Thursday, October 22, 2009


• Sovereign Boundaries—No need to fight your way into my heart—you are already there. You need no help, advice, direction, information or anything from me. Nothing I could give you would be of any use to you whatsoever. You are your own person—fully entitled to your absolute freedom of being—as am I and all others. You are sovereign—the center of your own universe. Born to shine forth in all your glory. Nothing you do, think, have or be is of any relevance or of use to me. I have zero claims on your personhood. You are an end in yourself. You are in fact a singularity, such that no reasons, no justification, no explanation, no commentary, no excuses need be given to validate your actions, thoughts, words, feelings or deeds. Only in the depths of our singularity and our individuality can we unify.

• Codependent Institutions—Codependency IS the lack of sovereignty. In pyramid systems we give up our rights and self-respect to cater to a preexisting hierarchy of dominance. Silence, or the inhibition of the expression of truth maintains the status quo of these systems of exploitation. All pyramid systems maintain themselves through conscious and unconscious means of suppression and favorism. Thus most religious training is about the loss of individualism in the service of the head honcho or the power and position of the church (or State). Evolution is about the development of the sovereign individual, while the traditions of codependency are holding the species back in infantilism and preventing the expression of the extreme pain that the loss of soul-freedom causes.

• Exploitive Leadership—As soon as we became pack animals...hierarchy became a part of our social chemistry. In the past it may have had a place to play in selective breeding, the safety of the clan and social stability. But we have to question the validity of a hierarchical structure itself if it acts to suppress human evolution, when we now know that social evolution is the only thing that will save our species and the planet. If we are to have benign leadership it must be universal and Godly as it has never been before.

• Default Meta-Hierarchies—It appears that capitalism, socialism, communism and fascism are all default structures that disregard true human needs and the evolution of humanity. We have yet to create a polis-structure that ennobles and enables the human condition. Until the individual is encouraged to rise to their full sovereign power our civilizations will tend to degenerate the humanizing principle. Thus the structure of society we live in will tend to be adverse to our highest well-being...therefore we will have to fight our own tendencies to comply to self-diminishment and fight the existing sociosphere in order to BE all that we are.

• Hobbling Emotions, Beliefs, and Self-Images—Guilt and shame are an emotional indulgence that enables us to remain immature and avoid feeling worthy enough to have the experience we feel is reserved for better, more real people. Another spiritual block is the combination of self-pity and fear, which is just a manifestation of resistance to working deeper. These problems of narcissistic fear are overcome by rising above mediocrity and the unconscious false-safety of codependency, and going up the scale of evolution to differentiation, soul-muse contact, original thought, innovation, and subsequent creativity. The inner parent (pilot) must be trained to encourage, reassure, compliment, assist, acknowledge, attend, celebrate, harmonize, organize, accommodate, articulate, assimilate and integrate. For if we can’t love ourselves nobody will.

• Political Mesmerization—The uninitiated look for their center, worth and power through an outside source in the form of a glamorous idea, idol, icon, individual or institution. This externalization of control leads to disempowerment and a lack of integration and spiritual maturation of the brain, such that creativity and original thought is reduced...effecting a spiritual paralysis and unconsciousness through the hypnotism of the glamor of power. When we refuse to claim our own power we project it onto a parental protector figure in order to feel like a special, cared for child. However we each can become our own protective parent, whereupon true security and providence enrich our lives from the inside out, so we can actively set about creating a new vision…a new world...and a new end game.

• Infantile Needs and Expectations—Raging at others who fail to return our love or attend to our needs and wants, is wasted raw energy that can be turned into the service of self-development, self-satisfaction, self-origination, creativity and manifestation. In building a syntropic, regenerous world we may find we have to push ahead on our own, without expecting others to come along with us. On our achievement of new projects and new levels of being, we may then inspire others to join in the game…and yet we cannot push or even anticipate that they will do so. As we perfect our trip, we may find others along the journey that want to join us in our travel plans. Perhaps the glue that will tie future societies will not be need or want, so much as teleophilia or soul-creativity…the merger of like minds and souls.

