Wednesday, October 15, 2014


The whore is someone who sells their body, mind and soul for money. The Powerhoe is someone who sells their body, mind and soul for power. The whore and the Powerhoe are operating in the diminished capacity of Hindbrain dominance…that is they are presovereign (not of whole mind). To give over one’s will and freedom for money or power constitutes spiritual disenfrancisement. “Franchise” comes from Old French franchise: freedom, exemption, right, privilege, license or authorization. Thus ironically those who seek the greatest power over others are spiritually disendowed or without the true freedom that comes from right relationship to the Universe. Power addiction is thus a game for dunces, cretans and dupes…lacking in the virtues – gravitas, pietas, dignitas and virtus.

It is plainly obvious that the military-industrial, warmongering culture is itself sociopathic and psychopathic, therefore all individuals belonging to that culture are to one extent or another both suffering from and perpetrating sociopathy and psychopathy. The name of the game is POWER and for that you need 'control' and 'money,' hence tax payer dollars and consumer fat is being used for acquiring territory and resources by military force in countries that cannot fight back. Pandemic scares such as the current Ebola madness, have multiple for the drug companies who fund the governments, depopulation and the crushing of countries scheduled for resource extraction, plus political disruption of internal and external societies. The term False Flag, should be changed to a skull and bones flag (the Jolly Roger), for this game is international genocide and piracy.

The more adapted one is to survive in such an anti-civil society the more success there is to be had via “breaking” all the rules, and even more success is to be had in being powerful enough to “make” all the rules. The way to break out of the madness of the power-over culture altogether is to be so conscious of the “game,” that you can skillfully endure power abuse and use it to become so consciously empowered that you can rise above the sadomasochistic dance, and thus deflect or no longer incur the effects of physical, mental and emotional abuse. Transcending the rules of the sadomasochistic game and overcoming our reactivity to its fictional dramas is the first step to self-mastery. We disengage from sadomasochism by engaging our personal sovereignty.

We are conditioned by presovereign society to be quiet, patient slaves, ie: good little children. It is our sadomasochistic relationship to our selves that prevents us from acknowledging our distress, disease and dis-ease as we resign ourselves to hopeless, toxic social and financial situations. In order to survive within power-abuse conditions we have to put-up and shut-up. The more we silence our distress with self numbing endogenous painkillers and exogenous addictions, the less access we have to our soul which might otherwise creatively free ourselves from our codependent slavitude. Breaking out of the poverty mentality and self-negation of the presovereign prison requires a huge leap of faith and greatly increased energy, plus supernatural commitment to and love of oneself...but if we don't risk it, we might as well be dead anyway, such is the poor quality of life in the presovereign paradigm.

The Powerhoe is trying to extract as much energy, resources, satisfaction and reward chemistry as they can while giving as little as they can in return. This imbalance binds them to their victim, for they are reliant on them in order to “feed.” This attachment to their prey makes the Powerhoe “afraid” of those whom they victimize, because at a fundamental level they know they are breaking Universal Law, and so expect retribution at any point. However, the Powerhoe is so addicted to the dopamine and opiates of the reward chemistry that they are compelled to keep at the cat and mouse game of persecution, bullying and usury beyond all reasonable limits…amplifying their tyranny, strategies and extortions over time, because the drug of power-abuse gives diminishing returns as the addict becomes hardened to their own endogenous pleasure drugs.

The nucleus accumbens in the central part of your brain, is inundated with dopamine when you do anything that your brain associates with survival (Feeding, Fucking, Fighting, Fleeing). This chemical transaction is partly responsible for the experience of pleasure you get from these activities. When a person repeatedly subjects his nucleus accumbens to this narcotic-induced flood, the nerve cells that dopamine acts upon become exhausted from hyper-stimulation. The brain reacts to the excess dopamine surging by dampening its dopamine response to all forms of pleasurable behavior. In addition, some of the receptors themselves appear to die off. Thus the power addict has to “up” his terrorizing to trigger a palpable dopamine response, seeking larger and larger hits to achieve an ever-diminishing pleasure experience, and so they have trouble feeling satisfaction from the normal things that healthy people enjoy.

