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TRANSCENDING POVERTY MENTALITY many ways is all in the in socialized poverty. 

When we are born into poverty mentality and it gets reflected back to us from all around us, from the media and the government, it is hard to envision anything else BUT scarcity, deficiency, debt and taxation. But poverty mentality is a delusion. It doesn’t even relate to the natural abundance all around us and the unlimited creative potential for wealth and well-being in all good things of life. At anytime you can look outside the box of your time, place and history, see the greater world and know what it takes to bring heaven into being. Heaven is that condition beyond scarcity mentality and helplessness. Abundance arises from that sense of completeness and unity that is prior to our delusion of poverty and deficiency.

Poverty mentality arose as a chronic condition because we lost our aboriginal soul when we aligned with the exploitive patriarchal or war-culture. The primate Alpha dominated pecking order generates a Leviathan, or demigod of culture as a whole, that acts as a "child eater." In other words, the extrapolation of the sadomasochism of animal dominance and submission generates an omnivisereal force, "a sea monster" that oppresses the cosmic genius and the joyful expression of humanness of "most" individuals within that civilization. On every level governmental, economic, social, the physical body, on down to the subatomic and the Unified Field, power abuse distorts the Phi and Flow of Eros.

Circumstances of childhood poverty and chronic stress may lead to problems with emotional regulation and an increased activity in the amygdala, in adulthood. The brain damaging effects of Poverty in childhood could arise from a myriad of causes such as substandard housing, crowding, noise, and social stressors like parental disharmony, family turmoil, violence or family separation, scarcity mentality, lack of learning skills in planning, forecasting, strategy, lack of positive emotions like hope, faith, awe, gratitude, sibling rivalry, nature deprivation, lack of learning resources and intellectual enrichment, possible impact on childhood friendships, inadequate nutrition, plus enforced silence, repression and denial rather than talking out problems and fears. The culture of Hindbrain power feeds on fear and disease and relegates light, love and joy into a contagion of dark diminishing returns.

Having grown up in self-defeating, poverty-minded homes, the presovereign adult may be inclined to undervalue play by being too focused on scarcity and limitation. Being a wage slave barely gives us enough money to live and so the tendency may be to give up play as being unnecessary to survival. The anamnesis or self-forgetting of the spiritual domain, the foundation of existence, The Source, constitutes a sexospiritual nuturing of the species. Having lost the thread of divine providence we then have to prostitute ourselves for wages to pay the taxes, tariffs and the endless purchases necessary to belong to the death cult.

Poverty is most often crippling to the genius of the Muse, largely through lack of resources for experimentation and time wasted in menial/mindless employment, without the space and energy to explore our greater purpose in life. Poverty also keeps us back in the Hindbrain locked into the mediocre, scarcity mentality, competition, Me, mine and the mundane. Poverty mentality is a self-reinforcing feedback loop, because as long as we remain in a non-creative state, we are separated from the Muse that would manifest the providence by which we would extricate ourselves out of poverty mentality. Our sovereign work is too important to waste our lives earning a living. If we didn't get so stressed earning a living, we could make billions getting a life. Right livelihood brings about the Surplus Socioeconomy rather than the Scarcity Economy. The Surplus Socioeconomy is the high road into the future, of fathomless inner resourcefulness.

I am lucky to have had a vision of a thousand years hence, which makes me impatient with the retarded level we are now operating at. However...since we cannot be responsible for awakening others...we must turn our attention fully to awakening, en-joying and enthusing ourselves. Only then does our world change, and by changing ourselves, we gift the world with change. Those who have not yet found themselves and their Muse often tend to try to "find themselves" and create a sense of self through over-extending themselves to others. In allowing or supporting others in their presovereign infantile poverty mentality we give ourselves a false sense of maturity and control. It is poverty mentality to play it small, to be a doormat and to mother others into incompetency.

Those who were sexually abused as children know full well what a breach of our sovereign integrity is. It is a wound that perpetually bleeds throughout our lives, never fully healing. An inestimatible waste of energy, life and potential. Such wounding however prepares us for the ongoing insults to our dignity and sovereign integrity through living in the Borg world (of parasites, predators, bullies, subversives, seductives). Gandhi said that poverty is violence. Just as an abuser violates us when denigrating our sovereign boundaries, so too to we violate ourselves when we fail to acknowledge the infinite wealth of our soul and the enormity of our cosmic contribution. —James DeMeo's Saharasia is the largest and most in-depth scholarly study on human behavior and social violence around the world.

Sovereignty means overcoming poverty mentality and to do that we must deal effectively with the dragon. I am using the term "dragon" here in the negative sense of the Hindbrain's addiction to power due to its abdication, negation or denial of sovereign empowerment. In this sense the dragon is disgruntled, disruptive and violent because it is trapped in the hot, steamy, autonomic unconscious. Basically when we fail to take up the sword of clear light…"the cool blue steel of the conscious capacities of cognition," both our dragon and the dragon of others gets the better of us. Sovereignty is feeling the freedom of infinite possibility beyond the gravity of negative power and toxicity.

Although I have tolerated my share of toxic people through my own lack of spine, I am now determined to face the dragon, question the dragon, ask the dragon why it behaves as it does, then to turn my back on the dragon and to give it no further energy. We do no one any favors by allowing their dragon to chew on us, and we certainly don't do ourselves any justice if we allow our own dragon to eat us up. There is no security in binding ourself to people who see us as less than we are. Toxic bonds breed only disempowerment and disease. When engaged in entropic relationship we are not even disappointed, because we know we are only holding ourselves back using other people as swamps, anchors and prison walls. The point is to invest in what you want, and not simply put up with that which you don't want.

