Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cultural Selection

Culture itself is built on a process of selective brain damage...or retardation of certain faculties in lew of the selective preference for others that amounts to cultural selection.

We are all interlinked through the unified a psychic soup created by our attractions, aversions and needs. This noosphere essentially has a life of its own that is tied into evolutionary processes and the cycles of the sun, moon, solar system and galaxy. Our bodies are the receivers and transmitters of this noosphere, which informs us and which we inform through anthropomorphic ideation. We build interests and passions for various archetypes and symbols that we feel are signs of importance to the story we are weaving with our lives. This psychic cooking can be so extreme that it feels like we are living an epic drama, or our hallucinations are indeed real. The evolutionary growth work the human species is going now going through is to break down the artificial barriers between the states of perception so that deep sleep, dreaming, waking and enlightened mind reach greater synergy. We are collectively overcoming the cruel removal from the body and earth which has allowed us to all but destroy both. We are beginning to feel the pain of the loss of humanity which we endured with grim acceptance thinking that we had to conform and be silent in order to survive.

In the last 10,000 years in particular, during the development of technology, women have largely gained their status and power from bonding with men. Women are now gaining status through the same means that men have done in the past. They are banding together to accumulate power and this will slowly undermine the status quo of the power dynamics in the flatland material world. The tension created by the disruption to the given modes of power exchange will force the human species into greater heights of awareness, creativity, achievement and health. As women come into their power and as use of the right brain and emotional intelligence becomes preferentially selected, humanity will not only become more alive, but we will recouperate and accelerate our full cognitive and perceptive and behavioral capacities...and discover the beauty of living within the "deep-human" in our collective daily lives.