Thursday, January 21, 2010

Play and the Courage to Face Reality

As whole persons and mature citizens it is required of us to face reality "as it is" in order to be motivated to change in the right direction. This is the duty of the sovereign. In fact you are not sovereign at all if you prefer to avoid the shadow nature of humanity to pretend various utopias. However the crucial difference between the sovereign and the sheep, is that the sovereign doesn't hold onto the knowledge of the dark and the weak, but transmutes both inner and outer ignorance within their own flesh. The key to doing this is to "blow the fear-charge" off of the heart to avoid contraction of consciousness and separation from the All. Discharging tension from the heart can be done in many ways, but the simplest way is to do a series of forceful sharp out-breaths. This is especially effective while walking outside. Then while doing this feel into the transcendental, futuristic and magical nature of reality in order to infuse the brain with more visionary chemistry. Then directly engage in a series of actions to propel you and your community forward. Out (release), In (revibe), Do (actions). By not fearing fear we become invincible and fully human at the same time.

There is no reason in this day and age to not let go and say Yes to life! It is only ignorance that holds us back. Sovereign Will is courage, and courage is having the heart to do the right thing. Thus we see that sovereignty IS heart-intelligence. While ignore-ance is a failure of heart-intelligence. Only by tolerating the truth of the darkness and weakness of our human nature can we put it in the correct perspective, learn from our mistakes and move on to encompass greater strength and maturity. Thus sovereignty is synonymous with the courage to face ourselves and the Real. Sovereignty means the recovery of our innate egalitarianism (we are all one) through realizing our full brain and heart capacities. When we have the courage to face ourselves, we can infuse the world with beneficent, glorious and creative intelligence. Remember it is not so much "damage" that led to a hierarchical/machine culture, but “latency”...that is, not using our potential capacities and levels of consciousness because we didn't know they were there. Only now with the easing of threats to our physical survival are we beginning to get an inkling on how miraculous a species we are, and the infinite mystery of life and the universe.

However in the immortal words of Theron Dumont, “There is a wonderful inherent power within us all, and there is never any sufficient cause for fear, except ignorance.” 98, The Power of Concentration.

Facing reality requires a brain and self-system which will not breakdown under the strain of greater awareness, but instead will become permeable to information from primary perception and gnosis. The sovereign state is merely the reestablishment of our inherent noble condition and full capacities. Ability depends on the openness to ideas, and this flexibility is the result of the maturation of the mind-brain toward the pinnacle of cognitive function…what Piaget called reversibility thinking. This is the ability of the mind to traverse a spectrum of equally valid states to explore the continuum of possibility and then return to the original perspective. Thus operational thinking develops mental actions that are reversible while the myopic egocentric position diminishes. However this maturation of the cognitive faculties of self-sufficiency, autonomy and independence requires certain developmental circumstances in order to manufacture the sovereign brain. The definitive book that presents an overview of child development as it relates to human potential is Magical Child (1977). Joseph clearly articulates the loss of humanity that occurs at the very beginning of life with our Western practices of birthing and raising children. He sees this unnecessary loss of breadth of consciousness and creative potential as an ongoing monumental tragedy of epic proportions.

Joseph refers to the structure of knowledge or worldview that we each create as the “matrix.” He says that bonding is the essence of intellectual growth, ability and agency for it the principle means of the establishment of our matrix. He relates how the unbonded person searches for the matrix and uses all their intellectual activity in the pursuit of a ground of knowing. Intelligence has its own innate laws for growth and the anxiety ridden, work focused adult can greatly damage the organic basis for intelligence in the brain, body and heart of the child. Development is the result of the interaction of intent with the world and this relationship forms the matrix of self-knowledge and self-sufficiency. When the shift of the matrix from the mother to the earth fails to take place, logic has no way to organize concrete patterns into abstraction. Anxiety thus arises due to never having the earth as our matrix to orient ourselves in the world. With a primary process/earth schism we are groundless and so try to fabricate a matrix with thought and identification. Joseph points out that the aborted second birth between the ages of 4 to 7 years leaves us functionally separate from the earth, with a conscious ego system that is not integrated with the primary processes of our old brain. The left-brain is the center of the social self, generally known as normal consciousness, while the "second subliminal mind" is comprised of the right-brain which provides field awareness and the older brain which is the seat of body-earth rapport or primary process.

