Saturday, January 6, 2018


Since this water is to counteract the multiple harmful effects of Chemtrail Syndrome it is intended as an “Elixir of Youth” or a cure all. Thus with reference to the “Philosopher’s Stone” we could call this water “Philosopher’s Water.” Rather than implying a negative such as calling it Anti Chemtrail Drinking Water, it would be best to refer to it in the positive sense. I think the term Philosopher's Water fortifies sovereignty. 
***This information is also included in my book Thrival In The Chemtrail Holocaust...

I used Dr. Dennis N. Crouse’s orthosilicic acid (Si(OH)4) drinking water recipe for the silicon component (silicon 32 mg/L) and added 1/8 cup of colloidal silver and 2 tsp of DMSO to the gallon of drinking water. I bought a distiller to make the colloidal silver, and so I made up the gallon with ½ with shungite water and ½ distilled water. I also added a pinch of Himalayan Salt, and 1 drop of Lugol's to the gallon. Don't add two drops however or the taste of the water is less palatable. For aluminum detox ideally you would drink 1 gallon of this water per day. Basically the quantities in that recipe is the daily dose if you drink a whole gallon, since most of us are not going to drink 1 gallon per day, you don't have to worry about OD’ing on Philosopher's water. This water should be taken on an empty stomach, before meals or apart from meals. 
The silicade will take the aluminum out of the brain and body, the sodium bisulfate Dr Crouse used to balance the alkaline of the silicon, may not need to add the baking soda, but it is good to do when starting off to reduce acid toxins and increase the blood's oxygen carrying capacity. I added the colloidal silver and DMSO to deal with pathogens. The Philosopher's Water will youthify you. You will notice your skin gaining more plumpness and strength, nails and hair improving, spine lengthening, breasts becoming perky, eyesight and hearing improving and less pain in the joints etc....
This drinking water is used to counteract CHEMTRAIL SYNDROME, the effects of which are aluminum poisoning, dementia/Alzheimer’s, compromised immune system, dehydration, increased pathogen and parasite load, candida overgrowth, brain fog, apathy, lack of mental focus, chemtrail delivery of bacteria, fungi, viruses, cancer viruses, mycoplasma, Morgellons fibrous nanomachines, enzymes used in recombinant DNA and toxic chemicals like Ethylene Dibromide. Chemtrail Syndrome essentially involves the increase and acceleration of the following: aging, dehydration, oxidation, AGEs or Advanced glycation end products, leukoaraiosis or age spots on the brain, accumulation of heavy metals in biofilms and calcium deposits, degradation of DNA and other metabolic molecules, insufficient energy to detoxify the body, leaky tight junctions, inflammation, immune compromise etc… 

Basically Chemtrail Syndrome constitutes the rapid breakdown and rotting of the body and destruction of the mind.
PHILOSOPHER’S WATER ~ for Aluminum Detox and Chembugs

***You will need to get the micromeasuring spoons measuring spoons: 1 level dash (1/8 Tsp) and 2 level smidgens(1/32 tsp) and make sure you buy only “food grade” Low Alkalinity Sodium Silicate powder. *Sodium Silicate low alkalinity Product Code: SSG from

1 rounded dash spoon of Low Alkalinity Sodium Silicate powder
Add to 1/2 cup of water and boil stirring for 30 seconds (70% dissolves).
Add some more water to this to cool it and run mixture through a Coffee Filter.

Add this to make up a gallon of distilled or reverse osmosis water along with the following:
1 level pinch of Sodium Bisulfate
1 level dash Borax Powder (Boron)
1 level dash Himalayan Salt
1 smidgen of Baking Soda
1 drop of Lugol’s
2 tsp of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) an organic sulfur compound1/8 cup of colloidal silver

* You should always store drinking water in glass.

The MSM transports the colloidal silver into the cells, however if you are sensitive to sulfur leave it out of the Philosopher’s water. Kyolic Garlic pills may be useful when first taking Philosopher’s water to assist eliminating candida and other pathogens, and chelate heavy metals, garlic prevents red blood cell membrane damage from the effects of various heavy metals. You want the pathogens and toxins to “exit” the body with as little damage to tissue as possible.
For more instructions on to make your own orthosilicic acid (Si(OH)4) water, starting with a base of distilled, reverse osmosis water or shungite charged water. See the youtube video: “Silica Water - How to make it at home” by Dr. Dennis N Crouse. For explicit details on how to make Silicade water read the book Prevent Alzheimer's, Autism and Stroke: With 7-Supplements, 7-Lifestyle Choices, and a Dissolved Mineral, by Dennis N. Crouse Ph.D. Dennis points out the connection between Alzheimer’s, autism, and stroke and as being neurotoxic forms of aluminum. 

