Wednesday, December 29, 2010


ORDERING CREATIVE FORCE—The trick to becoming mindful is to become soulful. To become sovereign we align with the force of cosmic creation through techniques and ideologies that are "hidden in plain sight.” The Green Man or Serapis, represents the “ordering force” of God. Serapis was a more ancient God who was a combination of both Apollo and Dionysis…ie: left and right brain, mind and soul…(before the rise of the militarized church state). The emerald green Serapis (Christ consciousness) is a deity of the labyrinth; within the maze of worldly ignorance and adversary the soul is tested and initiated. A lifeform is as successful in the longterm as its symbiotic relationship to its environment and in the vibrancy of lifeforce and consciousness that it imparts to its world. Thus as a species we need to embark on some collective soul searching and penetrating examination of our fundamental motives, convictions and attitudes. Each of us must determine whether we are going to remain in the clawing deprivation state of the Borg or instead become a force of abundance and new life! Withdraw your energy completely from the malignant state and put it into the living Joseph Chilton Pearce.

“Nothing but abundance in the dance of freedom.”
Garwin Redman

—Faulty wiring or overloaded circuits has costs in inefficiency: a system that wastes most of its input power. Thus when a nervous system spends a vast majority of its energy in suppressing fossilized trauma and tension its energy efficiency rating or “connection power” goes down. Such an overburdened nervous system exhibits only a fractional expression of its potential depth and output. This self-suppression must be stopped before healing and greater efficiency is possible, and so there must be a of collapse of effort and striving…some form of stress crisis and ceasing of operations for the old inefficient inertial energy wasting pattern to be released and a more energy saving pattern established. During the meltdown phase one becomes self-aware of the machinations of ones own resistance and we see the futility of working against our personal pathways to success and satisfaction. Once we have hit the wall and used up all our resources in the inefficient mode of operation, we are then forced to STOP and it is then that Grace can enter and new higher structures can form. Grace heals all when our more primitive methods have been exhausted. To evolve we must stop in order to go further with less effort.

DUAL TWO-WAY GROWTH—Human evolution is a bi-directional complex process whereby we lose certain traits and qualities and gain others. In the last 100 years people in the developed world live twice as long, weigh more and grow taller than they used to. They're far hardier and healthier and smarter. This improvement has been dubbed “technophysio evolution,” which occurs largely due to the increased distribution of information and resources. Yet we must get beyond immersion in our self-centric point of view to see that we are perhaps not as animalistically fit, nor cosmically wise as our hunter gatherer ancestors…but that our buffering due to technology and information makes it seem that we are “superior.” In the last 10,000 years since leaving the hunter gatherer culture and establishing agriculture humanity has been atrophying due to the addition of cereals to the diet and mineral loss to the soil. And in the last hundred years our industralized agriculture, processed food, chemical medicine etc...are escalating our demise even whilst we live in a world of seeming plenty. We are losing the spark of life such that we are unconscious to the fact we have lost it...this amnesia is caused by the breakdown of form and in-formation in the matrixes of life itself. The demineralization, oxidation and inflammation of our tissues, coupled with chemical and EMF toxicity is degrading the physical matrix of consciousness…even as consciousness itself keeps evolving.

We are familiar with punctuated evolution and cyclic evolution...but it not so easy to wrap your head around simultaneous evolution and devolution occurring in an individual or a species. And that just as life forms many of the mineral rocks of the alters its environment and so influences the environmental effects on its own evolution. Understanding this, we can set about creating human culture to work with the vitalizing processes of life...and thereby avoid catastrophizing nature's flows into extreme countermeasures, which interfere with the stability of society and cause fits and starts in the humanizing process. Once we see that the seeming paradox of simultaneous evolution and devolution is not a contradiction but an inevitable fact of emergence, then we can avoid hypochondrial mania or complacent denial and work towards conscious self-determinancy in becoming the humans we want to be.

"To be human is to know what it feels like to BE evolution happening."
Terence Deacon

—Our brains are said to run at around 10% efficiency, due I think to disenchantment and an absence of care, along with trauma and dormancy...that is lack of initiation and higher use. According to Joseph Chilton Pearce, this is so because our social environment is destructive and inhibitory to the development of the brain...which he says is unfortunate because our environment is instrumental in brain development. Acknowledging the absence of this efficiency presents us with a challenge and challenges bring us alive. We have been taught through our myths and religions that self-sacrifice is honorable and that it is the method by which we pass from the mundane into the sacred, consecrated realm of Heaven. Yet we have not been taught or given the license to love ourselves enough to surrender our defense against the destructive, self-diminishing social environment. In actuality it is this surrender of our resistance to dysfunction that elevates us beyond the mundane grasping for power, pennies and property. Sacrificing ourselves to the Beast is a fools game of those who are comfortable only using 10% efficiency—through lack of Heart intelligence or care. In all our thoughts and actions, the intelligence of the Heart asks us "is this appropriate to the greater well-being of all life?” Thus first do no harm is the basis to Universal morality through which we ultimately get to use the other 90% efficiency of our potential brainpower and senses. But then we have to actively create what we want, for that which doesn't act in its right mind becomes acted upon.

The Heart repatterns the context of the situation in which the problem exists, by not necessarily trying to solve the problem head on, but through elevating the consciousness beyond the level that created the problem in the first place. The Heart is the solution to our loss of efficiency in consciousness. Surrender to the ways of the Heart changes the integrating restructures of the brain so that the vast loss of humanity generated by social corrosiveness and ignorance is healed within us first. This healing can then radiate out to others until they too are relieved of their small ways to find their own place in the sun. Through the reenchanting power of the Heart we overcome our separation and dissociation to find our seat of worth and ground of meaning in the world Now. Not as a sacrifice for no-place (heaven), but through actualizing what is already ours...our light body or soul through which we plug back into Nature, cosmos and infinity.

“Mend with the heart that which has been injured by the mind.” Manley P. Hall

INITITATION—Rites of passage and the right to transformation is not sanctioned by a society focused on monological stasis, afraid to step beyond the curtain and the cultural map. That which holds us back is our own compliance to unspoken rules against mind expansion and the audacity of becoming ones full Self. This denial of our divinity is the vestige behavior of the presovereign who capitulates to those in power-over positions through a lack of understanding of the labyrinth of the hero’s journey and how to initiate the soul’s path. The enslavement of the human spirit occurred over the eons through collapsing all value down to the material domain…and so we lost our ability to respond to the larger picture, and our duty to uphold and evolve our humanity. We inherited social amnesia and we are only now beginning to wake up and realize who we are. Through the concrescence of the various layers of being…bringing rationality gently to the mythic, while revealing in the mystery…we initiate a dynamic intercourse of consciousness through which we may more clearly view the interconnected world…embracing, grokking, merging and loving in awe.

—Our retreat from this planet and the disturbing mindset of the Borg, plus dread in our current planetary trajectory has to be "pushed through" in all its forms: morbid fascination, gossip, self-righteousness, cynicism, depression, Thanatos and messianic self-sacrifice etc... Instead of being thrown by the state of the world and the antics of man...we use the chaos in order to center more deeply into the sovereign core through awe inspiring compassion. To deepen into this ecstatic vulnerability it helps to expose ourselves to that which touches us most deeply, and then to extend that soul-touch to the rawness of the colossal fallibility of the present state of our human condition. For example, I read about the life and works of Viktor Schauberger and this gets me in touch with heart rendering compassion for neglected genius, which then bleeds over to a heart pummelled worldview and the experience of scintillating beauty. Thus we use our increased sensitivity not to run from the horrors of the world, but to love it through and through more deeply, so that we are no longer discouraged and angry at human insanity. It is then that we build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Through compassion we gain freedom from all that would pull down the divine essence of the human spirit.

APRIORI CONDITION—To embody the sovereign Self we grow towards our pristine essence, prior to trauma, pain, suffering and negativity we have been exposed to or expressed in our conditioned life. Health, wholeness and enlightenment are “prior existent” and so to achieve them we must flip our energetic frequency back towards receiving that which is already perfect and cosmically empowered. That is, to not wollow in pain and disease but to proactively invite with every fiber of our being…the beauty sweetness and full √©lan vital. From chaos back to order…in accord with the Uni-Verse, the divine music of Original Blessing. From the apriori perfect, the perfect manifests. Cosmic atunement is the path and the goal; the alpha and omega of consciousness in the universe. The key to an authentically Universal movement in consciousness is an openness, receptivity and allowing which comes from so deep within the human organism that it truly IS the source from which we all spring and in which we all meet.

TAOIST UROBORIC UNIVERSE— In awakening and integrating kundalini, be aware that the Universe is Taoist and uroboric. Meaning that as you open up the crown chakra it will take you down into your base chakra. As you awaken your prefrontal lobes this will take you down into your brainstem and autonomic system. As your body becomes light as air it will simultaneously become supersensory. As your sex system gets fired up red hot you will move beyond sex. As you become freed from the rules and laws of mankind you will become more universally moral. As you become freed from the chains of matter you become more deeply a part of it.

AUTOMATIC GROUP THINK—Emotions, states and stages are contagious, thus in order to maintain your sovereignty in public you may have to come to terms with the fact that you may be the only adult above group-think in the room. Until you cultivate a community of sovereign peers, the hivemind will automatically attempt to pull you back down into the Borg, so you can be slotted into your assigned power position for exploitation and comfort within the collective dysfunctional family. Knowing this will help you maintain your sovereign seat without collapsing into defeat, confusion, compliance, defense or regression...all of which are de-evolutionary responses and a waste of time and energy. Presovereigns will not let you naturally be your authentic Self, and will organically inhibit you before the fact with their own self-repression. This is why we engage in sovereignty practice and sovereignty salons, so we can free our soul from the gravity of unconscious social predeterminancy.

