Friday, November 22, 2013


The Transpersonal Self or Meta-Subjectivity

"Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them." Albert Einstein

I would add to Albert’s observation, that first we must see our limitations in order to move beyond them. We must see that we must treat ourselves sadomaschistically in order to submit ourselves as a slave to a sadomasochistic situation or system. Arcane hierarchal power abuse and the resulting cortisol damage to the brain and hormonal system essentially castrates the spiritual realization and evolution of humanity. Creativity – the very raison d'être for our existence is rendered pathetic and paralyzed by the loss of the biological foundations for higher consciousness. Synonyms for castrate include: neuter, geld, cut, desex, unsex, sterilize, fix, alter and doctor. To be anything less than a whole Human, is to be a corrupted version of our ultimate potential self. The sovereign path therefore is to find our way back to a sense of cosmic Self-completion that this errant culture cannot give us.

Trauma of course shatters the unified self, disassociating us from our senses, soul, society and the cosmos (God, Sophia). The PTSD phenomena is probably a combo of cortisol stripping of dendrites, changes to the Glutamate receptors (the main neurotransmitter) from overload, adrenal fatigue and epigenetic changes to the DNA etc... There is no doubt some demylienation and devastation of various brain regions, hyperactivation of the brain's alarm system (amygdala and such) and a learned helplessness/Stockholm effect that suppresses activation of the "self-sense" and the prefrontal lobes. In total, along with the loss of steroid hormones and neurotransmitters for personal "effectiveness," PTSD is the general operating mode of most people in contemporary Western civilization. The brain damaging effects create socioeconomic circumstances that tend to accumulate and amplify in clandestine ways generation after generation...until we have no knowledge of our madness, because it is ubiquitous in society. We infect each other with the dis-ease of the fallen ones daily.

Thanks to the emotional plague work of Wilhelm Reich we can see the direct correlation of the infantilization of a population under extreme power abuse and the underlying socioneurology of state fascism and genocide...and now global suicide. Awakening to freedom within a society of the unfree demands supreme objectivity, or transpersonal subjectivity, and to feel-see oneself within the context of the reality of the whole in both its ignore-ance and its potential...without reacting negatively to negativity. If we are continually focused on and bound to the thing we are trying to break free of, we can never gain lift off speed to be who we ARE, but instead remain a mere Rorschach's Blot of imprint and reactivity to  that which we resist. Instead by taking the proactive initiative, with intention, drive, and enthusiasm we can more easefully navigate energetically through our world and reality hack a world we actually want to live in by acting “as if” it were already here. Acting “as if” is the ultimate secret weapon of the culture making sovereign. Within the doom and gloom of such a retarded paradigm, how do we raise our energy and enthusiasm to act “as if?”

It is encouraging to observe that when the body is trained into creative and expressive movement within any environment...such as a monkey through the jungle trees...that socioemotionally we respond and elicit a more fluid, less robotic, and more awake response from the people around us. I notice that when I take the initiative and offer the required information before being asked for it, this breaks the burden of monotony for the "other" and they wake up a little as though gifted with energy. We might have to grow a network of awake peers like a garden. As a preceptor of consciousness we have to choose awakeness, aliveness and engagement, even when, or especially when, we are bored, disinterested and apathetic. Ultimately our ability to choose our own experience should result in meeting similarly engaged individuals, as sovereigns are drawn to each other through the aether and internet.

"I realize now what I had done "internally" to facilitate that [higher] response when standing before the Borg… you don’t engage them on their level." David Weiss

That is the sovereign doesn’t default into resonating down to The Given, but raises other up to sympathetic resonance with the higher. For this we need transpersonal objectivity, or “Theory of Mind.” The uniquely human trait of "Theory of Mind" is the understanding of the mind and the "mental world" which gives us a multiperspectival view of "beliefs," plus the ability to penetrate the maya of "appearances," and the capacity for cogent introspection. As a characteristic of Theory of Mind "metacognition" can be defined as the process that reinforces one’s subjective sense of being a self, thus we could called it "Meta-subjectivity," which ironically generates transpersonal objectivity. Metacognition brings many unique insights into the normal daily functioning of a human being, improving an individual’s ability to understand their own mental status compared to others, diminishing worry and anxiety by a sense of presence or cognitive awareness and self-control.

