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With bird’seye x-ray vision we can see the mistakes, fixations and perturbations consciousness express themselves in disease and dis-ease. 

We are making great strides in dealing with complexification of error that manifests in a myriad of problems by dealing with the fundamental cause of all disease and the Fall of Man. Sugar, caffeine, alcohol, grains, red meat, microwaves, sodas, cooked/processed/industrial food, GMOs...this creates such dispossession that there is barely a ghost in the "machine." Metabolic X is Metadeath! It is the death culture, and it is ubiquitous or meta. It is one thing to work out the mechanisms of The Fall is not even hard when you start to put two and two together. But to actually reverse Metabolic X in our own body and free ourselves from the madness of the death culture is much harder. The agents of ecocide, biocide and genocide are ramping up their efforts with schools even offering up their land for fracking and Monsanto militarily taking over the world. Still if we have any conscience at all, we must band together to live as close to the principles of life as possible, not just for our own survival, but for the continuance of life. To trash life in a trash culture is to hate existence and the universe...thus soul is already dead.

Our kundalini energy body sustains our mind, emotions, body and soul. Kundalini...or non-linear scalar waves propagate throughout the body via the crystalline lattices of the elaborate collagen network comprising of extra-cellular space. When kundalini energy is great, these longitudinal scalar waves from the vacuum "soften" the collagen framework of the body, ultimately loosening, healing and youthifying it. Yogi's further amplify this opening and rebuilding process through yoga stretches, kryias, breathing, fasting, anti-inflammatory spices and such. Taking some collagen building foods will strengthen the ligaments, skin, connective tissue, joints. For soul power and magnifying the light you will need to focus on protecting and building your cell membranes for hydration and communication.

You can't have a healthy soul without perfecting the liquid crystal house of the soul—two of the main things we are lacking for this is silicon, and cardiolipin (DHA-omega-3). The light of life cannot flow coherently through unnatural, mishapen geometry. When we destroy the structure of our food, we mess with the structure of our body, and when we are deficient of the building blocks for the perfect temple, our soul cannot shine as bright in a broken and deficient body. The light flowing in a body built of unnatural geometry acts as a free radical in breaking down and coagulating unnatural tissue. Just as with sunlight hitting the body, the bio-light flowing in a body built of unnatural geometry acts as a free radical in breaking down and coagulating unnatural, misshapen tissue. So if we live in a body composed of denatured molecules and toxins our own soul-light will consume us.

I got from the biblical writings, that the ancients (Coneheads and Egyptians) must have used frankincense and myrrh in the white powder of Gold formula to reduce the blackening from the increased light in the body. It is brilliant (no pun intended). Anyway I built up a formula for taking internally during kundalini to reduce the oxidation/glycation of tissue.  The cooked body is off Phi, and so when the light of spirit tries to flow through it, the biophotons essentially become free radicals because the crystalline structure of the body is out of skew, off whack eg: corrupted. When the lipid structure of the mitochondrial wall is poorly constructed the energy powerplants become freeradical producing machines. That is why they say it takes 49 x7 generations to create a Christ through Essene is the embedding, and encoding of perfect Phi that allows for perfect cosmic communication—Sovereign consciousness, Grokking, Knowing, Awareness, Undifferentiated Mind, Cosmic or Christ Consciousness.

Oxidation, flocculation, congealment, inflammation, glycation results when you put extra spiritual current through an atomically misaligned body crystal. Also the body is not separate from the environment, and so in order to create a Christ, or a mystic civilization the environment must also be Phi energetically intact. The secret is 8Hz, Schumann resonance (Ananda Bosman) because if you can't get into the earth coherent conjugating frequency when you go Nova then the tissues spontaneously combust so to speak (the blackening stage of alchemy). That is where my soma oil with Syrian rue comes is a guaranteed 8Hz tuning, but you have to put it on the skin. Most entheogens need to be applied topically, so we need to start thinking of *Float Tanks that include sound, light, crystals, living-water, essential oils, water tinctures of entheogens and flower essences.
I have a Lightbody Formula with the plant resins, plus a topical oil for the 8Hz. The gums really helped me ease the blackening, but I went off them as I came down from the peak, whereas really they should be used from birth to death...along with pineneedle suntea. I am just embarking on a formula that is a basic anti-putrifaction/antimutagen. From

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The Elixir of Life

A mystic civilization must be created autopoetically…that is be self-organizing from the inside out. And so each individual needs to recover their soul power and become a mystic or shaman in their own right. A nervous system that was capable of the most supersensory reception of our EMF environment to the point of global scale telepathy, is now reduced to the mere knee jerk reaction to the robotic 3D world. So how do increase the soul powers of telepathy, visions, bionavigation, Muse illumination, divine music, genius etc...? The whole HUman with intact psi, subtle and causal senses just IS when you detox from the Borg, throw off the pupal body and grow the whole brain and sovereign body. Our intelligence is determined by how well our membranes are optimized as transmitters and receivers of the inner/outer continuum. By building and perfecting our meme-brains we become transparent to God. You can't get there however without going raw, and because we have thousands of years of cooked food metabolism in our genetic lineages, we are going to have to use remineralized soils, superfoods, living-water, ORMUS and advanced elixirs like Dr. George Merkl and Sumerian Life Crystal Elixir (ATP).


The grain of the Void or the Universal Cosmic Geometry has a tetrahedral structure which forms a seed of light, in which free energy is molded into light and light is molded into matter. Cosmic Geometry is superconductive, transtemporal and superluminal, comprising One still Light of Universal Mind. Energy is pulled out of the Cosmos by implosion and can be delivered via Sacred Geometry where free flow of energy takes place.  As the body becomes more coherent and in tune with the Universal Cosmic Geometry, it becomes more "fractalic", and capable of tapping into the life energy which is a prerequisite for life. The field of life consists of a holographic interference that is linked with the physical structure via the essence of life. The Sumerian Life Crystal Elixir has a tetrahedral structure as does the Cosmic essence. Dr. George Merkl’s Sumerian elixir plays an important role to processing of living-water and produces specific geometry by altering the hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties. Thus when water, protein or other substances are brought in contact with this elixir it will fold into the Cosmic Geometry.

