Friday, September 28, 2012


Losing yourself is a slow process that occurs one unspoken word or false action at a time.  To maintain sovereignty therefore we must voice our truth in a world lost of reason, to be a voice of reason in a world that has lost its mind.

Hyperdefensive or offensive violence is unnecessary if you use your heart and your brain. Belief in oneelf is courage born of the suspension of disbelief. Believing in our Self is the suspension of the violence against ourselves that keeps us from deeply using our heart and brain. How did we learn such self-abuse? We learnt it from the social environment around us composed of people that have not yet come to love themselves.

One of the necessary stages of healing from trauma (initiation) is to be able to speak one’s truth to a higher authority. We start out as children able to go to our parents and “tell on” our siblings for bad behavior. Children who learn that bad behavior is not tolerated and that good behavior is rewarded are learning skills that will last them a lifetime. But our ability to “tell on” others for abuse or neglect becomes harder as we leave childhood behind. It is harder if not impossible to “tell on” our parents for abuse or neglect due to a deep sense of performative contradiction. Harder still when our livelihood is supplied to us from our abuser, such as a boss or a corporation. If you tattletale on your nation state for their abuses against you and others you are likely to be called unpatriotic and a trouble maker. Whistle blowers in this corrupt capitalist world are well on their way to becoming an institute and governing body in themselves, for there are so many of them.

Normal or "good" behavior is usually determined by whether it's socially, culturally and developmentally appropriate. However a presovereign society is a “sick society,” where the self-hatred and low self-esteem drives the very wheels of commerce and relationship. In the juvenile delinquent milieu of Borg culture “normal” behavior has defaulted and degraded to being “bad.” In a civlization composed of broken individuals, the totality of the environment has been constructed to drive a wedge between nature and man. Where culture itself has become the cause of the Great Schism between body, mind, soul this drives a stake in the heart of the HUman world. And without heart, everything falls apart.

Thus we stand on the edge of the known world, having to forge a new way of being human that does not sanction or encourage “bad” behavior in all its various forms, in order to knit back together the HUman cosmos. As we take our stand against the collapse of civilization, there is no higher authority we can run to to tell our tale of woe. We stand alone under the stars, weighing the scales of justice in our heart, trying to hold our own against the corrosive force of madness all round. For this we need Belief in ourself, that is courage born of the suspension of the violence against ourselves. If we stop self-abuse and come to love ourself, this spreads via ripple effect to all those we meet. Then, as we come together as self-loving sovereign beings and tell the truth of our experience we will have the courage to face reality and to relearn as a collective that bad behavior will not tolerated and that good behavior will rewarded…no matter where in the hierarchy of power and privilege one resides.

“Neither seek nor expect the sanction of those lacking the insight to comprehend your voyage home.” M. J. Holshouser

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Coincidentia Oppositorum


The Marriage of Light and Dark

The sovereign is the "causal origin point" to the precipitation and perception of their life and experience. Thus if we are engaging in what appears to be outside negativity or something or someone is triggering us, then the first step to realizing our causal nature is to ask what lessons are we investing our time in this experience for. As children we have less perspective, skills and capacity to deal with negative circumstances, but as we develop we evolve to the point of total responsibility for the optimization of our experience. If we cannot course correct and shift a situation towards that which is at least palatable to us (and others) then exiting the scenario is preferable than being poisoned by intractable conditions. That is, we stay with stressors only for as long as they challenge us to grow through inquiry, insight and strategy. Challenges give us an opportunity to grow stronger and as our strength grows, we can take on bigger challenges. Thus the darkside, shadow, negativity, difficulty and triggers must evolve over the course of our lives, or else it is obvious that we are in stasis and are just coasting through life without any peripheral or focal vision of where or who we are.

