Sunday, April 7, 2013


Gaining Immunity From the Carrot and the Stick

On the morning 9/16/11...I had a dream so strange and meaningless I knew it must be meaningful. I was on a dream journey as usual, and found myself in the porch of a modest house that had been covered in for living space...a big practice here in Boulder. Meantime between the time of the house’s first incarnation and this, there had been growing a grape wine up through the porch. The ordinary looking middle aged man who owned the house had rigged up a automated watering and fertilizing system to the roots of the grapevine as it was now rising up and out of roof of the porch. He showed me how to press a button to feed the roots and the life-sacrament of the former world was respected and carried on as legacy, inheritance and fecundity into the future.  Next scene I was in a completely white space with a woman and I was marveling over necklace after necklace of super sized luscious jewels that were stolen.

The porch is the prefrontal lobes newly entered into. The grape vine is the brain and spinal column with the roots being the nerves entering the sacral plexus (cauda equina) which feeds into the grounding nervous system of the legs. By pressing a button at the opening where the spinal cord enters the skull and connects with the brain...the Axis, the spine-trunk and peripheral-roots can be fed with gratitude for the evolutionary hologram of composite parts that we are. The porch (prefrontal lobes) is a new, updated addition to the house of man and can only be inhabited through the coherent and concerted co-operation of the entire organism.

The strings of jewels are peptides, or the molecules of emotion, each color of the necklace being a different emotion. In the hindbrain culture driven by power differentials we are socially controlled via the molecules of emotion through the counterpoint of the carrot-pleasure and the stick-pain. Depending on how we were raised on the scale of isolation-to-socialization this determines our degree of blind molecular reactivity to the Hindbrain control mechanisms of shame, fear, intimidation, threats, bribes, temptations and rewards. Therefore as we gain “purchase” on our prefrontal anatomy through entering the Mouth of God (the Axis at the top of the spine) and feeding and integrating the evolutionary tree…we are able to consciously direct and have dominion over our jewels (peptides). Then in being able to auto-create our own jewelry box that supports our higher well-being and happiness, we then become immune to the oppressive trance of toxic power on our being. Once immune to dissonance, disharmony and dis-ease we can synchronize our frequency into sublime communion, or being one with the Creator.

There needs to be an apriori return to Phi (love) frequency in which the trance of oppressive power, the illusions, problems, separation and dis-ease disappear in the overwhelming creatrix energy of the evolutionary flow. Fighting the power illusion, merely makes the darkside grow. Easier said than done. As a single sovereign in a community of power-over/power-under sadomasochists it is a full time practice to maintain one's love within systemic predatory and parasitic abuse.

Awareness of our metamotivational states is synonymous with the Fair Witness or nondual equanimity. This elevated perspective doesn’t mean that we are dissociated from happenstance, but that we are NOT simply embedded in the emotion as it plays through us. But that our self-knowledge is such that we are aware of the “why, where, how, who” of the emotion within the continuum of our life, and that we are informed by it, rather than un-formed by it. However, from the position of the newly emancipated, this Meta-awareness equates to stealing the fire of life from Zeus…for it is this self-possession of our own chemistry that gives us autonomy and dominion over our own evolutionary-composite self, and immunity from interpersonal reactivity and automatic response to the carrot and the stick.

The Social Reactivity Scale describes dominance/submission by observing Arousal Seeking/Arousal Avoidance behaviors. Introverted arousal-avoiding animals freeze upon social contact after being isolated. They have lower dopamine concentrations in nucleus accumbens and caudate nucleus, with increased dopamine receptor densities in these same regions. Isolation increases social reactivity, however behavioral effects of isolation are reversible through changes in dopaminergic system. When the D1 dopamine receptor sensitivity was enhanced this increased physical forms of social reactivity (e.g., escape, jump, fight), whereas when the D1 receptors were blocked (down-regulated) this increased stationary reactivity (e.g., freezing, conflict avoiding, submission).

In its developmentally arrested state the human species has colony collapse disorder. Power abuse on all levels from child abuse, spousal abuse, workplace abuse and the rampant abuses of the state are holding us back in a primitive mode of brain operation through the “noise” it creates in our nervous system, which prevents the clear channeling of consciousness. Thus we are neither our Whole Self, nor are we in direct communication with God. The consequent absence of the creativity of the Muse, means that we are trapped like rats in a hamster wheel, caught within the daze of inefficiency created by trauma and apprehension.

Thus we must get our rat brain resonating in “affinity” and sufficiency rather than the attack or freeze pattern of dominance and submission. When we tone down the overreactivity of the Blue Spot we bring our emotional response into the equanimous zone by up-regulating the D1 receptors if we habitually react to threat in submission, freezing and going unconscious. And down regulating the D1 receptors if we typically react with regression and aggression to insults to our will to live. Once we have mastered Blue Spot self-regulation we can ground ourselves more into the fabric of spacetime, rather than merely floating on the surface anxious of drowning. This biological faith exhibited by the sovereign is an undeniable axis mundi between heaven and earth that gives  us the strength to endure any attack without harm to ourselves or our attacker. Thus we are able to stand tall in our own light as the noble, eternal HUman, lit up like an eternal sun for friend and foe alike. The sovereign is an emissary of the future, a dancing flame lighting the path through the rocky terrain that we should have passed already long ago…had we humans not been our own worst enemy.