This tetrahedral geometry is responsible for superconductivity and superfluidity, opening the way to harness the cosmic system than brings organization and continuity of life. Aligning with cosmic order is the secret to immortality and Cosmic consciousness for the seed of light brings wholeness and healing to every living organism via coherence. Such sacred water is essential to all life and is found in the nucleus of the cell and in the cytosol to build microtubule spindles for cell division and in the mitochondria which houses the protein substrate of the electron transport chain that produces ATP. Sacred water is also found in the cerebral spinal fluid where the nerve impulses are transferred to the distribution points. Sacred cosmic water orders proteins, designs amino acids to build intricate biostructures. In the cell nucleus, DNA replicates via self-hologram in water structured to Sacred geometry. DNA itself absorbs the ATP elixir that delivers the cosmic light allowing it to oscillate with the prime mover of the Cosmos the creative field. Apotheosis or elevation of the human to divine status is thus bringing the genetic blueprint up to God’s speed.

For the healthy fascia light body, collagen building nutrition, antioxidants, remineralization, rehydration, isometric stretching, and grounding is important, as is pH and sunlight. The body is a liquid crystal and the collagen fibers of the fascia are fiber optic cables for conveying biophotons. So when the body's pH becomes more acid, and the tissues become dehydrated and oxidized then the fascia loses its capacity to instantaneously transmit biophotons coherently. This reduces the total body EMF, collapsing our spiritual and psi levels of consciousness and cutting us off from cosmic and nature union. With rigid, oxidized, contracted, dehydrated bodyminds we become so insentient that our spectrum of consciousness narrows to the mere 3D material world of the five senses. Yoga and isometric stretching with a large stick to the full Vitruvian extension, combined with hydration, grounding, antioxidant and enzyme rich alkalinizing diet helps to open up the body to the light in order to embody our spiritual Self.

Fritz-Albert Popp put forward the hypothesis that biophotons are emitted from a coherent electrodynamic field within the living system. Each cell is emitting this field, then the whole living system is, in effect, a ubiquitous nonlocal coherent resonant energy field. Biophotons provide communication at near-instantaneous speed allowing for the coordinated organization of the organism. Living systems therefore thrive not from competition, but through cooperation…an organism incarnates information not only for themselves, but for all other organisms, expanding the consciousness of the whole, while at the same time becoming more and more aware of this collective consciousness. When you aim for the good of the whole and you work with the quantum creative force of the universe and have the unified field as your ally.

Quantum biology suggests a biological organization based on far finer physical processes at the atomic level, rather than mere chemical reactions between biomolecules. Much of this signaling within and between cells may be mediated by free radicals of the oxygen and nitrogen species. Populations of cells, thus cooperatively “telepathize together” in instant intercellular communication, and organize hierarchically via spin-correlation at atomic and molecular levels.


Cleaning ‘Glymphatic System’ in Brain—If your life exhibits signs of being hopelessly tied in knots, double binds, paradoxes, dead ends, unsatisfying relationships, meaninglessness and could be that your brain needs a cleaning, overhaul, reconditioning and watering. The body’s lymphatic system does not extend into the brain or spinal cord, despite the high metabolic activity of neural tissue and its high sensitivity to changes in the extracellular environment, including the build-up of metabolic waste products. Instead the brain has its own hydrolic system for conveying water, nutrients, solutes and removing wastes.

Maiken Nedergaard, M.D., D.M.Sc., co-director of the University of Rochester Medical Center for Translational Neuromedicine says there is a glymphatic system in the brain that acts much like the lymphatic system but is managed by brain cells known as glial cells. Glial cells are at least as abundant as neurons and somehow enhance learning. The glial cells of humans are much larger than those of lower species, in that they have more fibers and they send those fibers out over greater distances. By having lush glial cells like Einstein the brain learns faster, makes fewer errors, and it takes less time to arrive at the appropriate answer. Special types of glial cells, called astrocytes, have their own form of chemical signaling. They have the potential to coordinate whole groups of neurons, to regulate the flow of information through the brain. Astrocytes don't use electricity as neurons do — they communicate by releasing and detecting neurotransmitters

The pathway consists of a para-arterial influx route for cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) to enter the brain, along with a clearance mechanism for the removing the interstitial fluid and extracellular solutes from the brain and spinal cord. Clearance of soluble proteins, waste products and excess extracellular fluid is accomplished through convective flow of the interstitial fluid, facilitated by aquaporin-4 water channels on the glial cells. This system was termed the ‘Glymphatic’ pathway due to its dependence upon glial cells and its performance of peripheral ‘lymphatic’ functions in the CNS.  The highly organized system acts like a series of pipes associated with brain’s blood vessels, that serves as the lymph system for the brain to drain away waste products.

If the glymphatic system fails to cleanse the brain adequately, either as a consequence of normal aging, or in response to brain injury, inflammation, plaques or excessive toxicity, the waste begins to accumulate in the brain, as seen with amyloid deposits in Alzheimer’s disease. Sunlight is probably what drives the glymphatic system. Sunlight is a catalyst to chemical reactions in the body, therefore a large % of our metabolism fails to be activated, or occurs poorly when we don't get sunlight on our flesh and in our eyes. In this way we fail to assimilate nutrients, build and repair molecules and tissues and detoxify properly. The body detoxifies 20 times more in the sun. .

The protein, called Aquaporin-4, is a channel protein that allows water to move in and out of astrocyte glial cells, confers bidirectional water flow between blood and brain. Aquaporin-4 ((AQP4) is the most abundant water channel in the brain. AQP4 is particularly strongly expressed in glial membranes that are in direct contact with capillaries and pia. The highly polarized AQP4 expression indicates that these cells are equipped with specific membrane domains that are specialized for water transport, thereby mediating the flow of water between glial cells and the cavities filled with CSF and the intravascular space. The astrocytic aquaporin-4 water channels are targeted by autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis, producing edema in the brain.