• Indigestion of Social Stress—The faster we learn the lesson that each human interaction offers us, the faster we can "let the people go," and get on with our lives. Even when a relational transaction is toxic, such as when we are duped into unhealthy social exposure or circumstance, we can still apply a degree of uplifting art and science in negotiating the difficulty. The self-hating coping mechanisms are things like narcotic addictions to food and substances, depression, isolation, torpor and avoidance through bingeing on entertainment...and generally sabotaging ones life. The self-loving adaptation to social stress involves cathartic exercise, raising ones vital energy and consciousness, humor and lateral-creative solutions...thus turning the stress into revelation or art.

• Hypnotic Effect of the Dominator Meme—Within hierarchical systems...where the largest, loudest ego wins...our feelings, sensations, thoughts, emotions and actions are influenced by the tyrannical other...whether the dictator be a person, institution, thought system, religion or fashion. This is so until we have made the robot-like nature of our neurological wiring conscious through tapping into our deeper sentient nature beyond the Borg. As soon as we encounter deeper structures beyond the autonomic reactive conditioning of our culture, we are initiated into who we truly are, and the pure expression our desires and feelings beyond social constraints. Life beyond the cocoon is vivid, vibrant and amusing. Only "we" can set ourselves free! But we can do so together with the conscious intention of manifesting an unadulterated consciousness on Earth.

• The Great Disconnect—The jist of our current evolutionary dilemma is that we have been born and created as extensions of our parents egos. Thus we are programmed to serve as commodities and cogs in a machine that is consuming the earth. The call to awakening involves a lifepath of pulling ourselves out of the collective bog. But because of a history of socialized fear we are deficient in the prefrontal, affirmative, self-nurturing integrative wiring necessary for precognition, envisioning and planning. With a disconnect between cerebellum, limbic and prefrontal lobes we lack the inspiration and passion...or the inner motivation to engage in purposeful self-directed action. And furthermore, as far as getting our rocks off, nobody is offering a higher alternative than the power accumulation model. However harvesting the unconscious for the riches of consciousness that have been hidden from us is the greatest, most fruitful exploration of all time.

• The Moral Tone of the Messenger—The thing that we do not fully realize as yet, is that using fear-inducing media, even with the best intentions, is counterproductive. We are consistently being warned of dire predictions on all fronts...such that ultimately we become immune to announcements of impending disaster. There needs to more of a mature, responsible overview in our journalism and communications to ensure that we are not simply getting kicks out of scaring people, while pretending to convey an "important" message. The reason why I suggest we make a conscious effort to clean up our media act, is that it is harmful to peoples health and well-being to be constantly dealt bad news, without simultaneously been given empowerment, action plans and resources. So rather than good or bad news, we should demand caring, helpful, meaningful and enlightening socially responsible news.

• Malcontentment—One of the principle blocks to sovereignty is malcontentment. This dissociative, disrupting condition is born of self-hatred, which operates at the chemical level to keep us out of the compassionate (8Hz) lens of being. Instead of resting in NOW we run off to the past or the future...pitting an illusionary ideal against a present that we look at with eyes of removal and distain. Closer inspection into the nature of malcontentment reveals that it can only ever breed more malcontentment, and so is one of the most insidious methods of self-hatred and life avoidance that we can devise.

• Fear of the Inner Life—The Inner Life is not well respected in a society that is mostly comfortable with externals, superficals, soundbites, covering up and getting along. In exploration of the soul-life and creativity individuals are largely on their own. As the results from our creative efforts are most often turned towards status, security, power, control and money...this puts constraints on the Muse...shunting the "product" of the Inner Life into strategic gain in the material world. The highest drive of the Muse however is always toward that which furthers the "depth" of consciousness toward greater truth and greater realization of reality. Thus the Borg and the Muse are at opposite ends of the spectrum of being.

Monday, October 5, 2009


The pitfalls on the road to sovereignty represent various methods we use as individuals and collectively to avoid the challenges to growth of the soul and the spiritual life.

