Monday, March 28, 2011

The Ineffable Pleasure of Being

It is "The Pleasure of Being" that is the only thing that saves us from the terminal “unpleasure” of the deprivation mode. That is...the sovereign is someone who has achieved the level of a perpetual pleasure in Being itself, from which the spiritual integrity of the individual is then saved from the degrading forces of substitute gratification, addiction, unhealthy risk, bad relationship, self-sabotaging choices, greed, avoidance, denial etc... The mark of the sovereign you could say is the observable quality of having found "Pleasure in simply Being." Then everything beyond that is lived as a connoisseur...a person who has a great deal of knowledge about the fine arts, or an expert judge in matters of taste.

The impulse control, discernment, refinement and subtle qualities of the sovereign arise from a fully sensate enjoyment in the pleasure of simply being alive. And in becoming more intelligent and aware of the pleasure of aliveness, we naturally become more alive, awake and joyful.

Sovereign practice is a 24x7 process of the evidential development of the apriori state of innate Pleasure in Being and the observation of how we sabotage ourselves through distraction, excess, substitution, dissipation, neglect and outright self-abuse. Once we have stabilized pleasure in simply being we widen our focus/awareness to that of the Fair Witness and are no longer polarized and thrown off by our attractions and aversions, hence no longer irrational, superstitious or paranoid. As a sovereign we remain in Flow, unattached and unfixated. Our identification is not centered around deprivation needs yet to be fulfilled which narrows and polarizes our attention and identity. Inclusion/exclusion dynamics lie at the core of the presovereign condition because we have assumed a vastly myopic and superficial interpretation of who we really are.

Walter Russell is one of the few examples of a true sovereign we have along with Emerson and Thoreau. How he got away with being a sovereign in an irrational world shows how outstandingly advanced he was. During the 39 day and night period of Illumination in 1921, he wrote Message of the Divine Iliad expressing what he learned while he experienced the Light of Cosmic Consciousness. He was one of the few individuals whose prefrontal lobes were illuminated fully in the scientific era…thus giving us a broad basis of sacred science. The prefrontal lobes are the council of the selves, that integrates and embraces our disparate parts, such a collusion of consciousness means we no longer project our shadow out of insecurity, we are tolerate of others whose worldview is different than ours and we radiate moral courage, because we are sufficient unto ourselves. The Honor Code, Kwame Anthony Appiah

The bottomline with the power pyramid is that power-over is a form of cheating to obtain reward chemistry (dopamine, adrenaline, endorphins, tryptamines) by low conscious or underhanded means...whether by the projection of evil, subversion, active and passive aggression, war/booty and all forms of negative competition. This futile search for misplaced pleasure is largely due to a misunderstanding and ignorance over positive-rewards behavior. Coupled with the lack of education and training in higher human behavior and expansive thought, as the consequence of the scarcity-control and usury based capitalist system.

Even our lack of lucid recognition of antilife behavior and energies is due to the ongoing destruction of the earth environment arising from this very state of low consciousness. Our lack of sentience makes us loose sentience. It is thus a self-perpetuating and accelerating demise bought about by increased acid, positive ions, low oxygen conditions and environmental and metabolic pollution. The Borg creates conditions which then snowball ever deepening Borg consciousness, the pain of which gets harder to mask as the earth herself looses the vital energy and resources necessary to revive us.

When our existential sense of pleasure is no longer apriori or unconditional we scratch an itch of discontent that gets larger and larger, as our reactionary compensation creates behavior that further increases the loss of oxygen, minerals, enzymes, energy and integrity within the body and ecosphere. If we are lucky the itch of discontent will become so bad that it will eventually wake us up so that we can stop the self-destructive slide into spiritual oblivion. Or, if however, we make our own luck, we will gain mastery and adopt a lifestyle that supports the natural evolution of body, mind, heart and soul.

To maintain a sense of self-esteem and security the presovereign seeks rewards from psuedo parents in the form of the government, employer, mate or any authority figure. This bottom up glue of the obsequent drive for gold stars is half of what holds the pyramid together. The other half of the pyramidal mortar is constructed top down through the stick (terror) and the carrot (goodies, salve, strokes). As long as our happiness and pleasure is determined or undermined by outside sources and events the holes in our self-esteem will make us vulnerable to the Machiavellian machinations of the primate power structure. And in being vulnerable we are liable to be stressed, thereby creating inflammation and free radical decay of the brain and body, precipitating inevitable slow genetic denaturing and crippling the epigenetic expression of DNA.

Thus we are unable to achieve sovereignty because of our religiously unsovereign habits. Caught helplessly in a game not of our choosing, unable to do anything about it, but to nervously rearrange the deck chairs on the Titantic.

Neuroticism is 40-60% heritable through a gene for a serotonin transporter. Whether this gene is expressed or not is determined largely by the habitus of the child in the first few years of life. According to Freud, trauma received by a 1-2 year old signifies a loss of love. 1½ years is loss of the love object or separation. At 2-3 years trauma is embodied as the sense of genital mutilation or castration. Then at 5-6 years the superego starts forming with its associated guilt/shame complex. In those genetically predisposed to neuroticism, stress, loss and danger in the initial developmental years determines whether the gene for the serotonin transporter is inhibited. If we have the genes for neuroticism and also gain significant unsoothed trauma through living in a dysfunction/neurotic family, then we are likely to be serotonin deficient and suffer various lifelong forms of anxiety, phobias and health issues.