Hg2+ Mercury ions reduce the water permeability of aquaporin-4, thereby lowering the flow of water. The absorption of mercury from dental amalgams can thus lead to chronic brain dehydration. In a state of dehydration the body manufactures more cholesterol in an attempt to preserve further moisture loss, clogging arteries, and starving the tissues of oxygen, water and sustenance. High intakes of cholesterol and saturated fat were both linked to increased cognitive impairment in the middle-aged population. Thyroid function, hormonal and enzyme systems are always affected to some degree by mercury poisoning and vitamins and minerals are imbalanced. Amalgam poisoning has a profound effect on the stomach and intestinal flora, providing a breeding ground for candida and fungal infections etc. Mercury interferes with fat metabolism and cell membranes are largely fat.

Mercury ions, aluminum toxicity, acid pH, oxidation, inflammation make the cell membrane less permeable to water, perhaps through reduced the aquaporin water channel activity, thereby leaving the glial cells with less water to power their neuron assisting processes. Thus cognitive and spiritual enhancement could be achieved by reversing the decline in aquaporin activity through heavy metal detoxification, structured and vitalized water, remineralization, juicing, omega-3, exercise, head massage, vibratory lymphatic and sound and light therapies and loud singing/vocalization. The light of life runs on minerals and their geometric relationship to water. Hydrogen bonds are the rivets that hold together the atomic matrix of the body through its living water.

The membrane-located ATPase systems of mitochondria and chloroplasts are hydro-dehydration systems with terminal specificities for water and ATP; and their normal function is to couple reversibly the translocation of protons across the membrane to the flow of anhydro-bond equivalents between water and the couple ATP/(ADP-Pi). Polar and charged molecules like water H2O has a slow rate of diffusion and its flow is facilitated by the presence of aquaporins ( or water channels). Mammalian inner mitochondrial membranes have an unusually high water permeability. The predominant aquaporin in brain is AQP4, and is the primary aquaporin involved in the production of cerebrospinal fluid. Brain mitochondria also contain the expression of a short AQP8 and AQP9 isoform aquaporin in the inner mitochondrial membrane. Mitochondrial AQP9 is a hallmark of astrocytes and midbrain dopaminergic neurons, which may relate to the vulnerability of these neurons in Parkinson’s disease.

Although the osmotic movement of water into and out of the mitochondrion is central for its morphology and activity, the molecular mechanisms and the pathways for water transport across the inner mitochondrial membrane (IMM), the main barrier for molecules moving into and out of the organelle, are completely unknown. The inner mitochondrial membrane is an important selective barrier that controls the coupling of the central respiratory energy producing pathways  -  citric acid cycle and oxidative phosphorylation  -  with carbohydrate, fat, and amino acid metabolism. ATP carries 4 negative charges while ADP carries only 3. The result is a net export of one negative charge.  This charge imbalance is coupled to the proton gradient, which in the first place makes the inner mitochondrial membrane outside positive and the matrix side negatively charged. In effect, the membrane potential component of the proton gradient is the energy source to drive the ATP-ADP translocase to secrete ATP4- from the mitochondrial matrix while importing ADP3. 

The body produces an amazing 50 to 75 kg of ATP per day.



It is general knowledge that the human brain is composed of more than 60% structural fat and 50% of that is DHA Omega-3 fatty acid, so it is the most important fatty acid in the human brain. But what we didn’t know was the importance of the role of DHA in the composition of the cardiolipin inner membrane to the mitochondria. Rectifying the cultural impact of the Fall on our mitochondria will provide adequate energy for all active, flows, exchanges and movements and promote maximum metabolic efficiency. Essentially allowing us to throw off 10,000 years of entrenched patriarchal rule by the sword. Speaking of cereal killers.

The dietary supply of the fatty acids Omega-3 and DHA in particular is vital for cardiolipin on the inside mitochondrial membrane and the actual "hydration" of the mitochondrial itself...which affects the electron transport chain. The correct shape of the mitochondrial organelle itself requires living or structured water at the correct osmotic pressure, and this is the pivotal key to ATP production, energy for Aliveness and our degree of Enlightenment (biophotons). Thus deficiency of DHA Omega-3 due to cultural practices especially in the last 10,000 years, has dimmed our light as a species...literally and figuratively. Most or all delinquency in the human species is due to the enculturated loss of light, generating an infinite web of cause and effect, set apart and off-key from the cosmic immanent domain.

According to the article “Omega-3 DHA and EPA for Cognition, Behavior, and Mood: Clinical Findings and Structural-Functional Synergies with Cell Membrane Phospholipids” by Parris M. Kidd, PhD the 3 enzymes which convert the ALA fatty acids to EPA and DHA are inactivated by alcohol, caffeine, trans fatty acids, and pancreatic hormone imbalances caused by sugar use. The the biosynthesis of essential fatty acids is multi-stage process requiring successive actions by elongase and desaturase enzymes, which play critical roles in regulating the length and degree of unsaturation of fatty acids and thereby their functions. They require the following as cofactors for their function: vitamins B3, B6 and C, magnesium and zinc.

Modern humans are deficient in all of the conversion cofactors, and they all take the inhibitors; plus the enzymes are also inhibited by heavy metals and other pollutants we are commonly exposed to now. Biochemists have calculated that five percent or less of dietary ALA is converted to EPA, and less than 0.5 percent of dietary ALA makes it to DHA, with a slightly higher efficiency conversion rate found in women. The highest DHA is found in those who consume fish regularly. DHA and EPA combinations have been shown to benefit memory, mood and the affective disorders, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD), anxiety/withdrawal, autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia, aggression, bipolar disorder, dementia, fatigue, depression, cognitive impairment, confusion and Borderline personality disorder. Cell membrane dysfunction is just part of an impressive body of evidence that strongly suggests schizophrenia is related to other affective disorders across a pathologic continuum.

Once the candida/cancer/insulin resistant terrain of Metabolic X is underway the pH would be too acidic for a good conversion rate of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) to EPA and DHA, plus the aldehyde and other phenolic waste product compounds of bad bacteria and pathogens would interfere with the conversion enzymes. The acidic, hypoxic conditions of Metabolic X and candida overgrowth may in fact be due, at least in part, to a lack of omega-3 fatty acids.  Also when the body's water is sluggish, thick, with high viscosity and high surface tension this reduces the construction rate and structural perfection of lipids, proteins and enzymes, the signaling of molecules and basically interferes with all work in the body. While ALA can convert into DHA/EPA, this conversion is severely impaired when you have elevated insulin levels, and over 80% of the U.S. population has elevated insulin levels. The increase in cortisol during stress increases blood sugar and insulin levels which impairs the DHA conversion rate.