• Self-Hatred—The number one impediment to sovereignty is the self-hatred that gets in the road of the compassion (8Hz) necessary to dissolve the encrustated inertia and resistance we call the ego. Distorting or rejecting reality with regards to self, or other is always a form of self-hate. Self-hatred suspends growth and maturity at the age level that the punitive eye of awareness was first turned most fiercely against the self. “Emotional well-being and relative freedom from destructive inner turmoil are directly proportional to energy and substance used in the service of compassion.” P.5, Compassion and Self Hate: An Alternative to Despair by Theodore I. Rubin. This must be the definitive book on the subject of self-hate, so though it is the most important factor to overcome on the road to sovereignty I will leave it up to Theodore to cover this aspect for me.

• Stockholm Syndrome—This involves misplaced loyalty to an abusive patriarchal figure (“protector”) due to fear damage in the self-making centers of the brain, which otherwise would produce an objective distain or distancing from the abuser. Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response sometimes seen in abducted hostages, in which the hostage shows signs of loyalty to the hostage-taker. Entire countries can be spiritually abducted and held hostage in this way through infantile dependency generated by stun damage to the reptilian brain…such as evident in USA after 911.

• Servile Minionhood—Survival stress produces a regression into infantile lust for outer-authority, out of a misplaced projection of the need for protection. But evolution requires us to go in the opposite direction toward differentiation, maturity, self-responsibility, sovereignty, self-ignition and passionate self-authorship or self-origination. This parental projection manifests as a tendency to regress to “good little boy or girl” behavior in order to garner approval and “security.”

• Impinging Meta-structures—Lack of sovereignty has become a perennial issue due to the theft of “the right to divinity of each individual” within power-over pyramidal societies whose members are entranced into following traditions and philosophies that were built for the express purpose of enslavement, control and exploitation. To become sovereign within meta-structures that deny sovereignty you have to transcend the cultural trance and dig much dipper for the answers than those given to your by the controllers or surrounding society.

• Depth Incongruency—Humanity is going through a kind of crisis of "shallowness made apparent" by the swelling that it is more and more apparent that flatland doesn't cut it for a human life, and yet we don't know how to make the connection, community, culture that would truly sustain us as the cosmic-genius that we really are. The good thing is that we are now too awake to abandon ourselves anymore, which is the first step to change.

• Projected Resistance—Sovereignty is hampered by the phenomena of projected resistance...where our own laziness to change—backed by a good dose of anger and self-hatred—is projected onto the vast hoards of ignorant masses—whereupon we insist that they wake up and change - so that we feel that we can accomplish the necessary changes with ease. This projected resistance to change needs to be studied so that language and pathways out of this quagmire can be established. It is of course infinitely easier to just change ourselves and to give up trying to save the world...thereby building self-respect and relieving the terrible tension of evangelism, martyrdom and the Messianic Complex.

• Lack of Cosmic Roots—Since the world still largely operates on original sin, cup-half-empty, and power-over, we must center our self-worth and emotional equilibrium in a frequency of cosmic well-being and Gaian attunement that is transcendent of the human domain and socialization. This is how we can have a positive spiritual awakening while exposed to the negativity in our community and in the current zeitgeist. Through the power of the mind illuminated by the heart we must steer our whole being toward the Light.

• Resistance to Blackening Stage—Every thought and action has a personality and soul...that is why we are called human "beings." We are not one thing, but a process of being and becoming. There is a stage of purification during the inner alchemy associated with a period of blackening and decay of that which impedes the become ever more transparent to the fire of spirit. If we resist the letting go, rotting and die-off stages we fail to grow to the next step beyond our current adaptation to reality.

• Dissociative Abstraction—The ultimate electromagnetic healing device is the human heart. And yet we go through all manner of ordeals, privations, expense and lengths to try and heal ourselves and others with gadgets, pills and ministrations…while the secret healer (wholer) lies within us all along. I think it best to go back to natures healing energies prior to man’s inventions...which are always a little or a lot OFF and skewed with agendas and ulterior motives.