TERRITORY NOT THE MAP—The territory is always much more complex than the maps. So you can never be totally prepared for what arises. However you can be assured that whatever happenstance proffers will be inevitable. Life mastery necessitates that we be resourced through core integration and relaxed into Gaia to be open to the inevitable and to relish the surprise of the holographic interconnected pleroma of creation, where everything is related. A “Yes” attitude will allow happenstance to unfold in its highest, most natural form. Unplug from the known humanity and replug into Source for healing and salvation. Spiritual evolution necessitates that we jump off the cliff without consolation and throw away our maps in order to Grok. By passing through this point of utter desolation in having to give up our foothold...only then can we live in the Grace beyond the fear driven separate self sense. Maps serve as a framework in which we can poke holes into until the framework exists entirely of holes and then we are enlightened...pure light. We think that we are dreaming the universe but in reality it is the universe that is dreaming us. When we know that we are being lived or dreamt then the maps/concepts fall away....via the alchemy of the solar heart.

UNIVERSAL JUSTICE—"Unintegrated" rational thinking blocks the integrating power of empathy. Ethics and universal law arises naturally when we stop suppressing our empathetic wiring, heart, rightbrain intelligence, brainstem and enteric brain—for then we can effectively use the full judicial power of the prefrontal lobes. Until we integrate our “full” intelligence incorporating all sensory-perception we cannot do justice to our own existence or the world around us. Sickness is separation from bliss, love and unity. Reenchantment is “reconnecting” through empathetic wonder and rediscovering our mystical relationship with the Universe. There are no contradictions in nature. This is the central secret that brings to light all fundamentals. Such fundamentals are sacred or eternal. The word "sacred" is derived from the Latin sacrum, which referred to the gods or anything in their power. It was generally conceived spatially, as referring to the consecrated ground around a temple. In Universal justice the entire universe is that temple.

LACK OF CORE DEVELOPMENT— We are taught to attention-seek as young children as extensions of our parent's egos (comfort, security, power). As parents try to fulfill themselves through their children, the child is conditioned to seek the approval and affirmation of the authority figure. Thus the child doesn't become a "spirit" in their own right, but instead is an appendage of the deprived state of the parents. This is subtle and ubiquitous in all families that are not yet consciously sovereign. In this type of codependent society, it may take half a lifetime in order for the individual to start living true to their own Muse, rather than trying to fulfill the needs, motivations and dreams of others. This painful loss of cosmic identity is the underlying cause behind the degenerative complex of earth and human species and the gross under-achievement of personal genius in the commodified-security driven industrial culture.

THE HALF LIFE—We use half our energy to fuel the associative, linguistic brain to strategically maneuver for petty survival within the existing top dog/bottom dog world…while the other half of our energy goes into suppressing the right brain and emotions. Thus we remain as half persons, disconnected from the Source and our Self, unable to use the synergizing magic of Whole with its more feminine qualities of healing, intuition, empathy, creativity, quantum leaps, adventure, synchronicity, gnosis, vision, psi or the Sophianic wisdom of Gaia-mind. Thus is the life of the slave of compliance to the given…The amnesis or Fall prior to the Great Return. The past pushes, the future pulls. As we open up our cellular antennae to the “whole of it” without fear, we grow into the intelligence of the All.

WILL TO LIVE—The will to live is not set in opposition to the given, but is strengthened despite resistance to its pure expression. Conatus is Latin for effort endeavor, impulse, inclination, tendency, undertaking, striving. It is a term used in early philosophies of psychology and metaphysics to refer to an innate inclination of a thing to continue to exist and enhance itself. This "thing" may be mind, matter or a combination of both. Often the concept is associated with God's will in an archonic pantheist view of Nature. The Stoics maintained that humans do not wish to do something because they think it "good", but rather they think it "good" because they want to do it. In other words, the cause of human desire is the natural inclination of a body to augment itself in accordance with the principles of the conatus.

—Still you might try to be more agentic with it, and take life by the balls instead of subduing yourself. Move! Try joining a gym, running, dancing, tango, building a house...something physical that you can see and feel results. Merely making yourself quieter, stationary and small can only yield disease. Instead get louder and bigger, and find a place where you can fit in and be your larger not do so is spiritual suicide. Be kind to yourself! Playing it small is a bad adaptation plan that can only lead to increased smallness. (also try melatonin from swanson's you *bliss and a good nights sleep).

IMMANENT CONSCIOUSNESS—I had been struggling to describe the difference between the conditioned mind and natural thought and then I found Candice O’Denver had already elaborated a perfect description of the difference between reified intelligence and what she calls clarity intelligence. Clarity intelligence, she says, is implicit in nature and is a comprehensive order of direct knowing…other terms might be the natural state, grokking or gnosis. Candice says that it is the basis of mental and emotional stability because it reflects the stability and “truth” of nature itself. Clarity intelligence exhibits the stability and command of the sovereign connection to source. Hence it is transanthropomorphic, trans-identity and trans-identification. While reified intelligence is a trance concocted through abstraction and association that we regard as if it had concrete or material existence. That is, it is treated “as if” it is real out of the ignorance of clarity intelligence, and so can concoct a world apart from and against nature. Since we ARE nature and completely under her domain, reified intelligence is operating on shaky ground and invariably doomed to failure.

COGNITIVE VALUE AND THE INFINITE IDENTITY—For millions of years, ever since we were bands of apes presided over by an alpha male, or when hominid fought against hominid, or sapiens against sapiens…the principle orchestrator of human social structure was fear. Fear of course keeps us in the old brain structures unable to capitalize on the higher cognitive and spiritual faculties that require the coherency of the love frequency in order to access. To maintain the power-over dominant position, the controlling projections invariably have to be negative, hence authoritarian rule must always be pathological. Because positivity fosters egalitarianism, circle administration and group decision making…hence fear is essential to the dominant/submission model on all its scales. Thus over the millennia we created social environments that repress and regress our development so that human can be farmed for profit. And yet real abundance is only achieved by giving free license to creativity and ingenuity and by creating social structures that support the love frequency and the visionary paradigm. Thus the way out of the brain crippling world of slave consciousness is through recovering our cosmic nobility through love. Since fear cuts off our cosmic connection, love reinstates our divine umbilical…and so we rise our of myopic identification with the gloom of the descended species. You could also say that fear of choice keeps us in the old brain structures, for fear is automatic within certain sets of circumstances unless a wider/deeper position is cultivated and the love vibration wins out, harmonizing the life energy in the body. Through whole brain use and sovereign connection we naturally abide in the inner vision of mystic insight and all embracing wisdom. The Chrism in the center of Paradise is the source of resurrection, the fountain of power, spring of knowledge, living water, flood of love and the splendor of eternal light. Sovereignty is connection to Source.

— The socialized self-critic doubts the divine voice and sacred vocation. Even while we are sleeping the doubter dares to challenge the fact that I and the Father are One…and declares “Who do you think you are to be your Self?” Hatred of the self and Self-diminution is automatic unless remothering within the loving embrace of Sophia (Void) is undertaken. Reaching for the bindu point, the centre of the vortex where existence turns into non-existence we climb the vertical axis to non-separation with the Mind of God. Through our commitment to coherency we merely abide in that which is prior to the Fall, and so receive the ultimate treasure…the distillation of the body of light through noumenal imagination of the archetypal dimension. We disentangle ourselves from the known world and relax into a new center of consciousness, enthroning a new ruler within a psyche so vast that no box could ever fit it. The fundamental problem with our humanity is that the "secret" of sovereignty (or I and the Father are One) has been kept from the spirituality has been farmed as a commodity to build the power structures of the social matrix. Once a person groks, on whatever level he or she is capable of, that they too are One with God...only then do they emerge from the decrepitude of the slave and discover their true noble nature.

“If then you do not make yourself equal to God, you cannot apprehend God, for like is known by like.” Corpus Hermeticum

CELLUAR ACCEPTANCE—No longer can we deny our divinity and pretend we are at home in the unnatural sterility of Flatland with its infinite obstructions to the One mind of the highest Spirit. To halt the removal we must strip ourselves naked of all that is extra-nous to full emancipation of the prior perfection of ecstatic unity. The fallen state of the Borg pretends that it is not divine so that it may prostitute itself into stasis (statue) to conform to preconceptions of reality—this is the job of the left-brain. The great lie is that we have conned ourselves into believing that we are not Source and thus we reverted to the disempowered state of predator/parasite, and forgot that we are cocreator of the enchanted universe. All so we could discover the delicious humor of the return journey back to our true nature—at one with nature. Things have to come through you as divine, eternal consciousness and cannot be classified or defined, nor is there any need for proof or justification…just mere cellular acceptance. Jung says: “The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.” But it is not actually accepting ourselves that is terrifying, it is the “absence” of self-acceptance within which is ultimately terrorizing on a daily basis as we find that in our world which challenges our weak self-love. Self-rejection is the fundamental condition of the ego by which we use other people to hate ourselves with.