Look the dragon in the eye.
Question the dragon.
Understand why it behaves that way.
Act like a Hero.
And create the life of your dreams.

Just as we negate, deny and resist our own sovereignty, we also negate, deny and resist our own inner wealth. In a commodified culture we were taught we are only worth what we can offer in services or resources. Ideas, feelings, sentiments, visions, dreams, psychic abilities and telepathy...and atunement to the cosmos are ridiculed as empty childhood toys. When in actuality it is these internal gifts that supply richness, meaning and indeed they constitute our capacity to be human. Thus as we forego our humanness, we sacrifice true wealth in all its forms. The terminally deprived state is one of addiction to "everything." There is no freedom or conscious choice in that...thus the Borg is doomed to perpetual infancy, flitting from one hopeful substitute to other, never finding satisfaction, but only pain, numbness and oblivion.

Generation upon generation we break our children instead of making them. We clip their wings and inflict our own self-hatred onto them. Poverty mentality begins in the sex act itself, the progeny of which "belong" to their captives, and act like good little Stockholm babies who employ silence and learned helplessness in order to glue the family together in mutual dysfunction and self-destruction. This may sound overly harsh, and yet the more we face hard truths, the quicker we free ourselves from the chains of eons of betrayal of sovereignty and the sacred HUman.

As soon as we get a glimmer of who we really are beyond the fog of war and separation, we step onto the road to healing from the post-traumatic-stress disorder and scarcity economics of the patriarchal rape culture. To survive we must recover our humanity and create a tribe. The universal grace puts us in touch with our miraculous life-path, to touch also our spiritual family and to meet the challenge of world change, from the inside out. Beyond the petty power plays, the sovereign lives in the Kingdom of Heaven within, thus is Fair Witness and midwife to the emergent wisdom of re-evolution and guardian of Life and the progress of the Universe! Heaven is that condition beyond scarcity mentality and helplessness.

When we abandon our soul no amount of riches can make us feel secure!
Borg fatigue…of being a witness to the destruction of humanity and the earth cuts to the core. Having compassion for our own hypersensitivity and sense of helplessness allows for a space to heal within the onslaught of aversive sensory data. When the thing that is stressing us is beyond our capacity to control, we are a candidate for conditioned defeat, learned helplessness and depression. Learned helplessness occurs when an organism forced to endure unpleasant, aversive or painful stimuli, and then becomes unable or unwilling to avoid subsequent encounters with such stimuli, even if they are escapable, presumably because it has learned that it cannot control the situation.

Positive play, that is not mere escapism, is the elixir of youth and the greatest source of inspiration for productivity and happiness. But some of us just keep plugging away at harsh survival, wasting away while fantasizing about a more exciting life. However when it comes to play-avoidance, lack of money is a poor excuse. What really is occurring is a lack of self-respect and a failure of the imagination. With sovereign distance or transcendence from The Given conditions we can move on to the ultimate form of exploration…visionary play

Boredom and complaining masks such disgruntled passivity and laziness that we never set out to explore the realm of possibility. The passive-aggressive anger of the disenfranchised acts like a consolation prize to those too feeble and neglectful to try anything new. Perhaps we can make whining an art-form, but really the expression of helplessness doesn't make us more empowered, it just dissipates tension and turns others off. Zen Gardner calls for a ruthless kind of compassionate warrior...meaning we don't have time to mess about namby pambying ourselves or others. If we consider ourselves already dead, that is let go of our known self-world, we can become fully alive. Fight the leviathan and "it has you in its grasp." It is more effective to make yourself stronger fighting by creating the world you want, rather than fighting against that which you feel is holding you down.

Exercise, especially intense bursts of strenuous exercise, provides stress resistance, anxiety relief and prevents learned helplessness. Since uncontrollable stress and existential doom interferes with our motor coordination and motivation exercises helps to overcome the dissociation and psychological dislocation associated with being a witness to the hard truth of human existence.

Toxicity equates with helplessness and futility. The more toxic we become (on cooked food and poisons), the more helpless we feel and so we look at the world through a veil of shit. Fasting is one of the fastest ways to reboot...fasting, meditating, exercising and camping in nature gives us a fresh start. The senses need recharging in nature in order to be renewed and re-enthused (refilled with God). We become myopic, apathetic, languid, disgruntled, dissociated and depressed when the time we spend indoors usurps the time we spend outdoors.

The lower down the spiral we go the greater the poverty mentality because there is less hope, faith, vision and range of skills for dealing with the reality of causality. We see therefore, the need to find others with a similar passion for depth, and to join up with sovereigns around the globe to ultimately create a new society that is not toxic to humanization and the evolution of consciousness. Abundance or “spiritual potency” is a life lived true to sovereign intent, for only the sovereign has enough transcendent or resilient command over tuning their own frequency - to access the stellar powers of truth and fecundity in the real earth of the belly.

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To download a pdf with lots of pictures go HERE the download turns out correctly formatted, not so on the site though.

Boulder’s trees Are SEC, that is they are suffering Systemic Environmental Collapse.

This summer of 2014 it is apparent that Boulder is losing a large percentage of its tree cover, both from tree death and branch death, along with at least 50% reduction in the density of leaf canopy cover. This is not mere climate change is SEC...Systemic Environmental Collapse. Systemic Environmental Collapse is a term I came up with to describe the changes to the ozone layer, sunlight UV, atomic fallout and how that affects the tree’s microflora relationships, immune system, photosynthesis and growth.