• Judgment Armageddon Phobia—Children brought up under authoritarian rule who are not given license to a will or spirit of their own, but remain as extensions of their parents ego…forever subliminally anticipate judgment, punishment and injustice lorded upon them out of a need for some sense of control and heightened reality. That is, if we have not fully claimed our “center” we forever desire to be led, fed, told what to do, controlled and abused…representing an unconscious lust for prepubescent victimhood.

• Self-Abusive Superego—The shadow parents within may be willing us to endure the closure of culture into a fascist regime and the rape, pillage and plunder of humanity and the planet by Big-Farming, Big-Pharma, Big-Oil, Big-GMO, and Big-Chemo. But this will never happen if we can dig deep within our dark shadowed nature to root out all that is standing in the way of our eternally sovereign soul. Our nobility lies within, not in climbing the status ladder given to us by a hierarchical pyramid society.

• Abdication of Sovereignty—In conventional society people fiercely fight their sovereignty in an effort to “belong” to a protector daddy system that is screwing them blind. But it can only go on like this for a few more years, whereupon “sovereignty” itself will become the great creator drive. Then things may become interesting. Under the externalized power systems existence is incredibly boring for there is no love or connection, only fear, usury and manipulation. A hate of self-origination itself is propagated by a type of angry fascist paranoia, or fear of thinking outside of the conventional established program.

• Misplaced Need For Guidance—We will be ruled by shadow authorities to the degree that we are ruled by shadow parents within that infuse our experience with a deeply embedded sense of self-hate, guilt, shame and fear of punishment. We do not even need to have had tyrannical parents to harbor within us a censor that is righteousness, dictatorial, self-diminishing, self-doubting, critical and cruel. To give ourselves a break we need to remember the insubstantial and supercilious nature of the critical ego/superego and that it is our own worst enemy.

• Depersonalization and Blockage of Flow—It is "punitive" judgment that is the toxic agent for it stops the flow of Eros and the unity between inner and outer. Predatory authoritarian systems create depersonalization and dissociation, and lead to a loss of sovereignty unless the status-anaesthetization chemistry is fought against and the soul establish despite invasive forces. Life is a sovereign flow from Source. So whenever we are stagnant, stuck or regressing as individuals or cultures, there is some aspect of sovereignty we have failed to address. Eros and Muse that is not allowed to flow freely turns to cancer, self-hatred, anxiety, depression, addiction and the collapse of body, mind, soul, community…and ultimately the collapse of civilization.

• Spiritual Escapism—Forget about spirituality as is a red herring. Consider remineralization, rawfood, exercise, right-livelihood, community building, permaculture, art, philosophy and science...then spirituality is taken care of naturally without any unnatural focus. That is, focus on the causes of our physical, mental, emotional pain...and then we are bought into alignment spiritually. We tend to use spiritual ideology as an aspirin instead of doing the actual work of living a human life that needs to be done. Inspiring Teachers on youtube include David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousens, Brian Clement, Nassim Haramein, Dan Winter, Andrew Faust, David Holgrem.

• Spiritual Immunity—Spiritual immunity is composed of physical, emotional and social immunity and is key to centering and self-direction. Few people are born with a strong sense of it, but it can be achieved by mindful intent, dearmoring and deconstriction of the flow of light (communication/communion). Spiritual immunity is the experience of high states of love, centeredness, certainty, self-confidence, clarity, peace, enjoyment, humorousness and playfulness. Immunics involves releasing reactivity to other people’s opinions (vibes) in order to "create the new," along with heightened stress relief, self-value, self-validation and experience of the pure unadulterated Self.

• Fear of Ridicule—Exclusion from the house of power is a profound subconscious fear, which is laid into the primary wiring playing off the fear of abandonment by parents. By putting down others this helps our ego feel special and unique. Ridicule is an expression of fear. We often see people ridicule other people who in some way appear to be different from them. We often tend to cling to our fears because we have identified with and defined ourselves by them. Knowing this we can feel sorry for those who ridicule us rather than fearing them, for they are weak and scared and do not yet love themselves.