Emotion drives the focus of our attention, which drives learning, memory, problem solving and just about everything else. Our emotions thus don't simply respond, but rather establish and help to maintain the focus and intensity of our awareness and solutions. In a conformist culture, where we are trained to follow the leader, it is a revolutionary (evolutionary) act to gain command over one’s own emotional molecules. It is heretical to transcend the automatic socio-emotional norms and expectations. But this we must do in order to become our own person, and not be played upon by everyman and his dog.

Hyper arousal, emotional promiscuity, emotional lability or emotional incontinence is when we are excessively affected by other peoples emotions, thoughts and behaviors such that it pulls us off center, off our path and into compensatory mode in which we are essentially wasting time not being true to our Self. When we claim back our emotions from indiscriminate dissipation and iniquitous profligation in response to stimulus from Other, we reestablish our pristine, chaste, innocent, moral, pure and virtuous source vibration, and thus become immune to diversion, distress and discordant energies in the world. We can then be supersensoral, empathetic and psychic without harm to our being. Change frequency and we change how we experience and metabolize the world. By becoming more faithfully presenced this affects how we interrelate with our experience, and our life changes for the better as we have more control over our destiny! Faithful presence is loyal to Phi, thus the evolutionary drive is respected and adhered to...without this evolution becomes regression.

Opening the Mouth of God and infusing the brainstem with peace draws off the collected charge or noise of repression at the top of the spine, allowing us to gain control over our breathing and autonomic nervous system. Once we have established deep-homeostasis of the autonomic nervous system and gained immunity from the direct impact of social coercion and abuse our energy naturally shifts into the porch (prefrontal lobes). The Heart-brain Phi connection provides the eagle’s eye or Fair Witness perspective by which we are not sabotaged by our own reptilian-autonomic system or our old mammalian-limbic systems. Over reactivity means we are lost at sea without an anchor, without sails, without a rudder, and without maps. As such our troubles are self-inflicted, and we are our own worst enemy as we bounce around from light to dark stimuli on the chessboard of life. There is no substantiation of the unique Self until we establish an internal ballast to the raw impulses of attraction and aversion.

In this dream I experienced the Witness as second person showing me the button that I needed to press to feed the roots of the grapevine...and hence the entire nervous system. I also experienced the Witness as second person stealing oversized luscious jewels (peptide molecules of emotion) hence postconventionality. That we have to “steal” our own emotions back from The Given points to the fact that consciously modulated arousal is an absolute prerequisite for self-authorship, social immunity and the stabilization of the unique, sovereign Self. This ability to resist and transcend the sub-HUman normalization of the Borg is especially important when what is “normal” is the wholesale institutionalization of crimes against Life! All of us have been involuntary committed to a presovereign cult and submitted to subnormal psychopathy so deep that we can barely even imagine what life is like outside of the Borg box.

To the degree that we have broken out of the institutional syndrome of Hive Mind is the degree to which we have overcome the deficits or disabilities and built the life skills necessary to living in a mental institution. To resurrect a life beyond the fallen culture requires the autogenesis, that is intentionally, independence and Self-responsibility, by first healing ourselves with the sensibility of postconventional ethos. That is, we must know the wild creature within and hold to our heart the inner cosmic alien beyond the mask of the conditioned persona that is a mere reflection of the sociopathology of the Hive.

Mutual respect, equal accountability, reversibility of perspective, universality and reciprocity…these are the aspects of “social faith” described in Habermas’s idea of postconventional moral and legal consciousness. Habermas believes postconventiality, or the transcendence of pathological norms, is achieved through elevating our perspective above “differences,” and rationally arriving at “common ground.”

In making the shift from victim to creator we must salvage and reclaim our soul from the forces of dissonance, mechanization, dispossession and soul removal. The more conscious and embracing we become of our own emotional empowerment, the less likely we are to give that power away to others involuntarily, or try to assume false power over others. Emotional self-reliance, emotional solvency, emotional fitness, competence, buoyancy, and effervescence requires emotional strength training. Emotional hygiene is achieved by avoiding all that is Lifeforce depleting, and focusing on all that is Lifeforce enhancing. By cleansing and building up the strength of the bodymind and consciously calming and lowering the tone in our neuro-adrenaline system we speed our neurogenetic healing and spiritual growth toward a more Self orchestrated life…having let go of the “noise” blocking the conductor of our Grand Opus.

In the scarcity-fear paradigm in which this world still operates we vibrate in dominance/submission and predator/parasite, thus deficiency frequency animates every cell of our body. Truth be told this probably started when the lush cornucopic forests of Africa dried up and turned to savannah. Today with our unbiogenic food, housing, clothing, EMFs and habits, and having unplugged from Earth-Cosmos frequencies, we are biologically losing the felt-sense of abundance and nourishment at an unprecedented rate. Overcoming the scarcity frequency and establishing the sense of being loved, of loving and of being supported by the Universe is at the most basic level related to the soil organic matter, mineral and microbe content of the soil and the consequent Lifeforce energy in our food. Thus to rectify the HUman, we must rectify the entire chain of being.

If we don't have atomic integrity, we try and hack together a compensatory life, running around in circles trying to get our full. Our Self incarnates as we increase the cellular energy, molecular perfection and the coherency of light in our bodymind vehicle. Until we achieve this and plug back into global gnosis and cosmic fecundity we remain in the resonant frequency of the sluts and warlords (parasite/predator). The chronic fear, aggression, self-hatred and shame at the heart of the sub-HUman suicide civilization must be addressed at its energetic and atomic foundations for collective salvation and the evolution of the noble HUman to be had. In a scarcity/deprivation based civilization the spiritual pretensions and spiritual materialism of the ego-defense are the last bastion against the Truth that could set us all free into socioeconomic faith…or Grace.