Meta-emotion is the disciplined awareness of one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. Like the contextual interrelationship of movements in music we observe that whenever we elicit a certain emotion, we also have to deal with subsequent cascade of emotions resulting from how we experienced the primary emotion, and also the blowback of other people’s emotions in response to ours. In a presovereign group dynamic of emotional repression and disapproval based on systemic untruth, we learn to invalidate and dissociate from our own emotional intelligence, in which case we abort the spiritual development of the Frontopolar Cortex, the executive director of our will-power and our capacity to be HUman. Creating as it were a deficiency in compassionate oversight and a totalitarian domination of all aspects of life. The inner brutal dictator produces habitual negative emotions, loss of self-worth and learned helpnessness.

The central pillar of sovereign philosophy is that the infantilism of the Borg is a psychosocial dis-ease caused by communal denial of emotional inter-subjectivity and loss of faith in our self-efficacy or ability to thrive in the world due to the neglected development of the spiritual executor...the Prefrontal Cortex.

One of the definitions of sapience is "metacognition" or the detached ability to consciously think about thinking, giving us the ability to plan, check, monitor, select, revise, evaluate, and LEARN! Metacognition is central to developing differentiation, individuation, reciprocity, empathy, interdependence, self-regulation and sovereignty. The principle area of the brain vital to the establishment of spiritual maturity or sovereignty is front-most part of the frontal lobe, "the Frontopolar Cortex." This Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that helps us predict future consequences from past experiences is more advanced in humans than other primates. Thinking about the future engages the frontopolar cortex which then activates the medial prefrontal cortex or "Dorsolateral Cortex" that is active in enforcing will-power. The Frontopolar Cortex is therefore vital for intention, vision, delayed gratification, prioritization, resisting temptation, and overcoming automacy, reactivity, compulsion and emotional dysrregulation.

Sovereignty is the opposite of abeyance in that the sovereign claims ownership, authorship and dominion over their own being and their own life. Compliance, apathy and allegiance to tyranny and dictatorship is a sure sign that the Central Intelligence Agency of the individual is not adequately switched on. Then just how do we turn on the light of our highest HUman functioning? By directing our brain, using the prefrontal loves as a helm. In meditation, we can laser our mind on an area of our brain or body to enliven, awaken, heal, integrate and evolve the form and function of that area. Thus by focusing on the area for future-sight in the brain we are able to grow the vision, and engage the will-power through which we may build a sovereign bodymind and establish a sovereign life. Directing the helm of our mind towards higher goals necessitates positive intent or precommitment.

Precommitment entails decisive power taken in the present in order to limit our options in the future, i.e. to intend or commit in advance to a particular course of action. Precommitment is a self-management strategy first discussed by Thomas Schelling as part of a system called Egonomics, or "the art of self-management." Egonomics is based on the idea that within each person exists two selves constantly at odds: the future (potential) self and the present (acquired) self. Both selves exist within us producing cognitive dissonance and ongoing conflict between immediate desire and long-term goals. The core of "precommitment suggests that when we have a conflict of will we can strengthen our position by limiting some of the options to make retreat or divergence impossible. By making a prior decision to commit we reduce the possibility of defaulting on a promise or commitment, such as in renegling on a contract at the last minute when presented by immediate distractions or temptations. Precommitment turns on our Central Intelligence Agency to manage our emotions, response and action to reduce the chaos and conflict between immediate desire and long-term goals.

Fluid intelligence, neuroplasticity and neurogenesis go hand in hand and are requisite qualifications of a fully HUman human. Fluid intelligence is the ability to make the best decisions in a changing and unpredictable environment under novel circumstances. The frontopolar cortex helps us to make short-term predictions about what will happen next, which is important to the practical application of goal setting, motivation and strategy - particularly in rapidly changing environments. Authentic learning or Self-efficacy requires fluid intelligence and understanding in multiple settings and to unique situations or problems. Self-efficacy functions as a primary motivational mechanism by which vision and orientation toward our goals influences subsequent learning and the will to exert greater effort toward task fulfillment. Without this inner gyro fueled by the dopamine reward system we are adrift at sea and vulnerable to the dictates of the environment. Self-confidence, self-control, self-efficacy and self-respect are a function of Prefrontal cortex development. We are literally pulled upwards through evolution by our intent!

