Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Transforming The Human Condition

“One light, many shadows, will you be Source or an effect?”
Garwin Redman

The Borg is the decivilization process generated by accumulated trauma conditioning that literally contaminates our natural spiritual intelligence. This dumbing down of cosmic consciousness (love) has a regressive and depressive effect on the human continuum…and all other life that is negatively impacted by our species. The Borg Matrix, or degenerative complex, is invested in suffering through resonance, familiarity and historical continuity with the trauma conditioned culture. When a nervous system spends the vast majority of its energy in suppressing fossilized trauma and tension its energy efficiency rating, or connection power and information processing goes down. If the Borg is separation from Source, sovereignty is connection to Source. Connection is simple, we must refuse to suffer and spread suffering and the answers are immediately available. Suffering, sacrifice, martyrdom, messiahs and broken hearts are not a direct route to cosmic consciousness or connection to God. They are just what happens when we fail to take a direct route, and look outside of ourselves for the answers. Celebration, joy and bliss are the direct route to God. We regain our connection to cosmic consciousness and the “Mind of God” by increasing communication between mind, body, soul and cosmos...and such communion is the sweetest elixir there is.

The mind is a filter for what is allowed to physically manifest—therefore if you want to be supported you have to support, if you want to be loved you have to love, if you want to be successful you have to be successful, if you want strength you have to be strong and if you want health you have to be healthy…no one else can be anything for you that you are not yourself. Vulnerability to the weakness and insanity of others is caused by the ineptitude to take CHARGE of our own experience. If we are on target and not ambiguous and unstable about who we are, where we are going and what we are doing here, then NO interference or subversion from others can put a blip on our radar screen. If we are aligned with our immutable soul as our highest guidance then we find refuge in that which is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omnibenevolent. If we are not aligned with our immortal soul, we are a leaf in the wind, vulnerable to any passing dis-ease.

Religion is an attempt to package ideological belief in an effort to lower entropy (chaos/infinity), but it just ends up killing love. Love is the freedom to move, to make meaning and to raise value. Spiritual potency involves raising cell voltage and atomic spin in support of our creative syntropic selves. Love equals lower entropy. By raising our cell voltage we increase our spiritual potency and lower our vulnerability to chaos. By raising our cell voltage and aligning to our soul despite the vagrities and whims of the hologram…we remain tethered to unassailable, indestructible, unsurmountable, invincible power. This entails a completion of the shock response, resolution of threat in the heart and forgiveness of the ironic vagrities of mortal existence.

The Borg is not personal it is reactive! It reacts automatically from a low energy, low faith and low conscious perspective. It does this because it lacks vision, depth and a sense of universal justice and care. If we have been screwed over by the Borg once, we will tend to be screwed over again because the Borg relishes poking in wounds. The Borg however is just seeking reassurance that it is OK, because it lacks higher ground and feels insubstantial and inconsequential. So whatever the Borg throws at you reassure it that its primary needs are taken care of, that it is doing well, that it is a good person and has a bright future. Once the Borg gets whiff of the sense of a transcendent future its delinquency relents.

"The future is endlessly bright and full of transcendental promise for those who are not afraid of it." Terrence McKenna

We are poised on the brink of a revolution...a revolution of applied intention. We don't have to wait until we go through the tunnel at the end of life to figure out what it is we came here for. There are ways and means of generating coherent consciousness and protecting our soul from the dogs of hell, in order to collect our Self and come to greater Order now. Indeed we can create a life of greater and greater portentousness, power and purpose. There has to be a certain amount of awareness-presence, self-respect or self-support, and a pure verve for life...to establish the sacred immunity to Preserve one's Self system. If we take the low road and try and help others at the expense of our highest contribution, then we pull down the Whole. Instead we must inspire in others the desire to act in their own sovereign strength. Only this will evolve the species towards the mystic civilization when we will be who we truly are.

We cannot hold up the entire universe with our own power, but we can invite others to discover where their power lies. Iodine (kelp) is important in this, both for metabolic energy, immunity and for maintaining the “uplifted voice of truth.” For we are nothing if we fail to uphold our integrity, and only by care of the Whole can we maintain our integrity. Diminishing our Selves through Self-sacrifice only invites the wrath of the Borg, even as the Borg blatantly tries to use us to get on top. You cannot have heartfelt relations with the Borg, for it is born of suffering and knows only suffering and the attempt to escape from it. Consider those who are not sovereign to be decomposers, reverting all that is not yet “strong in itself” back to dust. Being low in voltage, addicted, dissociated through the schism between mind, body and soul…disconnected hemispherically, disconnected between the levels of the Triune Brain, cut off from our Daemon and from the earth and cosmos. All forms of discommunication from zeropoint, molecular misalignment, plastic cell membranes, fake food bodies…all these create the angry fight for survival in a world that could ring in exquisite harmony and plenty.

The Borg is the cult of fear and it will use whatever delusional advantage it can devise to try and get on top, for competition is its life breath, as it lacks a view of the larger picture and seeks immediate relief from the nightmare of its own insignificance. It thinks that it can obtain security, power and position by fighting against others and nature. Unconnected to Source the Borg is the culture of fear. But the Borg is a case of mistaken identity…in thinking that it is separate. In so doing it can never feel good in its flesh, or at home in the universe. The Borg is sentience at war with existence.

