Sunday, September 6, 2009


As the lifeforce falls within human populations through unhygienic (cosmically insane) life practices and unshareable thoughts the acceleration of light through the DNA and the structure of the DNA itself degrades. This loss of light occurs over multiple generations ultimately leading to a loss of grace, famine, plague and war. War is a unconscious life-negative attempt to regain the light, that takes us ever further from the light. For every action born of fear generates more fear. This is the answer to all our problems, including cancer, ecocide, the breakdown of society, crime, mental illness and the fall of civilizations.

Sovereignty is the ability to make your own light from your own personal spiritual relationship with the universe. When we cannot do this for ourselves we tend to flock together in codependent clans, or chase after authority figures to follow, or alternatively we terrorize the weak in order to feel strong. This is simply the nature of the human baboon not yet illuminated as to its divine nature or the enchanted universe. Enchantment is the opposite of ignorance. While it is not politically correct to call capitulation to life-negating power systems “evil,” it is in effect grossly misguided. Because you have to deny your own soul in order to lie (sin) against the life-principle and life-force. To do so is to slowly kill yourself (and your futurecestors) by using soul-subduers like cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and war in order to remain in such a low energy state of the subjection and confiscation of Eros.

We see that hedonists, sociopaths, misfits, the medieval, primitive and those of a saturnic, scorpionic nature gravitate to the occult secret societies. In fact one way at looking at secret societies is that they play on the death-wish and the self-destructive urges and focus on dark occult energies and symbols because they worship the black-sun, having lost so much light in their own DNA through generations of unhygienic (cosmically insane) life practices and unshareable thoughts. Thus the vibe of dark power these societies operate on becomes a great attractor to those who have lost the ability to make their own light from their own personal spiritual relationship with the universe.

This explains the awesome power that the Nazis and Hitler welded in the Second World War and provides the solution to the avoidance of a Third World War. The Swastika points directly to this fact in that it is the symbol of the sun, normally representing lifeforce and enlightenment. In Sanskrit, the proper spelling of the word swastika is svastika. Literally, the word svastika is a statement of affirmation, "It is!" "Life is good!" "There is value and meaning!" Svastika is a term that affirms the positive values of life. The Nazis used the same right-handed Swastika that is used in modern Hinduism, but gave it a 45 degree turn. This gives it the appearance of being left-handed, even though it is not. The left-handed Swastika is also associated with the occult and esoteric tantric practices.

Anyway the point being that people who are losing their light ban together under various dark banners and secret unsharable thoughts in order to try and find shared light in their darkness. This inverse of love is a saturnic attractor field that pulls in the weak and the broken who are looking for love and lifeforce in all the wrong places as a means to prop themselves up. This is a self-defeating bond however for darkness just breeds more darkness and energy is dissipated until the body can no longer maintain its structure and disease sets in. Much better to get adequately educated in spiritual science in the first place and become sovereign, make your own light and gain a masterful relationship with the universe. To do otherwise is ignorance and a down-spiral ride to oblivion and futility, for the universe will not sustain it. For the heart, is an organ of cosmic alignment, and is not fed by hate or the harmonic of exclusiveness or exclusion.

• Compassion is its own reward in that it allows us to tolerate incarnation and ascension and therefore is the guiding principle which will prevent us hairless apes from blowing up our spaceship earth.
• Every action, connotation or intention born of fear generates more fear…by imprinting or anointing cellular memory and the vacuum with fear e-motion (defensive action).
• Every action, connotation or intention born of love generates more love…by imprinting or anointing cellular memory and the vacuum with love e-motion (evolutionary action).

The rash of demonic movies unleashed at present is a crime against humanity on a grand scale. These movie makers and their backers are psychic pirayas that worship Mammon and breed slow death and destruction to generations of the numb and the innocent. Unraveling the DNA by exposure to this dark violent imagery, hardening the senses of the audience and reverting youth to the metaphysical graveyard by traumatizing and terrorizing their bodies and minds. Movies could be the most motivating cohesive force for human evolution, and so hopefully this spell of occult delinquency will end and Hollywood will pull its head out of the sewer.