ENJOYMENT BREEDS SUCCESS—Thought, speech, or action born of pain tends to generate more of the same. This energetic "Law of Similars" is the most important understanding in mastering the trickster flipping nature of karmic reality. This is why the messianic world saving codependent can never be satiated or completed by their self-sacrificing altruism. For the paradox is, that we must first raise ourselves up to shift from being motivated by pain, to being motivated by love and en-joyment, in order to add syntropic value the world. This is the revolutionary act from which everything good, magic and lasting arises. Bliss…whether from romance, meditation, exercise and kundalini acts to remove pain and PTSD from the brain and bodymind. In this way we can biochemically mature from the prepersonal crucifixion of the martyred saint - to the transpersonal mystic state of the divine artist, healer and evolutionary.

CORE VS REACTIVE GROWTH—Cyclic Meltdowns become more necessary when we are in clawing, deprivation mode-—but when we are actively radiating in self-love we are less likely to build up the inertial forces that toxify the nervous system and liver. Through self-love we emerge out of the chaotic vibrations caused by fear, paranoia, separation, insecurity, inadequacy, sense of failure, etc... At least a few minutes of remembering to tune into radiating self-love several times a day prevents the build up of negativity that is the basis of ill health and dis-ease. It is our sense of inner peace, love and grace that we gift to the world, and if we fail to do so then our growth becomes truncated and episodic...requiring the classic collapse and redemption and restitution trajectory associated with a lack of conscious mastery.

THE PRINCIPLE KEY—The principle psychological key to sovereignty is apriori love. We are viscerally taught from day one to look outside ourselves for love and satisfaction. But the problem is we will never find satisfaction and wholeness in the world if we operate from a consumptive deprived state rather than radiant self-love. The grasping deprived self can only ever produce more hunger and poverty of spirit. Only when we are already in the condition of self-love are we capable of satisfaction, for self-love permits us to be receptive rather than grasping. Remembering to flood ones cells with heart-warming love throughout the day ensures the best possible outcome in health, relationships, synchronicity and direction. As a last resort to a life that dissipates vast amounts of energy and effort without any true satisfaction, ultimately we turn within to flip the autoswitch to our own eternal ambrosial honeypot. As we fill up we remember to extend that warmth and goodwill to others...channeling original blessing. Consequently the communal spreading of relaxation and trust allows the building of the creative abundance economy through which the sociopathogies of the Borg are healed and the true human allowed to arise. We only love the world and others to the degree that we love ourselves, because it is through the power of our self-love that we extend love to others. Self-love is the agent of sovereignty, for self-love allows growth from the default dependent “fallen” condition. Re-membering the solar core radiance of the Heart with conscious breath keeps us evolving and not collapsing back down on ourselves.

RADIANT SELF-LOVE—One finds and experiences the radiant self-love by simply remembering to do so. The heart is made to function optimally at high degrees of bliss and unity consciousness...but our monkey mind, and the ego's worry and rumination draws our energy and focus from the heart and solar plexus and burns our fuel for consciousness in futile idle mentation. Simply taking a few deep breaths and focusing ones energy on the heart and remembering the phrase "radiant self-love" will get you there. Taking a long bath while emptying the mind and focusing love on the heart and solar plexus with the breath, is good training for building the self-love circuitry. Breathing walks while looking at the sky and the far off horizon while feeling self-love radiating through one is also helpful to substantiate the cellular memory of wholeness. Breathing is the vehicle for the integration of matter and spirit, and so it is the principle ally in the development of radiant self-love. Ok-ness of the world starts with me. We establish a more blissful unified-brain use through “allowing more of the rightbrain to come in.” Dionysus you see is god who inspires joyful worship and ecstasy, festivals, and celebration. Dionysus is the god of epiphany and abundance, "the god that comes". When we start radiating in self-love and remembering to let go of the deprivation state…then we move into a celebratory, unified cerebral state…in which healing/wholing just is and efforting is no more.

VIBE OF PRO-LIFEFORCE—The word acathisia describes a syndrome characterized by unpleasant sensations of "inner" restlessness. Spiritual acathisia is based upon a physical irritation of the body which is both energetic, metabolic and subatomic. The Borg world manufactures people and ecosystems with varying degrees of acathisiac irritation on all levels from the quantum world up to the theoretic. The Borg is a deficiency of self-love that comes about through not grokking the Life (biota) and the lifeforce. Spirituality isn’t something separate from life it is Life! Turning inward in self-care to calm the dissonance and restore cosmo-planetary atunement is the principle power of the sovereign at the helm of their own destiny. To not abide in harmonious union with our maker is to be vulnerable to be blown around by the push and pull of external events with little individual choice of our own uniquely inspired making. Acathisia is synonymous with the slave even if you are a ruler of nations, because those with the self-love deficiency symptom of discordant quantum perplexity are not holographically representing their "own person." We must learn to love ourselves, whereby we fill the energetic field with that which we need to maintain life.

ATOMIC RESONANCE OF ACCORD—We live in retarded times. Consciousness itself is breaking down as our bodies are dismantled and perverted atom by atom. The hungry earth can only give forth hungry people, and so it is our duty as semi-conscious world citizens to be regeneractive towards our loving earth. Then we may reconstruct our minds atom by atom to realize the infinite potential within to be human. There is no real joy in dystopic futures or freaky manmade perversions of nature's great experiment. The greatest joy possible is in bowing at the feet of nature and grokking nature's secrets in utter humility and awe...this is the way to a sustainable transcendental future. If we live in accord with nature’s intelligence we gain the unfathomable wisdom, power and resiliency of Nature herself. Dysbiota or breakdown in the signaling and self-sustaining processes of life can only produce a generalized disorder of impaired cognitive functioning due to problems with growth and development. But we fail to notice because the vast majority of Homo sapiens has been heading in this direction since the end of the last ice age. We start our return journey of redemption as soon as we turn respectfully to Sophia and Nature's inherent intelligence (displayed in the laws of nature). Natural intelligence is the ability to learn and to adapt one's behaviors to a changing environment, while if we become conscious of our impact on the environment we can change it to expedite the highest quality of consciousness itself…and we do this through love or connection power. Our regress from humanization is both learned (conditional) and it is physical, through our systemic breakdown of vital life-giving processes and cycles in nature.

LATENCY—Dormancy minimizes metabolic activity and therefore helps an organism to conserve energy during adverse environmental conditions. If social conditions are too harsh for the supersensoral subtle human to emerge, a more calloused, simpler version of human will be created that is more resilient of surviving the more basic, brutal conditions. Consequentially the latent potential for humanization within remains dormant until social conditions become supportive and advantageous to the higher human. Thus by default and unconscious means we concede to collective arrested development. We fail to realize that we are not realized. As the base inertial weight of the mask-cocoon presses down on the emergent impulse of the human spirit the resulting dis-ease forces a breakthrough and a spurt of accelerated neural growth. The weight of the past habits and forms causes a delay between a stimulus for change and the change itself, and so we can always feel a subtle or oppressive sense of limbo between what is no more, and where we are going. Now however because of global survival pressures, we cannot wait for our social environment to rise up and nurture and appreciate the highest within us, we must step forth into the void and actively give birth to the fullness of our humanity. The unbearable latency of being is a delicious tension we can approach as a means to stay in touch with the growing edge of our Daemon. Let the good take root and grow within, and express without.

"We are all better than we know, if only we can be bought to realize this, we may never again be prepared to settle for anything less.” Kurt Hahn, The founder of Outward Bound.

—The problem with commercializing spirituality is that it keeps the purchaser in the submissive position, for the "leader" has to maintain dominance in order to ensure a power differential so that they can be "paid." It is thus apparent that we are going to have to experiment with non-monetized forms of communal spiritual growth in order to generate a shared power balance of sovereign equals. In the subservient mode we fail to develop our higher “spiritual” faculties and the brain areas associated with executive choice: discernment, assessing options, determination, assertiveness, desired action, anticipatory-proactivity, eminent or imperative predominant volition, shaping motivation, focus, momentum, planning, foresight, big picture, global view, discipline, timing, synchronicity, humor, responsibility, innovation, initiative, enterprise, capacity for delayed gratification, integration for meta-adaptation, metacognition, social intelligence, emotional regulation, cosmic conscience, competence, psi, creativity, visioneering, conjuring, dreaming, care and earthmanship. Along with the creative imagination to visualize and evaluate different options and alternative responses and the Self-awareness to know we have a choice between stimulus and response.
By taking on a lower status position we fail to stand our sovereign ground and this lowers dopamine binding in the brain which reduces the clarity of our thought, the vividness of our pleasure drive and the power of our will. It also creates stress damage to the brain and body which lowers the efficiency of consciousness and impairs health and adaptability. If we are trying to develop a “new brain” transcendent of the stress damage of the dominant/submissive dynamic, we cannot have this regressive outmoded dynamic applied to the very profession that is instrumental in spiritually evolving the human species. The intolerable price of status poisoning is the eternal childhood of the vast majority of the population at a time when the earth can no longer support the Master-Slave dialectic. The pyramid social model culturally lobotomizes the frontal lobes from the cradle to the grave and so coming from a history of millions of years of status damage we now have to work at overcoming the dormancy and opening the higher unexplored circuits of the human brain…and so give birth to the noble human and the mystic civilization. By taking on a lower status position we remain subservient to our own soul instead of one with it. The price of remaining in a lower status trance is the suppression, oppression and repression your own soul and the downfall of civilization through systemic corruption.

INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS—The elusive curve on the horizon of conscious perception is the temporal edge of our infinite depth potential. The Australian neurophysiologist Sir John C. Eccles pointed out that because the potential of the human brain is infinite we cannot calculate the degree to which we presently use it, for how can you calculate a % of infinity. Evolution of the Brain: Creation of the Self by Sir John C. Eccles
How do we access and utilize the power of infinite consciousness?

“We can change so much by shifting our perspective from one who sees us as small tiny and insignificant to one where we see ourselves as all-knowing, infinite consciousness, pure potential having a human experience. We can change ourselves and the world by knowing that we are not our bodies and our minds and instead understand that they are what we are using to experience this physical reality.” Paul Alexander Wood —Live Your Life as Infinite Consciousness

“Concentrating your energy and focusing your attention on what you want to happen is vital if you are to achieve any goals you set for yourself.” Paul Alexander Wood —NOW is the time to empower change.

STAYING THE COURSE— Sovereignty is a huge growth curve, and none of us can be perfect at it yet because the world just assumes automatically that one is not the "education" has not yet begun, and the habit denial of personal divinity is 3.5 billion years old and counting. Thus we have to be tenacious in our faith and trust in our sovereignty and our infinite potential…no what the world throws at us…for we can use anything and everything to become more awake and more sovereign…more connected to Source with every breath we take. If one is really awakened, then one is ineffably unique. We may feel like an outsider, but in actuality we are an “insider” wherever we go, for we hold a secret that most others have yet to discover. Our practice of maintaining our connection gives us deep roots no matter how estranged and superficial our present social environment. The rich resonant security born of our sovereign roots allows us always be “full” and to stay the course with interest and without discouragement or disillusionment.

MARTYRED GENIUS—The plight of the overly compassionate and "awakening" individual who is well beyond the normal developmental level of the times...may always be somewhat martyred on the pillar of their genius. Until we make the phenomena of genius ubiquitous within the culture at large. To do this, we must overcome the superstition against displays of illuminated spirit and stop pathologizing our highest human capacities. As we built our cultures with left-brain systemization and law, we forgot that divine connection, inspiration and universal justice is a more right-brain feminine phenomena. The analytical left brain can follow rules and put things in boxes, but the right-brain in connection with the Heart and Enteric Brain tells us right from wrong such that we can get in touch with truth. Until we operate from wholebrain functioning we will tend to screw up and unbalance everything in the known human world. The martyr is an idealist who dies for the revolution, while the genius is a surrealist who lives for the restitution.

—To truly serve the earth we cannot remain as a slave. Only in our highest humanity can we know and care for the planet in a way that transcends the myopia of the anthropomorphic paradigm. The natural happy state of the whole human is that of beneficent grace and care for his or her environment…through creative husbandry or “earthmanship.” When we become unhappy we engage in predatory, parasitic behaviors that dishonor the noble human and tear apart our known world. Consistently focusing on a regenerous, permacultural, sustainable approach to all aspects of our lives brings us closer to the sincerity and Presence of the noble human and freedom from the resistance, defiance, denial and callous disregard of the Thanatos driven Borg.

THE BEYOND—As the higher sovereign brain "switches on," the higher mind emerges, bringing with it new abilities, talents and senses far richer and more varied than we have experienced before, forcing us to reconsider what we know about time, space, consciousness, and about creation itself. Higher brain development requires a leap of faith and the audacity to disregard the box others try to put us in. Even more importantly, to become all we really are, we need to let go of our limiting constraints on our own self-identity. By learning about super powers we can begin to get a “feeling” for their potential within ourselves…for we cannot “consciously” use that which we have not yet consciously acknowledged to exist. By embracing our supernature, siddhis and charims we become more our Selves. This learning and self discovery process allows us to explore the inner frontier and tap into areas that have never been explored. Those whom are embedded unquestionly in the cultural matrix and mindlessly follow the system, know not that they know not. While those emerging into the latent sovereign daemonic capacities know that they know not. Thus higher postconventional brain development requires a delicious anticipation and receptivity to the edge of light as it moves progressively into the vast unknown. The sovereign is drawn along mesmerized by the ecstasy of the re-memberence of their own becoming. The Muse gives forth a potion far more enticing than any drug. When we fully grok that we are only realizing a small fraction of our Being, this sets up the frequency to invite more of our Self to show up.

“I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance.”
Socrates, from Diogenes Laertius,

"Hope For Humanity"another inspirational Documentary film by Jim Law and David Sereda!

LETTING GO—We must “fall” into letting go of that which we are in order to rise. That which is not “breathed through” remains “unmetabolized” and tends to get stuck in our system, and thus we walk around with the residue of our undigested past fossilized in our tissues; peering at life through the dark veil of our former selves. When we can cellularly forgive our past we can love and breathe without restraint and open up to growth and development, thereby contemporizing our experience. Upping vital energy levels and clearing out that which is opaque to the light increases communication/communion so that separation, resistance and inefficiency is no more. Communication is the antidote to inner and outer violence. The antennae for signaling and receiving of information must be effective on all levels from the subatomic, biophotons, and cellular right up to soul or morphogenic field. The oxygen deprived, acidic, contracted and numb condition of the traumatized bodymind must be repolarized and opened consistently until it heals from its painkilling-freeze, shut down, retreat and consequent inefficiency.

SOMATIC-FORGIVENESS—Fight, flight, freeze events that are not discharged accumulate in the tissues, leading to dissociation, PTSD, hypervigilence, progressive helplessness and hypersensitivity to threat. The antidote to this is the attainment of self-empowerment, freedom (responsibility), completion of freeze-discharge, building inner resourcefulness, reintegration and strengthening incarnation, rather than dissociation or disincarnation. The increased dyscapacity in the face of threat can be stopped through a cellular forgiveness and reprogramming of the threat remembering mechanisms in the amygdala and hippocampus. This entails a completion of the shock response, resolution of the threat in the heart and forgiveness of the vagrities of mortal existence. That is holding the charge in the expanded heart with breath/meditation/toning until all traces of the original "harm" have been cellularly transformed and "forgiven." The heart you see has direct unmediated neural connections to the limbic brain and can entrain the brain’s frequency in its powerful field. This act of somatic-forgiveness reinforces the stabilization of our Buddha Nature. Understanding clearly the notion of collective karma, we realize that forgiveness is fundamental to rising beyond the ego and our powerful autonomic threat remembering mechanisms.

Monday, December 27, 2010


How to use the body to heal the mind and the mind to heal the body?

All human social structures need to be built with the intention of being as stress free and fear free as possible in order to facilitate the “higher human,” prefrontal executive functions. The primary focus of community (whether it be 2 people or 6 billion) must be an up-front appraisal of circumstances towards generating an environment that is stress free and harmonious. Low stress is essential to bringing out the best and highest in our humanity. Therefore, rather than competition and survival of the fittest, it is actually “low stress” that is the principle driver of sustainable cultural evolution. Perma-cultural harmony is our most valuable civic asset in that it creates the greatest coherency and humanization. Autopoeitic spiritual community is synonymous with low stress or high coherency, because low stress provides the coherency of consciousness needed to tap into our depth potential from which all Good, Truth and Beauty emerges. Once the pathological need for neg-power is eliminated we see that all areas of human need are best served by the reduction of unnecessary stress. Stress tends to snowball thus our social structures must be designed and organized around a stress-reduction coefficient. Low stress/high coherency maximizes efficiency, direction, spontaneity, synchronicity, autopoeisis and creative energy. But we cannot be all we can be if our socio-environment is permanently pulling us down. Higher civic design therefore is centered around stress reduction and biological enhancement as the foundations of purposeful and meaningful mystic community.

The primary principle of sovereignty is that “productive thinking” is the positive solution to the inertia of conformity. Although it is well-established that vulnerability to negative emotion is associated with attentional bias toward aversive information, it equally true that focusing attention towards the positive can improve emotional vulnerability. Our sovereign spiritual practices have to be not only self-transcendent (that is release the past), but also culturally and anthropogenically transcendent. That is, practices, ways of being and lifestyle that return the bodymind to its coherent Flow state. This involves mental and emotional self-management techniques that intentionally quieten the mind, shifting one’s awareness to the heart area and focusing on positive emotions, embrace and inclusion. Always the first person we must “include” is our Self…for we have to come back to our own sovereign ground in order to extend that “embrace and Presence” to others. The quintessential accomplishment of the Tao is apriori stillness, it vaporizes the individual's participation in any false paradigm.

Life-closure: Perturbations, deformations or mind viruses are the root cause of negative emotions that short circuit the integration of the whole human and adversely impacts the body's energy system. Strip away the broken, hypervigilant, controlled, guilt, fear, problems, anger and resentment, repression, despair, never enough, double binds. In order for us to continue to 'undo' these errors, we must unknow ourselves and dissolve into the Mystery and stop operating within the conceptual framework of these misinterpretations.

