (2-3 inches in front of the hairline on the forehead) in meditation we amplify the ability to progressively process more abstract knowledge.

The frontal cortex is organized in a front-to-back systems hierarchy, with abstract decisions about action taking place in the front of the frontal lobe, while the back portion controls the capacity for concrete decisions. Damage or latency to the front area of the frontal lobe affects the proficiency for more abstract decisions of higher (decision-making) but left intact the competency for more concrete decisions and lower functions. Thus the kind of creative decision making that is aligned with higher purpose and one’s authentic nature is transcendent of the lower automatic push-pull nature of the enslaved mind, the Hindbrain or the Borg.

If the higher mind is not utilized, exercised and experienced then we automatically default to the more concrete old-brain consciousness and mechanisms, leaving vast dimensions of ourselves untapped. The noble, royal, sovereign being of self-dominion is FREEDOM…the physical embodiment of freedom, and with that comes all the positive qualities of our higher humanity, such as empathy, care, compassion, intuition, genius, vision, foresight, psi, enthusiasum, courage, flexibility, expansiveness, faith, good-will, optimism, responsibility, self-reliance, independence etc…

Freedom is required for initiation and growth into the anterior part of the frontal cortex thus our social and cultural environment necessitates a certain amount of human liberation in order to utilize the hardware and software for our deepest spiritual HUman capacities. Since we cannot rely on the outside world to provide us with the ideal conditions for our own evolution, we must actively engage in the practices, circumstances and experiences that open the gates to our higher multidimensional being. The world IS ever new, but the more we hang back in the old concrete formal operations areas of our brain, the more stuffy, tired and familiar our decision making and experience is. Thus boredom and “island fever,” if nothing else, forces us to grow.

Then when faced with an unfamiliar problem, or a situation seen through the fresh eyes of higher consciousness, activity in an anterior part of the frontal cortex leads to the discovery of abstract relationships between context and action that involve multiple levels of abstraction simultaneously. This multidimensional capability could underlie the ability to adapt behaviors based on the generalization of separate, past learning.

Whatever “spot” one finds oneself in, it is always the right spot according to one’s efforts, or one would be in a different spot. Our state, environment and conditions reflect our currently accepted limitations vs. excellence. We have arrived at this “spot” due to a series of effects and reactions, and we could map out this trail of happenstance with emotive state words like a mind map. Then it is easier for us to observe a metanarrative. Metanarrative means a "big story," sometimes referred-to as a "high level theory," or a narrative about narratives. The comprehension to “see” where we are in our life journey is a skill of sublime objectivity achieved only by the anterior frontal lobe and its talent for multidimensional abstraction. If we don’t turn on our fog lights, so to speak, we won’t be able to see where we are going, and so we might decide to sit under a tree like Rumpelstiltskin in quiet complacency, until life itself prompts or prods us onward. But by actively cultivating the neuro-development of the Uraeus we regain our enthusiasum for novelty and so seek out growth experiences.

The slave has conditioned themselves through learned helplessness to be afraid of or numb to freedom. The uninitiated flatlander has boxed themselves into a static spot with restrictions of perspective, ideology, excuses and all the great "isms."  Thus the narrative of the slave goes around and around in small circles, since the grand quest of the great unknown is left unknown. The meta-narrative of HUmanization is that enlightenment is an inside job of emancipation, egalitarianism and progressive liberation from the gravity of our lower world of competition for power and economic dominance.

The emergent principle of legitimation in society is the time to pay attention to new information. But it is not “time” persay that is the crucial factor, but time spent focusing on the clear identification of what in this ocean of information is worthy of our attention. Knowledge and decision-making is for the most part no longer based on abstract principles, but on how effective it is at achieving desired outcomes. Without the ability to hune our world to our deepest desires and passions we are forced to submit to pathological power programs of the existing status quo, which slow our neurological development to the self-initiated creative Self. Thus temporal focus must be brought to bare on the causal and transcendent fork in the road, rather than retracing over old worn out paths that lead nowhere.

The strength of sovereign community rests to a large extent in the continued striving of individuals to arrive at new views, without the need for uniformity and the totalization of opinion associated with herdmind. Sovereign legitimation must emphasize diversity and the fertile search for new answers to old questions through intellectual inventiveness thereby increasing the performativity of the overall community system. The grail of legitimization or authenticity is actively achieved through imaginatively seeking out instabilities, problems and anomalies in current ideologies to create a new playing field for the unknown. The high art of sovereignty is the metanarrative...that is the resourcefulness to edit one's narrative to arrive at a "better" spot than the previous ones through whole-Self awareness.

The freedom to be whole is achieved through gratitude, which allows the cellular forgiveness necessary to form new and novel building blocks, data bases, pathways, networks and programs designed to develop new technologies for HUman experience.

When lying in bed, on the grass or in seated posture…feel your head to be a martini glass. When you do this your ears will pick up and you will become very cognizant of your temporal lobes. Now from the base of your pelvis pull your energy up through the body and out the crown chakra in a fountain. Keep the martini glass and fountain sensation going while slow belly breathing and feeling unconditional freedom in every cell and fiber of your being. Sovereignty is freedom. The freedom to BE. Sovereignty is the temple of Being in the Heart. Sovereignty is synonymous with coming alive!

A HUman is a nonBorg human. That is one that has ignited and is utilizing their anterior frontal lobes and has access to the full spectrum of the light hues available to the Homo sapiens species at this present time. Thereby accessing spiritual traits and capacities that enable a vastly higher achievement and personal growth beyond mere socialized expectations and values. To get to that degree of purity, harmony and excellence requires that we overcome the negative traits that arise from the poverty of spiritual development. Spirituality encompasses the ecological, physical, vital, mental, emotional and social accomplishments and conditions. One aid to assisting the development of the HUman is to tone HUUUUUU. This resonates in the sinuses, clears out the brain steam, rebounds in the crystal chamber, cleans the brain and enlivens the frontal lobes. Hear it