The ever-diminishing returns of engaging in power-abuse is the principle motivation for bullies to form into cabals, governments and armies in order to give a stamp of authority and legitimacy to their criminal behavior. The brain hardened power addicts are thus given license to rape, pillage and kill on a global scale, consequentially becoming an ever increasing danger and an anathema not only to the social collective, but to themselves. While the dopamine-seeking pathway strengthens in the brain of power-addicts, their ability to make alternative pathways diminishes. Once good plasticity is lost the brain can no longer learn. Eventually, so much of the power addict’s life becomes associated with getting high that it becomes nearly impossible for them to resist the urge.

This loss of neuroplasticity for seeking alternative solutions to so-called problems leads to the institutionalization of brute force as the principle response to socioeconopolitical issues. The most primitive aspects of our animal neurology are then whitewashed and given false stature in the hierarchy of human existence. By submerging the power-addict in harmonious, loving or anti-sadomasochistic environments the plasticity of the power-addicted brain is increased, thereby providing an opportunity for the top dog to learn new tricks.

Addiction to power abuse and violence is sadomasochism: the derivation of pleasure from the infliction of physical or mental pain either on others or on oneself. If humanity understood the true nature of power addiction civilization would throw off the vice of the evil gangs of thugs once and for all…and thereby overcome the species PTSD and armoring that prevents our evolution out of the sadomasochistic bind of domination and submission. Being curious about something actually changes the way the brain behaves, enabling our brains to better absorb information and preparing it to learn something new.

Curiosity precipitates increased activity in the hippocampus, one of the areas of the brain most involved in the formation of memories and neuroplasticity. In other words, curiosity is a magic elixir that greases our intellectual gears and has memory-enhancing effects. Intrigue thus forms intrinsic motivation in a feedback loop of reward chemistry that positively affects memory and intelligence.  Rather than resorting to displays of dominance and aggression in an attempt to become “stimulated and motivated” we can instead simply become “curious” as to what reality really is outside of the walls of the limited perception we currently reside in, in the greatly retarded and compartmentalized, domesticated human sphere.

The soul-ution to the problem of the human condition is to change the conditions that condition the human. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it is the messianic savior of the HUman…curiosity is the great leader and teacher of the new world. If the human brain cannot learn new tricks then it is stuck with the consequences of the old. Evolving to be all that we can be requires that we stop being what we are not, a broken, stupid creature cut off from the ultimate intelligence of the universe. Curiosity is required to be informed by that which is beyond the known Given World. Inhabiting our HUmanity beyond the Given World requires that we drop the resonant frequency and surface perception of this world. We have to awaken from our belief in the fixity of the dream, our indoctrination into the cult of culture and our unconscious allegiance to the aggregated karma of history.

The transcendental HUman has been with us through many incarnations of hominids over the course of 250 million years. At times it reached heights of cosmic consciousness of which we can barely even contemplate today. There is no way to "fix" the madness of the domesticated modern human within the vibratory paradigm of that madness, for everything that is undertaken to remedy the dis-ease, merely prolongs the duration of the insanity by lessening its intensity. However if individuals or group could isolate themselves within a sanctum sanctorum...a Castalia retreat in which the life of the mind is nurtured to the highest level of Cosmic Will and the conditions fostered for ultimate consciousness from soil to soul, then there is hope that over generations the adoption of Essene-hermetic and post-material existence that the Whole HUman might be born and thus establish the master template to redeem the species from its fallen condition.

The arcane hierarchies of dominance and submission in their grotesque lock-step parade of sadomasochistic are inherent in our primate social wiring. The lack of equity in presovereign relationships and hierarchies constitutes a spectrum of power from powerlessness on the submissive end and power on the dominant end of the scale. The two poles of sadomasochism become locked into a rigid dance of power dictated by the Hindbrain and Old Mammalian or limbic brain. Dependencies, lack of development and fear of exposing and living one's truth keep the sadomasochistic dance of power in its more primitive forms and prevent Fair Witness examination of the balance of sovereign will and the health of the arrangement. Presovereign relationships and organizations retard the spiritual, mental and physical evolution of all those who participate...whether it be from the brain atrophying addiction to power abuse, or the brain damaging effect of being a victim.

