Monday, February 9, 2015



The shame of awakening to the shame of human delinquency.

In the past we mostly only had to deal with family skeletons in the closet, or perhaps the occasional village skeleton or two. Now modern psychology has neatly packed those domestic skeletons away for safekeeping. However self-help, therapy and spiritual theory and practice has not prepared us for the unveiling of a constant barrage of international skeletons stacked in piles all around the globe. There doesn't seem to be a closet large enough to hold all those skeletons. Our psychological reconciliation systems are bursting at the seams, so what do we do? We go into denial...we split.

ADD, OCD, autism, Alzheimer's, depression, obesity and all the degenerative physical and mental diseases today are the result of fragmentation. This fracking or splitting occurs at the subatomic, the molecular, cellular, organ and organism levels...and on through the social, ecological, environmental and global levels...not to mention the fragmentation of soul itself as the human universe is being teared apart by our disregard of the laws of nature. Obviously the cure for basically all our problems and suffering is overcoming this shattering and dis-integration of the human cosmos and establishing cultural choices that lead to the joining, mending, uniting, completing, and knitting back together of the fabric of existence needed to support life and higher consciousness. We show bad faith and disrespect for existence (God) when we mindlessly go along with the fragmentation without making a conscious effort towards turning the tide of fragmentation around.

Willful neglect of sovereignty is the avoidance of the commitment to life

At any time there are specific demands on our powers of conscious choice, such that if we are letting things go, we are engaged in the dereliction of duty. Meaning that by negating the demands of reality we have failed to rise to what sanity and responsibility asks of us. Dereliction is the opposite of the virtue diligence. Derelicts are irresponsible and not "able" to care for themselves. Negligence and lack of care to focus on the demands of Necessity and Reality obviously leads to low performance, so derelicts are under-achievers. When we fail to do due diligence with respect to the laws of nature and act to transgress universal or cosmic law we are in dereliction of sanity and consciousness. The results of misconduct and fallout from false conception can only lead to that which oppresses or imprisons us, driving us still further into herd mentality, the fugue state, consensus trance. Dereliction of diligence is both caused by fragmentation and creates greater fragmentation, thus fragmentation generates fragmentation. This is obvious and irrefutable…and it is this snowball effect of dis-integration and destruction that constitutes the ongoing and accelerating Fall of Humanity. The failure to make the reasonable, conscious choice represents a hardening or dulling of the human spirit associated willful negligence, herd mentality, fugue-trance and the dereliction of duty and the desertion of diligence.

• Malfeasance: is bad behavior, transgression of morality or civil law or defaulting on the demands of Necessity and Reality.
• Nonfeasance: a failure to act when under a moral or rational obligation to do so.
• Criminal negligence: actus reus, misconduct, wrongdoing, wrongful conduct.
• Duty of care: a requirement that a person act toward others and the public with the watchfulness, attention, caution and prudence that a reasonable person in the same circumstances would use.

With awareness comes responsibility and the weight of it all can be overwhelming. Those in dereliction of diligence fail to act with the prudence that a reason-able person would exercise under the same circumstances. As long as nobody speaks out or acts against tyrany then all those conspiring in willful ignorance are saved from the pressure of the need to act (and thus grow). He/She who does whistle blow or act is then chastised, marginalized and singled out for scapegoated. Violence against life and the planet is thereby allowed to automatically continue through a traitorous compliance between the military industrial locusts and those who let it persist due to fear, learned helplessness, defeatism, broken will, denial and profiteering.

Profligates, fat cats, corporate whores, mercenaries, sycophants and traitors that would change laws and undermine the legal backbone of the nation and dismiss international law in order to line their own coffers. The only solution to the military-industrial take over of the planet is the evolution of consciousness and the realization of personal sovereignty, and the citizen’s obligation to sanity and doing the right thing. The only solution to the Borg and Powerhoe take over of our life is the evolution of consciousness and our commitment to personal sovereignty.

Bad wine tastes good after the second glass. Good wine tastes indifferent after the second glass. Drunkenness is the great equalizer!

