Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Sublime Marriage

For over twenty years now I have been working towards creating a mystic civilization. I can see it forming all around me, as the illusion of the "usefulness" of Borg culture is seen through for the degenerative system that it is.

If the drive for technological progress, resources, power, position and territory has lead to an imbalance in the forces of the feminine and masculine, it stands to reason that to curb the entropic consequences of this imbalance we must reconnect the feeling body and thinking mind through the sacred marriage. Rather than the weak masculine and feminine caught in a dance of death, we must now find within us the sacred feminine and sacred masculine and bring them into harmony within all men and women. In this way we can be assured of not transgressing natural law and building a universal moral or "spiritual" civilization. Love, not war is the force of conscious creation. It is synergy and syzergy between the masculine and feminine principles that creates consciousness, love and health, and it is dissonance and entropy between the masculine and feminine forces that creates unconsciousness, fear and disease. —Venus Project youtube channel

The Fall From Grace
The “Khemitians” or pre-history Egyptian culture started around 40,000 years ago, long before the Pharaohs. They represented a technologically and spiritually advanced society consisting of 42 tribes of people or “sesh.” According to the indigenous tradition taught by Wisdom Keeper Abd’el Hakim Awyan, they achieved a higher awareness, and capacity to manifest and communicate, through their ability to access 360 senses. Through the full spectrum senses the Egyptians were able to make the impossible possible. These supernal senses are the same thing as Gnosis or knowing, and as Awyan says…if you don’t use them you lose them. Gnosis is attained by a quickening and recognition of that which you already are, it is not a knowledge that you have. Kundalini rising naturally awakens us to these super-senses, but the entire Egyptian culture was geared towards the amplification of spiritual consciousness through sound, music, dance, ritual, initiations, water, architecture, pyramid power, art, white powder of gold, entheogens, sacred sexuality and yoga. Imagine where we would be as a culture if we cultivated our biological vessel and focused on the amplification of consciousness instead of power and security. After all, in reality spiritual consciousness is the only real empowerment and freedom from fear there is. As we lose our biogenic charge and the body’s electromagnetism we lose our capacity for consciousness, divine connection, gnosis and sacred community. When electromagnetism reaches a certain high frequency it creates light…and this light is the energy needed for the full 360 senses of the whole human.

A culture based on implosion technology is a balanced, “spiritualized” civilization, for energy is conserved and builds. The ethos of the pre-history Egyptians we can surmise from the dynastic culture that came after them. It is apparent that they put great importance on the marriage of the sexes, hemispheres, poles and charges. The scarab represents the brain, and the serpent symbolizes kundalini, the Eye of Horus is the all seeing, nondual eye of God. Due to their extra senses and gnosis, the ancient Egyptians understood the energies of nature in a more subtle way than we do today. At least they knew how to harvest them for the amplification of spirit in ways that enhanced, rather than detracted from the wellbeing of life. They believed that once the emotions, mind and body is brought into balance that spiritual life can be developed. They knew that balance of the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine opens us to the blessing of divine connection or grace. The spiritual life was weighed by the heaviness of the heart, for they knew that one had to be light of heart in order to live well, that is in the grace of God.

The Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaton (1380-1362 BC) was the last of the sacred kings that ruled by divine law. His death was the turning point in history when the balance of the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine was overthrown by cabals of power between the priesthood, military and the bankers. The patriarchy thus accumulated greater and greater influence and is notably associated not with divine connection through the cultivation of consciousness, but with the selling of salvation. This commercialization of the power of the divine directly conflicts with gnosis, divine leadership and the knowledge of truth…and so we have descended in our weal-being from gods to material gremlins - with the light of our remaining 5 senses dimming. As a civilization, due to our ignorance of the sacred science we went for the crumbs instead of the feast. With the consequent thousands of years of explosion technology the crumbs are now beginning to run out and the light of spirit all but snuffed out. The politico-religio-military system of the patriarchy systematically exterminated those people who still practiced a direct connection to the divine. Ironically they called those steeped in the sacred law “heretics” and generated thousands of years of fear and paranoia, essentially bringing humanity to its metaphysical knees. —The Pyramid Code Part1/25 — Hakim Awyan, Workshops with his children
Sacred Science: The King of Pharaonic Theocracy, RA Schwaller de Lubicz