Wednesday, March 28, 2012


"We all just need clear people to bounce off of so we can see our own light." Jacquelyn Small, Becoming Naturally Therapeutic.

The evolving perspective uses the mirror of the integrity of each individual’s sovereignty. The perfect cosmic connection and sovereignty of the individual is the mortar of the mystic civilization. Equity leadership is an approach to collective “We” management, through self-dominion. The “We” cannot organize itself autopoeitically unless each individual is evolving as a mature sovereign and is empowered by their cosmic Muse. Each individual brings whatever self-authority they have to the group organization according to their “role” and so this empathetic model of management can work within existing hierarchical structures to increase efficiency and reduce toxic power-stress.

Equity leadership brings humaneness to lower meme organization, but it is more effective at the level of the green meme and above, due to the self-reliance, empowerment and self-assurance of those with a coherent prefrontal-lobe/Heart resonance. The more the “higher human” is actualized, the more collective “We” management works as the only viable alternative governing system…that allows the HUman to keep growing and evolving. Only equity leadership supports the emergence, function and efficiency of the whole “spiritual” individual, and the “spiritual” society.

Circle guidance systems attempt to solve the problems associated with punitive authoritian systems such as deferment of responsibility, hesitancy, silence, excessive peacekeeping, obsequence, sycophantism, unconsciousness, coasting, power-stress and basic mismanagement etc…Equity leadership is based on “excellence-with,” instead of “competition-against” which only breeds stress, sickness, negative emotions, lack of safety, friction and lack of trust. Each team member is equally invested in the success of the team, and so each team member has each other’s back.

Each member of the circle strives to be healthy, energized, vital and sovereign inspired. Thus uniqueness, genuineness and personal empowerment are actively encouraged so that the whole is made stronger by the aliveness of the parts. Thus each member is responsible for the upkeep of their own energy, purity of intent and emotional invincibility. Plus care for team members is upfront, with no hesitation through sensitive, empathetic observation, suggestion and guidance. Faltering and suffering team members are inquired into as to what is holding them back or hurting them. Concerns are given voice quickly so that all team members can rise to the excellence genius/genesis, boosted by group enthusiasm and thrival. Members act spontaneously in the moment to keep up the flow of connection and psychological buoyancy, regulated by constructive and entertaining feedback and encouragement.

The objective of the equity leadership game is to keep the ball afloat through positive emotions and good will. Equity or circle leadership is all about assertive proactivity and fixing it before it is broken. Trouble is sorted out behind troublemaker’s backs, as this creates an energy shift that rectifies their dysfunction, hence the issue may no longer need addressing with them. Compassionate leadership is undertaken without intrigue, fear, clinging, enmeshment, emotional gravity, attachment or fixation on specific results. Move fast and efficient in your own time and space but when around others slow down to “their” pace. Open communication is factual, without emotional charge or much analysis or story…this helps others assimilate useful information without contraction or resistance.

Through being seated in the assurance, silence and truth of one’s sovereign connection we give no heed to being liked, wanted, respected or included. That is we are strong enough through our meta-adaptive practices and prefrontal lobe maturity, that we don’t overreact and thus have increased social immunity and reduced stress response to others. Circle leadership is based on the Golden Rule, and so each and every member in a family, business, institute, organization or nation is our friend through the mutual support of the sovereignty of the individual. Most socioemotional difficulty and disease is generated from power-over competition and the paranoia that it generates. In caring, sympathetic circle team management we can give 100% of our energies to positivity, creativity and enjoyment of our living and working domains to set ourselves free to become ever more human and humane.

More important than the impossible job of reconstituting road to prevent the road kill in the first place by rectifying society through increasing the sovereignty of the individual.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Sex and masturbation...could be a problem with younger people and is truly amazing that energy-consciousness-chi = connection. This connection doesn't mean simply "dumping," but "devotion"... it is a matter of energy architecture one could say. Sex is lift (life) a trash culture we like to throw it away like everything else. But like money, it can build and feed one's alchemical transformation if used wisely. Thus all the methods we use to waste our energy in order to subdue ourselves down to Borg frequency must systematically be eradicated over time, including addictions, pathetic relationships, toxic work places, bad diet, lack of exercise etc, etc, etc... In a trash culture, after a while masturbation doesn't even become an issue because you don't have enough energy to do it anyways, nor are there any orgasmic rewards. So, it is simply a matter of being organic and real, serving your true nature and coming more alive. That is, free yourself, don't limit yourself, life is too short to be put in a box in the corner of the attic.