How we CAUSE our self-world can be readily observed in how we do NOT CAUSE our us the illusion of the world living us, instead of us living the world. We fail to get past stuffy recycling, composting, and rebounding effects until we actually put the loaded paint brush to the canvas and paint. That is our life is not doing us, we are doing our life, even if we have chosen or abdicated to not be an active participant. CHOOSING to be an active participant is the first baby step beyond being a victim of circumstance and asleep at wheel. Individuation is simply becoming who you ARE rather than a commodified resource unit for yourself and others to exploit. Thrival is not achieved through becoming a cog in a machine. True abundance is achieved by the development and expression of our genius and taking up our soul profession. Our real growth and influence is measured by our treatment of our Self. Our only real growth comes from Self-will-power.

The creative process involves questioning, insight, thought, prioritization, action, execution, and creating with intention and purpose. If we have not taken up the conscious cause of our own existence and realized that we are the CAUSE our self-world then we are still living in the hindbrain in conscious or unconscious fear. And in fear we are always a slave to happenstance rather than the master of our own destiny. If your spaceship is vulnerable to the forces of chaos, inertia, decay, delirium, delinquency and attack—then you need to up your shields, boot your core, clean your windows, raise your sails, find your coordinates and commit to your course.

Competition, whether one is top dog or bottom dog is still slave psychosis for it is a fight/flight with other for one's survival. The hindbrain has limited choices associated with animal programming hence it is reactive not creative. It lacks the frontal cortex’s ability to control behavior, plan, reason, conduct higher-level thinking and connect what we know about the world to how we behave. The ability to transcend or disembed from the hindbrain is achieved through the equanimity of gratitude. Thus appreciation, apprehension (understanding), and the capacity to be cellularly grateful for the play of light and dark allows us to develop the neurological aptitude for Fair Witnessing.

If we fall into reactive attraction and aversion we are slave to the phenomenal world and our knee-jerk responses to others. However as we build up the Presence in the Uraeus we develop the dexterity to deal with dualities and paradoxes, ambiguities, manage polarities and hold multiple perspectives without breaking down under the strain of disindentification. By focusing the mind’s eye at the Uraeus (2-3 inches in front of the hairline on the forehead) in meditation we amplify the ability to progressively process more abstract knowledge.

The frontal cortex is organized in a front-to-back systems hierarchy, with abstract decisions about action taking place in the front of the frontal lobe, while the back portion controls the capacity for concrete decisions. Damage or latency to the front area of the frontal lobe affects the proficiency for more abstract decisions of higher (decision-making) but left intact the competency for more concrete decisions and lower functions. Thus the kind of creative decision making that is aligned with higher purpose and one’s authentic nature is transcendent of the lower automatic push-pull nature of the enslaved mind, the Hindbrain or the Borg.

If the higher mind is not utilized, exercised and experienced then we automatically default to the more concrete old-brain consciousness and mechanisms, leaving vast dimensions of ourselves untapped. The noble, royal, sovereign being of self-dominion is FREEDOM…the physical embodiment of freedom, and with that comes all the positive qualities of our higher humanity, such as empathy, care, compassion, intuition, genius, vision, foresight, psi, enthusiasum, courage, flexibility, expansiveness, faith, good-will, optimism, responsibility, self-reliance, independence etc…

Freedom is required for initiation and growth into the anterior part of the frontal cortex thus our social and cultural environment necessitates a certain amount of human liberation in order to utilize the hardware and software for our deepest spiritual HUman capacities. Since we cannot rely on the outside world to provide us with the ideal conditions for our own evolution, we must actively engage in the practices, circumstances and experiences that open the gates to our higher multidimensional being. The world IS ever new, but the more we hang back in the old concrete formal operations areas of our brain, the more stuffy, tired and familiar our decision making and experience is. Thus boredom and “island fever,” if nothing else, forces us to grow.

Then when faced with an unfamiliar problem, or a situation seen through the fresh eyes of higher consciousness, activity in an anterior part of the frontal cortex leads to the discovery of abstract relationships between context and action that involve multiple levels of abstraction simultaneously. This multidimensional capability could underlie the ability to adapt behaviors based on the generalization of separate, past learning.

