Sunday, July 25, 2010

Love Makes Us Whole

Love enhances brain circuits with increased dopamine, serotonin, estrogen, testosterone, oxytocin, vassopressin, anandamide and endorphins. This provides a positive biochemical reward for successful social bonding and sex, along with the associated stress reduction. The opposite chemistry to this induces closure, exclusion, rejection, competition, scarcity, defense, isolation and stress. This is why betrayal by a parent is particularly damaging to a child because the biochemistry for love and togetherness gets contorted and conflicted by the need for protection and defense from the parental figure. Caretakers in a healthy society should be installing in the child the potential for healthy bonding...for love is the primary human need after food and shelter. One can easily see how breaking the basic trust of a child could lead to a lifetime of unhealthy and unsatisfying relationships through damage to the neurology of the pleasure/motivation drive itself.

Overcoming this damage done by untrustworthy, abusive, absent, neglectful, codependent or addicted parents is the foundation of the healing work in awakening sovereignty. For we cannot become our Self if we have not died to the old parental programs and come under the stewardship of our own higher guidance...the capacity for compassionate grokking. Through developing the power of the PFC/Heart connection we have the Presence to repattern the feelings and emotions of our thoughtfield. In this unveiling we draw from our primordial blueprint prior to conditioning/memory of this life, to repattern ourself with good/God information. The sovereign self is the ab-original bodymind free from the scrambled information of dis-ease, and revelled in the temple of the soul beyond time and space. This is the deeper darker work essential to awakening sovereignty, which almost certainly requires fasting, but doesn't necessarily have to be difficult if it is done carefully and with joy, surrender and serenity. (See The Fasting Path by Harrod Buhner)

Once we are free of the old dis-eased vibratory states and suffering flesh there is no need to even forgive...because when freed of the pain of dis-ease we realize the continuum of mental and emotional illness is caused by the ignore-ance of personal sovereignty and by claiming our own we become free. Through our own unique divinity we help humanity come that much closer to the full realization of being human. As each of us recovers our deep humanity by developing our sovereignty, we help return Homo sapiens back to its noble state and heal the human condition.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Humanizing the Human

Tryptomines and the Eye of Horus
Regarding mind over matter— instead of imagining our wishes fulfilled to trying to control others or events...the sovereign simply "turns their focus inward” to the uraeus-heart connection and calms the bodymind’s vibratory state to maximum coherence. The key to even doing this though is full health and energy. We know that our health or wholeness is largely determined by the epigenetic influence of our environment on our gene expression. The beliefs and attitudes of our internal experience and the sensory, interpretive experience of our outer experience directly relate to our survival and thrival fitness.

Perhaps the principle sequence of spiritual biochemistry, as described by Mantak Chia and Rick Strassman, is the conversion of the neurohormones: serotonin to melatonin, then on to 5-Me)-DMT and DMT. In normal daily consciousness the serotonin is quickly broken down by the enzyme MAO, thus inactivating serotonin and stopping its conversion to the spirit molecules. In the darkness of night melatonin is produced which slows down the body to receive subtler consciousness…slower frequencies with far greater embedded information. Then in dreaming DMT and other tryptomines are involved in stimulating the dreams themselves, by igniting the Prefrontal Cortex, limbic system and other brain areas. DMT may also be involved in continuity of consciousness in meditation practitioners capable of being lucid while in slow, deep Delta wave. Conversely DMT may be implicated in those individuals capable of carrying Delta and Theta wave into waking consciousness…thereby achieving mystic consciousness, spanning 3D flatland and the spiritual domain simultaneously.

What this implies is that if we embody victim or subordinate consciousness (ie: low status chemistry) we will be producing inadequate serotonin to remain calm and anxiety free…but more significantly, we will be undermining the supply of spirit molecules. Thus our soul connection—dreams, visions, revelations, imagination, bionavigation and gnosis—will be reduced, making it virtually impossible to ascend beyond the low status state. Since the external world will directly react with aggression, revulsion or indifference to the weak energy of the subordinate, there is an fatalistic feedback loop between us and the external world that keeps us perpetually in the presovereign victim position. In this enfeebled state we abort our power to determine who we are and our efficacy to manifest our own destiny. This is the embedded pre-conscious dilemma of those who fall through life reactively, unable to claim the reigns to their own fate and become who they are.