We evolve from where we are to where we want to be via "metacognition," or "cognition about cognition," or "knowing about knowing." That is being aware of and having conscious control over our own cognition and monitoring our progress towards our goals. In the domain of neuroscience, executive power has been viewed as a function of the prefrontal cortex, which receives (monitors) sensory signals from other cortical regions and through feedback loops implements control. Metacognition refers to a level of thinking that necessitates active control over the thought process in learning situations, identifying strengths and weaknesses and adjusting their strategies to achieve favorable outcomes. Metacognitive capacities are used to regulate one's own cognition, to maximize the potential to think, learn, plan and evaluate moral values.

"Consensus is not only our sanity but delusionally reality "itself." It is little wonder that a questioning of group loyalties is felt as betrayal, one invoking wrath if not persecution. The violation of group boundaries by such questioning is experienced as a severing of emotional symbiotic links and rekindles the depression of which the group has been "cured" by assuring itself of continuity if not permanence, safety if not inviolability." ~Culture Change, Symbolic Object Loss, and Restitutional process, by Howard F. Stein, Ph.D.

By using the more forward thinking parts of the brain and metacognitive skills cultural change agents and cocreatives live with one foot the future and fancy themselves as pragmatists and objectivists. Metacognition demands the understanding of one's own capabilities, knowledge of conditions and the difficulty of a task, plus the understanding of effective strategy, and evaluating the progress towards the completion of a task. Thus maintaining the motivation to see a task through to completion requires the metacognitive skills of the Central Intelligence Agency to become aware of distracting stimuli – both internal and external – and sustain concentration and effort over time.

Metacognitive training can be explicitly taught to reduce cognitive delusion, reduce distorting bias, reframe memories, and help become mindful of such distortions in order to reduce impact of cognitive "noise." The brain must be in unity, harmony and sympathetic resonance for the integration necessary to powerfully laser consciousness. For flexibility, problem-solving, interpersonal relationships and course correction the prefrontal lobes must be "in charge" of the multiplicity of drives, urges, persuasions and impulses of all the layers of the nervous system right down to the peripheral nervous system. Neuropathy, numbness, insentience and dissociation from a species history of trauma and a death-loving culture produce an out of control human that is more beastial, irrational and impulsive than the cosmic potential design of Homo sapiens. That is, in a derelict, delinquent or declining civilization we are not rising up to our genetic potential as a species.

As a consequence of denial of reality and lack of beneficent executive development of the Uraeus, the Central Intelligence Agency of the higher HUman the present civilization is undergoing catastrophic hemorrhaging of its systems and strategies. The survival pressures within a derelict culture will bring about an amplified "us versus them" frenzy which will further breakdown civil and environmental law and order. Unless there is a rapid exit out of the technological dead end of the hydrocarbon/nuclear socioeconomy, systems collapse will make human life untenable and cause an inestimable eco-holocaust. The accelerating clusterfuck of catastrophe and the entropy and chaos of cultural senescence and obsolescent demise may interfere with the transition to the mystic implosion tech civilization if visionary progress is not undertaken in a speedy and communal manner. Everything humanity does to try and save themselves within the old corrupt Borg meme will only precipitate a faster decline. It is obvious therefore that what is needed is a revolution of the heart and mind and a reimagining of what it is to be human via the amplified consciousness of kundalini awakening.

The higher self, that is in resonance with the divine creator and the lifeforce or Eros is the sovereign or whole HUman. While the Borg is the broken human monad, separated from cosmos, nature, true community and their soul. Everything we do to assuage our suffering in our broken condition simply amplifies our demise. This is so because a creature in collapse, separated from divine direction and cosmic knowledge is ignorant of the inner direction or Muse by which they are informed of how to increase lifeforce, increase consciousness, increase love and increase cosmic connection. Until we liberate ourselves from the dying titanic of Borg civilization we will go down with the ship, no matter how much we mop the decks and polish the brass.

Kundalini awakening, like entheogenic drugs, allows us to cross the threshold of consciousness from the restrictive myopia of normalization to a more expansive awareness. However, if we do not have the skills to establish efficacious life-thriving relationships, livelihood, technology and lifestyle, then we are going to quickly revert to the humdrum of the status quo of the uninitiated society around us and submit to the inertial frame of reference and self-suppressing habits of our past.

Kundalini awakening is not premature, it is merely spirit trying to breakthrough the closure, repression and retardation of the individual and the human continuum. Kundalini IS spirit, it IS the universal creatrix of universe unfolding. Kundalini itself is not psychotic or traumatic, it is the affront of an individual awakening to consciousness, feeling and emotion in a society that represses and outlaws consciousness, feeling and emotion that shows itself as difficulty during awakening. Thus Kundalini awakening is not premature it is the non-initiated, mundane Borg human that is outdated, old-fashioned, démodéd, passé and behind the times, because the Borg is not in accord with contemporary reality and the demands of sentience.