Whatever “spot” one finds oneself in, it is always the right spot according to one’s efforts, or one would be in a different spot. Our state, environment and conditions reflect our currently accepted limitations vs. excellence. We have arrived at this “spot” due to a series of effects and reactions, and we could map out this trail of happenstance with emotive state words like a mind map. Then it is easier for us to observe a metanarrative. Metanarrative means a "big story," sometimes referred-to as a "high level theory," or a narrative about narratives. The comprehension to “see” where we are in our life journey is a skill of sublime objectivity achieved only by the anterior frontal lobe and its talent for multidimensional abstraction. If we don’t turn on our fog lights, so to speak, we won’t be able to see where we are going, and so we might decide to sit under a tree like Rumpelstiltskin in quiet complacency, until life itself prompts or prods us onward. But by actively cultivating the neuro-development of the Uraeus we regain our enthusiasum for novelty and so seek out growth experiences.

The slave has conditioned themselves through learned helplessness to be afraid of or numb to freedom. The uninitiated flatlander has boxed themselves into a static spot with restrictions of perspective, ideology, excuses and all the great "isms."  Thus the narrative of the slave goes around and around in small circles, since the grand quest of the great unknown is left unknown. The meta-narrative of HUmanization is that enlightenment is an inside job of emancipation, egalitarianism and progressive liberation from the gravity of our lower world of competition for power and economic dominance.

The emergent principle of legitimation in society is the time to pay attention to new information. But it is not “time” persay that is the crucial factor, but time spent focusing on the clear identification of what in this ocean of information is worthy of our attention. Knowledge and decision-making is for the most part no longer based on abstract principles, but on how effective it is at achieving desired outcomes. Without the ability to hune our world to our deepest desires and passions we are forced to submit to pathological power programs of the existing status quo, which slow our neurological development to the self-initiated creative Self. Thus temporal focus must be brought to bare on the causal and transcendent fork in the road, rather than retracing over old worn out paths that lead nowhere.

The strength of sovereign community rests to a large extent in the continued striving of individuals to arrive at new views, without the need for uniformity and the totalization of opinion associated with herdmind. Sovereign legitimation must emphasize diversity and the fertile search for new answers to old questions through intellectual inventiveness thereby increasing the performativity of the overall community system. The grail of legitimization or authenticity is actively achieved through imaginatively seeking out instabilities, problems and anomalies in current ideologies to create a new playing field for the unknown. The high art of sovereignty is the metanarrative...that is the resourcefulness to edit one's narrative to arrive at a "better" spot than the previous ones through whole-Self awareness.

The freedom to be whole is achieved through gratitude, which allows the cellular forgiveness necessary to form new and novel building blocks, data bases, pathways, networks and programs designed to develop new technologies for HUman experience.

When lying in bed, on the grass or in seated posture…feel your head to be a martini glass. When you do this your ears will pick up and you will become very cognizant of your temporal lobes. Now from the base of your pelvis pull your energy up through the body and out the crown chakra in a fountain. Keep the martini glass and fountain sensation going while slow belly breathing and feeling unconditional freedom in every cell and fiber of your being. Sovereignty is freedom. The freedom to BE. Sovereignty is the temple of Being in the Heart. Sovereignty is synonymous with coming alive!

A HUman is a nonBorg human. That is one that has ignited and is utilizing their anterior frontal lobes and has access to the full spectrum of the light hues available to the Homo sapiens species at this present time. Thereby accessing spiritual traits and capacities that enable a vastly higher achievement and personal growth beyond mere socialized expectations and values. To get to that degree of purity, harmony and excellence requires that we overcome the negative traits that arise from the poverty of spiritual development. Spirituality encompasses the ecological, physical, vital, mental, emotional and social accomplishments and conditions. One aid to assisting the development of the HUman is to tone HUUUUUU. This resonates in the sinuses, clears out the brain steam, rebounds in the crystal chamber, cleans the brain and enlivens the frontal lobes. Hear it

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Sovereignty is achieved by throwing off the bodymind of the Borg-culture and awakening kundalini to reconnect fully to Nature and the Universe.