So even if we eat adequate Omega-3 if the body is inflammatory with a high oxidation rate we may still not get enough DHA actually incorporated into the cell membranes, and the Omega-3 will itself oxidize become a free radical and inflammatory COX producer itself. DHA is one of the most highly oxidizable fatty acids, looks like we might need to all be able to afford ratfish oil and beef up the colorful plant pigments. That grounding and sunlight is necessary for the integrity of the body's water plays great importance in the integrity of the structure of molecules, especially with regards to grounding being an electron supplier and antioxidant.  Healthy cells have a complement of antioxidants within their membranes that help protect them from destruction by intrinsic oxidants (obligatorily generated during routine metabolism) or extrinsic oxidants. Krill-oil also includes the potent membrane carotenoid antioxidant astaxanthin.

DHA alone makes up about 15-20 % of your brain's cerebral cortex, as well as 30-60% of your retina, making it a hugely essential nutrient for both brain and eye health. In your brain, DHA is found mainly in “excitable” cell membranes, such as the synaptic junctions between neurons, and it is also found in nonneuronal cells, such as glia. In your eyes, DHA is primarily located in retinal pigment epithelial cells and in the photoreceptor cells of which compose the retina. In recent years, researchers discovered that DHA is a precursor for a newly identified signaling molecule called protectin (neuroprotectin, or NPD1). The release of DHA from cell membranes under conditions of oxidative stress leads to its conversion into NPD1 to induce nerve regeneration, reduce inflammatory leukocyte infiltration and maintains homeostasis through ageing by reducing the signaling for apoptosis and inflammatory. Thus NPDI is induced by oxidative stress and protects retinal and neuronal cells from oxidative stress-induced apoptosis, via suppressing COX. Thus as a precursor to NPD1, DHA offers potential to delay or minimize the "normal" cognitive decline during ageing and in accelerated decline such as Alzhiemer’s, as Alzheimer’s disease victims are markedly deficient in DHA.

To summarize the importance of DHA—If the DHA, or any other component of the cell membrane, is attacked and degraded by free radicals, the neuron will be damaged and may die. The primary source of free radicals is cellular respiration, the process that provides the chemical energy upon which all life processes depend. If there is inadequate DHA in the body to produce cardiolipin, then the electron transport chain on the inner membrane of the mitochondria is going to be inefficient and “dirty”…producing a dangerous amount of free radicals even as it attempts to make ATP for the life-energy of the bodymind. Inadequate cardiolipin also impairs the number, shape and function of the aquaporin water uptake channels into the mitochondria to keep the organelle in the correct osmotic pressure and shape for the electron transport chain.

The DHA Soul-ution—To optimize the health and well-being of all parts of our bodies means maintaining optimal, not merely adequate, amounts of omega-3 fatty acids at all times. Take 1000 mg capsules of krill oil per day along with Vitamin D3. Exercise regularly and eat a nutritious diet with a variety of organic vegetables, avoid all forms of sugar/alcohol/caffeine, remove mercury amalgam fillings from your body, avoid aluminum, avoid flu vaccinations as they contain both mercury and aluminum! DHA is a highly unsaturated fatty acid and, therefore, is particularly susceptible to peroxidation. Therefore eat high antioxidant foods such colorful berries high in anthocyanin and goji berries rich in carotenoids, vitamin E, and coenzyme Q10. Challenge your awareness daily with novel mental stimulation to keep the brain plastic.

We can begin to right this energy decline by reducing cereals in our diet and avoiding damaged fats, and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid, which is found in most types of vegetable oil (soybean, corn, safflower, canola etc…), while increasing the consumption of fish, fish oils and other omega-3 sources. By reconstituting the phospholipids foundations to the pyruvate transporters in the mitochondrial membranes we can fire up the primary energy process of oxidative phosphorylation generation of ATP. This along with taking cinnamon for overcoming insulin resistance and turmeric for inflammation throughout the day will stop us becoming a walking Petri dish for disease.

Omega-3 eggs can be a significant source by providing greater  than 200 mg of “omega-3” per egg. Chicken tractors, on fields with high omega-3 plants and weeds on them are the best way to get high DHA into the pod-people’s diet...for a while at least raw eggs in the smoothies would be a high integrity way of rapidly rectifying the problem. Using algae/spirulina growing systems in combination with fish farming to make high Omega-3 fish also...usually only wild animals/fish have high Omega-3. The combo of high solar energy, energized water, ORMUS and pristine altitude would make Bolivia and Peru excellent for algae growing. The extra C, B3 B6 Mg and Zn needed for the DHA converting enzymes could be incorporated into the growing conditions of the algae, and/or in the commercial product for consumption. For all we know, those thousands of round circles on the planes around Lake Titicaca could have been algae growing ponds.


Cardiolipin, a functional and structural fat on the inner mitochondrial lining is key to the Metabolic X deterioration and the decline of homo we are not getting the correct 1:1 ratio of Omega-3: Omega-6 we need for brain fat and cardiolipin. The deficiency in Omega-3 leads to the breakdown in the body's ATP production and discommunication on all levels, and the systemic cellular inflammation that underlies all degenerative disease and cognitive dysfunction. Then once life is sufficiently corrupt that it can no longer defend itself the decomposing (or rotting) lifeforms then move in to return all that is non-vital to dust.

