Sunday, October 10, 2010


Chris Hedges is one of the most articulate, comprehensive observers of our dystopic dis-ease. In the article “Retribution for a World Lost in Screens,” he says…“The great moral voices, George Orwell and Albert Camus being perhaps two of the finest examples, describe in moving detail the human suffering we ignore or excuse. They understand that the greatest instrument for moral good is the imagination.”

The visionary organ of divine imagination and accountability is the prefrontal lobes through which we envision potential futures. If the prefrontal lobes are the CEO of the brain, then our CEO has gone rouge and is professing a line of bull, bribing us with distractions, pilfering from our biogenic bank account, stifling our creativity and suppressing our genuine joy and participation. Just as we need honorable leadership in our societal affairs, we need honorable leadership within our own house of the soul. The embrace and healing of unruleliness is not achieved by allegory and laws, but by overcoming inner warfare through the integrating frequency of Gamma wave...the resonance of compassion. Then conflict is known for what it really is...a temporary madness that stands in the way of our experiencing the full potential of human life...which is beyond our wildest imagination.

The downfall of the majority of humanity was not caused directly by punitive controllers so much, but by "the peoples" own emotional distress and maladaption patterns to living within life-harming social systems. The general dumbing down and prepersonalization of populations makes them dependent and vulnerable to econo-fascist control. Once the people themselves turn back towards life and reinstate our full lifeforce, intelligence, care and sensitivity, then the manipulative, power-over structures and exploitive leadership will collapse through the lack of support for their darkness. Thus joy and celebration of the return to connectivity and light are our principle means of saving the human race and our planet.

“Coming-towards” attentiveness or loving connectivity brings us back to life. Whole brain integration and conscious embodiment are cause and effect of “inclusivity,” or “moving towards,” thereby transcending binary polarism, deconstruction and nihilism of life-unlived. Once we return to lucidity and stop brain damaging ourselves with dominator hierarchies designed by the ruthless left-brained tyrant...we can quicken the Great Return through an ever perfecting marriage of the sexes, poles and hemispheres...and thus work-with the evolutionary force to realize and Grok more fully the great mystery that is Life. Such is The Glass Bead Game.

We can see that the Borg is varying degrees of addiction, automatic behavior and unconscious decision making…that is compulsion or habit without free choice. In the culture of separation we are all touched by addiction one way or another. Either ourselves or others we encounter can have some form of addiction that undermines lifeforce and makes us less than who we are...(alcohol, smoking, drugs, food, sex, TV, computers, gadgets, isolation, sedentarism, conflict etc...) How do we work through the collective addictive personality to live a deeper human life and grow up?

Due to the lack of realization of our full Self, the presovereign, prepersonal Borg nature arises from a sense of deficiency or “cup half full.” This less-than-whole state manifests as varying degrees of paranoid personality disorder resulting in inflexible and chronic patterns of distrust, suspicion, and hostility towards others. It is this underlying sense of deprivation and insufficiency that fuels the addictive condition. The addictive personality tries to make Other wrong, guilty, shamed or less-than to ease the subconscious guilt that arises when we commit a crime against our lifeforce. This is a primitive, infantile form of control, which may throw off and unbalance those around the addict, because one normally doesn't expect a grown adult to use the tactics of a preschooler.

Constant repetition of belitting, shaming behavior can destroy the health of those exposed to it. But if we can see what is going on then reassure the addict that they are safe and secure, then the need for negative-support is not needed and the addict can then start self-caring and healing. We deal with the paranoid consensus trance by seeing that threat/dysfunction/bad behavior is a prompt to observe a need in another...and work to address the need on the spot. We thus must be committed to try and not think of things in terms of good and bad, right and wrong. But know that safety and support start with the compassion to not scare oneself and create prior conditions through which we can receive the world benignly.

To break out of the addicted mode, is to break out of the mediaocracy of the Borg. Hivemind is perpetuated through unconscious submission, for when in the presence of authority the discriminating area of the brain literally shuts off. Thus we have to train ourselves to maintain discriminating presence no matter what the social context through deep knowledge and acceptance of ourselves in an integrated felt-sense fashion. When we have limited awareness of our own needs, wants and values we tend to capitulate towards outer authority through descending to child or student states which separate us from our core and our inner authority.

In order to not simply be embedded in cultural programming we must continually ask the question, “Who am I?” In order to evolve, we have to be involved. We have to voluntarily claim self-will or else our brain, our heart and our lives never mature to the sovereign state. If we fail to do this work we would have lived our lives not as our Self, but as a fictitious figment of culture moving through us…like a marionette being controlled by outside forces. Thus work is aimed at identifying not just the surface (ego) needs with which we are all too familiar but the deepest and highest underlying needs, desires and motivations of our whole Self.

Hiding our true selves behind the veil of capitulation, lies and deceit is how we have been controlled by power-over systems. Now we have finally got the freedom to think and be true to our Self and to accomplish what we must. We are only really free when we live in truth.