The Boulder Tree Carnage is all pervading, omnipresent  cataclysmic disintegration of the broad spectrum of tree cover in Boulder and elsewhere. All trees, across the board - all species, except for a few medium aged trees in partly shaded locations are in decline due to anthropogenic defaunation or Systemic Environmental Collapse (SEC). The pattern is pervasive throughout all locations in the city and the hills, with the same symptomatic adaptations.  Exposure to the afternoon sun (UVB), and the prevailing west wind being the main determining factors in the variety of adaptations and death patterns seen. The kill shot is radiation in the air, water and soil.

Most trees in Boulder are on their way to death…some species and some trees will hold out longer than others, but I see the signs of SEC in 95% of the trees and woody bushes. All the trees are living on borrowed time, it is just a matter of how much strength they have in them as to how many years they last. I see a decline in all trees and this is not due to soil, pests, disease or mineral deficiency, or water shortage. The secondary stressors such as pest, disease and pollution effects, plus roots covered by concrete only act in the selection process as to which tree dies next. Secondary challenges are only speeding the dieoff that is already occurring. While influences such as roundup would impact in agricultural areas, in the city and in the hills the similar death symptoms are observable.

Few people are even noticing, but by next summer the shock will begin. - respond
The consensus from this bunch of responsible adults is that we are experiencing a macro global environmental collapse which Fukushima exacerbated, but that the majority of the damage has been occurring since the first atmospheric atomic tests. From the ozone layer to the subsoil and water tables anthropogenic damage has set about an irreversible decline in forests and all ecosystems. Along with the loss of fresh water supply due to fracking etc…this ultimately will mean worldwide famine. The release of the methane stores in the permafrost could precipiate still further the collapse of industrial civilization as we know it.

The protective layer of Ozone (03) layer surrounds the Earth between six and thirty miles above sea level and filters solar and cosmic rays from reaching our planet. According to Walter Russell in his book Atomic Suicide? (1957) radiation released into the atmosphere would break down oxygen...and by extrapolation I assume ozone also. He said that if the development of the nuclear weaponry and nuclear industry continues it will eventually destroy the planet’s oxygen. “It will not take many years to utterly destroy the encircling protective walls which surround this planet and protect the Earth from burning up by the sun’s hot rays.” (Walter Russell, Newsletter of the University of Science and Philosophy 1957).

“Decay products of uranium and plutonium, including radioactive isotopes of iodine and xenon, have an enormous capability of destroying ozone. Vast quantities of these ozone-destroyers reached the Arctic region within four days of the March’11 meltdowns and for months thereafter, possibly to the present day.”

A study published in the Nature 2 October’11, said that between December 2010 and March 2011 up to 80% of the ozone in the atmosphere at about 20 kilometres (12 mi) above the surface was destroyed. Fukushima was just the latest nail in the coffin of an already declining ozone layer. Radiation emits Xrays (Gama rays), and with the alpha bombardment the bonds between the individual oxygen (O2) or ozone (03) atoms breaking down.

Although we have NCAR the atmospheric research station here, city officials seem to be at a loss as to why the trees are dying back and have set up insect catching devises around town to catch the offending tree murderer. Government scientists must be under a gag order because an NCAR scientist informed me he did not know any reason why the ozone layer would affect tree survival and attributed he the tree decline to drought. I know drought damage. I arrived in Boulder 2000 the summer of a 7 year drought. Even extreme drought damage looks “normal” compared to the dieoffs and morphological changes. Sure, water shortage is a problem and stresses the trees, but the death pattern and changes are occurring just as readily in trees right next to the water courses. We have had an unseasonally wettish summer’14 thus there is still a lot of green, which somewhat masks the devastation that is occurring. Tree carnage which will be very obvious to all next year.

The summer’14 the sun burns with a cruelty I have never before encountered. Any mammal with skin should know that the sun contains more burning rays than before and that the FUKU radiation must have reduced the ozone layer in the northern hemisphere. The increased sunburn along with radiation in the rain and snow must be reducing the immune system of the trees and causing them to basically “cook” on the inside by heat-generating and chemically reactive nuclear isotopes. You can mediate the symptoms to reduce the damage from excess UVB and radiation, but chances are the entire city will die back, and then regenerate 50 or 100 years down the line. The extra UVB is only one of the stressors. To adapt to the increased solar intensity the leaves of many species are more silvery on the underside and the leaf storks are twisted and elevated making the overall leaf coverage more “reflective” than absorbing. Some species thus a riot of silver when the wind blows through the trees.

I am working on a tritium toxicity theory arising from my observations of the changes in morphology this year. Tritium (3H) is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that emits beta particles with a maximum energy of 18 keV (average 5.7 keV) as it decays into helium. Tritium is a naturally occurring radioactive form of hydrogen that is produced in the atmosphere when cosmic rays collide with air molecules. As a result, tritium is found in very small or trace amounts in groundwater throughout the world. The nucleus of tritium (sometimes called a triton) contains one proton and two neutrons, the extra neutron makes it unstable. Tritium has a half-life of 12.3 years and emits a weak form of radiation, a low-energy beta particle similar to an electron; that appears to be 2-3 times more able to cause some kinds of damage in biological material than do gamma-rays. Dr. Tore Straume (1995) stated that the biological effects of tritium beta rays were likely to be substantially larger, i.e. 4 to 5 times larger, than previously thought.