Both poles of the sad-dance choose by default to engage in the self-other damaging game. That is, due to our primate wiring and within the context of the exploitative, commodified culture sadomasochism in relationship is a given where individuals enter domestic, work or economic contracts and become "dependent" on each other. Since the brain damage, PTSD, armoring and self-negation is intergenerational it becomes normalized...and so it is hard to even emerge out of the fog to realize the need to heal. The sovereign life of the free individual in cocreative relationship with other free and inspired individuals can be achieved only by making the dance of power abuse conscious and working in every possible way through inner and outer practices to overcome the unconscious automacy of dominance and submission.

The main point to remember in order to free ourselves from power polarization is that both power-over and power-under are actually different forms of disempowerment (ie: Hindbrain dominance). The infantilism and inverted perspective of the self-centric presovereign propels them into relentless Machiavellian manipulation of the world...and because they are trying to get one up on others the Powerhoe has to project force and install fear as a strategy in order to quell pushback. The presovereign is disempowered and not in reciprocal relationship with the universe, and so they feel they have to climb over others in order to get the dopamine fix that will make them feel secure and worthy.

Similarly, parasites are also bullies and manipulators. In fact parasitism is usually so engrained in a person’s survival style that it is helpful to turn the tables on them and spontaneously hit them up for cash or whatever in an attempt to make them squirm and empathize with those whom they are trying to exploit. The solicitator, bludger, panhandler, mooch, beggar, bum, and the skinflint are also engaged in Machiavellian manipulation of the world, albeit a more passive and obtuse form. Because these passive forms of extortion are a lie against sovereignty and the regenerous abundance of life - parasites are also bullies, and their manipulations need to be confronted with questions such as “Would you do the same for me?” Simply allowing parasites to feed on you without challenging them does nothing to support humanization and the evolution of humanity. Feed what you want to see more of, and support the sovereignty and grace of all life! Idiot compassion is entropic and a waste of time, energy and resources which could be put to better use by supporting that which furthers life.

The manipulations of submissive victims or laggards...those that are so passive about self-reliance that they have to lean on others for their survival, are harder to unpack and verbally expose...because our altruism and the pleasure we get from giving masks our ability to even "see" that bludging and uncouth manipulation of others for one's own benefit or to compensate for one's own lack of development is indeed bullying. A young man in his twenties was sitting by the path asking for was surreal but he even said something like...please be kind and give me money for food because I am so undeveloped. He said it out of humor more than anything, but he couldn't have tailored his plea more specifically to me...stimulating in me the need to offer not alms but sovereignty and entrepreneurial dharma. If only for my own benefit - in challenging the status quo, I am going to start asking people what their greatest gift is, why they came to planet Earth and what their highest vision for their life is.

Egocentrism is the cognitive bias towards only seeing the world through our own perspective and the inability to see through other people’s eyes.  With Narcissism however, we may see other’s point of view but not care about it, hence become exploitative, and lose a sense of accountability for our behavior. The Psychopath is skilled at seeing the world through other people’s eyes and manipulates them to bring about harm and suffering to their targets. Psychopaths derive great pleasure from their victim's suffering. Diseases of empathy represent the dis-integration of body, mind and soul, ultimately signifying spiritual separation from the cosmos.

We have no control over other people's developmental level. To not be a victim when placed into a victim role is the height of sovereign development. We may not have control over the egocentrism, narcissism and psychopathy of others, but we do have control over our response to persecution and exploitation. It’s about waking up from the dream of separateness to the truth of unity. The egoist, the narcissist and the psychopath have to empathetically separate themselves from their targets and consequently they separate themselves from the Ultimate Intelligence of the Universe. Their “bad-will” mirrors back to us our deepest fears, as though engaging with our nemesis and so the Powerhoe is the perfect opponent to joust with in order to establish ever greater sovereignty or cosmic communion within ourselves.

The disempowered or presovereign individual needs to establish a one on one relationship with the creator...the cosmic creatrix, and thereby become sovereign prior to entering relationship or power-abuse will naturally ensue. If we are not our Self we are invariably engaged in a power struggle with the world to get our needs met. Since most of human society operates in this subconscious way, we have to use our difficulty and suffering under the machinations of the power pyramid to evolve ourselves beyond it. Rather than fighting back, strategizing or increasing our cunning, very often liberation from our current power struggles involves moving on to ‘higher’ ground.