Eldon Taylor's books and Radio Shows help us to penetrate the herd conditioning; also check him out on Eldon Taylor, director of Progressive Awareness Research, Inc. says we live in an artificial world, with artificial thoughts and artificial means…therefore we are not authentic, but are cannibalized by our artificial needs for a synthetic heaven. His latest book is "What Does That Mean?" is a provocative search for meaning that assists you in remembering who you really are. He has a DVD Change Without Thinking and a video presentation "Exploring Mind, Meaning and Mysteries" and how we can learn to generate our own thoughts. — “Mind Programming: from Persuasion and Brainwashing to Self-help and Practical Metaphysics”

Eldon Taylor's take on our inauthentic self is pointing to the mechanical aspects of our collective nature. In this book I am pointing out the Borg in order to disentangle our true self from its clutches and to cultivate the ability to remain awake and in ones seat of autonomy without aggression. As soon a demon is named, we see the healthy expression of spirit that is being held back. Then we get a glimpse of what spirit is seeking to bring forth and you obey its directives, steady in the surety of an aligned path. Synchronicity then comes into play as we dance in Flow with the world and Heaven (no-place) is progressively manifest on earth.

Standing firmly on sovereign ground we rise above the gravity of the consensus of mediocrity, controlling narratives and the influence of limiting philosophies and dogmatic beliefs...and are thus able to contribute to group genius and contribute to the real future of mankind. We must explore new avenues of cooperation founded on sharing the truly awesome gifts of sovereignty born of aligning with cosmogenius and bringing forth all that we are. If we are committed to our larger purpose in life we have to maintain our sovereign ground and draw directly from Source all that we need to become whole in mind, body and spirit. Thereby transcend entrapment in the world of five senses and entertain a profound physical change, an actual genetic transformation. Through play we can develop immunity to the negative energies that surround us, and empowered by physical, mental and energetic freedom, forge a superior connection to the energy and wisdom of Nature and Cosmos.

In moving out of the passive, follower, slave mode we enter a void period, where we know we can’t do or be who we were, but we have not yet defined who we are or what we want. In actuality the cosmic Self is already innately there within us, with its full clairvoyance, telepathy, genius, efficacy and mission. We just have to bring the Timeless self down into the temporal zone through making our body able to convey more light (biophotons). Bio-photons orchestrate the design and expression of the DNA and control the metabolism of the cells, regulating growth and reproduction. Ultra violet coherence being the motor and currency of cell metabolism (Ettienne, and Lipton).

Spirit downloads into matter through life’s helical structures...through the crystallization of light into the human body. We can invoke the pure divine sovereign at the Source to let the old go and invite the new. How many wells of love do you have...countless trillion...every protein and DNA/RNA is a well of love conveying order and energy from the vacuum. That's a lot of power to sit with in grace and move with in flow. Grace comes in spades when kundalini is up. This in itself is worthy of many lifetimes of contemplation. The Light of the Body is the Eye of inspiration, love, apotheosis and revelatory ecstasy. There is nothing more powerfully transformative than pure, unadulterated human essence.

Sovereignty practice is the playful discipline of getting in touch with the implicate cosmic being within, through amplifying the process of communication, communion and community. Sovereignty practice is learning to grow up beyond our socialized self so we can bring our true gifts to the world, instead of selling ourselves short for a weary, tame survival. Maturing into our cosmic Self means that we actively have to redefine who we are and what we want and need. And to use the growing capacities of our psychic and creative talent to make a masterpiece of our world. As we become sovereign and reestablish the noble human, we move from the pupae* energetic of the pupil, reactor and absorber of culture to the dreamer, designer and maker of culture. *(Latin, pupa, a puppet, original meaning apparently "a young girl.”) Inside the chrysalis of the Borg lies a butterfly waiting to be allowed free flight through harnessing the soul.

How do we set our butterfly soul free? Passivity and automation involve the suppression of the creative impulse and resistance to the authentic stream of life. Our experience of the outside world is a reflection of our inner connection to the depth of Source. Our connection to Source depends on how open, alive and integrated we are. We contract and cut off those parts of us that we are not able to integrate and express. Thus when unable to make a healthy connection to Source through communication, communion or community, we suppress and freeze the impulse in an effort to reduce the tension of mal-expression. These stuck impulses and traumas are unintegrated, unconscious parts that interfere with realization, growth and maturity. Opening ourselves up as a clear channel of Spirit requires that we felt-sense deeply into the voids, schisms and miasms within to incorporate these cut off parts back into the positive flow of life.

We have entered the time of radical phase shift where we cannot fake our acquiescence to the old forms of humanity anymore. We have no choice but to become all that we really are, and work to create a world that is more in tune with our highest values. In this transition period we are morphing rapidly into a new form and thus are vulnerable, unsure, open and hypersensitive. The insecurity and sense of free-fall are our most valuable asset in allowing this metamorphic process to occur in its own timing, and to its fullest extent. For if we get arrogant and self-important...we may steal the golden apple before it is ripe, and thereby forfeit its ability to produce further life. We must endeavor to understand this evolutionary journey as we go through deep love, reverence and humility...funding a gratitude that makes sense of everything and makes everything all right.