The radiation from tritium doesn’t travel very far in air and cannot penetrate the skin, however ingesting, inhaling or absorbing it poses a serious threat to human health. Once tritium enters the body, it disperses quickly and is uniformly distributed throughout the soft tissues. Since the body is not able to distinguish between radioactive and non-radioactive chemicals. Tritium is excreted through the urine within a month or so after ingestion. Organically bound tritium (tritium that is incorporated in organic compounds) can remain in the body for a longer period.

Low dose effects of chronic ionizing radiation exposure led to several non-cancerous effects: Iron accumulation, modification of cytochrome P450 expression, changes in vitamin D metabolism, increases in paradoxical sleep and anxiety, a decrease in short-term memory, changes of oxidative defenses, and modification of cellular density in the intestinal mucosa, decrease in arterial pressure, and a decrease in mitochondrial function.

We might consider the effects of what radioactive Hydrogen (Tritium 3HOH) toxicity in rain water and ocean water does to the geometry of life. Consider that it is hydrogen bonds that hold DNA surely we should see marked and progressive changes in morphology and biochemistry, epigenetics and genetics. When DNA becomes defective, the new cells and their new DNA will be defective, and the damage will be passed from one generation to the next, indefinitely. A cell’s exposure to tritium bound in DNA can be even more toxic than its exposure to tritium in water. Tritium cannot be removed from the environment once it is released.

Since tritium can be incorporated into essentially all portions of the living machinery what does that extra neutron do to the geometry of life? One might imagine what having an extra neutron in something as fundamental to life as hydrogen would do…in changing a molecule’s relationship to Zeropoint, gravity, and the environment. Most of the human body consists of water, which is made from hydrogen and oxygen. Most of the mass of the human body is oxygen, while most of the atoms in the human body are hydrogen atoms. When in contact with any hydrocarbon the tritium atom replaces the natural hydrogen.
Any tritated water coming in contact with life becomes organically bound tritium...radiating into the lifeform of which it is a part.

It is obviously tritium and other radionuclide elements that is killing branches and trees...trees are losing their branches and the greenery ends up only around the trunk as a last ditched effort to protect the trunk from sunlight, to cool it, and conserve what little life/energy the tree has left. Tritium 3HOH contamination of water by any amount would lead to major metabolic and physical effects including DNA damage, reduced photosynthesis and carbohydrate metabolism. Morphological changes, vulnerability to pests and disease, disruption in the symbiotic relationship with microbes and possible sterilization of the soil. And tritium is undoubtedly the least of the radioactive agents we are currently being exposed to due to Fukushima. The radionuclides have caused a cascading breakdown of the tightly woven and interconnected web of life.

• Radioresistance —Radioresistance is the property of organisms that are capable of living in environments with very high levels of ionizing radiation. Several cellular radioprotection mechanisms may be involved, such as alterations in the levels of some cytoplasmic and nuclear proteins and increased gene expression, DNA repair and other processes. The reason the smallest living things adapt swiftly to new threats like ionizing radiation has to with reproductive span. The faster you breed, the more quickly you can adapt. Larger forms of life breed, and therefore adapt, more slowly. So in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster (or war), the first to recover are naturally the smallest, but not because they are any simpler.


Do trees scream? They do to anyone who has eyes to hear. The unobservant cannot see the ecosystem, and their food supply collapsing around their ears.

The health of trees is a reflection of the health of the environment total, including the health of the planet and atmosphere. The symptoms the plants exhibit in Boulder are not normal by any means. Some species, and some individuals are in more rapid decline than others. Whole trees die off right next to surviving trees of the same species. Through a broad range of species, many trees are dying branch by branch from the top down. Conifer (pine) species are being hard hit perhaps because they have a lack of resources because they make the soil acid and impoverished, and because they do not lose their leaves. Last year I noticed the Thuja’s going first, now many species of conifers are in their death throws. Juniper is still holding out because its leaves are fatter and more waxy. The deciduous trees are fairing better because they get new leaves each year with a fresh resistance to radiation.

Whatever symptoms we see in the trees in Boulder is an expression of their “use” of the current resources to survive changes to the environment.

• Morphology—Fewer leaves, smaller leaves, leaf galling, leaf growths, increased thinness, premature leaf fall, growth reduction. The stems of the leaves seem thicker than usual and the leaves are more compact; in many species leaf storks are turning up presenting the leaf in an upward reach when normally they turn downwards. In multiple species the undersides of the leaves are more silver than usual and with the leaf orientation being “all cockeyed” the trees are silvery when the wind blows through the leaves.

• Reducing Solar Input—In several species there is a 180° twisting of the leaf stems to present the undersides to the sun, leaf bottoms being more silvery and reflective, thus the tree twists the leaves, presenting the silver backsides to reduce solar input. Another common trick the trees are using to reduce solar input in trees with leaf-storks too short to twist is the “curling” up of the edges of the leaf to reduce the photosynthetic surface area...also presenting the silver reflective undersides of the leaves. None of these symptoms are because the trees are dry...we have had well spaced rain all summer.

• Yellowing—The chlorosis is not nutrient deficiency, or if it is, it is due to the radiological collapse of soil-biota and mycorrhiza, therefore the disruption of mineral assimilation and transportation/utilization. Possible radioactive interference with choroplasts and phytosynthesis as many species are of a lighter leaf color even when not obviously chlorotic. Even leguminous nitrogen fixing trees are suffering from branch dieback and truncated yellowing leaf growth.

