Sunday, April 12, 2015



The Sovereignty Law and Reparations Justice Approach to Workplace Bullying, Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

Sovereign Law is restorative it is not punitive or disciplinary it is focused on disciplines or principals. When it comes to systemic intergenerational social disharmony and dis-ease a legal system based on punishment is worse than useless. Social jurisprudence acts on the front side of the problem by examining and healing the actual power-abuse phenomena itself, rather than regular law that deals with crimes after they have been committed. Because legal law is actually harmful in reinstating social justice we must build a parallel system for social jurisprudence that aims at educating, counseling and reparations to victims. Besides an actual institute that victims can go to for help with a social problem, this new social organization also aims to rehabilitate perpetrators to grow beyond their pathological behaviors. Both perpetrators and victims (sadists and masochists) enter into a counseling and retraining program to modify their pattern of engagement. Followed up with more advanced training periods until their relationship has been resolved and become harmonious, if not grace filled.

If victims endure abuse for an extended period and enable the violent, addicted and harmful behavior of a perpetrator, then when children are involved, the victim is also liable under regular law for bringing harm to the children through their part in an abusive relationship. Hence “Victim No More” is the slogan for a new type of social engineering that aims to fundamentally change the Hindbrain patterns of relating to the Prefontal lobe patterns of relating. Sovereign Law and Reparations Justice must begin in kindergarten with the training of children in positive social behavior via stories, movies, modeling and an eye’s wide open approach to curbing sociopathology as it arises in the home and the classroom. If we are proactive in adopting what really works we can preserve the cognitive-emotional growing space for children and adults alike. Let us cure social illness and social crime BEFORE it starts…and avoid trillions of dollars in health and psychiatric fees, and start focusing of excellence, liberation and human enlightenment.

Even with respect to creativity, productivity, Gross Domestic Product and the Social Progress Index this type of agentic social reform makes infinite more sense than the predacious law, damaging penal system, and limited social welfare and psychological industries we have now. Codependency and predator/prey roles retard the spiritual evolution of the individual and the culture as a whole, and directly opposes the establishment of enlightened society. As long as the Hindbrain sadomasochistic society exists and people think they can get away with preying on each other and avoiding their own self-development, the species will never mature to its full potential. Spiritual maturity is an organic, life-long process of sanctification and apotheosis, or becoming a living god. If we are so fearful that we resort to codependency in order to survive then we actually prevent the spiritual awakening that will liberate our creativity and propel us out of survival mode.

Stopping Hindbrain familial abuse is the principle method of reinstating Homo sapiens as a viable productive member of the earth’s biosphere. Sovereignty law and reparations justice are the main disciplinary processes by which we may rapidly move to the creative-visionary civilization within one or two generations. In order to halt the murder/suicide of planet earth we must openly face and transcend the dark legacy of the abuse of sovereignty within families and organizations. Law, order and justice around the care and protection of children should be the highest law of the land. Sovereignty law for the conduct of man and wife for the protection of children is the most important area of social reform and humanitarian legislation. Stress isn't a threat, it's a signal to change. If what we are doing isn’t working and is in effect creating incalculable suffering and holding back human progress, then we must do whatever possible to change. 

Parents are naturally liable for and entrusted with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of their children. Parents that abuse their position of trust and endanger their children are criminals under sovereignty law. If a perpetrator parent commits crimes against their children, then the enabler parent is also liable and responsible for the crimes. If the child discloses those crimes, then the enabler must respond compassionately, lovingly and with contrition...admitting their shared responsibility for the social crime. That is, the perpetrator/enabler marriage in hell must be broken as a force of social intergenerational carnage.
Just because you are a victim it doesn't absolve you of the responsibility of protecting others from the violence of false power. In fact being a victim behooves you to act to preserve the sovereign right of others to live free of exposure to evil, torment and mental-moral illness. Being a victim is not an excuse to lie down and take it, victimhood is a call to arms to stand your sovereign ground against the oppressor, and to dismiss abusers from your life once and for all.

If enablers were also legally bound to answer for the crimes of their perpetrator spouse, then the fact will hit home that both parties are contracted with equal responsibility for building a peaceful, safe, sane, happy and healing home for the raising and nurturing of children. Both spouses are morally bound and required to be HUman in their treatment of and relations with their children. In sovereignty philosophy and psychology...willingly subjecting oneself to incapacitating abuse is delinquent and a dereliction of duty to life. Thus being a victim of abuse is no excuse for the gross miscarriage of justice in letting "harm," in whatever form, come to one's children or oneself.