If you were in a toxic marriage or sexually abused or shamed in childhood, your sexuality is probably not very well integrated. Because of this blockage kundalini tends to get very “hot” while building and pushing through the repressed and traumatized regions. The “hot burn” of kundalini awakening is just your life-energy (kundalini) is making up for lost time. The heat you are feeling now it just your own energy returning to you now that you are in a self-loving relationship with yourself, and you are safe enough from tyranny to “come out.” Sex energy is not necessarily about sex and relationships, it is just lifeforce...if it is threatened and abused it goes into hiding, until such time the repression is lifted and one’s creative, psychic, subtle-senses awaken. It is not such a good idea to run off and try and find someone to bleed off the energy with in sex...because the energy has to build and push through the repression still in your system. You can use the ground, sun, water, nature and exercise to integrate the energy, as well as things like fasting, toning, martial arts, singing, dancing get your oppressor out of your system.

For the spiritual aspirant, of course sex and masturbation are not inherently bad, but it is inadvisable to excessively waste Chi that is needed for transfiguration of the body. It takes skill to circulate the energy, lift and integrate it through movement, breath, grounding and focusing it upward. But I also have a masturbation exercise in the BOK kundalini skills where hot rocks are placed on the belly while nude sunbathing, and the initiate masturbates without tensing any muscles in the belly or attempting to achieve orgasm. This trains the individual to move away from compulsive, egoic, goal driven sex, to an apriori sense of energy integration where the overwhelming pleasure of 24 hour sexual bliss associated with awakening can be enjoyed without the compulsive need to plug into and rub up against other peoples bodies. This is why it is inadvisable for a kundalini active to have sex with non-initiates, because unless the shakti has automatically arisen in an individual through their own efforts, they may not have the rational, self-discipline or self-observatory powers to handle a kundalini awakening via sex-shaktipat.

Many people are misusing the notion of Tantra without these higher moral considerations. They will get themselves and others into trouble, and waste their chi on sex, when it could be used for transmutation of the cells and the high arts of the Muse. The sexual energy of awakening is so extreme during the peak that the initiate must Grok that "sex is not sex" and that this erotic energy is Eros or the creatrix force of the universe itself. To mindlessly waste it on personal gratification not only destroys the soul, but it shunts off the genius of the Muse into biological rather than cognitive and artistic heights. Thus if we have an awakening population distracted by sex, the order, structure and gnosis on which a civilization stands is undermined. There is a place for everything, if everything is in its place.

The soul or the Muse uses the male/female sex chemistry to play out romantic stories which awaken and grow the brain. The universe is like a projected holographic drama for our personal awakening. Dreams arising from our highest levels of consciousness are vastly more intelligent and awake than our waking life...and thus are a principal agent in building the spiritual brain. By following our romantic dream life we may not only find a spiritual partner, but through such a marriage between the inner psyche and the outer world, we may slowly over countless millennia become Gods ourselves. In sovereign society sex is not repressed, it is elevated to the realm of the Gods.

Being somewhat awakened in a sleeping culture is like time traveling back many centuries or millennia and having to participate in a primitive society whose thoughts, behaviors and moirĂ©s are incongruous with one’s own. You get continually disappointed, while “they” can’t read you and adopt hindbrain defense patterns to try and get on top of you so they can feel safe. Or because of your more stable and expansive energy they may try and adopt you as a parent. After a while the walls of reality start closing in and it can start to feel like certain times in history when the archetypal mind was destabilized into a collective psychotic break. Thus you have to choosee your environment carefully, gravitate mainly to your social meme level and adopt a “non-interference” policy, by only giving people just as much as they can digest and assimilate in small well spaced bites.

As Gary Null says, “Love should never subvert itself to a lower standard in order to accommodate another person’s dysfunction.” Thus without question it is against natural law for a kundalini initiate or a sovereign to have sex with a sleeper. This is only common sense in that their degree of disorder and incoherency will rub off onto us, and we will lose our hard won cosmic alignment (sanity). For the sovereign, sex and all else for that matter, is directed by the Muse, and the Muse is the force of motivation produced BY the whole person in perfect communion with the cosmos. Thus 99% of the sex undertaken by the Borg is spiritually immoral to the sensibilities of the sovereign. Not to be a self-righteous ass or anything, but morally repugnant and repulsive one might say. And this is simply because the Borg acts on entropic drives for power-over including position, property, wealth, security, status, and even children for the egoic satisfaction of these deprivation needs at the bottom layers of Maslow’s hierarchy.