• Necrosis—The leaves have brown speckling and the edges have marginal leaf burn and burnt tips, curled, speckled, chlorotic leaves, rusting. The mottled brown specks die out and become holes, leaving the leaves as though moth eaten. Due to the speckling and leaf burn landscapes look as if they had been sprinkled with powdered rust. The speckling one can only assume is due to radionuclides in the rain.

• Epidermis Damage—The plant cuticle is a protecting film covering the epidermis of leaves, consisting of lipid and hydrocarbon polymers impregnated with wax, and is synthesized exclusively by the epidermal cells. The waxy leaf covering acts to conserve water by internalizing the gas exchange surfaces, enclosing them in a waterproof membrane and with the stomatal guard cells, regulating the rates of transpiration and CO2 exchange. Loss of waterproofing on the leaves may lead to the increased loss of water from the tree via evaporation; this may produce dehydration even when soil water and rainfall are adequate.

• Rain Born Toxins—The leaves of most species are “dull” as if acid rain has etched off the shiny waxy surface of the leaf. This dull graying of the leaves is one of the main signs that makes the trees look like they are dying (losing lifeforce, immunity and strength). Damage to the cuticle surface of the leaf also leaves the leaf more vulnerable to damage by solar radiation, windburn, fungi and pest attack and desiccation. Rain containing ionizing radiation also eats away at the surfaces of cars, buildings and everything that can corrode via oxidation.

• Air Born Toxins—As the leaves photosynthesize they absorb ozone and radionuclides injuring the stomates; the stomatal guard cells, which regulate the rates of transpiration and CO2 exchange. The green chlorophylls that use the sun to make food begin to break down, causing bright green to fade to yellow.  This interveinal chlorosis leads to necrosis. As the process continues internal damage occurs.

“They look speckled, stippled, bronzed and burnt.  By the end of the growing season - now - many of them have shriveled up and turned brown.  The ground is littered with them already. Anyone can verify this by looking at the condition of actual trees, and seeing them as they are, not how we expect them to be.  In addition to injured foliage and yellowing pine needles, their bark is full of holes, splitting, falling off and oozing, covered with lethal cankers and rampant lichen - all indicators of decline.”

“EVERY SINGLE SPECIES [in Willowwood Arboretum] has the same symptoms of damaged foliage, to an amazingly similar degree - and that includes shrubs, perennials, vines, groundcovers and annual flowering ornamentals in pots as well as trees, regardless of adaptation to their original climate.”

• Hyper-reproduction—The reproductive parts are disproportionate to the leaf cover as the trees try to “save” themselves by breeding. Trees naturally tend toward reproduction when their environments are stressed. Most trees except the locust are highly reproductive this year, branches are not weighted down with the leaf growth as usual. It is the same in the hills as in the town...trees lose branches and whole trees die off right next to water courses as well as removed from them.

The Phloem Theory of Carnage
It is apparent that the post-Fukushima environment has lead to the disintegration or fracturing of phloem as one of the most direct “physical” attacks on the ability of plantlife to survive. My current understanding of what I am observing is that radiation in the ground water is oxidizing, hardening phloem and destroying its water carrying capacity. By “ground water” I mean the water in the ground from the rain and snow that contains radioactive fallout. This internal “cooking” of the convection tissues would explain the leaf-stork bending, leaves closing up, the branch bending/twisting and dying, whole tree death, and also the smaller leaf size, the chlorosis and all other symptoms. Phloem insufficiency and phloem wounding and abscesses has contributed to a 50% reduction in overall amount of leaf-cover, and then to chlorosis, leafburn and branch death and ultimately tree death.

What branches die on trees normally anyway. This mosaic of dead and living...doesn’t ever happen on such a grand scale, without significant unnatural cause.

I am fascinated by the twisting of the dead branches...doesn’t happen in normal death patterns.

Strange segmenting of branches with parts of necrosis, and bunching up of leaf sprays.

Bark doesn’t peel off dead branches in normal circumstances, these branches appear to have the bark exploding off them.

The way bark peels off of living branches and trunks is a surefire symptom of phloem death…the most vital organ of the plant rendered useless by ionizing radiation. The loss of phloem transportability would also lead to root ineffectiveness, root death and loss of synergy between the soil microbes and root systems...not to mention plant immunity and ecosystem common-wellbeing.

Leaves on the sunny side showing holes etched as though they were mesh, while leaves on the other side of the plant still green and relatively normal.

Other symptoms such as leaf-surface etching, spotting, galling, misshapen growth etc... are more directly related to direct radiation exposure through rainfall, snow etc... The majority of apparent clear and present damage is to the phloem system, which is a kill shot to inevitable tree death.

All but dead branch still supporting leaf growth...dying on the vine so to speak from internal and external solar and ionizing radiation.

• Solar disorientation of foliage—Another sign that the phloem theory to tree carnage is correct, is that the twisting up of leaf stalks and rolling up of leaves is consisting with solar radiation damage to the sunside of the leaf/stalk. Thus the increased necrosis and shrinking/shortening of the side of the leaf-parts exposed to the sun causes the rising up and closing up of the leaf/stalk. The combination of “hot” radionuclides in the phloem which “cook” the sensitive transportation tissues, and the increased intensity of solar radiation would account for all the symptoms of SEC seen in Boulder (and elsewhere).