• Divide and Conquer—Those at the top spread fear and scarcity consciousness in order to keep a sense of their importance as “protector” and to keep populations divided against themselves. Anthropogenic meta-awareness defuses the hypnotic power of the attack machine that is set up to impose consensus reality. Generating survivalist mode doesn’t stimulate the economy, it just shuts down the generosity and R & D in a society. Abundance, security and unity comes from feeding the cyclic fertility processes of nature and becoming one with cosmic intelligence or wisdom.

• Borderline Disorder Epidemic—The main feature of borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a pervasive pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships, self-image and emotions. Maturation towards adulthood and self-responsibility is suspended. Self authority fails to crystallize due to the perpetual movement and blurring of boundaries of relations within the self-system prevents ego from being defined, creating an ambiguity of intention. Sovereignty, if you will, is like the opposite of borderline disorder...and BPD is caused largely by PTSD. So sovereignty is the reclamation of Self above and beyond the damage inflicted by present, past and future sociological dangers. Hence the importance of the Golden Rule.

• Silence in the Morgue—It feels disrespectful to the Muse to even try to express ones creative process...because even we don't know how it is done, though we are given a taste of why it is done. We sense the derision of Flatlanders and those that would “kill” the perception and expression of a higher, deeper, unfathomable reality…and so silence and the patient execution of our Art, “regardless” of its acceptable in the world, is the safest stance to keep in the land of the Borg. The path of the muse is the realization of our hidden potential.

• Buoyant Boundaries—When sovereign we do not define ourselves as the opposite of that which we don't like. We just want to get on with creativity, construction, exploration, and adventure... Interest in what the other guys are doing drops off, the fight goes out, indignation and rebellion are no more. Only building of the ever new becomes important. Live and let live within the Multiplicity. It is a waste of energy to describe how we are different from the other guy…sovereign energy wants to move with more constructive intent.

•Unrealistic Expectations of Acceptance—In a world of professional protectionism, outer authority, and hierarchically condoned power and control, we can seldom give our gift or speak our truth without attracting ridicule and incredulity. For once people have lost touch with their senses and psi, and are disconnected from soul, Gaia and cosmos they look to badges of orthodoxy from the power-pyramid for evidence as to what to "trust" as truth. It is usually pointless trying to casually enlighten those caught in the matrix maze with the products of one's original thought and Muse, because they are not yet familiar with their own divine inspiration or self-origination. Instead it is better to put together a package of applied truth within a creative project or performance and present that as a polished artifact...a reasonably finished ideogram. Then to step back and distance oneself from the audience response, and to find social satisfaction and support within ones own meme family, without placing unrealistic expectations on the uninitiated masses.

• Prejudice Rules Until It Doesn’t—“The fear of the unfamiliar combined with any sense at all of vulnerability must produce at least some small, however minimal prejudice.” 195, Compassion and Self Hate, by Theodore I. Rubin. A societal structure based on external confirmation of self-worth must be fear based. Just as in primate tribes, fear based societies are organized through difference, separation, exclusion, socio-economic clicks and prejudice. Only when we are initiated into post-animal, spiritual or compassionate awareness can we rise above these automated programs of fear and prejudice.

• Blaming “Them”—We disempower ourselves through finding the source of our failure to be outside of ourselves in the form of an “-ism” “-itis” or “them.” Often we use external figments as excuses for not pushing into and through our fear of success. It is far easier to complain and blame than it is to do what it takes to manifest our dreams and realize our hidden potential. Blaming is an act of self-abandonment and denial. When we are unsovereign we tend to blame others for our problems and how we feel, as a means of protecting ourselves from the unconscious pain of the core wound of self-abdication and having to do something about it.

• Autonomous Complexes—If we don’t have a sovereign operational muse and original thought…then we are likely to be little else but possessed by unconscious complexes…that is, generally composed of mere reactivity to what the world would make of us. We are a species possessed by autonomous complexes, because pyramid societies act to dehumanize people, and sovereignty is the essence of what it is to be human. Without sovereignty we are automatons blindly engaged in reactive compulsions over which we have little control…because we cannot stand outside of our automated self with the focused power of the unique self-originating perspective.