Because the Borg is spiritually derelict from the pain of millions of years of survival struggle, this fallen angel condition cannot be redeemed by force and attack. The only way to heal the inner/outer Borg in ALL its forms is through love, ie: Source connection. We cannot fight the Borg, we can only ever work on ourselves to avoid maladaptive coping strategies, develop Self mastery and come back to Life! If the Borg is the loss of spiritual consciousness, then the solution is the recovery of spiritual consciousness. With whole-brain use we recover our visionary creative agency and no longer need to use the low-brain methods of survival that constitute Borg consciousness. We help those around us move out of Borg consciousness by being a bastion of light and love, but not by doing others work for them. Since we cannot fight the Borg without inflaming it, we must rise up and shine as the only alternative to the insane death march of the Borg. Shine a little light and the shadows go running.

The movie Dangerous Beauty (1998) basically lays out the prostitution, perversion, fear, torment, usury and hatred of sovereign power and pleasure in general. Sex/love/heart/spirit/kundalini is the magnetic power of awakening, but when run through the context of Borg society's limitations regarding power, property, position, state etc...the very energy that fuels awakening and abundance is destroyed and made ugly, mean and crippled. The Borg’s fear makes a farce of all that is good, wholesome, true and beautiful...indeed it destroys all that is alive and spiritually intelligent. How we thrash and contort within these unnatural constraints and work against our own true and deepest nature, points directly to our potential for living our Spirit rather than our pain. We find our way to the mystic society of sovereigns by studying our suffering, refusing to suffer and finding the higher road out.

The Borg is fatally delinquent…and so there is no honor with fools like these. Honor and honesty are achieved through prefrontal lobe/heart initiation such that right and wrong are felt objectively and transpersonally at the subatomic level as being that which either furthers life or harms life. Since there is no honor is dealing with the low-brow subversive, parasitic and predatory tactics of the Borg in a reactive, counteractive, punitive or superior manor...we turn immediately to our sovereignty and visionary practices to center into OUR personal singularity and elevate OUR being in ground of the Universe. Thus the world becomes a playground and feedback mechanism for our enduring progress toward the Omega of Source. In moving from automatic reactive response to proactive agency you need to "shake" the medium by toning (Huuuu), running, stretching, strengthening and breathing. We use whatever the Borg throws at us as a gift to work through our own cocoon and dig deep into the infinite ambrosial pool of cosmic intelligence beyond.

The Awakening Sovereignty books are to aid in the transformation of the human condition from the mechanized surface programming of the Borg, that lives without the safety, reward, satisfaction, bliss and connection of the hidden Self or soul. This sovereignty self-development is “play” to recover our greatest natural treasure...the Daemon or the divine calling of the Muse...in directing ones life moves and attitudes. Through unification of body, mind, soul and cosmos we may know right from wrong, divine Universal Truth and surrender to sacred sanity...home at last.

My focus on the Borg is merely to describe the illusionary prison...however to really liberate oneself from the energies of the cage of survival mania we have to get into the groove of celebratory exuberance. The big picture is that the male sex drive (will to perform) is driven by dopamine, while the female sex submission (will to receive) is driven by serotonin. Thus we must get our masculine and feminine principles in balance through a sublime inner marriage in order to effect sane action in the world...through the marriage of human rational will and cosmic-umbilification. In this way we become the Christos...a force of Nature and God.

"A pearl is a beautiful thing that is produced by an injured life. It is the tear [that results] from the injury of the oyster. The treasure of our being in this world is also produced by an injured life. If we had not been wounded, if we had not been injured, then we will not produce the pearl." Stephan Hoeller

Inner/outer violence is retreat from love communion...and since the Borg is created from eons of divisiveness without resolution (healing), the Borg is spiritually ignorant, ie: not hooked into the cosmos. The sacred hierarchy of the individual thus falls flat and we revert to a bot mindlessly carrying out survival programs or distracting ourselves from the responsibility for survival. The tough exoskeleton of the pupal condition of the Borg is broken through and made pliable via compassionate understanding. Once the Borg realizes that its machinations are only met with heart rendering love, the Heart-brain relaxes and becomes pliable to growth and a new valence of energy efficiency is reached. During spiritual initiation the Borg pupae undergoes complete metamorphic transformation, dropping the pathological cocoon or shell of defense. The consequent release of internal tension works at the subatomic level to melt the former structures, wherein the energy held within the fossilized shock response is set free, allowing the innate "mature" structures of the sovereign or Christ self to be formed, while the larval structures of the Borg are broken down. Through kundalini awakening and metamorphosis we learn to abide in the Web, Warp and Weft of cosmic power. And once empowered we are no longer a small, fearful organism alone in the Universe, but a Saint in a civilization entirely composed of Saints.

(See Biology of Kundalini for more on the metamorphic process. http://biologyofkundalini.com)

“There is only Source. If you start there, there is where you uncover the Source as your Self and all else.” Arik Redman