Cardiolipin (CL) is important in maintaining the structural integrity of a cell's inner mitochondrial membrane, responsible for energy production. It is a unique phospholipid found in mammalian membrane tissue except blood cells and skin) where it constitutes 2-10% of total phospholipids. It occurs also in invertebrates, plants, algae, yeast and bacteria. The presence of cardiolipin in bacteria was used to support the hypothesis of the bacterial origin of mitochondria in eukaryotes. Although some microorganisms lack cardiolipin, it comprises 2-25% of lipid phosphorus in the majority of bacteria. Consider the importance that it is cardiolipin, the fat on the inner lining of the mitochondria, that conveys sugar (pyruvate) into the mitochondria and functions in the production of ATP. Without DHA-Omega-3 we neither have quality cardiolipin for energy production, nor the correct brain fat...the majority of which is DHA. The ocean is the main source of Omega-3.  Cardiolipin from marine mollusks was shown to contain EPA and DHA in approximately equal proportions and contributing together up to 73% of the total fatty acids of that phospholipids.
The human inner mitochondrial membrane contains approximately 9.2% cardiolipin. The Cardiolipin phospholipid has been extensively studied since it was found to be associated to cytochrome oxidase in the electron transport system located in the mitochondrial cristae membranes. Cardiolipin is emerging as an important factor in the regulation of mitochondrial bioenergetics in that it interacts with several vital inner membrane proteins, including anion carriers and respiratory chain complexes. 

Cardiolipin function in the membranes of bacteria and mitochondria is to generate an electrochemical potential for substrate transport and ATP synthesis Cardiolipin forms the central glycerol group, at the water/membrane interface, influential in determining membrane potential and permeability. Mitochondria maintain cellular ATP levels to keep the intracellular milieu constant, while the cell feeds mitochondria with the necessary fuels and respiratory substrates. As long as the generation and consumption of ATP are at equilibrium or able to adapt to the varying requirements of cellular activity, the energetic and structural integrity of the cell upholds and can also easily match the damaging effects of metabolic by-products such as reactive oxygen species (ROS).

Aquaporin containing membranes consist of phospholipids or phosphoglycerides, sphingolipids, cardiolipin. Aquaporins have been found to be associated with mitochondria, where they may contribute to the regulation of mitochondrial matrix volume. AQP8 might represent the molecular pathway underlying the osmotic movement of water across the inner mitochondrial membrane (IMM) during changes in mitochondrial volume.

Mitochondrial osmotic gradient, swelling and contraction are thought to control the rate of substrate oxidation...through the respiratory oxidative phosphorylation chain. Hence AQP8 may be important for mitochondrial function because this organelle must maintain its volume homeostasis to perform oxidative phosphorylation. Open Aquaporin channels initiate a flux of ions and H2O, which enhances the flux of electrons through the respiratory oxidative phosphorylation chain and results in increased oxidation and ROS production. This causes alterations of the cellular redox state, which is known to function as an intracellular signaling mechanism that can alter the activity of transcription factors, enzymes, and other signaling events. Any cytosolic molecule entering the mitochondrial matrix or any matrix component released into the cytosol must first cross the outer and inner mitochondrial membranes. The outer mitochondrial membrane (OMM) is highly permeable while the permeability to solutes (ions, respiratory substrates, and metabolites) dramatically decreases at the IMM, which is freely permeable to just a few molecules, such as O2, CO2, and NH3.

Other hydrophilic metabolites or ions can only cross the membrane via the many specific transport systems present within the membrane, such as exchangers, uniporters, and ion channels. The regulation of the composition of the matrix is apparently crucial to the functioning of mitochondria. For example, matrix volume, ion concentrations (e.g., K+, Ca2+, H+), mitochondrial cristae folding, and compartmentalization of proteins all have to be tightly regulated under normal physiological conditions to prevent mitochondrial dysfunction.

Curiously, mammalian cardiolipin contains up to 90 mol% linoleic fatty acid. The most abundant cardiolipin types contained only one or two types of fatty acids, which generated a high degree of structural uniformity. While changes in the cardiolipin molecular type to relatively short fatty chains correlated to the massive alterations in neuronal remodeling and apoptosis that occur after birth. After which a more complex range of molecular species, rich in arachidonic and docosahexaenoic acids (DHA), was observed.

It has been demonstrated that mitochondrial dysfunction associated with cardiac ischemia-reperfusion is associated with cardiolipin oxidation. Melatonin was able to protect against such dysfunction and oxidative alteration of cardiolipin thereby reducing thyroid disease and aging. Accumulating evidence suggests that this unique lipid also has active roles in several of the mitochondria-dependant steps of apoptosis (cytochrome c dissociation from the mitochondrial inner membrane, permeabilization of the mitochondrial outer membrane). Cardiolipin compositional abnormalities involving abundance of immature molecular species (shorter chain saturated or monounsaturated fatty acids) have been observed in brain tumor mitochondria, results that support the German scientist Otto H. Warburg's theory of cancer. 

Warburg first proposed in 1924 that the principle cause of cancer was injury to a cell caused by impairment to a cell's mitochondrial power plant - or energy metabolism. While healthy cells generate energy by the oxidative respiration, tumors and cancer cells generate energy through the non-oxidative breakdown of glucose, a process called glycolysis, or anaerobic respiration. Thus Warburg argued, cancer should be interpreted as a type of mitochondrial disease. With the discovery of Cardiolipin scientists found that abnormalities in cardiolipin content or composition were present in all types of tumors and closely associated with significant reductions in energy-generating activities. The results suggest that cardiolipin abnormalities can impair mitochondrial function and energy production leading to irreversible respiratory injury in tumors and link mitochondrial lipid defects to the Warburg theory of cancer.


"The thorough investigation of water therefore truly signifies the end of all monopolies, the end of all domination and the beginning of a socialism arising from the development of individualism in its most perfect form.” Viktor Schauberger

Cell hydration is important to youth and the key to good hydration is healthy cell membranes. Efficient blood flow throughout the brain is necessary to the evolution of higher intelligence – to keep brain cells from overheating. Along lecithin) to build up your nerve sheaths and cell membranes. The key to good hydration is healthy cell membranes. Omega 3 fatty acids are particularly important for bodybuilders because they assist the liver in breaking down protein from your diet to build muscle, enhancing testosterone levels, protecting joints while body building and increasing energy levels.