• Unexamined Shadow—Few are doing decent shadow work, and it is shadow work and visioneering that are the two most important areas we need to focus on in the psyche now in order to not simply generate more of the same mess. The inexorable demonic power that seems like it is leading us, trancelike, into self-destruction, is unexamined shadow (demons) and unexplored light (daemon). Paul Levy and Robert A. Masters are delving into shadow with style.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


As the lifeforce falls within human populations through unhygienic (cosmically insane) life practices and unshareable thoughts the acceleration of light through the DNA and the structure of the DNA itself degrades. This loss of light occurs over multiple generations ultimately leading to a loss of grace, famine, plague and war. War is a unconscious life-negative attempt to regain the light, that takes us ever further from the light. For every action born of fear generates more fear. This is the answer to all our problems, including cancer, ecocide, the breakdown of society, crime, mental illness and the fall of civilizations.

Sovereignty is the ability to make your own light from your own personal spiritual relationship with the universe. When we cannot do this for ourselves we tend to flock together in codependent clans, or chase after authority figures to follow, or alternatively we terrorize the weak in order to feel strong. This is simply the nature of the human baboon not yet illuminated as to its divine nature or the enchanted universe. Enchantment is the opposite of ignorance. While it is not politically correct to call capitulation to life-negating power systems “evil,” it is in effect grossly misguided. Because you have to deny your own soul in order to lie (sin) against the life-principle and life-force. To do so is to slowly kill yourself (and your futurecestors) by using soul-subduers like cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and war in order to remain in such a low energy state of the subjection and confiscation of Eros.

We see that hedonists, sociopaths, misfits, the medieval, primitive and those of a saturnic, scorpionic nature gravitate to the occult secret societies. In fact one way at looking at secret societies is that they play on the death-wish and the self-destructive urges and focus on dark occult energies and symbols because they worship the black-sun, having lost so much light in their own DNA through generations of unhygienic (cosmically insane) life practices and unshareable thoughts. Thus the vibe of dark power these societies operate on becomes a great attractor to those who have lost the ability to make their own light from their own personal spiritual relationship with the universe.

This explains the awesome power that the Nazis and Hitler welded in the Second World War and provides the solution to the avoidance of a Third World War. The Swastika points directly to this fact in that it is the symbol of the sun, normally representing lifeforce and enlightenment. In Sanskrit, the proper spelling of the word swastika is svastika. Literally, the word svastika is a statement of affirmation, "It is!" "Life is good!" "There is value and meaning!" Svastika is a term that affirms the positive values of life. The Nazis used the same right-handed Swastika that is used in modern Hinduism, but gave it a 45 degree turn. This gives it the appearance of being left-handed, even though it is not. The left-handed Swastika is also associated with the occult and esoteric tantric practices.

Anyway the point being that people who are losing their light ban together under various dark banners and secret unsharable thoughts in order to try and find shared light in their darkness. This inverse of love is a saturnic attractor field that pulls in the weak and the broken who are looking for love and lifeforce in all the wrong places as a means to prop themselves up. This is a self-defeating bond however for darkness just breeds more darkness and energy is dissipated until the body can no longer maintain its structure and disease sets in. Much better to get adequately educated in spiritual science in the first place and become sovereign, make your own light and gain a masterful relationship with the universe. To do otherwise is ignorance and a down-spiral ride to oblivion and futility, for the universe will not sustain it. For the heart, is an organ of cosmic alignment, and is not fed by hate or the harmonic of exclusiveness or exclusion.

• Compassion is its own reward in that it allows us to tolerate incarnation and ascension and therefore is the guiding principle which will prevent us hairless apes from blowing up our spaceship earth.
• Every action, connotation or intention born of fear generates more fear…by imprinting or anointing cellular memory and the vacuum with fear e-motion (defensive action).
• Every action, connotation or intention born of love generates more love…by imprinting or anointing cellular memory and the vacuum with love e-motion (evolutionary action).