It is hard for me to eat an avocado without feeling so much gratitude that I want to plant its seed. But I wouldn't want to grow an advocado seed in an environment in which it couldn't become a tree. Each of us has an inbuilt passionate directive to go forth and prosper - to grow into a fully productive, mature HUman tree and to plant our seeds in fertile soil and hospitable conditions. When our potential for growth is thwarted either by inner or outer forces the dream of ultimate fruition is blocked and our energies are turned from construction to destruction. In hostile environments we remain infants and adolescents therefore prefrontally challenged – our energy, enthusiasm, excitement and yearning for adventure that would otherwise fuel our fecund creative life is frustrated and turns into its dark forms. Plant a human in an ideal environment and we grow into something of great beauty, justice and kindness. By channeling ourselves into the path of constructive despite the setbacks, discouragement and challenges to our higher development…we can ultimately create conditions that foster our full growth.

A fear-based punitive, authoritarian society is in the business of punishment and reward, as though trying to manipulate an out of control 2-year-old child with sticks and cookies. Such a society cultivates parasites that suck the life out of the body of man by exploiting the weak... for the presovereign are all essentially weak. The citizens in Borg society are slaves who feed the system that imprisons them, and prevents them from growing to their full stature. Such a society breeds elitism, cheating, crime, sickness, mental illness, addiction, obesity, overpopulation, slavitude, homelessness and hopelessness. A civilization in arrested development is a culture in decay! Worst of all it is a society where HUmanization cannot gain a foothold and sentience cannot accrue...because Hindbrain society relies on fragmentation and division in order to hold itself together.

Worse than Stockholm Syndrome, compliance and allegiance to industrial war profiteering and the insane mental gymnastics needed to justify wholesale genocide shows a level of disregard, ignorance, neglect, insensitivity and dimwittedness that defies the imagination. No matter how brain-dead the society we are born into, the good news is that by transcending the "death cult" and the species programming and becoming sovereign, at-one-with-the-cosmos, we can save ourselves from being an accessory to international war crimes. The Borg is a creature of habit, they are not their unique selves but are programmed robots being farmed by a corrupt elite to carry out their mining, industry and wars. If they had a spark of imagination or genuine illumination they would leave their mercenary ways immediately.

Polluted humans create polluted systems, but we cannot blame the corruption on money, we must look to the true cause...the failure to be HUman. America might be the finest example of the Borg in the world today, but it is a species developmental problem not specific to any one country. The Borg and its degenerative mayhem stems from not having outgrown the sadomasochism of Hindbrain dominance. When a civilization destroys the structural organizational capacity of life, it becomes corrupt, polluted, fragmented and insentient, and thus uses false power to maintain its stranglehold on life, love and liberty. The material empire of the capitalist barbarians has to break the native population's spirituality of nature-wisdom, in the lands they seek to occupy and exploit in order to make them dependent on the "death cult" of the conquerors.

Notice how they use the oppressed as the vehicle of their own enslavement!

When there is no viable venue for positive agency the drive for loving-agency must be silenced by self-destruction in order to deaden the body’s voice, so that we can remain paralyzed in inaction. As citizens in a corrupt culture we must make ourselves go unconscious in order to remain in that culture, and then once fragmented and insentient there is no escape. When the body is fragmented and toxic from the cooked-industrial lifestyle, along with undeveloped prefrontal executive faculties, the diminished capacity for original thought means that the population is captive and cannot even get off the pirate ship of state, let alone change the direction of the destination (destiny). To get out of fragmentation and learned helplessness in order to save ourselves from the PTSD of complicity in a murderous, material empire we must first admit that we are split, dissociated and adrift. Besides regenerating the body to revive the senses/sentience a sense of humor is vitally important for reversing fragmentation. Fasting, abstinence from cooked carbs-sugar-alcohol, combined with nature immersion, exercise, dancing, music and celebration will help us revive our capacity for self-determination regardless of how deeply the rest of the society is closed down into the false-power of the fascist fugue.