The separate-self-sense of the Borg, due its cosmic disconnection and discombobulation, has a strong desire to plug into life energies through their sex organs in order to feel “home” in the universe for a few seconds. Thus the Borg is sex mad, while being radically love deprived, because their sex is energy wasting and doesn’t “make love” (ie: make coherency) like it is supposed to. Connection is coherency is love. Those who are not initiated into their cosmic connection are thus sex obsessed and reliant on the physical sexual domain for their orgastic reward and relief from angst. They don’t know of the higher levels of bliss-connection achieved through kundalini activation, revelation, gnosis, high art, contemplation, writing, visioning, and spiritual practices. It is the unavoidable truth that the individual must be plugged into the cosmos first before relationship is motivated by the Muse and is love or order building. That is why the Borg relationship retards consciousness, freedom, enlightenment and evolution and leads to wholesale dysfunction and the collapse of sacred society. The way to climb the meme spiral out of Borg psychosis is to follow Joseph Campbell's advice and start following your bliss!

"Act only according to that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law." A categorical imperative according to Kant.


You are the only person that can be 100% of what you aspire to be by crawling up the meme spiral of this Boschian dystopia.

The quality of our energy, thoughts, behaviors and our capacity for equity is related to the amount of Chi we have and the integration of the bodymind. I use the term Chi here because it covers both energy and consciousness...which is really one thing. In cooked consumer culture most people are still operating from old-brain modes for they have not built enough energy for heart-brain integration and prefrontal cortex Witnessing. Plus the dopamine reward system in the brain has been eroded by denaturing and over stimulating substances.

Thus we have conditions where the first aspect of Natural Law...("Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you") doesn't automatically kick in, because the Borg individual cannot Witness the moral validity of their actions and is driven by out-of-control drives for unnatural pleasures. If they cannot emotionally "feel" right and wrong beyond the animal pleasures of sex, status-power, competition etc... then it is the primary drives that are in the drivers seat, while the pilot is out to lunch. To understand ourselves we must see the socioneurobiology of the compulsive addiction to unnatural pleasures through the use of dark or negative power such as dominance, manipulation, seduction coercion, deceit, thievery, usury, and other such infringements on the omnipotence of sovereignty.

This is the problem we have as a sovereign, because in our equity-ethos we want to give everyone credit for the Witnessing level of morality, while many are still groveling around in the primitive programs with no way to self-correct or ethically regulate themselves. Unless you are making a study of animal behavior therefore, it is prudent to make your work place and personal relationships with those who are at your level of Chi, Witnessing and prefrontal cortex development. For empathy to work as the primary judge and jury of Natural Law there must first be the capacity to "feel" into the moral quality of one's motivations and behaviors, plus the capacity to "see" how we impact the sovereign well-being of others. Morals, foresight of consequence, motivation and Witnessing...make up the transpersonal heightened perspective of "Fair Witnessing"...(as per Robert Heinlein in Stranger in a Strangeland). So here we have a nice correspondence between the sovereign moral code, Fair Witnessing, Grokking and mutuality born from empathy (nottwo).

The capacity for Grokking and establishing the Fair Witness is achieved by building the Uraeus - that is, establishing strong dopamine circuits into the upper prefrontal cortex via meditation, that can then powerfully administer the limbic and reptilian systems. Without putting our executive director (sovereign) fully in charge and giving him or her the license to rule our lives, we are victim to compulsions, addictions and habits arising from our dissatisfied, disaffected and disgruntled animal self. The Nucleus Accumbens Septi is thought to play an important role in reward, pleasure, laughter, addiction, aggression, fear, and the placebo effect. Major inputs to the nucleus accumbens include prefrontal association cortices, amygdala, and dopaminergic neurons located in the ventral tegmental area (VTA).