Seeping wounds, cracks, peeling bark and blackened spots on the trunks of young trees (6ft-9ft) in exposed locations is another sign that the phloem sclerosis/necrosis theory of solar and nuclear radiation is the cause. Phloem may also be more vulnerable at higher elevations due to multiple factors, but especially due to the higher solar and nuclear radiation levels.

The branches exposed to the afternoon sun, even when partly shaded by an overhead tree, has caused the phloem to lesion.

The SEC phenomena must be primarily caused by the accumulative effect radionuclides, especially considering the entire complex of symptoms all point to radiation damage. This IS radiation, the effects will be seen more and more in the coming years. I see death in all parts of the florosphere (city, hills, right next to streams). This phloem theory of tree carnage could be easily verified in laboratories.

Some mediation could be achieved via compost tea, compost/mulch, mushroom inoculation, and folar spray (seaweed, humalite, zeolite, silicon, magnesium, brewed microbes, herbs) to build up the plants microbiome. However the actual survival of the tree cover in the states will be determined by the extent and duration of the continental radiation exposure and the fecundity of local conditions.

Ralph Graueb’s “The Petkau Effect” contains good information on the damage to forests caused by ionizing radiation. The Petkau Effect describes how low dose Fukushima radiation is just as deadly in the long term as high dose radiation is short term. One kills quickly, the other kills slowly over many years. Ralph Graueb points out that the effect is synergistic. Trees are actually quite robust to radiation, but exquisitely vulnerable to chemicals in the air which are activated by ionization.

 “Man made radiation is negative transmutation in action. One man made radioactive element transmutes into another radioactive element, while at the same time, releasing negative, mutation and cancer producing radiation, on an atomic level, inside cells. This chaotic and violent process is completely invisible, completely odorless, completely silent, but it causes chaos inside all living things, shredding and destroying the essence of life itself, the DNA strands. Man made radiation only causes harm to seven future generations, in an ever increasing and widening manner, through the chaotic butterfly effect, through negative transmutation of elements that go on for millions of years.”

Some species are hit by strange leaf growths...possibly related to radioactive particles?

The biosphere follows cycles of vegetative, reproductive and senescence over the 11 year sunspot cycle. This year favors reproduction so there is plentiful fruit and seeds, while the leaves are much smaller, less green, the canopies are at around 50% less than normal. So we are probably in a high reproductive cycle according to the solar cycle. This must be affecting the entire northern hemisphere to one degree or another. Leaves are stressed by the loss of ozone layer from Fukushima radiation in the upper atmosphere increasing UVB radiation...even as the sun cycle itself is at a quiet phase. Plus increased nuclear radiation in the rain and snow. It will take 2 more years to see if this is a catastrophic dieoff, or if it is just a temporary phase of combination of solar and atomic influences.

Even leguminous nitrogen fixing trees are suffering from branch dieback and truncated yellowing leaf growth.

The loss of atmospheric ozone and the radiation from Fukushima is killing the trees in Boulder and indeed in much of the USA exposed to rainfall/snowfall, high altitude, high UV and drought. The trees most vulnerable are shallow rooters and those whose roots are covered with concrete, those with little soil organic matter or humus, demineralized soil, with little mycorrhizae and soil biota and exposed to vehicle exhaust. There is a sense that the trees immune systems are collapsing from a broad range of environmental stressors including drought, loss of water table, pollution, EMF pollution, radiation, excess solar radiation, demineralization, loss of soil organic matter and compromised soil biota.

With the tree branch die off, I assume it is a dieback of the root mass, forcing the tree to do a self-pruning of the upper branches. This tree dieoff is undoubtedly caused by a radiation reduction in the ozone layer, combined with radiation in precipitation destroying the microbal foundations of the tree roots starving certain more vulnerable trees. When microbes are depleted from the soils, they are no longer present to convert inorganic minerals into organic minerals needed by plants. Enhanced bio-remediation involves making nutrients available and conditions favorable for microbes which are capable of destroying and degrading many contaminants as well as supporting nutrition, hydration and immunity of plants.

Tree damage in the hills is similar, minus the extra stresses of concrete, EMF and air pollution. For sure the microwave activity of all the wifi in town might be an added stress. Not even related to towers themselves, but simply the blanket of wifi interferring with the tree’s EMF, signaling and their “souls” or blueprint. Certain trees not in ideal conditions or compromised by human structural interference such as concrete are dying first. Even the trees right next to the stream are dying on the lower branches, a sign that the entire tree is on the way out, with the dying process taking 10 years or more. The branch dieoff is not simply due to the superheating of the trunk effect.

The trees appear to be so stretched in their biological metabolism that they are making last ditched efforts to survive via reproduction and conservation of resources. Some trees are economizing by the dieback of underbranches that get little sun, while other branches on the tops of trees, are going, while still others all branches are dying and the trunk itself is sprouting foliage and suckers. In many pine trees the older needles have already turned brown and died, leaving only the green tips intact.

Note the cottonwood tree leaves are eaten to shreads by bugs...lower branches of the pines are dying off.

Aluminum or any regular form of toxicity could not have increased symptom wise in the last two years to render these sorts of results. Although there may be some heavy metal poisoning from chemtrails they don’t stick around in Boulder and we only have about 10 chemtrails a month over one or two days. However bromides they spray in the chemtrails may be contributing to the decline in the soil fungi/bacteria leaving the plants starving for minerals and other nutrients. Besides the vegetation the increase of radiation in the rain and snow since Fukushima is also no doubt impacting the soil microbal population.