"Wake us up before we die." Comatose, by Ayreon (great heavy metal ballad)

When in stressful, unresolvable, impossible and doublebind circumstances we become paralyzed, fragmented and unconscious. This Dissociative Fugue is associated with Depersonalization Disorder and Dissociative Identity Disorder, in which there is loss of the sense of selfhood, dissociation from one’s environment, often accompanied with the inability to focus objectively on the original stressor in order to extract oneself from the cause of the stress. Thus learned helplessness can suspend our growth and prevent us from moving forward by transcending our difficulties. Our personal lives can be suspended in this way, but so too can the lives of nations and even species.

Insentience: not sentient, lacking consciousness or ability to perceive sensations or feeling, inanimateness, lifelessness.

We have to ask ourselves how is it that America who made such advances in social justice and cultural progress in the 60s and 70s has not risen up to stop the many wars of aggression and plunder undertaken in their name? Besides the obvious causes of insentience such as industrial farming, industrial food and chemical toxicity, and besides the newspeak media and the militarized entertainment industry, we might consider that Americans are highly abused children living within a totalitarian state and are basically worn down into paralyzed numbness by the lies, corruption and Disney fairytale of exceptionalism, democracy and freedom. We can assume that if Americans were not so deeply in denial and dissociation that they would stop whacking off to computer porn and would get on their white horse and fight the good fight for truth and justice. Puts a new twist on the term "whack job!" That being said, I think there is great hope that the new generations are breaking out of the fugue and are standing up for their right to be fully HUman…even within the fallen state of the nation as a whole.

In our present state of political decay the whole notion of nationhood is now defunct. If citizens ever did have a say in the trajectory of their nation they certainly don't now that their freedom to object has been stripped away and the government is militarized against its own people. The only way to get rid of the cancerous corruption is to stop feeding it and create alternative social support and organization systems. The government is no longer doing its rightful duties anyway, so at this point it is an alien entity which must be purged from the state and the world in order to save it. (and save the government from itself btw).

In philosophy, ethics, and political science the common good (also common wealth or common weal) is a specific "good" that is shared and beneficial for all. A zillion acts against the Good-Of-All (GOA) serve to fragment and disintegrate the body of man, reducing humanities viability as a non-pathological organism. A humanity that relies on make-believe, denial and the disregard of conscience lives in bad faith and the rejection of Reality. The more we fight reality the more fragmented we become…whereas we need all the sapiens we can get to cope with the Borg nightmare and repair, rebuild and regenerate our world. If the nightmare of fear, greed, acquisitiveness and commodification would lift we could arise to a golden dawn...where the each sovereign individual gets paid for doing their "own work" rather than someone else’s. In a society based on sovereignty, soul and The Golden Rule we no longer have creator's guilt and nor fear our free will. There is no cognitive dissonance between who we are and what we do, the world stage does not automatically determine our fate, and original thought is one of the most cherished values. As we heal our own dissociation and fragmentation we heal the breakdown and disenfranchisement of the human cosmos and save the planet from a fate worse than death.

Now that we have seen how destructive we can become we have to learn how to listen to the music of the heart to become a con-structive species. The music of the soul that comes through in dreams is more sublime than anything you can hear with your ears. It is not marshal or epic, nor even space music. It is eternal, causal, formative, is the herald of the Muse, both Apollionic and Dionysian. The music of the soul is beauty that defies description and cannot be expressed in this world, but comes through us drawing us forth into the next. Enlightened, con-structive society already exists in the ether beyond the material plane, as the implicit order waiting for us to allow it to descend.

Phi, Tao and The Golden Rule are the one thing...passionate rationality, or love.

Good Parenting Messages for breaking the dissociative fugue: I love you! You are very special to me! It is not what you do but who you are that I love! You can do whatever YOU want! I will be here for you no matter what! If you fall down I will be there to tend your knees! You can trust the deep quiet voice within! You don't have to be afraid anymore! You haven’t done anything wrong! The world loves you even when you think it doesn't! You are beautiful and your life is all yours to fully explore! You can go wherever you like! My god, you are brilliant! I am so proud of you and your choices! You are such a joy to be around! You are never alone, I am with you always! I have your back and support you in all you do!