On the physical level Spirituality is in the coherence, charge, perfection, alignment, arrangement and relationship of the spectrum of atoms to convey the light of Spirit and connection to the Cosmos AS Universe. Since we live in an anti-life, anti-biophoton culture that kills lifeforce (Spirit), we must fast to remove the old form, and adopt a high biogenic, raw, nature and movement focused lifestyle to provide the perfected house for order to receive, listen and follow its dictates. This atomic biological realignment is only the beginning. As soon as you stop the life-destroying habits of Borg culture and adopt habits more aligned with wild nature, then you provide yourself with the energy and integrity necessary to awaken. 

To awaken safely without creating a free radical, inflammatory mess of your brain and tissues you need to stop all damaged fats in the diet and increase high quality Omega-3 in particular. Since humans don’t manufacture Vitamin C you need 6-8000 mgs/day, preferably in liposomal form with lecithin. To counter the cooked body's tendency to glycate and oxidize in the "fire of chi" you need all the phytochemically rich, mineral dense, colorful plant material you can eat and antioxidant rich superfoods. Green smoothies are useful for rebuilding as they are so nutrient dense with herbs, chlorophyll, spirulina and raw cacao. Basically greens, sprouts, seeds, weeds, berries, fresh nuts, seaweeds, mushrooms, bee products, cabbage fermented with probiotics, white coconut kefir and my special favorite greens…garlic mustard. I am partial to including fish and seafood in that diet especially during the transitional period. Slowly eliminating grains from the diet is also important to stop fungi, inflammation and overly hot-burning kundalini.

A kundalini awakening occurs when the caterpillar’s body is strong, clear and contains enough energy to let the butterfly’s morphogenetic field begin the transmutation process. Thus everything that increases energy, oxygen, integrity, strength, flow, movement, clarity, detoxification, cellular hygiene and connection with nature will support kundalini awakening. A good place to start is a juice fast, then leading up to a water fast in nature. Myelin sheath rebuilding and colon/liver cleansing in particular should be focused on in the beginning stages to prevent difficult symptoms down the line. Once the vessel is prepared by detox, rebuilding diet, re-naturing, exercise and dearmoring methods, then initiatory practices can be stepped up to get the bodymind to popping speed.

This large solar max 2012-2013 is a good time to consciously raise your kundalini. I used to not tell people how to raise kundalini because it could lead to psychosis in our cooked-body, ignorant, counter-intuitive society. But avoiding awakening because it might be dangerous is like keeping a baby in its cot for its entire life, because “life” can be dangerous. So here is a shortlist for raising kundalini. Kundalini simply being the “energy” and “consciousness” of Spirit.

Various aids to initiation include: Intermittent hot and cold such as a sauna and cold shower, or sunbathing and cold stream. Sun heated rocks on the body while sunbathing nude, including sun on genitals, then jumping in a stream. Hanging from the hips to antigravity the spine increasing nerve flow to the ganglia. Trance dancing, stomping dancing, shaking, drumming, music and spontaneous rhythmic movement in general. Clay baths, clay packs, clay internally, making pottery. Walking outside in barefeet, lying on grass, meditating with feet in a fast moving stream, meditation on iron rich rocks. Devotional sungazing at dawn or dusk while sitting in nature is perhaps the fastest method of ascension. Magnetic trap water ORMUS, monatomic elements like White Powder of Gold and high conscious use of certain entheogens.

Proximity to Guru-types also raise our frequency, but don’t get attached or project your Spirit on “anyone.” Romantic love often stimulates kundalini awakening, but this too can be problematic if you unconsciously project your awakened energy onto the object of the Other via transference. In which case the energy and awareness that arises is wasted in futile longing, and spiritual projection rather than increasing the rational integration of psychic and spiritual powers. However if one is mature enough then Courtly Love or Chivalric love, that is the projection of the romantic ideal onto another without consummation, is a powerful activator of alchemical transformation. Expression of the Muse in Flow opens the faucet to continued illuminated expression.

