Monday, December 26, 2011


Cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collard, cress, horseradish, kale, kohlrabi, mustard greens, radish, rutabagas, turnip and watercress. If you have any cabbage family vegetables, a blender and probiotics, you can make cabbage cider...which I find to be the number one regenerator of the liver. Cabbage cider is such a good methylator that I swear it must have a large glutathione component, as well as B vitamins from the bacteria. Cabbage cider and garlic mustard are two of the most significant allies of sovereignty in enabling the rapid epigenetic changes necessary to give up the hypnotic attunement to power pyramid nonsense.

Fermenting cabbage with probiotics produces a highly restorative food that can be used raw in salads, smoothies, salad dressings, dips, guacamole, raw soups etc... The benefits include increased energy and aliveness, faster clearer cognition, improved strength, rapid healing speed, more youthful hydrated luminous skin, the spine has more inherent strength and length, increased muscle tone, reflex and reaction speed faster, and less pain. Foremost in the effects is the regeneration of the liver. A phytonutrient in the Cruciferous vegetables contain named glucosinolate significantly enhances your liver detoxification and control control glutathione S-transferase (GST): an inducer of phase II enzymes important in the control of cancer. According to one study eating these foods every day will halve your risk of getting cancer. 

The extra cellular hydration and cellular energy means that not only do we have more energy for life, but the body is weighted down less by gravity due to the extra energy/light/hydration of the cells. Indeed cabbage cider may be the elixir of youth, for that and other probiotic ferments start the anabolic turn around through detoxification, repair and rebuilding. If you put the dregs of the probiotic cabbage cider on the soil of a house will see how it rapidly increases growth and vitality. This cider/coleslaw version of fermented cabbage is much faster and easier than Sauerkraut or Kim Chi and it avoids the nasty addition of salt. 

To optimize your body chemistry you have to normalize your intestinal bacteria, for they provide the chemicals for anti-anxiety, pain relief, antiinflammation and allow detoxification, besides providing nutrition for growth of the bodymind. Juiced cabbage is one of the fastest pain relief methods, and then there is the probiotic cabbage cider and coleslaw which rapidly youthenize the body, reduce stress and inflammation and return our metabolism to an anabolic or growth state. Besides bacterial intelligence and silicon for collagen strength, GI lining reconstruction also requires glutamine, an amino acid that has anti-inflammatory properties. Cabbage contains significant amounts of glutamine and is an excellent source of vitamin C also needed for collagen. 

When eating a high enzyme diet soaking and sprouting seeds removes the enzyme inhibiting antinutrients. Once fermented cabbage is mixed into a salad the rest of the vegetables and sprouts digest very easy. If you need more digestive fire in the beginning transition stages of going raw, you can sprinkle papain powder on your salad.

You get a permanent bliss buzz in the gut courtesy of bacterial intelligence, the GI tract reconstructs and there is a rebooting of the enteric brain and GI nerves.  There is a significant joy vibration in guts from consuming the orange juice-cabbage cider/coleslaw combo. The intestinal tract literally en-joys it, making one aware that the biochemistry of joy starts with the health and well-being of the microbes in the soil and gut. Cup half full (optimism) and the elevation of hope and potential may actually be gifted to us by the happiness of our bacteria, through the increase in energy and bacterial intelligence chemicals. Harnessing healthy bacterial intelligence makes cabbage cider the elixir of youth. It provides the "free-energy" of predigestion and the onslaught of healthy bacteria to the GI tract overpowers any dysbiotic unhealthy microbial conditions and subsequently eliminates inflammation. Since the majority of free radical activity occurs in the GUT, this anti-inflammatory property reduces the wasteful overwork the body must undergo in a system that is already "run down."
We are talking reconstructive surgery using bacterial intelligence...the older, sicker or slower you get, the more you need to super repopulate until your GI tract and immune system has resurrected. Eating a raw probiotic food diet for an extended period incorporating such foods as the cabbage cider/coleslaw mix will eliminate yeast and fungi overgrowth, even when one still consumes 4-5 pieces of fruit a day and drinks coffee. While providing a onslaught of good bacteria and fermented (predigested) foods, the secret is to avoid all dead, cooked and processed foods, thereby avoiding giving the immune system extra work to do, inflammation is reduced and the GI lining can heal itself. Even tenacious toenail fungi will be eliminated in 1-2 months on this regime, and this points to the validity of using the raw probiotic food diet for diabetic conditions.

CIDER RECIPE: Blend half a cabbage in a blender which is 2/3 full of spring water, adding 2 capsules of probiotics. Probiotics that work good in making the cider include: Swanson Vitamin's "Dr. Stephen Langer's Ultimate 15 Strain Probiotic" and "Swanson Ultra Soil-Based Organisms," plus Dr. Mercola's "Complete Probiotics." Put it in one or two large jars with lids on and ferment in the dark for 24 hours...sieve the solids out of the mix and chill in the fridge for a coleslaw or salad. Or grind fine enough (as in a nutribullet) so you simply use the solids and liquids combined in your smoothies. You will have to watch the speed of ferment according on your local temperature, and put it in the fridge. In summer and in the tropics make it in a 24 hr cycle, while in winter this can be extended to 48 hours before storing it in the fridge.

CIDER SMOOTHIE: Extra cider can be put in glass bottles in the fridge and a couple of cups taken throughout the day. You can also use the chilled cider for smoothies, or add some cabbage cider to several chilled oranges with much of their white left on and blend well till smooth. For greens you can put kale, dandelion, garlic mustard, lambsquarter leaves or spinach in with the cider water and tree ripened oranges when you blend up. I drink a whole blenderful a day, and put papaya enzymes, MSM and chromium picolinate in the blender. Don’t add protein or oil to the cider smoothie or this will hold back digestion time. It is good to drink the orange-cabbage cider in the morning, and then chill the coleslaw for use in the afternoon/dinner...that way the body cleanses thoroughly morning and night. The cider is also great as a base for making various salad dressings including pesto, and blue cheese.

COLESLAW: Coleslaw can be made with the fermented solids of the cabbage cider from around 24 to 48 hours after starting. Other coleslaw ingredients may include: grated carrot, chopped apple, red pepper,  soaked wild Amazonian peanuts, black currents, fenugreek seeds sprouted in a colander 1-3 days, raw coconut oil, White Coconut Kefir, New Zealand cheddar, sprouts, parsley. After trying this you will find you won't be able to eat a nonfermented coleslaw anymore. The jungle peanuts are a very important source of vege protein...unlike normal peanuts they don't harbor fungi and aflatoxin, and are great soaked in salads, whereas other nuts aren't that nice soaked.

WHITE COCONUT KEFIR: Poke two eyes of a white coconut and remove the milk. Break open the coconut with a hammer and scoop out the flesh, removing the brown part. Blend the coconut water and flesh in a blender adding water to bring it to the 32 oz line, and adding 1 pkt of Kefir powder or the contents of two probiotic capsules, and put in a quart jar with a lid. Fermentation times are recommended between 12 and 48 hours depending on the temperature and how active your kefir grains. You can add the solids of coconut kefir to the coleslaw or with fruit and nuts, or use the liquid in smoothies, etc…  --Dysbiosis - Bacterial, Fungal & Parasitic Overgrowth
The Permaculture Book of Ferment and Human Nutrition by Bill Mollison