Thelma Moss, director of the Neuropsychiatric Institute, theorizes that bio-communication arrives at an unconscious level, and must rise up through the personal unconscious, receiving on the way to the surface the distortions of primary process, molded by the specialized brain and personality of the receiver. Psi, intuition, nature-union and gnostic wisdom are the primary perception source of deep morality, Gaian intelligence, compassion, soul vocation, art and genius. Dr. Our masculine understanding of spiritual hierarchy is upside down and unreal, for our highest creative cognition and our spiritual states are reliant on initial childhood social and nature bonding in order to facilitate whole brain functioning. The corpus callosum, the connection between the brain hemispheres, starts developing around 3 years of age and psi abilities become strongest around 4 years of age as primary perception is prominent and earth bonding is undertaken during active imaginative play. Play serves a survival function through the exploration of aspects of life in a random, purposeful, enthusiastic, joyful and successful way. The structuring of worldview and potential for higher intelligence is thus built during the formative years of child’s play. Note this is not the rote learning of facts, but a joyous physical, emotional, mental and spiritual engagement with the world through autonomous volition. This type of free welding play in nature is the origins of personal power through the establishment of a strong earth-bond matrix.

If we failed to make the necessary transition from mother to earth during the 4-7 year period, or if bonding was inadequate, trauma experienced, or access to nature-play denied, then less differentiation and specialization in the brain occurs. If sequential developmental cues are aborted then the adult remains somewhat of an egocentric infant - dissociated from body-wisdom, earth-gnosis and socially compliant to the given consensus. Once out of touch with our primary perception we resist it breaking through into our contracted atrophied awareness for it would disorient and destabilize our given ideological constructs. This essentially is the Borg condition in which the mind is closed and running on a set program with little flexibility and novelty. This is the type of descended humanity that would fight resource wars and destroy the earth while using fundamentalist religion to try and justify its errant behavior. Bonding is one aspect of primary process that lays down the foundation for whole-persona functioning and establishes the active, integrated earth citizen with high moral integrity.

The inner schism generated by insufficiently rich wiring during crucial developmental stages leads to selective inattention, unquestioned sanctioning of a pathological consensus and alienation from a deeper experience of ourselves and the world. Thus Joseph believes that active, imaginative play is the most important of all childhood activities because that cultivates a mastery of one's environment and "creative competence." Children without that form of open-ended play develop feelings of isolation and anxiety, which along with depression and cognitive impairment are reaching pandemic proportions in today’s world. Allowing our children the full biological potential for their innate intelligence through establishing a fearless, non-punitive, loving and richly stimulating social and natural environment would go a long way to establishing a society of actualized, non-addicted, sovereign mystics and whole-persons.

No need to get paranoid...the earth is conspiring to awaken you to an outrageously beautiful future.

The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit: A Return to the Intelligence of the Heart by Joseph Chilton Pearce

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Na'vi Dignity ~ Source cures all ills
We have established that primate power dynamics are largely maintained by negative, underhanded or shadow means. Socialized into the horror of human power dynamics means our spiritual and relational wiring becomes damaged, saddened and disillusioned. Our hearts are all but killed by belonging to the human race as it presently stands. In moving beyond this socio-psychosomatic deprivation and deterioration we have to find the strength to grow our hearts in hostile territory. If we are committed to our larger purpose in life we have to maintain our sovereign ground and draw directly from Source all that we need to become whole in mind, body and spirit.

The infantile impulse of the broken human (Borg) in us may seek restitution for the ills done against us by others, but the sovereign understands that all such attempts at groveling for dignity from the existing sick power systems are futile. We are so very relational that we often try and seek to gain personal freedom from the person, institution or “culture” that permanently imprisons us. Sovereignty is always Self bestowed. If we don't abandon ourSelf then Source, the Light and the Force are always with us. So don’t try to ask, beg, demand or force the Borg to give you sovereign dignity, for the Borg IS the antithesis of the Christ or Buddha Self and can only ever give you more of its own hell. The Borg can only devastate the human species and ravage the earth till it is a sterile lifeless rock.

If we cannot do the heroic work of rising up against the Borg in our own flesh and coming into the Self, then it makes it that much harder to others to also free themselves from the trance of Thanatos. But this is not a war of death, but a truce of love. Only the sovereign “I” through a powerful connection to Source can heal us from the infinite sneaky machinations of the Borg. The wound of separation from Source is the wound of dehumanization. As we move through the wound of dehumanization that is caught in our bodymind, the incarnation of spirit into repressed and deadened tissue may be excruciating. Growing angel wings is especially arduous, but the secret is to absorb waterfalls of light through the head to illuminate the lungs and the belly...this takes the strain off the heart...then you just close your eyes and breathe into the light.

The temple in our own heart is exemplified and reflected in the world.