Kundalini and the Muse

Loyalty to your Muse in following your impulses to create, is an internal fidelity that allows you to naturally engage your spiritual vocation. Dreamlife enhancement and keeping a dream journal is important to pick up the deepest threads to the journey. Finding cocreative community is essential for keeping hte Muse alive, thus ssociate with creative, awake, alive people. Any new, novel, unexpected and spontaneous experience that presents unknown and unusual challenges will help stimulate the neurogenesis that could ignite the flame of awakening. Other Muse initiating activities include travel, sailing across the ocean, hiking long distances, camping under the stars, unconditional soul conversations in nature, physical exertion in nature. Beauty, appreciation of extreme beauty of nature, wonder, awe, love for the planet and HUman existence. Love, Schumann resonance, 8Hz, connecting to the stomach enteric brain, binaural music, bilateral body movements…all these “connective” flow-agents allow the interpenetration of energy through the blocks, divisions and compartmentalization which hold us back from full sentience and whole brain, whole spirit existence.

Thing is with kundalini, if we fail to use it consciously for creativity, we may use it addictively or destructively...and even try to dampen or stop the bliss of the charge by harmful means. Kundalini energy provides psycho-sexual-spiritual healing so I suggest various forms of expression including organic dancing, pottery, running, aerial yoga, massage, gardening, painting, poetry, singing/music and community building. Any movement, change or novelty will kick-start the Muse so you can pick up its synchronous trail, and then you will be off into the flow of it, like water in a stream.  By not questioning, inviting, invoking and being open to have the energy in-form and inform us...we may never open the door to our life's true work...our soul's profession. You could start with a collage vision board to give you some ideas and figure out how to use the energy, and perhaps end up teaching your own Muse vocation to others.

If you fail to find a healthy spontaneous venue for your kundalini, you may push it down, and destroy the vessel for the body cannot handle "undirected, unused" spiritual power. Thus if we block the Muse you do not get "growth" merely stronger resistance (armoring) to the force of awakening. We cannot measure our lives by the worldview and values of non-initiates...we cannot rely on that kind of tired structure, habit and certainty. Our "ground" is the infinite, and those who are kundalini lit must venture forth where no man has gone before to create a life and a worldview from the inside out through the compass of the Heart.

Take no notice of the world as it is presented by the babble boxes aggressively competing to be heard in the increasingly disjointed chorus. Just keep up a steady self-care practice using nature's energy, and avoid looking to closely at the various doomsday hysterias, or if you do, view them incredulously as facets of a crazy movie scenario. Sink your roots deeper and find what spirit is calling you to do beyond the worldview you have built up till now. That is, gently find within a vital impulse that is not mere compensation or reaction to apparent reality. For this leap of faith to arise, you have to stop and quieten your current frequency and let transcendent energy fill your cells. Then a new world will emerge from within. Only nature can defrag and reset our operating frequency to her loving all knowing embrace, and bring us back from the abyss of unconsciousness.

The human species is mad, but we don't have to follow the crisis as though it means anything. What we have is a crisis of the failure of the imagination. Thus we must withdraw from resonance-with the unfolding psychodrama, and become the imaginal cells of that which is in-formed by the cosmos, not the broken down psyche of an errant animal. You may need to get out of certain urban areas to receive your Self...even if it is not apparent immediately, getting away from settlement by at least 1/2 a mile or more is essential. Find a sanctuary for yourself on a hill, the beach or even in the middle of a park. This will allow you to tune into the Muse, beyond the "noise" of the disaffected cacophony of industrial civilization.

Grace comes in spades when kundalini is up. This in itself is worthy of many lifetimes of contemplation.