The rash of demonic movies unleashed at present is a crime against humanity on a grand scale. These movie makers and their backers are psychic pirayas that worship Mammon and breed slow death and destruction to generations of the numb and the innocent. Unraveling the DNA by exposure to this dark violent imagery, hardening the senses of the audience and reverting youth to the metaphysical graveyard by traumatizing and terrorizing their bodies and minds. Movies could be the most motivating cohesive force for human evolution, and so hopefully this spell of occult delinquency will end and Hollywood will pull its head out of the sewer.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Sovereignty is the quality of being independent and responsible for ones life conditions, in such a way that we are in charge of our life and prepared to meet challenges to our freedom and well-being. Sovereignty means liberation from those things that undermine our proactive autonomous self-determination.

Once we are willing to take responsibility for everything that happens to us we start to recognize how deep is the structure we’ve created through fear, which keeps us locked into a diminished experience of ourselves and the world. Sovereignty is being be willing to act from our own integrity - not from anger, martyrdom or victimhood – and so we are able to start changing our lives through proactive love and unity. Our reality is changed by first changing on the inside, which then affects the external world. This self-aware inner change and the consequent the ability to meta-adapt, is freedom or sovereignty. Sovereignty is taking total responsibility for ourselves, our community and for Gaia.

We are inextricably tied to that which we resist, such that we lose our sovereignty in the bargain. Thus in resistance mode, even when we claim we want spiritual and emotional sovereignty, we are actually perpetuating its opposite, for that which we resists persists. When we are stuck in a revolutionary rather than evolutionary mode we are unaware that we are perpetuating a cycle of fear, non-responsibility, blame and victimhood. For when we become angry about a challenge to our freedom it is because of our inner victimhood and lack of sovereignty. This perpetrator-victim bonding creates resistance toward the very structure we are struggling to pull away from, thereby keeping us chained to it.

Thus sovereignty is self-origination. It is not in anyway defining ourselves as the mirror image of our opposition. Once we move out of the oppositional mode, of having to defend our right to "be" and step into our vision, we begin to operate from our sovereign self. It is then that co-dependence is dropped as we shift from reactivity to proactivity begins. Only then do we start to mature spiritually. Only then does spiritual community emerge as good-will builds the resonance of the Muse into the music of collective creation. Spiritual community cannot form within authoritarian systems for cognitive function is impaired by power imbalance, and mind, heart and spirit cannot flourish under dictation. Rather than mere inter-dependence, we must now start talking about mutual independence or proactive cocreation...Smart action that feeds us, community and Gaia.

Sovereignty is the goose that laid the golden egg. Indeed it is the only goose that does.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Flight of the Geni


After some 20 years of tireless dedication to his in depth research on the grand unified theory, Nassim Haramein's most recent scientific paper, "The Schwarzschild Proton," just received the prestigious "Best Paper Award" at the University of Liege, Belgium during the 9th International Conference CASYS'09 (Computing Anticipatory Systems). Chosen by a panel of 13 peer reviewers, this significant paper marks a new paradigm in the world of quantum theory, as it describes the nuclei of an atom as a mini black hole, where protons are attracted to each other by gravitation rather than some mysterious undefined "strong force." This radical new view of the quantum world produces a unification of the forces and appropriately predicts measured values for the nucleon of atoms.

Consider how scary it is that some of the smartest minds on the planet got so off course with physics/cosmology...and that the rest of humanity followed them like lemmings off the cliff of rationality. Nassim is like a messiah figure come to reinstate the mind of Man into a sane cosmology. The power of one individual genius against all the political and academic might of multiple generations should not be underestimated. However, notice the Parsifal nature of Nassim's heart, in that he is merely "amused" by opposition or the old “established” ways of thinking. He is not "fighting" the old paradigm, he is loving his way through it into the vast magical universe. Thus it is easy for people of all kinds to "follow-with" him, because he is not embittering himself with the brittle bones of obsolescence. This is a leader not at all interested in crucifixion and so as a model for the method of "re-geniusing" the human species - so that our intelligence works for us rather than against us, there has been no better exemplar than Nassim me thinks.