Life-opening: Raising energy, movement and stretches unblocks or balances the flow of Chi, retuning the thought field and the subtle energy channels. Synchronicity, joy, passion, play, new wiring, empowering circuits, life-supporting protocols, brain entrainment, healthy brainwaves, breathing, coherence, healthy epigenetics, being present. The still mind of perfect purity is the living center from which we witness the true dynamic nature of the Creator creating. In the non-act of absolute surrender, the melodramatic cage is shattered along with the stagnant humdrum of banal existence and the quiet desperation of conformity. "The more you trust, the more the whole takes care." Maitreya Ishawara

That which is Real can never be broken. In the evolutionary paradigm of being fully human the primacy of sovereignty is absolute. The seed crystallization of the indwelling consciousness from which all creation emerges is inextricably self-contained and infinitely unique. It is this timeless value of the miraculous star child we each bring to the round table of the collective. Focus on what is Real and the rest will fade away. The visionary faculty comes naturally to all humans when they are relaxed enough. “Life creates itself in delirium and is undone in ennui." E. M. Cioran (Decay, p14)

“One's regret is that society should be constructed on such a basis that man has been forced into a groove in which he cannot freely develop what is wonderful, and fascinating, and delightful in him - in which, in fact, he misses the true pleasure and joy of living.” Oscar Wilde, The Soul of Man Under Socialism

ENERGY IMPECCABILITY—To become sovereign, we must stop leaking mental energy and attention and ensure that all our energy transactions result in elevating emotions to increase our energy bank balance. Once we take ownership of our personal energy and value it more highly, we no longer let it slip away chasing neurotic contrivances and compensations. When we are committed to improving our vital energy and gaining energy impeccability, then we slowly become aware of the debilitating pre-sovereign habits that keep us operating at a more primitive and self-defeating level. When we are not grounded in sovereignty, relationship involves trading, extortion and manipulation to get our deprivation needs met. This is a sum zero game…we end up spending more energy trying to fill the ever widening hole in the self. If your fellow game partners are committed more to sovereignty than to power-over attempts to control, then communication about the pain involved in competition and codependency may slowly build the social ground for meeting needs on a “spiritual playing field” where energy and consciousness naturally builds through life-appropriate investment. Without a strong sense of self, a spiritual center, then distractions and emotional fixations take over. To be sovereign is to be free of the addiction to escapist culture and to become a master of subtle energy socioeconomics.

FLIGHT OF THE SOUL—Physio-symbolically where the wings of flight the root of personal agency and power in the world. How can we break through our coping strategy, our cage of neurosis in order to fly, and thus enter into ecstatic relationship with existence? Perhaps focusing on the shoulder "flight" girdle as a daily practice will help us crack through the subconscious castration of our spiritual wings. I imagine that once this wing clipping is actively disengaged we become every more empowered and liberated from the contortions and perversions of human social reality. Thus taking the hold off our energy battery and allowing our will to function in a more forthright manner, with less resistance and we ourselves would be more "defined," purposeful and ready for "action." When we fail to differentiate and make a stand for ourselves in the world...when we fail to show up, we are so butted around by our own reactivity to phenomena that it is hard to gain the "ground of will" or presence of mind in order to "take self-determined flight." Life is free, release it!
(*See Growing Spiritual Wings in exercises).

KNOW THYSELF—"Other" cannot know us unless we show ourselves as we truly the fullness of our spiritual expression. While our wings remain clipped we are “restrained,” and our complicity in being “less than we are” reduces or puts an end to our individual rewards, privileges, rights and direction. If we have not initiated and carried through with our own spiritual flight, this aborts our free will and consequently inhibits the mature development of our sovereign daemon’s destiny. Resulting in the perversion and contortion of our “life” and the suppression of our breathing, oxygen use and the entire metabolism of consciousness in the body…through which we digest the inner/outer realities and form our trajectory through life. The arms and heart are the organs of relationship, and they must be strong and open in order to be free enough to engage in relationships that serve our dharma/purpose/meaning. As a sovereign we must first focus on our talents, arts, skills, contribution...then if the relationship aids and furthers the expression of who we are and where we are going, then it is likely to be healthy. If a relationship wastes energy and diverts your trajectory in the world, then you are using the relationship to hold yourself back from full flight.

BREAKING LOOSE—The immortal Terrence McKenna, in his outstanding “Psychedelic Society,” talk on youtube said…Human decency or “liberation” is the resonance or anticipation of a perfected future. We transform by attempting to live as far into the perfected future as possible…a visionary flight of the Heart. We can will the perfected future into being by becoming a microcosm of the perfected future, and by no longer blaming outside people, institutions or hierarchies of control. He said that only through the marriage of the masculine (Sky-Father) and the feminine (Earth-Mother), can the alchemical perfection of a new form of humanity arise, and that it is incumbent on us to personally “act” in this regard. And that we acquire this higher order of freedom by virtue of applying attention to the “Art of Being”…beyond our geographically localized grids of fate that make us what we are, but don’t want to be. In the externalization of the soul and the internalization of the mind - through a triumph of imagination and self-evident gnostic truth, we can create a new language to express a new reality beyond the fascist material flatland and create a sacralized secular humanist society on earth for the first time.

THE FLIGHT OF ANIMA (ANIMATION)—The anima and animus are described by Jung as elements of his theory of the archetypal collective unconscious. In the unconscious of the male, it finds expression as a feminine inner personality or “anima.” Conversely in the unconscious of the female it is expressed as a masculine inner personality or “animus.” The anima represents the totality of the feminine psychological qualities (recessive/receptive) while the animus signifies the totality of the masculine psychological qualities (dominant/agentic). Jung said that "the encounter with the shadow is the “apprentice-piece” in the individual's development...while encounter with the (receptive) anima is the “masterpiece.” Jung viewed the anima process (of integrating the recessive right-brain function) as being the source-field of creative actualization.

UNIVERSAL MORALITY IS FREEDOM (MOKSHA)— Instead of warring of opposites...the great alchemical opus is achieved by the lovemaking of opposites. Unless there is a true marriage of the left (masculine) and right (feminine) functions of consciousness, there is no universal morality. The discombobulated left brain consciousness without the emotional integration and empathy of the right can only follow the “rules” — rules of which in a left brain schismed culture deny the full human and are always geared toward the accumulation of power-over and the suppression of the whole human and enchanted cosmos. The life destroying competition of the mechanistic worldview can only reign free when universal morality doesn’t. Until humanity really groks this, we will always be our worst enemy. To become universally moral is to progressively transcend “conditionality” or the Pavlovian dynamics of the given and the determined. Universal morality through the felt-sense of right and wrong (attained via the alchemical marriage of the hemispheres, charges, sexes and poles) offers us once and for all – freedom from the terror and shaming tactics of the lower stages of being human. Cosmic pleasure is the meter of our adherence to truth (Satya), cosmic morality and moksha (release, enlightenment, to let loose).

PLEASURE PRINCIPLE—Cosmic pleasure is the door to the Self. Pleasure, in the highest sense of the word, is the reward for participating in the good (God). It is only when our pleasure wiring, senses and responses get hijacked by the false, the saccharine and the excessive that we run into problems of addiction, avoidance, denial and complicity with all that destroys life, meaning and humanness. Unity, or alignment with the Universal groove results in infatigable, inexhaustable, undefeatable bliss. This bliss is the compass of com-passion that supports right living in our everyday existence. The pleasure of the bliss-compass can orient us towards the direction in which we wish to go, to recover the art of living, and lead us towards a peaceful and contented existence. The Bliss of Nirvana, euphoria, exalted felicity, heavenly joy, the highest degree of happiness…IS the very essence of meaning and purpose in being truly human. Bliss is alignment with timeless dimension and the evolutionary future…in which the entirety of separation and difference is bought home to the apriori stillness in the singularity of Now. To be real is to be unfinished and yet “whole in peace” coalesced by felt Presence of the sovereign core, when one "marries" the impossible dual opposites within through the simplexity of love.

THE SYMPLEXITY OF LOVE—Once we switch on our sovereign headlights we begin exercising the free will of rational self-determinacy in which we can choose greater order, differentiation, specialization, integration, coherence, and so grow sustainably with greater adaptability and survivability. This reduces chaos or entropy through the synergy of what I call “simplexity.” That is complexity reaching a higher order of focus or simplicity through meta-synthesis of parts working together in a larger integrated whole. Love or Eros is the method by which smaller structures form into cohesive wholes in order to deal with novelty with greater simplexity. As we grow up and become sovereign we “become love” through surrender to the creatrix force of the Universe by which life gains order, complexity and consciousness (ie: power). Only the weak and those that resist love impose on the sovereign power of other individuals or otherwise harm the expansion of the Lifeforce. Tom Campbell - The Big TOE (Theory of Everything), Consciousness & Reality

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Polish psychiatrist and psychologist Dr. Kazimierz Dabrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration describes the creation of the unique, individual personality. "Personality is defined as a self-aware, self-chosen, self-affirmed, and self-determined unity of essential individual psychic qualities." Choice between higher and lower realms of behavior define us as human and delineate our multileveled Reality. Dabrowski proposed that neurosis is not an illness, but that it is automatic when the person becomes conscious of his own psychological development. He insists that real therapy involves self-observation through a lifelong autopsychotheraputic tracking and mapping of the inner environment. According to Dabrowski difficulty such as suffering, aloneness, self-doubt, sadness and inner conflict are symptoms constituting the psychic richness of an expanding consciousness.

He says that the capacity of the individual to develop is determined by the ability to change one's internal environment and the ability to positively influence the external environment. If mental health is seen as the development of the personality, we can say that characteristics of accelerated development include increased mental excitability, depressions, self-dissatisfaction, feelings of inferiority and guilt, anxiety, inhibitions, denial and ambivalence - are necessary growth symptoms of the transition through neurosis. The point being that without intense and painful introspection and self-reflection, we cannot realize our multidimensional and multilevel development toward an ever increasing awareness of body, mind, humanity and cosmos.