You can never be mature enough to "handle" an awakening if you remain embedded in a society that strictly forbids awakening to sovereignty and the Real. The development of the "whole HUman" and the benevolent overseer enables the capacity to deal with shadow, evil, and negativity in ways that doesn't simply escalate the dysfunction. Through transformation and evolution of consciousness we can quickly rise above the gravity of the Borg and its endless symptoms of distress and disease. Note that there is generally a rise in sensation and apperception of symptoms at the beginning due to increased feeling, detoxification and unblocking. Under-adaptation, in reacting to a negative with negativity, increases entropy and chaos. We do everything to ourselves depending on our relationship in bringing the duality of polar reality into harmony.

The human species apperception of reality is grossly backward and underdeveloped, as is evidenced by the complexification of error and crisis in our systems and endeavors, ie: disharmony. The term apperception comes from the latin "toward" and to "perceive, secure, learn, gain or feel." It is the introspective power of the mind to perceive itself that forms a whole self as the sum of past and present consciousness. Without the contextual apperception of our lives within the species continuum we cannot see how culture has made us, and so we cannot free ourselves from it.  

We are robots controlled by the influences of the planets, the collective and The Given unless we directly and willfully take control of the helm of consciousness to propagate a magical idealism whereby the subjective universe of the individual is harnessed to create a unique inner world from which a true Self can be forged. The collective madness and the degradation of the human condition over time is a nightmare that cannot be "fixed" from within the nightmare itself. We emerge from the Montauk project of material imperialism and the influence of the memes of collective madness only by aligning with our cosmic Self and taking full responsibility for our thoughts, emotions and actions. The innocent and the true are always in peril in fairytales, but they win out over evil in the end through their own superior intellect and “good” will.

This is the most exciting time in history because we have no choice but to be a hero in our own lives and to drop the excess baggage that we have been coveting for so long. It is time to clear the playing field, choose our playmates and engage in the good fight towards honorable goals, in the hopes that higher HUman life is possible, if not for ourselves, then for generations to come. The irony is that it is hard to become sovereign all by oneself! Unless we work together to create The Made world now we will be forced to kowtow to false authority and ever increasing evil.

Transcendence of The Given world is only achieved when we have spiritually grown up enough to give ourselves the license to spontaneously and blissfully create The Made world. As we grow into our sovereignty we move beyond "Freedom From" to the more mature and exhilarating "Freedom To." The sovereign has a God given license to BE because they real-eyes it is so. Only we can grant ourselves permission to be who we truly are beyond reactivity and compensation to make our mark on the HUman stage during such opportunistic times as these.

The mystic civilization is built from the inside out as each individual rediscovers the causal nature of their being and drops the wounded imposter that struggles to merely survive in a world not of their making. Letting go of who we were allows us to re-imagine what we might be. The beauty of sovereignty as a life philosophy is that the buck always stops with us…and this is our ticket to freedom! So it is always an inside job, even if the whole world is going to pot around us. Become a destiny creator and quickly we realize that manifesting reality is an inside job. Our job as a sovereign is to assist in pulling back the mists of time so that all may see more clearly the dawning of the rising sun.

Everyone knows war is hell on earth. Why would anyone create hell on earth? The absence of unity consciousness creates war. It generates discordian vibrations within, and discord without. The separate-self-sense is at war with itself and everything else. Unity consciousness and the nectar of the heart is such a sufficient drug that generates such bliss that other means of generating sufficiency are insufficient...and so they drop away. Our trans-conditioned Self is our deep sovereign Self, supreme objectivity, or transpersonal subjectivity. That pure, divine consciousness within is the unified field.

Self-response-ability or showing up boils down to self-respect in a world that would steal it from you. Thus we give up engaging the Borg on their level and save ourselves the energy wasted in ego-defense through the grace and peace derived from immersion in the whole HUman. Wholebrain integration includes Delta and Theta wave...that is the deep sleep and gnostic frequencies in the waking consciousness. Through wholebrain frequencies and cosmic connection we transport ourselves from the down and dirty machinations of the Borg to the dimension of eternity from which universes emerge, deeply present in the very here and now. Self inclusiveness and self acceptance = whole Humanness. "We are the Future" implies both inclusiveness and the responsibility to that what we put into our lives is what we get out. Extremes of being a doormat, a messiah or a sponge are antithetical to a world that fosters sovereign fulfillment in each individual.