We see therefore, in order to be something more than mere reactions to the given, we must root our being in the transcendental chemistry, through which our daily temporal self is in-formed and informed. From this understanding it becomes obvious that the pyramid model of a few rulers governing large masses of stressed out “subjects” kept wanting for the illuminating birthright of their own spiritual chemistry is plainly immoral under universal law. Plus it is a huge waste of the most valuable resource humanity has…the imaginative genius and cosmic connection of each individual. In an enlightened society we should not have to fight to be our true Self, but should naturally be bought to the awareness of the miracle of our humanity.

Through relaxing beyond the hypervigilant ignorance of the Borg condition we create the epigenetic and vibrational conditions that support the creation of the spirit molecules. It is then that we literally turn on the headlights of the human species so that we can create a transcendental future through beneficent means.

The readily verifiable thesis is that we reconnect to source by inhibiting MAO so that sufficient serotonin can convert to melatonin and then to 5-Me)-DMT and DMT. MAO is inhibited by the body’s own harmine, harmaline and pinoline molecules secreted by the pineal gland. Thus through nutrition, meditation, darkness retreats, intention, exercise, toning, visual beauty saturation, sungazing and MAO inhibiting plant substances, we can start to get a grip on our spiritual stature in the material world. Thereby giving ourselves license to show up and be our Self.

Through the spiritual molecules we open up our consciouness to 40% more cortical activity, resulting in far greater lucid self-awareness and perception of the Unified Self. The perception, preservation and protection of the Unified Self is achieved by the self/Self making process and superconducting intelligence of the immune system. Melatonin is the youthifying antioxidant par excellence, which stimulates powerful stem cells in the bone marrow to provide immune cells and regenerating body cells.

Thus the sovereign focuses on melatonin conservation to promote the visionary and revelatory chemistry of DMT and that the prefrontal cortex lights up and quickens bringing a otherworldly transcendental dreams and visions with which to receive the information necessary for building visionary or mystic community, subtle technology and biomimic design aesthetic. Through transcendental chemistry we open the conscious all seeing eye and are born again to revel in unity, rather than drown in ignore-ance and separation. Each of us is the leader of the age should we choose to de-repress.

Sovereignty is the only real security there is. So when we fail to build our cosmic connection by positive proactive means, we use unconscious and unskillful methods to try and achieve a sense of power. Prefrontal cortex development brings the self-awareness to Know Thyself—that is a self-possession, witnessing, vision and stewardship that allow us to transcend the automatic animal predator/prey chemistry of our primate wiring. By expanding consciousness into the higher circuits we no longer engage in the lower distorted forms of energy generation whether as individuals or groups: subversion, parasitism, sabotage, thieving, direct conflict (war) or other forms of violence. These forms of spiritual cannibalism are underhanded methods of prompting the stimulating amphetamine-like reward chemistry. But we can only do so when we are so unintegrated and disconnected that we lack the empathy to feel the universal consequences of our actions and intentions.

Thus we see that the addictive-delinquent side of human or animal behavior comes from a sense of powerlessness through the lack of higher processing levels in the Prefrontal Cortex. This is largely an education and upbringing problem caused by the authoritarian punitive structures of our society itself, which suppress the higher cortical development of individuals rather than evolving it through humanizing understanding, guardianship and example. As we integrate the God, Animal and Man in us we overcome the inherent destabilizing traits of our composite being and enter a higher unification by which we gain true and lasting power, security and freedom from loss and fear. Freedom from the deeply embedded patterns of own undermining chemistry, to realize we have the power of choice to create the changes that allow us to create happiness, joy, peace and grace of our lives.

“Social forms are largely a consequence of our will and permitting circumstances.” Mary Douglas

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Holistic Systems Orculture

As the human species awakens we are moving from a culture of fear to a culture of love. As the left brained patriarchal-hierarchal focus on technological advancement swung the mental pendulum toward the Cartesian reductionism and the mechanistic, material universe, we lost our sense of connectedness to nature, cosmos and the sacred order. Now our physical, mental and emotional pain and the eminent danger of losing our soul is waking us up to the fact that we have gone as far as we can in that imbalanced direction without wholesale systems failure. A new cosmology emerging from the sacred geometry GUT, quantum and hadronic mechanics and Unified Field Theory and we are swinging our collective lens back to a more right brained understanding of the universe. Through the matriarchal-affiliative view we see the Universe as an interconnected, nonlocal whole and an undivided circle of manifestation…even time itself is losing its linear grip.