It is a consequence of the systemic-cultural sadomasochistic brain damage that we do not clearly see that both oppressor and oppressed are equally responsible and accountable to the health of a relationship. Under sovereignty law a victim or submissive cannot claim abdication from responsibility for the degree of fitness or sickness of the relationship. If the children of abusive marriages can engage a legal process of seeking emotional reparations for the suffering they endured during their upbringing, we may start to see a dissolving of the unconscious, habitual conflict within perpetrator/victim marriage relationships. Victims will have to face the fact that they willingly put their children in harms way in order to spread the load of abuse. In the eyes of sovereignty law an adult victim who fails to protect a child IS a perpetrator or a traitor with respect to the safety and well-being of children caught within dysfunctional marriages. In sovereignty law and reparations justice we are not seeking to blame anyone for a crime, we are seeking to undermine the conditions in which the continuity of unconscious abuse is even possible.

That enablers passively permit family violence for years and put up with harm to themselves and their children is a social crime of the highest order, and must be stopped by whatever means possible to prevent ongoing arrested development and damaged lives generation, after generation. The social power abuse carnage must be stopped by whatever means possible...public announcements and media, movies and theatre, social discourse, education, education of infants in sovereignty, countrywide walking campaigns, counseling, therapy, training, legislation, website forums, books, videos and audio podcasts etc...

Of course I am not merely advocating victim bashing. What I am trying to say is that the solution to the ongoing tyranny of the Powerhoe is to make victimhood impossible by eliminating it as a default option. When we allow ourselves to be victimized we let down creation and betray the future, and turn our backs on all the children of the world. The solution to the carnage of false power is to teach the connection of sovereign presence to children, and how not to put up with all the many attacks on personal power. To teach them also to masterly defend the sovereign rights of others and to deal with false power in an extra-ordinary fashion. Our evolutionary salvation has to start somewhere...and that place is in our relationship to ourselves, to others and the world.

There is no honor, no refuge and no ground left to stand on for an abused spouse. In the establishment of a sacred childrearing home victimhood is not an option. Being a martyr is not holy it is a cop out! The betrayal of sovereignty, either passively or aggressively, is the great failing of the spiritually disenfranchised human. All our problems stem from this. We cannot be an evolutionary couple unless we are first sovereign as individuals. We join in love to celebrate and liberate our beloved and our children when we stand in our own true light and let nothing shade our being from the grace of eternal sunshine.

Achieving Sovereignty or cosmic consciousness requires us to abide by sovereign law, rather than man’s law, social convention or cultural programming. Sovereign law is non-punitive for it sees right through the pleasure/reward system of the Borg’s social behavioral modification system. Sovereign law, sovereign principles and sovereign psychology and philosophy arise from a deep, holistic understanding of how the Universe runs. The highest imperative under sovereign law is the expansion of consciousness, and so the entire judicial system is based on “learning.” Learning from our crimes, our mistakes and our successes. And by learning we grow forward, furthering the evolutionary journey of life in the universe, until the universe itself comes to the end of its life.

Power equivalency is the blatantly obvious first principle tenet of sovereignty law, thus if we fail to achieve power equivalency in our marriages, then our social structure is not based on the Universal template and so is doomed to failure. The power addict is “stuck” because they are rewarded with dopamine from abusive behavior thus are not amenable to rational, moral or compassionate arguments. Public image, social standing and lording over others is what drives the Powerhoe. The Powerhoe approach to existence is brain damaging and arrests consciousness thus is counter-evolutionary, unsustainable and entropic. Rather than needing to walk all over others in order to feel good, the Powerhoe needs to become more self-reliant, self-secure and to know his or her own mind and life path. Flagellating animal power biology in an effort to achieve self-love and self-importance and security is self-defeating and a surefire route to ongoing hell both for perpetrator and victim alike.

Power inequity and the consequent spiritual disenfranchisement and cosmic-disconnection is behind the planetary murder/suicide we as a species are currently engaged in. Deferred responsibility means that no one is watching where the ship is sailing to, thus the fate that befalls us is a result of the random accumulated carnage of the species insentience. A prefrontally lobotomized species is asleep at the wheel with the majority of its time, energy and resources spent on tending to the negative repercussions of its blindsight. The problem of false power must be attended to before we can begin to rise, therefore deconstructing the Powerhoe and eliminating the false refuge of victimhood are the most pressing concerns for clearing the way to a transcendental future for us all. Positive power-sharing is a energetically beneficial approach to existence that takes a quantum leap forward through synergistic emergence and energy amplification.

Sovereignty law and reparations justice is the cornerstone to enlightened society.