Inner sovereignty comes from the "Pure Heart" and yields perseverance, courage, resolve, endurance, composure and grace. Inner sovereignty amounts to the greatest gifts in life…character, nerve, substance and class. The deep inner strength and quiet determination of the Pure Heart reflects the power of geometry inherent in the Unified Field...there is no greater power in the Universe than the Unified Force. To see, know and be all things.

Nassim had the verve to actually ask what was that rotten something in the state of Denmark? Though compassion urged Parsifal to ask the king, “Father, what ails thee?” the rules of knighthood told to him by his mother, forbade him to ask unnecessary questions. Nassim asks the deep questions regardless, for politely accepting the current worldviews does not further the progress of science. With our human systems on the verge of collapse, it is suicidal to not question our systems along with their limited scientific foundations. The “event horizon” of human understanding is where the Parsifal hearted like to hang out. Nassim uses the knowledge of Man as a ladder and yet he is faithful only to the Source. Thus Nassim is an example of the positive balance of the archetypes through which sovereignty is born:

THE WARRIOR/WARRIORESS—Discernment/definition
THE LOVER—Clarity of desire/Desire of clarity
THE MAGICIAN/CRONE/MAGUS—Scientist/Explorer —The Resonance Project is pleased to announce that Nassim Haramein has been invited to speak on Coast to Coast AM on Tuesday evening, August 18 at 11 PM Pacific time. Haramein will share his unifying research into the structure of the universe, drawing from such fields as theoretical physics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, and anthropology. Please join Coast to Coast listeners for this three hour interview.

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette
Facing the Dragon: Confronting Personal and Spiritual Grandiosity by Robert L. Moore, Max J., and Jr. Havlick
The Archetype of Initiation by Max J. Havlick Jr. and Robert L. Moore
The King Within: Accessing the King in the Male Psyche by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette

Monday, August 17, 2009


• The Sovereign Self is a Unified Field Object (UFO)…that is it is generated by coherency in consciousness, matter and energy with the Unified Field, such that there is less friction, disharmony or dissonance.
•Theta wave (4-8 Hz) being the love window through which the Sovereign Self “descends” into our conscious reality. The 4 Hz end of the scale being the hypnogogic channeling of transtemporal and cosmic information stream, while the 8 Hz end being conscious revelatory state associated with creativity and grokking in the waking state.
• The Sovereign Self is composed of masculine (King) and feminine (Queen) that marry together to create the actualized or whole person. This occurs through the 8 Hz star tetrahedron interdimensional Merkaba generated by the solar heart.
• Thus through sublime conjunction, the King and Queen reign free and make sense, wholeness and order. Through this stabilization of consciousness the higher self is known, and a much larger realm emerges, along with a higher sense of purpose.
• To the degree that we are defended, that is contracting ourselves from the Unified Field, is the degree to which we are incapable of feeling or expressing love…thus the Merkaba cannot synchrotron to Universal or Cosmic Christ levels.
• Universal compassion is to resonate with the universality of all life, such that lower motivations no longer trigger a response: guilt, shame, fear, hate, jealousy, avarice, revenge and greed.
• Universal compassion understands all things and “draws up” by example…thus allowing release of the armor (memory of recriminations) and permitting forgiveness and hence Flow.
• With the armor dropped we are born anew each moment and can be informed and in-formed by the Sovereign or Cosmic Self. Expansion is thus unlimited…to Know Thyself is to know that we are infinite.
• Therefore we see that we cannot base a mystic or spiritual civilization on notions of original sin and self-hatred, and so the patriarchal pyramid culture is fatally flawed, and is crumbling around our ears as spirit breaks free.
• Sovereignty is Self definition from Source…Sovereignty is not in anyway defining ourselves as the mirror image of our opposition, nor out of rejection of what we have known ourselves to be.
• Sovereignty is the divine right to be the source of ones own origination. Because we ARE the genesis/genius of our being anyway and so sovereignty is just facing the truth of existence.