Dabrowski holds that without external and internal conflicts, with lower level realities there is no spontaneous, deliberate or desperate choice to realize a higher level of reality. The more we awaken (disembed, differentiate), the more we can use the disturbance of psychoneuroses as an opportunity to "take our life into our own hands." Thus the brain evolves through the process of disintegration and subsequent positive reintegration at higher levels. The drive of the prefrontal lobes for inner/outer mastery (executive function) amounts to the expression of a drive for moral autonomy, integration and harmony, by the upgrade of more immature-primitive structures. As this process of transmutation becomes more conscious the individual becomes a willing agent in both his breakdown and renewal…through what could be called permaculture of the soul.

The "cure" for socalled dysfunction is achieved by reaching a higher level through inner psychic transformation. By seeing dis-ease as being part of the growth cycle, we gain a sense of distance and reassurance by which we may carefully reparent and recreate ourselves via constant metamorphosis. Mindfulness and discriminating awareness of both the inner and outer milieus - propels the individual through higher levels of "neuroses," while simultaneously inhabiting ever higher levels of universal personality. Universal personality or autonomy is achieved by moving through the various roadblocks to informed choice to “make up one’s own mind about how to act.” It is generally agreed that autonomous agency (autonomy) is both the source of fundamental rights and the key to understanding what these rights are and what we must do to acknowledge them. In an ideal world autonomy (and hence each sovereign agent) is the source of moral norms. Sarah Buss points to the value of autonomy and respect as the moral fabric of society in that she says most seducers, deceivers and manipulators prevent their victims from governing themselves and from being sufficiently in touch with reality, or from relating to the manipulator as an equal, because they lack concern for the well-being and happiness of another human being. This points to the underlying predatory patriarchal practices of extractive industrial nations, and the coercive brainwashing machine needed to hold the dysfunction in place - through terrorizing and shaming the population.

Dabrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration clearly states the importance of "acceptance of what is" as a necessary prior condition to moving beyond the quicksand of lower stages of being. The cellular embrace of "reality" whatever it is seems to be the key to moving up and onwards. Thus we see how a lived "original blessing" is the only real evolutionary stance...for the punitive, terrorizing or pedantic energetic shunts energy away from the prefrontal lobes and hyperintegration of the brain, into more primitive modes of operation. Really grokking this is the secret to overcoming the self-shaming that undermines core confidence and radiance...and our entire energy battery.

The world will torture and shame us to the degree that we have not burned clean our resistance to the flow of love and Spirit. Jung's tension of stage differential and Reich's battle for orgastic potency are the same psychophysical phenomena, in which kundalini inflated emotion pushes through the armoring of the lower energy state. The tension, battle and stress of growth is a factor of the charge of consciousness meeting resistance and creating friction, thus the labor, anger, frustration and heat of moving from the conditioned monad to a more enlightened, transparent level. When we stop bearing down on and resisting our resistance we set our Self free to simple Be...liberating the evolutionary process to Flow as IT demands of us. — Kazimeriez Dabrowski
The Contours of Agency: Essays on Themes from Harry Frankfurt by Sarah Buss and Lee Overton

Thursday, November 25, 2010


You can't actually build a new brain and a new society using the same power-over tactics of the old. The trick is to “click forward” into ecstasy and compassionate action.

T.D. Lingo and Neil Slade argued that the amygdala has been socially conditioned to remain on high alert, thus blinding us to our unlimited creative potential. When we rely on our "reptile brain" we will feel little but fear, sadness and paranoia. But by using the directing power of thought we can command the brainstem to open the heart and this warms and opens the interior brain and frontal lobes. You can tell if this is happening by the noticeable flip into the deepening of emotional connection (Presence) and the love that softens the eyes. Neil Slade and T.D. Lingo say that it is the anterior amygdala activates our frontal lobes, hence producing pleasurable emotional states because the frontal lobes house our "pleasure” centers. Conversely when the posterior amygdala is stimulated, the reptilian brain takes over causing great fear and sadness.

“Merely release the frontal lobes and you automatically get group telepathy, you automatically get advanced intelligence, you automatically get whole brain power…its Power…the power in your own head. Take it, and once you take it…higher reality…this lower reality is a pain in the ass.” T.D.A. Lingo

Starting in the late 1950’s Lingo held "amygdala clicking seminars" at his mountain Brain Dormancy Lab where he would teach willing students how to first become aware of their amygdala and then to actually stimulate these two walnut sized organ. Lingo's students had success and reported a "wonderful state of mind," heightened awareness, increased creativity, improved intelligence, pleasure, and even paranormal activity from brain self-control. Unlike drugs, meditative amygdala stimulation, once learned, produces better, stronger and deeper results over time. By using the amygdala and brainstem to turn on the prefrontal lobes we can recover the enchantment, childlike wonder, awe, interest and magic that existential material reductionism took from us.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are believed to act by inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin after being released in synapses. And serotonin produces Alpha brainwave through which the triune brain can be integrated into larger coherent whole…reptilian- autonomic, old mammalian-limbic and neocortex-human. But we do not need drugs to reinstate our serotonin levels to the pattern of a dominant (integrated) individual…we simply need to focus consciousness on tuning the brainstem into the heart and then the heart balances our neuro-hormonal chemistry for us. Since it is other humans who are the greatest trigger to our involuntary threat and fear chemistry gaining conscious control over this automatic status/security wiring gives us a solid sense of internal power with which to navigate our social world. When we are no longer intimidated by the intimidating ape we can stabilize whole brain functioning and arrive at the emergence of complex states where we can apply our energies wholeheartedly to visionary creativity and happiness. We cannot even be grateful (with a joyous liver) when we are still vulnerable to being unplugged by the subterfuge or power-over tactics of our fellow man. And without gratitude we are always going to resort to lower forms of coping behavior that undermine our highest dharmic path.

It is human nature to abuse power if power goes unchecked. However, we can establish our sovereignty over power-abuse by the daily practice of building up our Alpha wiring. The dominance position is attained through conscious control over autonomic processes in accord with the dictates of “free will.” The more we build prefrontal communication with our reptilian brain, the more free will, sovereignty or self-determinancy we have at our disposal for challenge and response. By stabilizing a strong serotonin-Alpha frequency base we generate a mother-matrix through which our agentic motivational dopamine is legitimated as being life-upholding. A strong dopamine system is vital for a vivid reward and satisfaction response needed to maintain the motivational drive of the Alpha male or female.

In establishing sovereignty we “each” have to cultivate the neurochemistry of the Alpha animal, not through exerting power over others, but through actualizing and utilizing the full powers of the whole human. Only by each individual engaging in sovereignty practice can we hope to build a social system in the equilateral circle model through which the ongoing continuum of human actualization can geometrically progress. Then we can reconcile human power dynamics and the activation of free will. “Free Will” is the capacity of rational agents to choose a course of action from among various alternatives. We hold people responsible for their choices only when we regard those choices as free. Thus a person must be conscious and self-conscious since a non-conscious being cannot be said to have free choice or to responsibly choose. They say free will is indispensable to the essence of being human. But that free will must be in accord with the flow of the lifeforce in order to first “do no harm,” and to further the evolutionary emergence of man in deep time and the endeavor of life in the universe. The greatest obstacle to advance of enlightenment is the illusion that the problem has been solved. Thus to avoid any premature ideological conclusion that limits our unbounded identity there is a need to continually revise our presumptions about where we are at and where we are going.

Instead every moment offers the choice of redemption via the Darwinian natural selection of thought, emotion and ingenuity toward frontal lobe behaviors: cooperation, imagination, creativity, intuition, logic. This is a kind of wish-fulfillment, a literal fait accompli, where the tangible and short term processes of conscious selection and adaptation, fuel the higher level evolutionary directionality of our individual and collective paradigm. At the edge of conscious evolution there is a kind of “frontier effect,” whereby we learn that at the higher expressions of being human we naturally move progressively away from fear. Nature rewards new life sustaining thought and behavior with the forward clicking amygdala pleasure response. Thus love pulls us forth at high-speed in a primordial self-referential emergent progress from the seat of immanent consciousness. We ARE the force of evolution, and so if we do not become conscious enough to claim it, we fail to gain the momentum to ride the crest of the wave…and instead may be crushed beneath its raging waters.

In the conditioned flatland, left-brained masculinized world it is "unintegrated" rational thinking that blocks the integrating power of empathy.
The Frontal Lobes Supercharge, by Neil Slade.

See this outstanding video from the 1970’s on T.D.A Lingo —TD Lingo - PART 1- "Lingo" and The Dormant Brain Lab Documentary —Frontal Lobes Supercharge by Neil Slade

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Chris Hedges is one of the most articulate, comprehensive observers of our dystopic dis-ease. In the article “Retribution for a World Lost in Screens,” he says…“The great moral voices, George Orwell and Albert Camus being perhaps two of the finest examples, describe in moving detail the human suffering we ignore or excuse. They understand that the greatest instrument for moral good is the imagination.”

The visionary organ of divine imagination and accountability is the prefrontal lobes through which we envision potential futures. If the prefrontal lobes are the CEO of the brain, then our CEO has gone rouge and is professing a line of bull, bribing us with distractions, pilfering from our biogenic bank account, stifling our creativity and suppressing our genuine joy and participation. Just as we need honorable leadership in our societal affairs, we need honorable leadership within our own house of the soul. The embrace and healing of unruleliness is not achieved by allegory and laws, but by overcoming inner warfare through the integrating frequency of Gamma wave...the resonance of compassion. Then conflict is known for what it really is...a temporary madness that stands in the way of our experiencing the full potential of human life...which is beyond our wildest imagination.