Now Freud said that normally “unpleasure” arising from a threat or danger automatically sets into operation the pleasure principle whereby the ego could check or inhibit whatever id impulses might be giving rise to the danger. However in a neurotic traumatized culture that perpetuates itself by indulgence and repression, we are unlikely to arrive at a healthy pleasure principle with which to quell the danger and resolve the stressful situation. This is the dilemma we are now faced with in determining the course of civilization. Can we learn to face our demons, curb our destructive habits, come to our senses and reinstate a divine, sane pleasure biochemistry? Or will we be our own worst enemy, lost in the maze of our own compulsive reactions, trying to unskillfully bury formative and species wide trauma? Once we learn to generate our own bliss and reward chemistry in a healthy fashion then we are free to choose a life enhancing path and are liberated from the gravitational weight of unconscious social forces.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Noble Posture—Upright walking is essential to the stabilization of sovereignty in everyday life in order to maintain our noble stature. This is so because the advanced human principle is tied into the wiring of our upright posture and the bipedal state. Also the liberation of our breathing in combination with the correct feeding of energy and oxygen to the brain reinforces the full incarnation of Presence. Plus the left/right leg movement enhances binaural communication between the hemispheres and aids whole brain integration. Awakening sovereignty is reliant on the perfect orientation of the head on the spine to allow the full flow of consciousness between brain and body, thus strength, flexibility and position of the spine and posture come into play as the foundations of the sovereign state. This is the simplicity of the core sovereignty teaching.

Upright Walking—When changing life patterns the body-brain we created in the past has to be restructured, or else the behavioral and social patterns will still continue. Upright walking is one of the most effective ways of repatterning consciousness beyond defensive conditioning. Go for a walk and keep your eyes focused at eye height or higher, ie: you will be looking at tree tops, roofs and sky. You may find this difficult at first but keep working into the position by easing out the kinks in your jaw, neck and shoulders. The upright position puts the head correctly on the spine, breathing is lower into the lungs, digestion is assisted and shoulders are naturally down and back. The brain is fed with more blood and oxygen and is able to detoxify and drain better, sinuses clear and the throat opens up to more energy and emotion. Dropping the back of the tongue and jaw opens the breath to oxygenate the brain more fully, doing the inner smile while upright walking helps maintain the ennobled-attraction alignment.

When first starting out with upright walking you will probably find you have to spend considerable energy and effort in the beginning to retrain your posture and metabolism. As resistance to change arises in the jaw, yawn those blockages away. It helps to emote or make sounds to break out of the Borg…ie: the more down trodden, head forward stance most of us normally walk around in. Pain may be felt in the facial muscles as they let go of their former set. Rub a thin film of Magnesium chloride liquid on your face, neck and shoulders prior to your walk; this will assist in the decontraction process. The longer your upright walking session the more lasting its influence will be on the rest of your life. If you do go for an epic upright walk, say of 4 or more hours then have an Epsom salt bath directly afterwards to prevent muscle soreness. You will also notice the need to sleep more at the beginning of the practice as the restructuring becomes integrated at a deep level.

As we break out of our dog-beaten slave stance we stand up tall in the stream of life and recover higher, majestic levels of our humanity. The change in our brain chemistry magically creates a whole new life—as structure determines fate. For pineal health do not wear sunglasses on your walks but take some with you in case you have to walk towards the sun and have to be directly looking at it with your upright gaze. You will find it impossible to be depressed during an upright walk and if you do the Inner Candle at the same time, you can bathe in the perpetual honey of your own noble being in connection to nature. For this you must be outside and walking within the electromagnetic energy currents of earth and sky.

Since this posture increases energy to the brain you may feel unsettled and disorientated for a while afterward. If you continue with upright walking as a daily practice you will loose this sense of discomfort and establish a new equilibrium and personality reflecting a loss of hesitation, rigidity and increased Flow. As you move into Whole person functioning you will notice parts of you that were stagnant come alive and you will discover newfound gifts you didn’t know you had. As your brain and head come alive, so too does your heart and the rest of your bodymind and soul as well. As the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said that you should "never trust a thought that didn't come by walking." Well I say…never trust a thought that didn’t come by upright walking!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The following graph shows the spectrum of being on the scale differentiating the sovereign and presovereign condition. At the halfway mark we start consciously plugging into Source and begin a journey to the ever deepening experience of sovereignty. While we are still in the presovereign condition our will is derived largely from our conditioning and reactivity to circumstance. At lower empowerment stages we spend our energy merely trying to hold back the tide of entropy and chaos, fighting problems and defending against the negative. As we become more awake to love we move up the scale of personal empowerment to genuine spiritual rewards; the greatest prize being the pleasure of our own soul in communion with the cosmos. As we evolve we tune our reward chemistry (dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, PEA, tryptamines etc…) toward more universal themes and noble goals. The greatest rewards are ultimately achieved in service to “all life” and “Lifeforce” itself. Before we become initiated into the Self our altruism (helping/fixing/saving/teaching/healing) is all about raising our own self-esteem and making ourselves feel better. While after we become plugged into Source our dharma constitutes the sharing of the infinite radiance and omni-relevance of Spirit. Since Lifeforce is the guardian of the living, if we work/play to uphold the evolution of life and consciousness we then live in Grace on the fastest route to maximum freedom and sovereignty.


High Self-love
Giving Greatest Gift
Wealth-Rich in Spirit
Raises Self and Commonweal
Self Response-ability to Reality

PLUG IN----------------------------------
Lack of Self-love
Survival mode
Poverty-Poor in Spirit
Harms Self and Commonweal