The Russian Scientist Dr N.A. Kozyrev (1908-1983) discovered that human thought and feeling generates torsion waves in space-time. Torsion is a force of twisting movement through the fabric of space-time. Kozyrev measured physical effects caused by the vibratory effect of consciousness within the aether. As above so below points to the sovereign initiate's ability to intend and to download Divine power from the aether to the physical dimension. Cohering to the vacuum so to speak, means an absence of conflict, interference pattern or incoherence between the spiritual and material, the sacred and the mundane. Hence the unitive experience is a melting into being through heart’s expansion warping spacetime through which we tap into the Halls of Amenti or the Akashic Records (from akasha, the Sanskrit word for 'sky' 'space' or 'aether'). Omniscience and omnipotence.

Our ability to perceive the Mind of God, or the omniscient consciousness of the universe, via Unity Consciousness can be developed through self-directed neuroplasticity to gain more access to our higher self in our daily life. Once on the path of materializing Divine power there is no limit to how advanced or "spiritual" we can become in our lifetime for gains are accumulative. This means that if we can get enough people around the world accessing their divinity the descended and broken world of the Borg could be transformed into Heaven on Earth within an instant, as the wave of enlightenment spread across the planet. The means of producing this sustained wave of enlightenment include art, beauty, sanity, openness, bliss, joy and enthusiasm…for the energy needed to “build” comes from unconditional hope found through the discriminating attention of the integral, whole HUman. The Borg is doomed, but it is time for the whole, sovereign HUman to bloom.

In Tibet Shambhala, which in Sanskrit means “place of peace, of tranquillity,” is thought of as a community where perfect and semi-perfect beings live and are guiding the evolution of humanity. Shambhala is considered to be the source of the Kalachakra, which is the highest and most esoteric branch of Tibetan mysticism. Shambhala lies on the very edge of physical reality, as a bridge connecting this world to one beyond it. Shambhala’s importance is as a symbol for the coming age of peace and enlightenment. All spiritual, scientific and creative disciplines that advance true culture and international peace, use the power of art and beauty to accomplish heaven on earth.

“Shambhala itself is the Holy Place, where the earthly world links with the highest states of consciousness. In the East they know that there exists two Shambhalas – an earthly and an invisible hidden kingdom, an inner mystical journey.” ~ Nicholas Roerich, The Heart of Asia

The fixity of 3D density and Flatland materialism can only be overcome by revitalizing the human organism and tuning it back into cosmic frequencies. While embedded in the Matrix of control and cultural collapse, individuals are addicted to false stimulation, anti life sustenance, and insurance rather than the assurance of doing the right thing. The masses through their inaction and dependency are sacrificing themselves to the earth-eating machine. The successive perversion of the cosmic HUman has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. The human species presently is the most complex example of nature’s technology in our sector of the universe. Therefore the only food fit to build and maintain this complexity is derived fresh, raw and unadulterated from the highest nature has to offer. Anything that comes in a package reduces complexity, vitality and intelligence and plunges us towards death. The step back onto the path of universal truth can take an instant, like the flip of a switch. It is a realignment with the subtle calling of the Lifeforce!...the beneficent guardian of life in the universe

"Within each of us, there is a silence. A silence as vast as the universe. And when we experience that silence, we remember who we are." ~ Gunilla Norris

I was finishing off this blog piece on metacognition...which is the essential skill to realizing our sovereignty. I had been wanting a large disaster dream for a year or so. This morning I was in a village doing inane stuff...inventing a coffee machine that you could use as a scooter. I had a hotel room, but had lost my key so I went into the lobby and looked out the window...there was a 1000ft or higher wave coming towards us from the East. Of course I started running through the town away from the oncoming wave with the rest of the folks who were slowly becoming conscious of the immanent doom. At first I felt fear, but then I realized my inevitable death and I was no longer afraid. I merely watched the surrounding human drama, and observed their fear and survival attempts from a higher advantage point. There was a sense that "I" was not going to waste my final moments on earth fearing my death. At which point I felt peace! The wave mechanics of fear are short and spiky, like those of an earthquake. The fear and loathing frequencies are void of "depth, context, range, layering, coherence, embedding and multiplicity." This dis-conjunction of brainwaves locks us into a lower order reality in which the soul and the sacred is absent. With the sympathetic resonance of brainwave conjunction however, even our last moments on earth can be our most sublime.