The downfall of the majority of humanity was not caused directly by punitive controllers so much, but by "the peoples" own emotional distress and maladaption patterns to living within life-harming social systems. The general dumbing down and prepersonalization of populations makes them dependent and vulnerable to econo-fascist control. Once the people themselves turn back towards life and reinstate our full lifeforce, intelligence, care and sensitivity, then the manipulative, power-over structures and exploitive leadership will collapse through the lack of support for their darkness. Thus joy and celebration of the return to connectivity and light are our principle means of saving the human race and our planet.

“Coming-towards” attentiveness or loving connectivity brings us back to life. Whole brain integration and conscious embodiment are cause and effect of “inclusivity,” or “moving towards,” thereby transcending binary polarism, deconstruction and nihilism of life-unlived. Once we return to lucidity and stop brain damaging ourselves with dominator hierarchies designed by the ruthless left-brained tyrant...we can quicken the Great Return through an ever perfecting marriage of the sexes, poles and hemispheres...and thus work-with the evolutionary force to realize and Grok more fully the great mystery that is Life. Such is The Glass Bead Game.

We can see that the Borg is varying degrees of addiction, automatic behavior and unconscious decision making…that is compulsion or habit without free choice. In the culture of separation we are all touched by addiction one way or another. Either ourselves or others we encounter can have some form of addiction that undermines lifeforce and makes us less than who we are...(alcohol, smoking, drugs, food, sex, TV, computers, gadgets, isolation, sedentarism, conflict etc...) How do we work through the collective addictive personality to live a deeper human life and grow up?

Due to the lack of realization of our full Self, the presovereign, prepersonal Borg nature arises from a sense of deficiency or “cup half full.” This less-than-whole state manifests as varying degrees of paranoid personality disorder resulting in inflexible and chronic patterns of distrust, suspicion, and hostility towards others. It is this underlying sense of deprivation and insufficiency that fuels the addictive condition. The addictive personality tries to make Other wrong, guilty, shamed or less-than to ease the subconscious guilt that arises when we commit a crime against our lifeforce. This is a primitive, infantile form of control, which may throw off and unbalance those around the addict, because one normally doesn't expect a grown adult to use the tactics of a preschooler.

Constant repetition of belitting, shaming behavior can destroy the health of those exposed to it. But if we can see what is going on then reassure the addict that they are safe and secure, then the need for negative-support is not needed and the addict can then start self-caring and healing. We deal with the paranoid consensus trance by seeing that threat/dysfunction/bad behavior is a prompt to observe a need in another...and work to address the need on the spot. We thus must be committed to try and not think of things in terms of good and bad, right and wrong. But know that safety and support start with the compassion to not scare oneself and create prior conditions through which we can receive the world benignly.

To break out of the addicted mode, is to break out of the mediaocracy of the Borg. Hivemind is perpetuated through unconscious submission, for when in the presence of authority the discriminating area of the brain literally shuts off. Thus we have to train ourselves to maintain discriminating presence no matter what the social context through deep knowledge and acceptance of ourselves in an integrated felt-sense fashion. When we have limited awareness of our own needs, wants and values we tend to capitulate towards outer authority through descending to child or student states which separate us from our core and our inner authority.

In order to not simply be embedded in cultural programming we must continually ask the question, “Who am I?” In order to evolve, we have to be involved. We have to voluntarily claim self-will or else our brain, our heart and our lives never mature to the sovereign state. If we fail to do this work we would have lived our lives not as our Self, but as a fictitious figment of culture moving through us…like a marionette being controlled by outside forces. Thus work is aimed at identifying not just the surface (ego) needs with which we are all too familiar but the deepest and highest underlying needs, desires and motivations of our whole Self.

Hiding our true selves behind the veil of capitulation, lies and deceit is how we have been controlled by power-over systems. Now we have finally got the freedom to think and be true to our Self and to accomplish what we must. We are only really free when we live in truth.

Eldon Taylor's books and Radio Shows help us to penetrate the herd conditioning; also check him out on Eldon Taylor, director of Progressive Awareness Research, Inc. says we live in an artificial world, with artificial thoughts and artificial means…therefore we are not authentic, but are cannibalized by our artificial needs for a synthetic heaven. His latest book is "What Does That Mean?" is a provocative search for meaning that assists you in remembering who you really are. He has a DVD Change Without Thinking and a video presentation "Exploring Mind, Meaning and Mysteries" and how we can learn to generate our own thoughts. — “Mind Programming: from Persuasion and Brainwashing to Self-help and Practical Metaphysics”

Eldon Taylor's take on our inauthentic self is pointing to the mechanical aspects of our collective nature. In this book I am pointing out the Borg in order to disentangle our true self from its clutches and to cultivate the ability to remain awake and in ones seat of autonomy without aggression. As soon a demon is named, we see the healthy expression of spirit that is being held back. Then we get a glimpse of what spirit is seeking to bring forth and you obey its directives, steady in the surety of an aligned path. Synchronicity then comes into play as we dance in Flow with the world and Heaven (no-place) is progressively manifest on earth.

Standing firmly on sovereign ground we rise above the gravity of the consensus of mediocrity, controlling narratives and the influence of limiting philosophies and dogmatic beliefs...and are thus able to contribute to group genius and contribute to the real future of mankind. We must explore new avenues of cooperation founded on sharing the truly awesome gifts of sovereignty born of aligning with cosmogenius and bringing forth all that we are. If we are committed to our larger purpose in life we have to maintain our sovereign ground and draw directly from Source all that we need to become whole in mind, body and spirit. Thereby transcend entrapment in the world of five senses and entertain a profound physical change, an actual genetic transformation. Through play we can develop immunity to the negative energies that surround us, and empowered by physical, mental and energetic freedom, forge a superior connection to the energy and wisdom of Nature and Cosmos.

In moving out of the passive, follower, slave mode we enter a void period, where we know we can’t do or be who we were, but we have not yet defined who we are or what we want. In actuality the cosmic Self is already innately there within us, with its full clairvoyance, telepathy, genius, efficacy and mission. We just have to bring the Timeless self down into the temporal zone through making our body able to convey more light (biophotons). Bio-photons orchestrate the design and expression of the DNA and control the metabolism of the cells, regulating growth and reproduction. Ultra violet coherence being the motor and currency of cell metabolism (Ettienne, and Lipton).

Spirit downloads into matter through life’s helical structures...through the crystallization of light into the human body. We can invoke the pure divine sovereign at the Source to let the old go and invite the new. How many wells of love do you have...countless trillion...every protein and DNA/RNA is a well of love conveying order and energy from the vacuum. That's a lot of power to sit with in grace and move with in flow. Grace comes in spades when kundalini is up. This in itself is worthy of many lifetimes of contemplation. The Light of the Body is the Eye of inspiration, love, apotheosis and revelatory ecstasy. There is nothing more powerfully transformative than pure, unadulterated human essence.

Sovereignty practice is the playful discipline of getting in touch with the implicate cosmic being within, through amplifying the process of communication, communion and community. Sovereignty practice is learning to grow up beyond our socialized self so we can bring our true gifts to the world, instead of selling ourselves short for a weary, tame survival. Maturing into our cosmic Self means that we actively have to redefine who we are and what we want and need. And to use the growing capacities of our psychic and creative talent to make a masterpiece of our world. As we become sovereign and reestablish the noble human, we move from the pupae* energetic of the pupil, reactor and absorber of culture to the dreamer, designer and maker of culture. *(Latin, pupa, a puppet, original meaning apparently "a young girl.”) Inside the chrysalis of the Borg lies a butterfly waiting to be allowed free flight through harnessing the soul.

How do we set our butterfly soul free? Passivity and automation involve the suppression of the creative impulse and resistance to the authentic stream of life. Our experience of the outside world is a reflection of our inner connection to the depth of Source. Our connection to Source depends on how open, alive and integrated we are. We contract and cut off those parts of us that we are not able to integrate and express. Thus when unable to make a healthy connection to Source through communication, communion or community, we suppress and freeze the impulse in an effort to reduce the tension of mal-expression. These stuck impulses and traumas are unintegrated, unconscious parts that interfere with realization, growth and maturity. Opening ourselves up as a clear channel of Spirit requires that we felt-sense deeply into the voids, schisms and miasms within to incorporate these cut off parts back into the positive flow of life.

We have entered the time of radical phase shift where we cannot fake our acquiescence to the old forms of humanity anymore. We have no choice but to become all that we really are, and work to create a world that is more in tune with our highest values. In this transition period we are morphing rapidly into a new form and thus are vulnerable, unsure, open and hypersensitive. The insecurity and sense of free-fall are our most valuable asset in allowing this metamorphic process to occur in its own timing, and to its fullest extent. For if we get arrogant and self-important...we may steal the golden apple before it is ripe, and thereby forfeit its ability to produce further life. We must endeavor to understand this evolutionary journey as we go through deep love, reverence and humility...funding a gratitude that makes sense of everything and makes everything all right.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Humanizing the Human

I use the term human, humanizing, or humanization in the positive sense as representing the evolution towards the higher qualities of being human. This process involves liberation from pathological social conventions and the culture saturated mind. That is humanization or spiritualization is the Source recovery of the wild or cosmic human who is fully empowered and so being exhibits the noble qualities associated with aliveness, openness and love. Whereas the Borg is the unconscious, unthinking acceptance of the spoon feed cultural constructs and the disowning of ones own personal reality. The authentic “pure” human exhibits fluidity, truth and the spontaneous high energy of multidimensional being plugged into the Universe at large. The sovereign is "truth-being" while the default constructs of cultural normalization turn the unignited into a single dimensional machine with limited brain growth, truncated spirituality and vulnerable to the false reward system of the substitute gratifications composing the commercial world. The true human exhibits a tonality of Spirit where movement-wholeness-openness allow a reciprocal connection to the field of knowing (gnosis) and the receptivity to pure primordial being…(what we call soul).

