Friday, March 20, 2015


The Borg is a term I use to describe the automatedness of dominant/submissive pyramid structured culture arising from our animal past, which we still haven't addressed and transcended yet. When we do, we will become a peaceable, nonregressive species...if not, we will become extinct. The Borg is the energetic sleep of our psyche and soma through cultural systems of addiction, denial, avoidance and resistance to facing our shadow. The Borg is the separate-self-sense; of being alienated from body, soul and cosmos and forming a homogenized mass of lost individuals, feeding off of each other in a vain attempt to get to the top of the pile. When I talk of the Borg I am talking of the process of spiritual abstinence that we are all trained to engage in by the material culture. We ARE the Borg! The enemy is us…it is our own inability to take responsibility for our lives beyond the apparent “Givens” of our environment. A lack of personal sovereignty generates the amorphous, unconscious rote happenstance…the endless repetition of learned arrested development.

In the sovereignty series I do playfully speak somewhat derogatory fashion about the fallen, broken, compartmentalized condition of the cultural collective which I call the Borg. I do this because it is early days to the horrific dark age of ignorance (Tower of Babel) we may be in danger of entering, so I am clearly delineating the broken human state from the whole HUman state. However, I explain why this species degeneration is occurring and what to do about it, and how to survive Borgsville while attempting to create the mystic civilization by optimizing our own spiritual neurology.

Our purpose as sapiens is to advance the humanizing process. Only the HUman who is undivided and resonating in harmony, at one with their body, earth and cosmos is truly HUman it the larger sense of the word. Thus I use the term HUman to define the difference between the Borg and the sovereign state. Through power-damage, denial and neglect the Borg is divorced from body, spirit and cosmos, while the sovereign has transcended Hivemind and is working to express their divine genius, despite the collapse of the Borg civilization that is happening all around us. To stop identifing with that the repressive Borg that keeps us from being who we truly ARE, allows us to become who we truly ARE as we face up to a larger Universal Truth.

The Borg is not the perfect word to describe our current operating model, for in Star Trek it represents a non-hierarchical hive mind. But it is a fun term to use to describe the automated, dogmatic nature of the primate power pyramid, through which rampant brain damage and brain latency encourages the suspension of human development at the hivemind level. All our current individual, collective and cultural problems arise through our arrested development caused by our misunderstanding and misuse of power.

The Borg is an aberrant, unnatural condition of being dissociated from Natural Law, and askew from our own genetic directives. The Borg is a mind parasite, a dissociative fugue, or malignant obstruction that interferes with the innate happiness of our natural state. A Borg is an individual living within a culture that strives constantly to compensate for an underlying deficiency and insecurity…having separated from the innate power and happiness of cosmic unity. Since inner wisdom is lost with the fundamental schism from the All, the Borg’s conditioned worldview is a flat, horizontal consensus…one standardized consciousness…a petty, disenchanted dualism bent mostly on filling the void, assuaging fear and establishing status power to cover up the loss of a cohesive Self.

The Borg is a narrow set of rote learned impulses and responses enacted by default (unconsciously) during the course of human commerce. Giving the appearance of communication while maintaining a dyspersonalized stance. Where a statement, while sounding like a personal inquiry ("How are you today?") or an endearment ("Take care!"), is actually a power-play to create "distance" so that the ego can continue immediately on its weary consumptive path through Flatland looking for satisfaction. The Borg is a conformist trance of the uninitiated...It has a limited set of preprogrammed lines for social interaction. If you deviate from the script the Borg starts to wake up, and that pisses it off. The Borg operates not so much from fear, but from unawares, unconsciousness, habit and the lack of self-cognition as to its nature. It simply continues because it is not questioned or challenged.

Thus the Borg is the machine of an unenlightened, uninitiated pretence at community, that enlists a prior agreed upon limited exchange of irrelevant data, and a consensus agreement that the mask must be maintained at all cost, and that the Real and reality must be strenuously avoided. The Borg is a culture or community in the grips of the trance of the consensus-self at the expense of Truth, individuation and Presence. In diversity there is strength - homogeneity is unnatural, it’s a byproduct of deadening nature's creativity in the attempt to grasp absolute control. The Borg is rather childlike in that it defers to outer authorities...teachers, doctors, scientific orthodoxy and credentialed professionals without consideration for the general corruptness of civilization and institutions themselves. The Borg is weak after all, for the predatory/prey model can only destroy itself through separation from Source.

The main social operating modality of the Borg is to use fear and seduction to fulfill its aims. However these only work if you can be swayed by fear and seduction by receiving it at face value. Once you are firm in your perception of these tactics as spiritually inferior, immature, low energy and "unconsciously driven" then such Hindbrain machinations can no longer "hook" you.

The collective unconscious is a boundless realm hidden from ego consciousness. In order to emerge from the trance of "Mass-mind" one needs to go on the inner psyche journey, resulting in the "objectification" of the symbolic contents of ones own personal archetypal matrix and the collective unconscious. It is then that one gains a perspective on how one's "Being" fits in the scheme of human history and unfolding...and receives the knowledge of one's "Universal Destiny"...through a lived connection (immersion) to the anima mundi (Earthsoul). Jung's life work was direct at preserving the individual from diffusion and dissolution in mass-mind or conversely from the aggrandized inflation that occurs in defense of the danger of such a loss of soul into the collectivism of mediocrity (The Borg).