The wave dream is an example of metacognition...or the ability to center ourselves within "context," rather than within the "content" of our lives. Thus the highest form of self experiencable is that in which there is no gender, no race, no country, no species and no planetary identification...just pure awareness. There are probably infinite levels of higher vantage point from which to observe. Crisis, birth and death tend to pop us into a state of higher witnessing, like a hierarchy of dreamers of the dream. This makes me think that the Saint and Shamanic consciousness is one that accesses DMT either in a trance state or in waking or sleeping consciousness. Our highest spiritual consciousness levels tend to be while we are sleeping because our daily waking brain’s repressive mechanisms prevent to access the DMT chemical cascade. We are thus most awake while we are asleep!

"The game as I conceive it," Knecht once wrote, "leaves (the player) with the feeling that he has extracted from the universe of accident and confusion a totally symmetrical and harmonious cosmos, and absorbed it into himself." Hermann Hesse, The Glass Bead Game

Sunday, October 27, 2013


  Nature dictates that sex hormone potency reflects the viability, functionality, sustainability, efficaciousness, power, strength, sufficiency, use, vigor and virtue of an organism.

Sex hormone herbs and supplements, along with dopamine enhancing supplementation forms the basis of the sovereignity pharmaneutrocopeia. Sex hormone potency IS life potency and the power to effect change in accord with Ero’s dictates. Keeping our sex hormones pumped up to youthful levels with herbs, supplements and practices is more important for those who are celibate and not in a relationship. Without the potentization of a sexual relationship we have to try harder through exercise and nutrition to maintain the hormonal base to our creativity and personal will. If the foundation of kundalini awakenings and life in general is sex and growth hormones, then it stands to reason that to both fuel an awakening and to prevent its premature end and burnout we need to strengthen our hormonal system. Increased testosterone raises, confidence, sense of well-being, efficacy, strengthening delayed gratification, honesty, straightforwardness and prefrontal lobe activation. Jing tonics tone the sexual organs, support sexual energy, are aphrodisiac, supports healthy prostate function, enhance Qi energy and stamina. The sovereignty pharmaneutrocopeia  includes guintessential libations, spagyric elixirs, tinctures and restorative concoctions.

Supplies from: NutriCargo,, Beyond-a-century and Swanson Vitamins.

AGENCY, WILL POWER, PRESENCE BUILDING YANG HERBS for smoothies or capsules and tinctures: Raw Cacao, Catuaba bark, Clavo Huasca, Yohimbe Bark, Suma Root, Maca, Mucuna, Mesquite, Muira Puama, Goji berry powder, Rhodiola, Aswagandha, Astragalus, Eurycoma longifolia, Forskolin, Fo-Ti and Shilajit, Tribulus, Bacopa, Galangal, Shatavari, Sarsaparilla, Saw palmetto. Gotu Kola, Gingko, Garcinia cambogia, Celastrus seed, Kratom, Rehmannia root, Cistanche, Schisandra, Cnidium seed, Dadder seed, Horny Goats Weed, Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng), Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus), Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Maitake, Citrus aurantium, Coptis Root, Echinacea, Bilberry, Alfalfa, Nettles, Barley grass, Mulberry leaf, Kelp, Irish moss, Spirulina.


Low energy levels in the body are cause and effect of ENTROPY, or “conflict and friction” in the form of stress, depression and anxiety, which are key causes of low libido. The sovereign life requires personal empowerment and enhanced motivational drive particularly through increasing hormone levels.  The ability, drive and passionate desire to succeed, and the consequent efficiency, effectiveness, efficacy and actualization are inseparable from sex drive, libido and enjoyment of sex. So even if one is not interested in sex and relationship - increasing hormones and dopamine with natural herbs, nutrients and aphrodisiacs improves the quality of our life in general.

“Eugeroic” means good arousal, or wakefulness-promoting agents, used to counteract fatigue and lethargy and to enhance motivation and productivity. Eugeroics appear to function primarily by increasing catecholaminergic (adrenergic, dopaminergic) and histaminergic activity in the brain. You need strong blood circulation for optimum performance and personal empowerment, will and agency, and to enjoy optimum health and sexual wellness. Besides herbs and nutrition to raise our libido for life, we must also increase “movement,” for exercise improves circulation, speeds up metabolism and increases levels of sex hormones as well as endorphins.