Glial cells contribute greatly to human intelligence and awareness (humanization), and so their health is vital. If one uses Dr. Batmanghelidj’s ideas in The Water Cure we see that cellular water uptake is part of the energy generation system of the cell, then because the glial and astrocytes in particular are high in in aquaporin channels glia are the hydropower factories of the brain. As such they must be infinitely valuable for providing memory, efficacy, and functionality of cognition, dexterity, movement, endurance, depth and integration of consciousness. One might say the brain is a water computer. Unfortunately much of what we do in cooked contemporary culture to destroy our living-water and dehydrate our bodies is contributing to mental-emotional decline through the drying up of our hydrolic brain.

At birth we are composed of 90% water but as we become an adult, the hydration level begins to drop to as low as 65% in men and 52% in women. The five quarts of blood coursing through your body are 90% water, and the rest of your body holds between fifty and eighty quarts of water. Both water intake and thirst sensitivity decline with age, and so does mental function.  Many mental conditions and diseases are linked to brain dehydration causing the decreased the efficiency of transport into and out of cells. Since seventy-five percent of people are chronically dehydrated, it’s no wonder we are becoming demented. The brain is 85% water and is highly sensitive to changes in its water content. Thus drought management is a primary objective of the water regulatory systems that use histamine, PGE, vasopressin etc…to ensure microviscosity function.

Microstream flow regions surround microtubules require low viscosity for the transport of substances in solution. Microtubules act like drainage pipes in the cytosolic medium of the cell to draw water and create low viscosity regions around them. Microtubules are long hollow proteinaceous cylinders found in nearly all eukaryotic cells. In co-operation with other components of the cytoskeleton, microtubules are involved in several basic cellular processes as segregation of genetic material, intracellular transport, maintenance of cell shape, positioning of cell organelles, extracellular transport by means of cilia, and movement of cells by means of flagella and cilia.

Bound and Free Water—Since water is bound into the structural components of the cell, dehydration causes a disintegration of the cell framework. 60% of cell water is bound to molecules within the cell—that means only 40% of the water in the body is “free water.” In dehydration when viscosity is higher proteins and enzymes become less efficient. Dr. Batmanghelidj goes as far to say that chronic unintentional dehydration is the origin of most pain and degenerative diseases in the human body. “Chronic cellular dehydration painfully and prematurely kills. Its initial outward manifestations have until now been labeled as diseases of unknown origin.”

Here is the short list of things dehydration creates: Constipation, bad digestion, ulcers, GI tract problems, heart burn, allergies, asthma, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney failure, cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, obesity, diabetes, sugar/carbo craving, depression, reduced intelligence and brain function, emotional and social problems, poor eyesight etc.

A major cause of cancer is the lack of “free water.” Down regulation of cell physiology due to dehydration could be responsible for irreversible cell damage and cancer initiation through the alteration of DNA/RNA. The ratio of extracellular to intracellular water content declines as we age. With less free water available in the cell viscosity increases, interfering with the efficiency of protein, peptide and enzyme conformation. Increased hydration allows for the ease of molecular construction and improved receptor function, while dehydration reduces the flexibility and functionality of amino acid chains. Therefore loss of free cell water means the protein and enzyme function necessary for metabolism and repair is down regulated. Acidosis is a condition of dehydration that leads to poor functioning of transport, enzyme reactions, and many other conditions that can lead to decline in functioning of the cells.

Furthermore, stress increases the demand for free cell water both through making the body more acid and increasing gluconeogenesis (the hydrolysis of fats and proteins for energy). We see therefore that during the catabolysis of fasting or weightloss we need more free cell water for the gluconeogenesis of the body tissue. Septic conditions coupled with chronic dehydration establishes stress physiology and stress itself causes cellular free water depletion. For neurotransmission and cation exchange at the cell membrane free water is necessary. Increasing free water raises the synthesis of cellular energy molecule ATP which is fuel for all the work in the body including the ion exchange pumps. When there is an ample supply of free electrons in the body more ATP is produced, adding to the energy level. Dehydration of the cell membrane down regulates the cation exchange pumps and hormone receptor activity of the neuroendocrine system.

Chronic dehydration associated with caffeinated beverages and alcohol consumption may contribute to neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis.  When your pituitary gland gets dehydrated the vasopressin and other hormones it secretes are diminished. Vasopressin regulates the flow of water to the cells and intracellular spaces in your body. When this hormone reaches a cell membrane, it presses water through a filtration receptor one molecule at a time so that only water reaches and hydrates the cell. This is crucial because vital organs begin to fail without proper hydration, precipitating aging and even death.

The greater the dehydration the more water and bicarbonate secretory gland cells will need to cope with the drought and the “burden” of solid food digestion. The stress of the pancreas under chronic dehydration conditions may be one of the main contributing factors to pancreas cancer. Cooked food dehydrates the body further, due to the extra processing, cleanup, healing, storing of toxic waste and detoxification necessary. Thus cooked food is an exhaustive burden on the body's water resources...when we already don't regularly drink enough water free of the caffeine and other hydro-dysregulating agents. When you drink coffee the caffeine limits the secretion of vasopressin and keeps it from circulating. Thus, even though you are getting plenty of water with the coffee, your cells are not hydrating. Alcohol has a similar effect, which is why partying makes us thirsty. To counter this effect drink 1-2 glasses of water prior to your morning coffee and before bed to ensure hydration free of the vasopressin suppression. Eliminate table salt as much as possible.  There is plenty of sodium  in vegetables so you don’t need to add additional salt.

When a brain suffers from dehydration this causes it to shrink. The real cause of Alzheimer's and dementia could be chronic dehydration. The cure is in the prevention. It is so obvious - medications will not re-hydrate your brain. The solution to dehydration is simple: cool, clean water. Drink eight to ten eight-ounce glasses a day of pure distilled water, and you’ll be amazed at how many ailments disappear. Flanagan’s Mega H- Silica Hydride and ORMUS magnetic trap water are ultra hydrators…as is silicon rich glacial waters. Both Coconut oil and high silicon water and high magnesium water protect against Alzheimer's. High blood pressure is a sure sign of dehydration. Drinking the water sets the viscosity of the blood, if the blood is too thick this puts increased pressure on the kidneys. Coconut water is not only delicious and ultrahydrating, but it could be a viable natural solution to lowering your blood pressure as well as keeping you hydrated. Most of the time when an organ fails, it fails because of lack of hydration, oxygenation and circulation. Once you clean out the blood vessels and re-establish circulation, the organs will recover very quickly.