He points out that if you are a coffee drinker you will need to find a coffee maker that doesn’t add aluminum to the coffee, such as BRUNN Speed Brew®.
By using colloidal silver in the silicon drinking water, the red spots on the arms and back clear up within hours. Use Philosopher’s Water until you are symptom free, as broad spectrum protection against Chemtrail bugs, other pathogens and dementia. You start noticing the difference and the sensation of relief from the "pathogen load" of the body after one glass. Its effectiveness has something to do with the increased electrical properties of the water and the geometry of the water in association to the silicon molecule. The water is more “active,” that is it has more electrical energy and ionization thus speeds detoxification, metabolism and consciousness. This water can be spraying on the skin and hair, and even at the drinking water strength it is remarkably quick at getting rid of the nasties topically and internally. Use this drinking water in a neti pot or nasal spray for sinus issues also.
Making Colloidal Silver: Colloidal silver is nontoxic to humans and it can destroy 650 different types of germs, fungi and viruses which is incomparable to other antibiotics. Colloidal silver makes vaccination intoxication and antibiotic poisoning unnecessary. Colloidal silver made by using your own battery setup with wires of these pure precious metals. If you want to make your own colloidal silver you will need a water distiller so that the water is not exposed to plastic containers. The 4L-Dental-Medical-Pure-Water-Distiller is inexpensive and efficient. Use vinegar to dissolve the scale off your distiller.
See the youtube video: How To Make COLLOIDAL SILVER The Easy Way.
The PHILOSOPHER’S WATER recipe of silicon/colloidal silver/DMSO does work to get rid of the Chembugs, but you will need to do a series of 3 day fasts as well to reboot the immune system to make it super adaptive. Lyme and other pathogens are constantly changing to try and outwit the body’s defenses. Along with fasting and removing toxins from your diet, the Philosopher's Water will shed 20+ years off your bodymind. There is a rapid reduction in body-pain due to quenching inflammation, clearing up the pathogen load, and heavy metal detoxification. Silicon helps to transport minerals and removes heavy metals...especially in association with fulvic acid…this combo fights the fungi that complexes and stores heavy metals in the tissues.
Heavy Metals are stored in the body in calcium deposits, atherosclerotic plaque, the calcium deposits around tumors and cancer cells, and in the biofilms of bacteria and fungi. The calcium deposit plaques are dissolved through adding apple cider vinegar to the Philosopher's Water. Heavy Metals are also stored in the biofilms produced by pathogens. Colloidal silver ionically breaks down these biofilms so that it can attack the pathogens within. Once the heavy metals and aluminum are liberated from their hiding places you will need to use chelators, methylators, fiber brooms, algae, clays and zeolite to prevent reticulation by removing the toxins from the body. If you remineralize with kelp and raw greens etc... you replace the "bad" minerals with good.

As long as you are not hyper-feeding your pathogen load with bread, sugar, alcohol or other excessive carbohydrates Philosopher's Water does help eliminate the overgrowth of yeast, fungi, and bad bacteria in the mouth and elsewhere. You do notice some loss of intestinal bacteria in the first week, but the overall pathogen load is greatly reduced without a Herx reaction. With the Bravo yogurt healthy intestinal bacteria are fully reinstated. 

Spirochetes and other chemtrail bugs get "inside" the red blood cells and other cells...this is why the DMSO/Colloidal Silver Protocol is helpful. For those with serious health issues like cancer, DMSO can be substituted for the MSM to amplify the cellular uptake. If you have issues with using DMSO then use MSM instead, as they both turn into each other in the body. When consuming DMSO orally take a probiotic and fermented foods to replenish your good bacteria, because bacteria cannot survive or thrive in DMSO and will be flushed out of your system. MSM is a superb anti-cancer supplement because it contains two extra oxygen atoms, sulfur and a methyl group. In fact the DMSO/Colloidal Silver Protocol is a gentle, safe and to quickly revert cancer cells back into normal cells.

DMSO specifically targets cancer cells and “opens” the ports on the cancer cells, which in turn allows colloidal silver to get inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes which are causing the cells to become cancerous. With the cancer microbes stealing glucose and excreting mycotoxins the production of aerobic ATP-energy in the cell is greatly reduced. Consequently the cell must revert to anaerobic fermentation to create even a small amount of ATP molecules. When you kill all the microbes inside a cancer cell the cell is able to restore its production of ATP molecules and thus revert back into a normal differentiated, aerobic cell. Some of the DNA damage inside cancer cells is caused by the DNA of the microbes which cause cancer.
See Dennis N Crouse’s youtube video “Brain Fitness in the Aluminum Age - Eliminating Aluminum”
Another excellent book on silicon is “Silica, The Amazing Gel by Klaus Kaufmann —Sodium Silicate low alkalinity Product Code: SSG from