From conception through to the creation of the adult, if the sovereignty of the individual is not seen, respected, acknowledged, fostered and revered then the full HUman dies on the vine. That is they are alive and functioning in the limited capacity as a "tool" that society expects of them, but the psychic, mystic and genius levels of functioning are not accessed in the general course of their lives. This spiritual neutering occurs on every level to dis-integrate the whole HUman. Two of the primary regions of damage due to spiritual neglect and emotional abuse is the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC)...that is the tissue surrounding the corpus collosum that acts as a go-between or bulwark between the hemispheres to compartmentalize the brain in times of great stress or danger; and the spindle cell network that forms a superhighway between the emotional limbic brain and the cortex. Both the ACC and the spindle cell network are involved in cerebral integration in ways that make us uniquely human.

If our sovereignty is not cherished therefore the core of who we are is diminished and we become less HUman or whole than we otherwise would be. Abuse, terror, captivity, impossible binds, poverty, prejudice and all insults to our freedom and well-being only amplify the negative effects to our humanizing bio-anatomy. With awareness and training however the individual can substantiate their sovereignty to the point where even the negatives in their past and present act to feed the growth and development of their sovereignty and their highest spiritual potential.

Sovereign philosophy, inner connectivity practices, regenerative lifestyle coupled with undertaking one’s spiritual vocation or right livelihood act as leverage to increase our influence on our environment without a corresponding increase in the consumption of resources. Sovereignty, or cosmic attunement provides greater leverage of having a relatively small amount of cost yields a relatively high level of returns. Sovereignty is the compass and the rudder of our existence in which we no longer become enmeshed in other people’s lives and subject to their will, but can chart our own course according to the stars.

Looking at the world today I would say we are far from domesticated and civilized, and that domestication is inherently an anti-evolutionary condition. Evolution...that is development aligned with the natural progression of the increased intelligence, complexity and perfection...requires rewilding, and that it is rewilding in accord with nature's complexity that will result in the truly civil, evolved and humane civilization. Punishment, reward, fences and watch dogs involved in the breaking or domestication of the human (or animal) spirit does not make for a spiritually illuminated genius...and only a species of spiritually illuminated geniuses could be called civilized. I propose that domestication of human, animals and earth herself is the undoing of humanity and a counter evolutionary trend for the beloved planet earth.

The first kundalini awakening results in a crack in the cosmic egg, a massive threshold perturbation of our worldview that allows us to clearly penetrate the Matrix and the glimpse into the surveillance-net, the eye in the sky, Big Brother, or the jealous God. Living through the paranoia of this altered state can be very scary and isolating...and yet it is merely a tacit immersion into Reality beyond the fog of sadomasochistic domestication. It happens to the best of us, especially around the age of 29. Mine occurred in 1989 and was associated with my father’s upcoming death. This "Trip" is a psychosomic cleansing around releasing our dependency on authority or parental figures. It is an initiation involving the passing away of the patriarchy and the thousands of years of draconian wars encoded into our genes. As we awaken, we awaken to the internal and external forces of subjugation that imprison us in a state of suspended animation parroting the customs and the  zeitgeist of the day. That "pressure" is personified as corrupt tyrannical, out of control false authority...a demigod that elects themselves to serve their own ends.

The Powerhoe and Apriori Healing—This year I have written a book called "Deconstructing the Powerhoe" which breaks open the bubble of the power sickness of humanity. I will be teaching and counseling on the Inner Arts that help us recover our wholebrain sovereign capacity; and the main issue beyond the lack of raw-health is the intergenerational PTSD of power-over and powerlessness within our makeup. When there is a pain, wound or disease you can adopt several reactive solutions: take aspirin, put a bandaid on it, apply a medicinal, do surgery etc... Or a proactive solution would be to engage in behaviors, habit and lifestyles that actually prevent the pain, wound or disease from occurring in the first place. The maturity elicited by sovereign consciousness provides the discipline and accountability to not work against one’s own thrival from the get go. The sovereign doesn’t think in terms of healing but of wholing, wherein the means and the goal are one.