Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I am a researcher and writer on health and spirituality with the aim of helping to establish the next civilization, but I am not a healer or a spiritual teacher. I believe that healing and enlightenment are the same thing and that we don’t so much recover from illness but develop ourselves out of a broken, partial or separated state. My work in the world is to help others take full possession of their own existence through directing their focus to the felt-sense and response-ability of their own sovereign presence. Healing is not imparted by others, it arises from a moment by moment choice to be whole, and it relies on our unique conscious relationship to the cosmos. Taking charge of our own existence is a license, freedom and ethical decision we all must make if we choose to be fully alive and to grow up. 

It is the principle lesson of self-creation...that no matter how much we manipulate and force others to submit to our will...we are only ever made by our own hand. Another person can point us towards our cosmic connection or grokking the Self, but they can't be with us 24 X 7 redirecting our focus continually. If an individual refuses to be responsible for their own blissful union with the cosmos then we can do little for them, but remind them of the magic that is possible from within. Many will cling to their cannabis, antidepressants, sex, alcohol, power or danger...ultimately however these can never satisfy, for the only real, lasting bliss is the ecstasy of the sovereign presence. 

It begins in childhood with the separation of the soul from body...and where the child is not allowed to own their own mind. It then takes a lifetime to reestablish the Will that is a natural gift of the living reconnect with that which animates us so we may direct our lives. The commodified culture tells us the cure for our disenchantment is outside of us...that our power can be achieved by paste-on's and pastiche. It is the living presence that heals...and the power switch is on the doesn't get anymore simple and basic than that. The will to Live and Be emerges from our felt-depth...without making connection with that...we remain a pale facsimile of our true nature. 

That is the beauty of the Inner Arts, as soon as someone becomes familiar with entering, inhabiting and navigating inside their own body they begin to feel empowered and emancipated. Sovereignty is begotten through Self-remembering from the inside out. However the conditioning for external succor, safety and support is so strong, that unless certain people who are resistant to embodiment get successive training for a period of time, they simply revert to their previous level of dissociation and deprivation. You can see how revolutionary sovereignty obliterates all the compulsivity, symptom-doctoring, and superficial fix-it routines and industries we have set up to manage and cultivate our dysfunction. 

It’s a “criminal” practice to prevent humans from becoming HUmans. And so when looked at through the ultimate objectivity it appears that as a general rule our institutions for medicine, education, marriage, child rearing, military, as well as agricultural and food industries and corporate structures are all unethical. In all its behaviors, functions, emotions and thoughts Borg civilization prevents and delays the emergence of the truly HUman civilization. Our predatory/parasitic mode of thinking and being keeps us in an infantile twilight zone of impulse gratification, with very little executive life organization going on. Not that criminalizing ignorance and retardation can save us from the gravity of our inability to realize our genius and our true spiritual nature. But once we can clearly see the complex network of degeneracy we have created we can set about making the human cosmos healthy and aligned with universal law. Then instead of trashed lives and trash society we can build a human culture of genuine value and quality experience.

If we are to survive as a noble species the framework and perception of Sovereign Neoethics emerging from the integration of the whole HUman must rule the hearts, minds and the courts of the new century.