It is the dopaminergic input from the VTA modulates the activity of neurons within the nucleus accumbens, which is also the site of action of highly-addictive drugs that cause an increase in dopamine levels in the nucleus accumbens. When these dopamine circuits are fried by drugs or addictive behaviors the prefrontal lobes cannot act as the principle regulator of the fear response from the amygdala, nor act to kurb the addictive motivations from the nucleus accumbens…in this way we lose our self-dominion. Having lost dominion over our animal responses and drives, they rule the roost and our Fair Witness, executive decision making and natural moral compass fly out the window. Such is the plight of the fallen ones. The good news is that on unpacking how we got into this condition as a species, we can clearly see how we can jointly get out of it together to re-establish the noble human…with full dominion and unlimited license to create within the guiding light of natural law.

For more on how this dopaminergic system operates see the DVD Understanding the Brain by Jeanette Norden, part 3, The Teaching Company.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Various types of men may use gender as an opportunity to dismiss the humanity and intellect of women. If they cannot manipulate for sexual pleasure, they may go for the underhanded pleasure of power abuse. Having lost all interest in men as sexual beings since my awakening, but still keen to establish intellectual camaraderie, I started to notice a disturbing trend in a few men I encountered. On interacting with them say over coffee or at work, they would start to turn nasty on me. They seemed to be pretending that I was attracted to them, so they could reject me. Since my principle trauma is infant rejection I was first baffled and stunned. But my not having status, power, money or credentials and being of a cerebral rather than seductive nature I can see why this was happening.

The types of men that did this ranged from the powerful to the powerless. The common denominator it seems was that I was not responding to them as a sexual female and so they automatically wanted to punish me. Instead I was relating to them as a thinking human and potential friend. But because I was being a human rather than a gender they used my gender against me to humiliate me for being a female, because I was not seductive or submissive. They were using sexual rejection in a power-over effort to extort energy out of me that they couldn’t get via sex. Since from my point of view I was engaged in a “HUman” exchange, rather than a sexual encounter, I couldn’t understand why they were behaving subhuman.

This form of predation is obviously unlawful and dare I say evil, but now that I have worked it out it is understandable in terms of unconscious social dynamics. There must be ways of establishing friendly intellectual interactions with men without having to pretend you are interested in them sexually, while avoiding them kicking you in the head for not playing the knee-jerk sex game properly. As a sovereign, simply being sexual so you can enjoy the pleasure of men’s company without abuse is not an option. So there must be another way of avoiding this gender rejection psycho-sociobiology.

The main tool of the predator is stealth, so these unaware men are likely to invite you out with the subconscious intention of sabotage. One way of avoiding such trauma is to only consent to the company of intellectual equals. Also we must be aware that we are engaging because we “want” to and are not merely motivated by helping, fixing, saving, healing, teaching or informing. Then to ensure a clean playing field we must make sure before we agree to meet up, that it is clear we are interested in a “human” experience and that you are interested in them for their mind and friendship (ie: teliophilia). Explicitly stating up front the parameters of gender neutrality, gender irrelevance and gender truce will probably eliminate sexual-rejection vampires from your life completely.

Whether they are at the top or the bottom of the status scale, men primarily experience themselves as sexual beings of a certain power ranking and are not necessarily aware that there are other modes of being to be had. Therefore it is up to sovereign women to take charge and teach men, through loving guidance on how to be HUman, before being a male and a rank. If we go around marginalizing each other for being a sex object just because we are responding to unconscious biological programming, then we will never build an actual civil and awakened society. Sex and sexual rejection on such an unconscious level will destroy every bit of creativity, genius and spiritual light we have got going. While we remain starving for actual enlightening HUman company.

There is no greater high than the crystalline heights of the illuminated mind. Without question it is the contact buzz of jnana yoga that is the force of creation and civilization building itself. We cannot begin to awaken if we default on spiritual cerebral connection in exchange for the mere power plays and meaningless friction of runting animals. We will arrive at sovereign sexuality, when we are so self contained and completed by our own energy and the Muse, that relationship is not desired, needed or sort after. Then the whole person is totally free to respond only to Muse for the purpose of fulfilling the Muse. We become completed or realized when we are directed autopoetically from the cosmos itself, and not from our deficiency needs...which can only end up in more deficiency and disaster.

PS: Men, please leave comments on the types of power abuse you receive from women, and I will try and unpack them for you.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Becoming sovereign is a matter of "showing up" and using latent capacities that we all have. The sovereign has a conviction in their heart that is greater than the inertia and gravity of culture.