Humectants— Honey is a hygroscopic humectant, meaning that it attracts and helps retain skin moisture, hydrating your skin. Raw Manuka Honey and lemon juice in water amplifies its hydrating capacity. Red grapefruit juice and cayenne pepper increase the absorption of nutrients. Other humectant agents that act to increase the body’s water holding capacity include seaweed. Kelp acts to cleanse, hydrate and re-mineralize the body inside and out leaving it soft, smooth and toned. Ocean minerals are concentrated against the osmotic gradient to accumulate a much higher concentration of each mineral inside seaweed cells and intercellular spaces than in the surrounding seawater. This enables seaweeds to use water equilibrium mechanics to move materials in and out of their cells. Algin from seaweed has great therapeutic value as a heavy metal detoxifying agent. Using brown algae as part of an heavy metal removal treatment plan along with an increased daily water intake, as well as frequent hot baths and saunas with vigorous dry skin brushing before and after each bath or sauna.

Seaweeds also have significant amounts (1-3%) of Omega-3 fatty acids. Nori, in particular has 3% omega-3 fatty acids and large amounts of vitamins A and C.  Microbes help with mineral processing  and structure water, that is why cabbage cider etc...are so good, the bacteria structure the water.

Melatonin is abundant in many seaweeds, up to 1000 times the amounts found in land plants such as Feverfew and St. John’s Wort. The brain is especially susceptible to free radical attack since it is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and consumes very high amounts of oxygen. Melatonin is an antioxidant hormone that is widely used in medicine for protective and treatment purposes in cases of oxidative stress. Melatonin was able to protect against cardiolipin oxidation thereby reducing thyroid disease and aging. Because melatonin is a water and fat-soluble substance is a valuable antioxidant inside the cell membrane between bilayers.  It strengthens the hydrogen bonding between the functional groups of both melatonin and the polar parts of lipids and/or water.

Hydrophilic Substances—Other hydrophilic substances that can be used for hydration of the body or soil include: Kelp, algae, polysaccharides from aloe, chia, glucomannon (Konjac root), buckwheat goop and silicon from horsetail, bamboo, nettle, oatstraw, diatomaceous earth and clay. Hydrophilic amino acids include serine, threonine, cysteine, tyrosine, aspargine and glutamine. Take inositol and zinc supplementation together when you are in acidosis.  Inositol can help balance electrical charges and functioning in brain cells. 

Omega 3 essential fatty acids improve cell membrane functioning, helping to improve cellular transport and ATP production.

Supplement with Magnesium-Potassium Chelates 500 mg daily, as they are often depleted in dehydration. 

Trimethylglycine (TMG) is also called glycine betaine has three methyl groups attached to each molecule of glycine. TMG was discovered to improve membrane potential and to hasten the conversion of homocysteine back to methionine.

Alpha lipoic acid improves membrane potential, including mitochondrial membrane potential, is essential for the production of cellular energy in the form of ATP and reduces reduces lipofuscin accumulation in the brain. As an antioxidant Alpha-lipoic acid seems to help prevent certain kinds of cell damage in the body, and also restores vitamin levels such as vitamin E and vitamin C. What makes alpha lipoic acid unique is that it functions in water and fat, unlike the more common antioxidants vitamins C and E. Take Alpha lipoic along with Ester Vitamin C for antioxidant protection to the lipids in the cell membrane to preserve their hydration capacity.

Moisturizing skin humectants that deliver hydration directly to the skin cells include: glycerin, hyaluronic acid, alpha-hydroxy acids, sodium PCA, urea, honey, sorbitol and lactic acid. Hyaluronic Acid - Can bind up to a 1,000 times its own weight in moisture.

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The following is an outline for a movie which is ideal for “Light and Magic” type computer graphics and music extravaganza. It is a fast moving symphony of color and sound with perhaps some narration at the beginning and end. This movie is set in the future at the height of the decadent era, the year 2025. The hero of the story, Thete, is making a standard supplies run to the International Moon Base. Thete is the only human out of orbital range at this time.
The main impetus of the movie is a study of the progression and expression of human emotion. It is meant to be a symbolic portrayal of the growth of consciousness in coordinating rationality with emotion, in both the individual and for the whole of mankind. As such it aims to be a tool for integrating and synergizing mankind’s evolution. The movie Thete Test Tube Superman is a psychic laxative intended to cleanse the emotional body of the audience, to prevent individual and global suicide and stimulate hope. It is the pilot in a series which is geared towards enlightening humanity, solving what seems hopeless and giving us a vision of a desirable future.
Thete was developed by his creators to be the personification of the highest aspirations of modern man. Thete is a manmade creation—while having the ultimate rational powers, it is the result of this synthesis that he could not feel emotions. Because emotions are the antennae to the well spring of Universal inspiration Thete was divorced from God Speak. “Only that which is deeply felt can change us...rational arguments alone cannot penetrate the layers of fear and conditioning that comprise our crippling belief systems.” Marilyn Ferguson.  It was only through the Universes synergistic tendency to innate integrity and wholeness that Thete was able to experience human emotion spontaneously by dreaming. Thete’s superhuman biology allowed the Cosmos to give him a dream which initiated him into super-consciousness. The intensity of the dream provided him with the energy and the experience to develop his emotional body. It thus served to integrate his rationality with the will of the universe. Through dreaming the first truly humane creature was born—from the gestating subconscious came a truly world leader. As the movie progresses we see Thete transformed from a purely rational machine into an ultra responding, emotionally sensitive, earth tuned creature, with the capacity for great love...therefore great wisdom.
After the scenes of devolution back to the Big Bang, the screen goes blank for an uncomfortable movie period so the audience can digest the idea of global death. With the realization that there is no life left on earth Thete’s first emotion is fear. In great pain and disbelief he searches the earth for signs of the living. Then when he comes across the little girl he is triggered into hate and is so angered at humanities idiocy that he seeks to destroy all in a wild attempt to avenge his pain. Nature draws him back to rationality again while he is flying over mountains and it is during this quiet emotional lull that he is set to judge the validity of human existence. Because of the recent intense pain Thete’s first reaction is to kill himself and hence all last vestiges of Humanity (and all life). Attempting to commit suicide using the G force of the body that created you has deep symbolic meaning. When he sees the egg of earth in space the Universe through the power of its awesome beauty draws him back from his intended path of destruction. Once again the “spirit” of life triumphs over death.
Originally I called the hero Daimon for inner daimon or inner voice. Then I changed it to Thete as a derivative of Theta or Infinity. I feel his full name would be Thete Daimon or the inner voice of the Timeless.