This feminine feltsense of the nonlinear unity of all things will infiltrate all aspects of human thought and culture…if only because it is so pleasurable to do so. For division and separation without an equal unifying connecting force is spiritually painful as it bereaves the heart. It is through this great return to circle-culture that we will save ourselves from the brink of destruction and bring about a better world for all species.
Not “matter” but “Spirit” or intelligent energy fields is the a priori causal force of cosmogenesis. We are healing the human species through correcting our thought by whole brain consciousness, through compassionate intension and heart intelligence. As Homo sapiens awakens our technology will work with nature instead of against her…and we will discover what truly miraculous creatures we are, and what an awe inspiring enchanted universe it really is.

Thus agency and achievement on the one hand and gratification of affiliative needs (social hunger) on the other need to be given equal status to balance human social systems into a Orculture, organized or ordered as an orb or circle…an interconnected whole. Research into the problem of stress, coping, and anxiety has lead to a renewed appreciation of cooperation, communalism, and altruism. Chiastic structure (ring structure) is a literary term used in ancient literatures including epic poetry for inverted parallelism. We can apply the principles of music, sympathetic vibration, phi, sacred geometry along with our knowledge of the neuroscience of stress to create a society in which humans can flourish in the deepest sense of being human.

Increased awareness of the consequences of our actions and the quickening impact of the coming global warming/ice age will bring on a huge expansion in our subtle-mystical understanding of nature. This will be reflected in a deepening of the Human Kosmos and a profound actualization/liberation of the soul of the individual.

The only real security is our sovereign connection to the cosmos.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


For millions of years we have used shaming as one of the principle means of negatively controlling our fellows. Our brains have been molded by social shame such that our low sense of self worth makes us betray ourselves with all that is damaging and suppressing to Life offered freely by distressed society. We try and assuage the pain of being controlled by bullying and shaming by trying to bolster ourselves with sugar and fat, with cosmetic camouflage and consumer comforts. True love bonds, regenerosity and abundance are weakened by systemic damage to the brain and heart caused by chronic or acute shame. Fundamentally shaming is an infringing upon another's sovereignty and right to self-determination. Along with bribing and threats, shame is one of the main means of child control by unenlightened parents who themselves have been shame damaged.

Where there is abuse of another’s sovereignty, be they man, woman or child, there is internalized shame and PTSD. Not surprisingly there is a correlation between sex abuse, age of first drug use, shame and PTSD scores. Research describes self-sustaining biochemical feedback loops created by trauma and food/substance dependency. Addictions, coping mechanism and neuroticisms become locked into place through the analgesic numbing effect of trauma which feeds deep festering wounds in body, mind and soul. Due to the avoidant retreat of consciousness associated with powerlessness, feelings of inadequacy and the sensitivity to rejection generated by shame, the untreated trauma symptoms perpetuate self-destructive coping mechanisms. Therefore unless we get to the root of the problem…which is abuse of personal sovereignty…then we are all victim to internalized shame to one degree or another and suffer the PTSD degradation of our brains and especially the prefrontal cortex as a result.

This “social-shame-stress-damage” phenomena runs on automatic, so unless we actually train ourselves to overcome this very common human intimidation tactic we are all at risk. At a zoo many years ago I saw a bunch of heckling teenagers intimidate a gorilla, who turned away from them to disconnect. At that point I coined a new term for Homo sapiens…”the intimidating ape.” Shaming is such a low-brow manipulation devise that there is almost never any true or upright cause for using such a method of controlling others, and yet it is the principle means of choice used by those who seek power over others…usually because they feel powerless themselves. This cycle of intergenerational traumatic stress, compulsivity, addictive self-medication, and chronic victimhood results in unrealized sovereignty and ultimately the inability to survive and look after ourselves, let alone thrive.

Besides fear and the outright threat of violence shame is the next greatest contributing factor to the ongoing fall of mankind. Fix this and we solve the problem of the degeneration of the human species and provide the hope and neurological foundation necessary to get through the eye of the needle to the next stage in human evolution. If we stop toxifying and brain damaging each other and abide by the principles of sovereignty we would rapidly recover from our cultural distress and grow our brainpower to the full intelligence of the heart…to stretch our limits, develop our potential and actualize our dreams to fully explore our future.

“Adults shouldn't be treated like children...but then neither should children be treated like children.”

David R. Cook's Shame Scale describes the phenomenology of shame and its relationship to addictions and the MEMPI PK and PS sub-scales are used for PTSD.