Inequity between the sexes in staunchly patriarchial cultures produces codependent relationship modes that damage the brain of men and women, both through the abuse of power and the forfeiting of personal empowerment. When men are mothered by unsovereign, disempowered women, this makes men fear needing women from having been inadequately mothered in the first place and not released from mothering into their sovereign adulthood. This fear gets turned into the urge to dominate and so there is the shaming and demeaning of women as less than human, which keeps women in their reptilian, old mammalian brain structures. The hindbrain uses more primitive survival tactics that makes women servile, victim prone, pandering and unable to know or speak their truth and "grow up."

As a child, dependent, subordinate, female or anyone of a lower power-status, we have had to deny our own reality and self-expression in order to survive and keep the peace through not challenging inequity. When we have failed to choose self-determinacy and utilization of our prefrontal powers of self-reliance, we resort to the childish ways of seduction, bribery, control, manipulation, group bullying and threats. Thus the neurological process of the suppression of consciousness is both subtle and extreme within our make up...being passed down genetically, energetically and behaviorally...through the entirety of our species past. The same process of power-over suppression can be found in almost all species in the animal kingdom…representing the dynamic hold of the unconscious over the conscious mind.

With conscious, nondependent and transpersonal mothering...and the emotional releasing of sons by healthy sovereign mothers...the more primitive, codependent forms of male/female relationship can be avoided, along with the severe retardation and brain damage that comes from forfeiting one's sovereignty and executive functions. The brain doesn't even begin to become whole, mature and sovereign until the individual makes that inner decision to be Self-reliant and not other-dependant.

Learned fear involves learning and memory and so the hippocampus and amydgala are tightly involved in maintaining our triggers and stress response. While the prefrontal cortex needs to be engaged in order to “unlearn” a response laid down during learned fear. But if we have negated or avoided initiation of the prefrontal cortex then we cannot unlearn our fear response, and so are caught transfixed in a narrow range of hindbrain behavioral alternatives. Robert Sapolsky was among the first to document the damaging effects of the stress hormones (glucocorticoids) on the neurons in the hippocampus. In particular people who have endured horrible stress, such as war veterans and victims of prolonged childhood sexual abuse, are often fated to suffer permanent damage to the hippocampus, with consequent memory loss. Sapolsky's research also found that in the hippocampus, glucocorticoids inhibit glucose transport in the neurons thereby disrupting energy storage in the cells. Thus the stressed brain is not firing on all cylinders.

Since we live in a presovereign society, a woman usually has to learn through suffering or insight to finally claim her own unique sovereign stature. A woman who aborts her sovereignty and self-authority, brain damages herself through her dependency to men. Having defaulted on her own directorial freedom her choices have become limited and she is on a downhill slide into tired infantile melodrama. This lobotomization of woman’s prefrontal executive powers one might call The Baby Doll Aphrodite Complex. The Baby Doll Aphrodite is a voluntary victim...or rather she has defaulted or abdicated from her own self initiated sovereignity or whole personhood. This is largely a cultural phenomena due to the prostitutionalization of women into house slaves and porn freaks, in magazines, movies, marketing etc... Since sex sells, in a culture of usury we sell sex...on all levels. Sex you can take to the bank. Sex is money and money is sex. But there can be no real pleasure or purpose in it...for in the hindbrain mode all sex and money is entropic and degrading.

When the wholebrain is not accessed and the sovereign life is not only latency of poorly developed prefrontal lobes that occurs, but actual damage due to cortisol, free radical inflammation, especially to the hippocampus...part of the limbic system involved in the consolidation of information from short-term memory to long-term memory and spatial navigation. Baby Dolls are thus a little disconnected from reality, dissociated and spacially challenged ie: a little woozey on their feet. Since the consumer culture still accepts the kept bimbo as a viable career model...the phenomena will continue on into the those who do not have a strong drive for truth, integrity and independence. The more we can start gender equity and sovereignty education in kindergarten, the faster we will evolve beyond the hindbrain relationship modes.

Both polarities of dominance and submission have their own versions of power-abuse which encroach upon the sovereignty of each other. And since the equation is basically brain damaging, presovereign relationship is unhealthy as it suspends growth, evolution and thus threatens the survival of the human species itself. The spark of sovereignty IS the spark of sanity, for without it, we are doomed to endless confusion, stress, depression, degeneration and conflict. The babies of this earth deserve to arrive into sane, safe, healthy homes, where the parents are mutually responsible for the growth and sovereignty of their mate...and that of their children.