Thete Test Tube Superman has just boarded his space plane after a routine flight to the moon delivering materials for the new moon base. He watches the news broadcasts from Earth on the TV screen as he returns home.
“Civil war in large cities and drug warfare has reached crisis levels. Cities are being evacuated; country land prices have soared.”
“Congress has passed a law making it compulsory for members of the government to donate cells to the Genetic Selection Committees controlled evolution plan. The President said he would be the first to honor such a cause.”
Thete laughs at the charade being performed for the mass populous. He knows that the rulers the public sees are only well trained puppets and that their quality of genetic material is inadequate for global decision making. Thete has the most supreme brain known to man. He is being primed by his creators to be the central decision maker for the United World Government. His Mothers and Fathers estimate his life expectancy to be around 500 years without taking into account future developments in rejuvenation. Since he was first engineered 30 years ago his development was controlled by the highest minds of the times. His skin still has the elasticity and bloom of youth, though his eyes betray the culmination of centuries of human thought. He has already read, discovered and known more than any consciousness in existence.
Thete looks down at his domain. He finds that in space away from earthly distraction, where weightlessness relieves body stress, he can do his best thinking. He had volunteered for this particular moon flight because he had a crucial problem to solve. He had to get the World Government operational before any one country or power could hold the world to ransom. This competition thing, this conditioning which had been naively installed in the psyche of man was plainly suicide. He knew that cooperation had to be the pivot around which all human life centered or we would always be on the very edge of extinction—always living in fear of ourselves.
Thete listens to the last broadcast: “The Atomic Research Center (ARC) is starting today a new series of experiments to produce free quarks using the just completed Super Atom Accelerator.“  Thete thinks of the danger involved in testing the strong force combining quarks. Particles would need to be slammed together with the energies of trillions of GeV; that is in conditions similar to those immediately after the Big Bang. He had tried to dissuade ARC from its headlong rush to isolate the building block of matter. He had applied the majority of his thought power to this very problem and could feel that the answer was eminent. Unfortunately ARC had more confidence in their own experimentation to take heed of a mind some other scientist had produced.
ZAP!!! The earth is seized by the force just discovered by mankind. It may be the last thing unraveled as Thete is now the only thing left alive. All life on earth was “cooked” the instant the quark was divided. The television screen goes blank and Thete looks out the window. The earth is a swirling mass of colors surrounded by an aura of rays wildly changing in spectrum.
The rational man screams with his first taste of emotion. He loses himself in images from the past. They well up inside him with terrifying magnitude. The whole of creation he relives, (Devolution—life passing before ones eyes at death). Changes of this level happen continuously in the universe, but in all his short history nothing had ever meant as much to Humankind. Through our very excellence in evolution we had at last managed to destroy ourselves. The last of Pandora’s boxes had been opened. The images build in ferocity and speed...the music to the tune of the glory of life rises in complexity and beauty as everything explodes in flash of white light, (Big Bang—symbolically the loss of consciousness and the origins of the universe).
Thete’s mind reaches the critical threshold between life and death. If it were not for his meta-stable makeup he would have died from the knowledge that he had to endure. He rests for a while in the black timeless eternal night until once again the life force begins to rise in his body. Stars slowly begin to return to his universe, they converge slowly getting bigger and drawing into the center—into a vortex of swirling masses of stars. Spiraling down, down to be blasted through to the reality of the space plane, (Regaining consciousness). There he sits in his custom fitted seat with his own mechanical mind mapped out in the machinery before him. Through the expanse of the window the earth is revealed—the divine egg in a zapped state.
Thete returns to an earth barren of all life. The horror of a manless world. The scenes of chaos, fallen planes, crashed trains and dead people lining city streets builds to an unbearable level as he searches the world for some form of life. The most rational man in all existence is no longer rational. He cannot hear the part of him that knows that the race has ended. He is wretched with unbearable pain.
Thete flees the scenes of mayhem for the security of a beautiful country stream. There he comes across a little girl and her puppy lying in the wild flowers as though quietly sleeping. Something snaps within him and a new and uncontrollable violence consumes him. Thete’s face changes from exquisite pain to a horrendous evil mask as he seeks to swallow his hurt in a fit of destruction. From his space plane he bombs whole cities and the treasures of civilization. He now knows what it is like to feel anger never felt with such intensity by man.
At last when the frenzy is over leaving the best in the material world as rubble, he is flying over a mountain range, out over a river delta and into the setting sun over the ocean, when once again he returns to lucid thought. He is awakened to the fact that he is the sum total of the struggle of mankind and that it is in his power to either seed life on earth again from the cells of his own body or else commit suicide. The question he put to himself on this monumental day of judgment was whether Mankind, the very seed of mankind was intrinsically evil or not.
Thete’s face is stone as he dives once more into space. While rocketing towards mankind’s ultimate destruction he feels he has to have one last look at the earth as a tribute to the dignity of Humanity. The G force makes it almost impossible for him to turn his head in order to see that beautiful egg of life now returned to normal in a sea of nothingness.
Thete is compelled to return. The seed of man grows on towards unattainable perfection. He has realized that life has produced him and that no earthly right was his to destroy life. That he was not God and that he had much work to do to make a better world.
Thete returns to a world just as he left it, with all the petty wars, corruption and beauty. The whole story was a dream from whence his answers came. From the emotion and love that he felt for the human race while dreaming he has gained the strength to heal the world...the desire to heal the world.
Without dreams there is only despair.
Without dreams the intellect has no meaning.
Thete knew what he had to do...
Dream on.