"When you stop shaping your own reality someone else it doing it for you." Neil Kramer

The short way of saying this is that the Borg represents a machine-like death of the human spirit...and the consequent death of the planet, and everything we touch, through lack of cosmic integration or divine connection.

Since the foods and substances of Borg culture is how we maintain our devitalized state in order to fit into the dense material world through killing our own is through fasting that we most quickly recover our higher human sensibilities. Fasting allows for detoxification of all that blocks our receptors, and prevents the full flow of energy, consciousness and matter around the body. Once we stop our life-suspending habits we quickly rectify the cosmic being within that we have held prisoner by internalizing the outer sense of being controlled into our mechanisms of internal restraint and death. Fasting is the quickest way out of the Flatland prison into the multidimensional life of the true human, where we rediscover the complex layers of peripheral vision and telescope out to the larger perspective. Where the suffering of the separated ego “cut off” from cosmic unity is healed once and for all in the call to compassionate global dharma.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Creative Transformation

We have hit the wall with our follower/leader systems and need to set off on the Grand Opus of each individual finding their inner leadership or sovereignty. Thus we must more fully develop and use our prefrontal lobes and change our social behaviors and social structures into those that supports humanization, humaneness and the liberation or enlightenment of the individual. Our depleted, depressed bodies are not strong enough to deny and suppress the truth anymore, and so our false society is collapsing along with our health and the environment. As the dissolution crisis becomes more apparent our attitude is slowly changing toward greater integrity/integration, but there is a lag time involved in having to survive in the old socioeconomical system while establishing the new. It is thus a difficult transition time in which we have to find our Self and deeply trust our heart’s intuition. The point to remember is that we do this transformative work for the entire human enterprise, for the sake of survival and the evolution required to thrive. We have everything going for us, if we could only find a way to live in nature's truth. Viktor Schauberger revealed most pertinently the mystic reality of nature's secrets, and so by reading his books we can peer into the wheelworks of the cosmos, and thereby learn to live by the Life Code.

The sovereign is about internal self-government. Until we stabilize the lifestyle of the autonomous visionary mystic in our daily life we tend to find our direction and encouragement from external sources and cues. Boredom, doubt, ennui, narcolepsy, futility, lack of pleasure, limbo, hesitation etc...are all forms of default that we use to avoid taking up the proactive, executive role in our lives. The mystic in modern material life lives "outside" of flatland reality and so is not likely to be recognized and affirmed by others. This means one's own internal driver has to be tenacious to stay awake while driving in order to get anywhere...because the social realm is not going to reflect a sense of progress, accomplishment or destination back to mystic. There is no syllabus for the modern mystic, nor can a sovereign individual be easily defined, or readily observable at any point in time. This is so because the mystic is not interested in the trappings of spiritual wears, spiritual dogmas and spiritual doings.

The majority of the "work" is done when we are “down” and forced to strive within for what it is that needs to be born. After tangling with the void we can then "play" without it being mere avoidance...for meaning is born from recognition of the absence of meaning. The sovereign's life is a self-directed approach to learning and seeking opportunity for greater perfection or the joy of inquiry. The navigational compass arises from the depths of the unconscious and hints are given to us in our dreams, but in order to keep the momentum going we must be balanced in our cellular energy, exercise, nature-immersion and soul-food. It is easy to get lost on the journey if we do not have a holistic, integral approach to conserving our forward momentum..."movement, e-motion." If no great quest is naturally elicited we can at least find a large problem, and provide a solution, thereby kick-starting the Muse toward a specific goal.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ab-Original “I”

The opposite of sovereignty and imagination is ignore-ance. Blind belief in the politicing lies of the Matrix results from submission to authority for the sake of certainty. If the believers thought that they had to think for themselves and that their President or the Man in The Sky wasn't doing their thinking for them then they would feel insecure, afraid and without an identity. To the hivemind, conformity and allegiance is more important than truth, right will or personal meaning. This is not just presovereign behavior, it is prepersonal...for those still caught at the tribal level, have not inhabited their prefrontal lobes and so do not have a core of individuality, but are sponges for identity/identification from outside influences. Because this state is emotionally and cognitively very fragile these people cannot be convinced to change their minds through logic or even evidence. The heart-intelligence, soul-dream mind, emotional groking of right and wrong and even their basic ability for rational reasoning are not yet being used, but lie dormant waiting for possible illumination in the future...perhaps through crisis, to break through the infantile circuits and initiate their own capacity for original thought.

"Most deal in subjectivity instead of objectivity."

Consider that the subjectivity of the Borg individual is not even their own subjectivity and so there is no way the hivemind individual can be objective. The "subject" is told what to think and won't allow themselves the original thought to think outside of the officially sanctioned party line. The evolution out of simple cultural absorption is to develop the subjectivity of the individual beyond the prepersonal/collective "I" to the cosmic "I" or soul. However this requires actual spiritual initiation and illumination, which is largely prevented by the brain damaging/power-over structures from the womb to the grave and the antibiogenic technologies and habits of the consumptive culture. Only through developing the inner subjective sense beyond the perspective of hivemind can we gain any degree of critical thought or objectivity at all.

Power plays and fear reduce prefrontal lobe function and lobotomize the brain hemispheres, thus negative means of social control keep the human species back at more primitive operating levels, whereas even now we have the innate ability to function at the mystic/visionary level as a society. Since the culture promotes closure, inertia, conflict, toxicity and impossible dilemmas, we have to transcend the culture. I have been working on the neurology, psychology, sociology, philosophy, anthropogeny, theology, physiology...exercise and training necessary to rise above the machinations of Borg culture and become who we really show up and claim our own unique center of the universe.

Becoming sovereign requires a Whole Life Overhaul:
Strong immune system, brain feeding, neurogenesis, transcending primate status brain damage, empowered endocrine system, sex hormone potency, balanced abundance of neurotransmitters, raw-remineralized diet, fasting, regular exercise, sunlight, sungazing, meditation/practices, dearmoring, creative outlet, fun, play, humor, mindfulness, compassionate-grokking, intellectual excitement, connection with the evolutionary edge, music, arts, muse, amplified dream/vision life, healing past relationships, releasing dis-ease, will to be whole, liberation of one's energies for growth, positive constructive thinking, solutions consciousness, overcoming childlike dependencies and uncertainty, learning to reparent and lovingly tend one's Self, growth of skills and inner resources, novelty and adventure, feeding one's interests, egalitarian and win/win ethos, opening the heart-prefrontal lobe connection, sovereign peers, social reinforcement of sovereign principles and Universal Law.

To become whole or sovereign you have to change the brain that creates the brain through a change of heart.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Love Makes Us Whole

Love enhances brain circuits with increased dopamine, serotonin, estrogen, testosterone, oxytocin, vassopressin, anandamide and endorphins. This provides a positive biochemical reward for successful social bonding and sex, along with the associated stress reduction. The opposite chemistry to this induces closure, exclusion, rejection, competition, scarcity, defense, isolation and stress. This is why betrayal by a parent is particularly damaging to a child because the biochemistry for love and togetherness gets contorted and conflicted by the need for protection and defense from the parental figure. Caretakers in a healthy society should be installing in the child the potential for healthy bonding...for love is the primary human need after food and shelter. One can easily see how breaking the basic trust of a child could lead to a lifetime of unhealthy and unsatisfying relationships through damage to the neurology of the pleasure/motivation drive itself.

Overcoming this damage done by untrustworthy, abusive, absent, neglectful, codependent or addicted parents is the foundation of the healing work in awakening sovereignty. For we cannot become our Self if we have not died to the old parental programs and come under the stewardship of our own higher guidance...the capacity for compassionate grokking. Through developing the power of the PFC/Heart connection we have the Presence to repattern the feelings and emotions of our thoughtfield. In this unveiling we draw from our primordial blueprint prior to conditioning/memory of this life, to repattern ourself with good/God information. The sovereign self is the ab-original bodymind free from the scrambled information of dis-ease, and revelled in the temple of the soul beyond time and space. This is the deeper darker work essential to awakening sovereignty, which almost certainly requires fasting, but doesn't necessarily have to be difficult if it is done carefully and with joy, surrender and serenity. (See The Fasting Path by Harrod Buhner)

Once we are free of the old dis-eased vibratory states and suffering flesh there is no need to even forgive...because when freed of the pain of dis-ease we realize the continuum of mental and emotional illness is caused by the ignore-ance of personal sovereignty and by claiming our own we become free. Through our own unique divinity we help humanity come that much closer to the full realization of being human. As each of us recovers our deep humanity by developing our sovereignty, we help return Homo sapiens back to its noble state and heal the human condition.