The Borg is the culture of oppressive and depressive control. This saccharine power-over culture is numb thus it can continue on its destructive campaign with only a vague dread of consequences. The Borg gains its power from external sources (status, money, position, possessions, certificates of appropriate indoctrination from universities etc...). Part of the problem is that culture enforces such a narrow range of consciousness and outlaws certain things like "sacramental plant substances" which could help to integrate the full psyche and free the individual from the limited monological cage of the Borg.  It is my highest aspiration to help take the “cult” out of culture. The Borg is the ego, it is a misappropriation of spirit build on grasping and defense...and when we are identified with our shell as being our driver, in our hubris we quickly run our vehicle into a tree or off the cliff. The eye of awareness rises higher to second and third person when our cells generate enough ATP to establish a strong daily Silver Cord (zero potential line) in our EMF egg. When that happens we can fully serve and receive, and enter into divine relationship with the cosmos…without the Silver Cord or the “cosmic umbilical” we are a mere fraction and a figment of our Self.

Anyone smart enough to know what I am talking about, will also know that “We” are the Borg. Projecting the problem of the Borg “out there” is as ignorant as projecting the enemy out there. Once we own the problem we can grow beyond it. We are Borg!  We gotta start somewhere though. The reason I have been working on sovereignty is because...I very much badly need to deBorg in order to become human.

"Inability to accept the mystic experience is more than an intellectual handicap. The lack of awareness of the basic unity of organism and environment is a serious and dangerous hallucination." Alan Watts

If the Borg is separation from Source, sovereignty is connection to Source. This connection exhibits a sensitivity or direct knowing that is one and the same as morality, which is born from depth and peripheral perception. This morality is not rule based, punitive, or about crime, punishment or control, it is the force that follows sovereign will, lifeforce or Truth. When we draw on the bottomless well of our own Divine connection the heat of trust-resonance of the opened heart-brain faculties, illuminates the floodlamp in our prefrontal. Eventually we become stable enough to maintain the light of our sovereign daemon in presovereign company, through redirecting others towards their own heart-stargate Source connection.

The more "anomalies" the better, to topple the tower of orthodoxy.

The Borg is the retardation to Hindbrain dominance of the species...we all suffer from it to some degree or another. America and patriarchal nations are particularly brain damaged ie: in arrested development. The best thing we can do for the planet is to break out of the Hindbrain dominance ourselves by moving into wholebrain consciousness, and to spread that as far and wide as we can. If we merely respond and react to the Borg on its own level (power-over, manipulation, seduction, subversion) then we cannot evolve to our sovereign self, but are held captive by the Borg nightmare. We are not in Kansas anymore. It is a big cosmos out there.

The Borg resulted from the Fall of Man…a process of de-generation and anti-life culture that began perhaps a million years ago in the Homo sapiens line. Cooking, red meat eating, cereal production, skewing of Omega-3/Omega-6 ratio from 1:1 to 1:20, loss of endogenous Vitamin C production, loss of steroids and Vitamin D from wearing clothes and demineralization of the soils are traditionally the main forces of biological Borgification. Now however with the chemical, radiological and EMF perversion of practically everything in our daily lives the dissociation from nature and our whole HUmanity is so extreme that most individuals will not be able to unplug from the Borg within their lifetime. As you can see the pharmacological and genetic tinkering with the massive insanity and disease generated by the death culture only propels us further up shit creek.

Sapiens may not be the first hominid species to enter this turkey shoot of degeneration, but it will be the last. The loss of consciousness or sentience occurs from death-cultural processes that undermine the physical and cognitive foundations of life—inflammation, oxidation, mutation, toxification, blockage, mortification, fermentation, dysbiosis, plaque build up, pathogen attack, imbalance, mineral deficiency, phytochemical starvation, depolarization, unearthing, calcification/fossilization, and energy decline,  etc... The human species is cannibalizing itself and the world, and will continue to do so until it evolves. I only aspire to post-Borg cultures in which the basic necessities of life are free so people can focus on creativity and soul work. All cultures and social systems within the commodified material world of the Borg will fail because they are all entropic and retard self-actualization.

The arcane and obsolete war industry validates its own existence. "…An out-of-control robotic golem, the war machine develops a seeming autonomy that generates its own self-sustaining momentum; war is simultaneously its own cause and effect." Paul Levy

When human creative energies are not positively channeled and fulfilled, self-actualization is frustrated and we have an adversarial relationship to the world. Practically everything humans do is wrong headed...our poisonous biocidal buildings, our exorbitantly fueled vehicles, our horrendessly wasteful energy generation/storage/transport, not to mention our criminal use of the land. Our drive for profit is killing the planet and ourselves. In the universe’s eyes we are the stupidest most delinquent species ever created. However if we study nature and do as she does, we just might save ourselves and the planet...but it will take a revolution of the mind and heart and a complete overhaul of technology, science, politics and genius.

The pathological symptoms of hivemind result from having the prepersonal stage extended beyond its usefulness. The problems that humanity is now facing are caused by the disintegration, dis-communication and repression of the whole HUman. If you are not for the light, then you are for the dark. The default of the Borg culture even at its most spiritually pretentious is for the dark. But once we know the consensus is crazy we start to become sane.