Boulder being at a higher elevation is more exposed to the loss of the ozone (from nuclear radiation) allowing more of the burning UVB. With this systemic collapse that is occurring...the trees can no longer tolerate car exhaust, roots covered by concrete, water fluctuations and insufficient soil organic matter and soil microbe life.

When the roots die off, the trees appear to “prune” themselves.

Competing symbiotic and radiological fungi—Another plausible theory on the cause of the self-pruning and tree die off could be the increased growth of radiation-loving fungi over the past few years since Fukushima in 2011. In Boulder there was an obvious rise in lush growth of tree-decomposing fungi after the nuclear accident. The symbiotic species of mycorrhizae that are in a mutual relationship with the trees may be killed by the radiation, or simply out-competed against by the radiation-loving fungi, whose action is to kill, breakdown and decompose trees that are weak or diseased.

I am thinking that our anti-life Borg technologies are reverting the tree of life ultimately back to its inorganic origins. Thus the primordial radiophilic fungi would be dominant in conditions in which the more evolved symbiotic mycorrhizae fungi and the immune system of the tree are undermined. In the same way bodies whose immune system and symbiotic good-bacterial population are compromised are a surefire candidate for opportunistic candida rot! In Systemic Environmental Collapse (SEC) the lifeforms closer to the beginnings of life take over, austensibly to “clean up” the mess and revert the Recipe for Cosmic Soup back to its essential ingredients in order to start life anew.

50% or more loss of foliage on this Blue Spruce, while heavily reproductive.

As life devolves more competitive and disruptive species take over, while the complexity needed to sustain systems-synergy and wholeness (health) breaks down. This competition between symbiotic vs. decomposing fungi would understandably result in a size reduction of the root zone of the trees, which would cause the tree to automatically self-limit both the leaf size and to self-prune branches in an effort to equalize or match the smaller root zone. If this theory of competing fungi is correct, this is good news, for the die off could be mediated through mulching, compost tea, mycorrhizae inoculation, remineralization with rockdust, leonardite, shaledust etc…

Staying on point with “the most important thing” is the most important thing. Not that one should succumb to a neurotic urgency, but simply to let poignancy seep into our bones and propel us to meaningful and timely action. To try and save something that is dying is not the best use of our efforts. Finding something capable of growth within the limitations and resource base we find ourselves—we can then apply concerted action.

I put rotted tree trunk mulch around a 4 year old tree whose top branches were dead.

Then I noticed that the trunk was covered with dark patches and the bark was separating. I knew then my efforts to “save” the tree were futile, and I would have to find a tree not so far gone to try my experiment of “saving the urban tree.” From this experience I had been drawn to focus on looking at the trunks of the youngish 8ft trees that have been planted around the Twenty Ninth Street Mall that opened on October 13, 2006. What I saw shocked me to the core and gripped my heart in a vice.

The trunks are splitting, bark peeling and they are “blown” out by heat.

In the higher UV sunlight and unprotected by the shade of a larger canopy and under direct impact of the higher UVB sunlight  and “hot” radiation in the water the tree uptakes is superheating the trunks have superheated. Thus all new plantings, and indeed some of these distressed trees could wear a shadecloth sleeve up their trunk which would protect it from heatstroke until the canopy is large enough to shade the trunk. Another possibility to cool the trunk would be to white wash the trunks them in spring with lime and dolomite to produce a reflective paint that ultimately washes off to feed the soil. Trunks have to be at a certain temperature for convection of water to occur properly.

When radiation is extremely high even the decomposers cannot survive as discovered in the reduced decomposition surrounding Chernobyl: “The gist of our results was that the radiation inhibited microbial decomposition of the leaf litter on the top layer of the soil,” Mousseau says. This means that nutrients aren’t being efficiently returned to the soil, he adds, which could be one of the causes behind the slower rates of tree growth surrounding Chernobyl.”

We don’t have to worry about such extreme lack of decomposition here, in fact decomposition appears to be occurring just fine. The city removes its leaf fall...however this cannot occur indefinitely without a return of organic matter to the soil because soils here are already silty/sandy and need humus in order to be viable over the long term. Ultimately if there is not enough humus in the soil tree death will create it by default, that is  die.

If people do not wake up and change their ways in 20 years most of America will be a dust bowl in which Mad Max reigns. With the aquifers tapped out and the groundtables fallen, the loss of tree cover means the air conditioning is gone, the land will bake-out producing a permanent high pressure which will keep the moisture laden ocean winds from equitable distribution over the land, rain will tend to run-off baked soils rather than seep in, soils will more rapidly erode, crops will fail. The people will go the same way as the American Indians before them, reduced to shanty towns and reservations. The greater proportion of the fresh water in the land bought out and poisoned by the oil industry.

While human populations have doubled in the past 35 years (and our abominable environmental practices along with that), invertebrate species are dying off. This includes spiders, butterflies, worms, and bees. Since insects pollinate roughly 75% of the world’s food crops, it is obvious that the loss of further invertebrates would further negatively impact modern civilization. According to a Stanford biology professor, Rodolfo Dirzo, the earth has begun its 6th mass extinction cycle – and it’s our fault.


I saw it coming on last summer, but this summer everyday now I see tree carnage getting worse. If things continue at this pace of acceleration the area will be denuded of tree cover in 5 years...making way for mega-fires throughout Colorado, Canada and the States. I estimate that within 10 years only the radiation resistant genres and those in ideal growing conditions will be alive. When considering a total kill of tree cover...some of the effects such as loss of water table due to runoff could be mediated with a major engineering project of swales, mulch, compost tea allow soft herbaceous vegetation to flourish. Pioneer species (gorse, broom, lupin, etc..) may have to be planted to hold soil on the land until the ozone layer is revived and the radioactivity is reduced enough for “trees” to be re-established.

Permaculturalists such as Geoff Lawton and David Holmgren should be consulted prior to engaging in a city-wide, state-wide or continent-wide game plan.

The city could save the trees by mulching with compost, inoculating with mycorrhizae and soil biota and remineralizing, compost tea, humalite/leonardite, and green cropping under trees with legume groundcovers. And reworking the hardtop surface runoff into sinks and swales to build up the water table throughout the city.

Don’t expect any definitive information from the governments, institutions, medical industry, universities or local officials. The knowledge about the collapse of the northern hemisphere biosphere will not be publically declared. It will be passed off as global warming, earth changes, drought and all manner of minor red herrings. If you have a personal relationship with certain scientists then approach them, but don’t waste your time spreading the word to the “higher ups,”  They won’t listen, and you will only be called a kook. In practical terms it is irrelevant really as to the admixture and quantity of radiation...since the SEC is obviously caused by radiation, and there is very little we can do about it. I doubt without serious equipment whether a true scientific assay could be reached.

Except for academic and governmental reasons tests for the “amount” of radioactivity in our environment are pointless in practical terms as to what “we the people” should do about SEC. Since it has only taken 3 years of bioaccumulation to cause considerable damage...we can only assume it is going to get much worse, so I suggest you keep your eyes peeled. The more rational folks will probably want to leave the northern hemisphere...for even homesteading and permaculture cannot redeem this issue, and it isn’t going to be swept under the rug.

Mother earth doesn’t lie. We study her or we die, Love nature or go bye bye. Grokking Nature is the greatest high!

If you observe your own area you will see that there is a ubiquitous pattern of die off in ALL vegetation, which cannot be explained by anything prior to the nuclear industry age. All normal plant death/disease causes and symptoms are secondary to this fundamental ubiquitous cause. The multiple stressor factors are incidental...for the trees would be in a normal state of industrial age decline...same as ANYWHERE else in the world.

I have given the methods for mediating damage, however the only long term solution is actively planting radiation-resistant the radiation will still be falling for hundreds of years.  The quicker people wake up and start planting radiation-resistant species...the stronger the health of the land and continent. Small sustainable communities that pull out of the paradigm of decline will be able to maintain quality of ecosystem and quality of life.

There are several things that Boulder County can do to mediate the Systemic Environmental Collapse Syndrome (SECS) and the upcoming loss of tree cover of the city.
• Dead trees and branches need to be removed and chipped to avoid public knowledge of the dieoff and to avoid fire from lightning strike.
• The chipped material needs to be mixed with animal manure and/or human sewage in a rural compost station that uses a high heat composting method followed by fungal/mushroom transformation of the resulting humus.
• This composting station could be tapped for passive water heating and methane gas, thus generating the energy needed to run the station and heat greenhouses that grow the starter trees needed for replanting the city.
• Radiation resistant species such as Gingko, will need to be established over the next 5 years to replace those lost to radiation and loss of immunity.
• Radiation resistant plants are the ones commonly found in disturbed places such as roadsides, gravel bands and nutrient deficient or unstable soil. Red maple, red oak, Yew, Sambucus pubens, Polygonum cilinode, Comptonia peregrina and Epilobium augustifolium.
• The pattern of change to radiation involves first a reduction of diversity of the forest by elimination of sensitive species, then elimination of the tree canopy and survival of resistant shrubs and herbs.
• Rock Dust expert Donald Weaver, Mycorrhizae expert Paul Stamets and local compost tea expert John and Roland Evans should be consulted in establishing the regreening program.
Folar spraying with humalite/kelp/compost tea.
• Permaculturalists Geoff Lawton and Andrew Faust need to be employed to develop a plan for a new surface water management system in the city which would allow for more water to enter the water table starting with swales and deep rooted grasses on the east side of the foothills themselves and throughout the city streets.
New water-sink structures need to be developed to allow water to seep in where now it is running off down storm drains.
• Natural wet space (small reeded swamp) areas can be created to filter water prior to entering the creek system…these would washout in storms, but process hydrocarbons and heavy metals during less severe weather.

This is a new phenomena for me to observe so I am documenting it and will try and find some arborists to talk to. Whatever is happening we need to get involved with finding the causes and the solutions. It is no longer possible to bear witness to the worldwide atrocities without acting to bring about an alternative. It is good to have company in this bio holocaust. The environment is under extreme stress right now, so unless we are living as closely to the ways of nature as we can our energy and health will fail us.

I can send anyone a paper on saving urban trees which are threatened by soil sterilization (lack of soil organic matter and microflora) and also a piece on continental terraforming, suggesting the increased % of eucalyptus trees in Australia may be contributing to ongoing drought due to their emission of aromatic volatile (dispersing) particles into the upper atmosphere thus changing wind patterns and weather condition with respect to the ocean. Hence terraforming continents to regulate weather; and on reforestation vs. war; and remineralization.  Jana Dixon

Those who are not a student of Viktor Schauberger are not earth stewards.

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REMINERALIZATION Don Weaver, Earth Health Regeneration,  POB 620478, Woodside CA 94062 USA Author, To Love And Regenerate the Earth; Co-author, The Survival of Civilization,  both free at   More info:

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