When we address sovereignty at the biochemical level we can work towards generating full sovereign strength, focus and endurance with Rhaponticum carthamoides (aka Maral Root or Leuzea), Celastrus seed, Gingko, Rhodiola, quercetin, rutin, CoQ10, PQQ, Alpha Lipoic acid, Omega 3, virgin coconut oil, phytonutrients…plus establishing a lifestyle protocol for increasing receptor sensitivity, VO2 Max, mitochondrial optimization, remineralization, and hormone/neurotransmitter potency.


The pathological estrogenization of the human species requires a yang intervention with Jing tonics. If yin herbs like cannabis are used regularly to excess without yang herbs to balance it then the individual tends to get flaccid, limp, estrogenized, passive, diffuse, disorganized and feminized. In general, herbs that tonify Yang are warm and dry in nature. Yang herbs are good for frigidity, impotence and infertility, pain in the lower back, weak knees, fragile bones and tendons due to kidney deficiency.

Activating cognitively enhancing herbs that balance the laid-back nature of cannabis and the passivity of estrogenization include: Ashwagandha Root, Astragalus, Yerba mate, Coca leaf, Khat (Arabian tea), Chaparral, Cola nut, Green tea, Bacopa, Gotu Kola, Gingko, Garcinia cambogia, Celastrus seed, Kratom, Rehmannia root, Cistanche, Schizandra berry, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cnidium seed, Dodder Seed, FoTi, Gotu kola, Jujuba Red, Horny Goat Weed, Skullcap, Selfheal, Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng), Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus). Licorice root, Maca, Oat Grass Juice, Sarsaparilla, Saw palmetto, Safflower, Turmeric, Cistances Deserticola.

Ephedra (Mormon tea or Ma Huang) is a stimulant that raises metabolism, increases elation, wakefulness, and helps with weight loss. Green coffee's metabolic enhancing effects may be significant for reversing Metabolic X along with Horsetail, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Myrrh, Frankincense, Mesquite, Coptis Root, Woad root (Isatis indigowood) and medical mushrooms like Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Maitake, Cordyceps, Agaricus. Cordyceps Mushroom is powerful Yang primal essence (Jing) tonic ranking right up there with Ginseng, Reishi and Deer Antler. Citrus aurantium, or Zhi Shi, contains a combination of adrenergic amines that are powerful thermogenic agents. Alpine Turmeric Powder (Curcuma) and Alpinia galanga (Galangal) was a combination favored by Aleister Crowley to perfect yin-yang / body-mind balance. Rou Cong Rong (Herba Cistanches)—One of the most popular and potent tonic herbs that enhances sexual function, treats impotence and strengthens the back and knees. Red Flower (Flos Catharmi)—Activates blood circulation to genitals, removes blood stasis and relieves pain.

Other supplements for sex function include: Fish oil (Omega 3) increases NO, papaya increases Arginine, L-Arginine, Histidine, Vitamin B-6, Niacin, zinc, selenium, magnesium, Kelp, Zinc Gluconate, Vitamin A, Vitamin E.

BRAIN-SEX CHOCOLATES: L-Arginine, Citrulline, Carnitine, D, L-phenylalanine, DHEA, Mucuna, Caapi, Galangal, Dong quai, Maca, Mesquite, Raw Cacao powder, Jatamansi, Rhodiola, Schizandra, Tribulus, Eleuthero or Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Saw palmetto, Muira Puama Root, Bacopa, Coconut oil, Chopped pecans, chopped Cranberries or Goji, honey, vanilla, cinnamon, pinch of cayenne, orange zest powder, Lecithin (choline) Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid), Vitamin D, Spirulina. Mix together and spoon into dish or rubber mold for chilling in freezer. The caapi and mucuna are powerful for deepening embodied consciousness, giving a strong sense of empowerment and stability.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


When all systems of outer authority are corrupt, we must turn to inner authority to save ourselves.

The sovereignty of the individual...indeed the divinity of the individual is the foundation stone of all civilization. If the culture undermines the sovereignty and full potential of the individual, then it is not civilized. People should not have to fight to be themselves, and fight to survive for meager crumbs in a bankrupt sadomasochistic system.

If we can fully unpack the mechanism of sadomasochism we can free ourselves from it, and so set free Eros from the death grip of Thanatos. The sadomasochistic relationship is one in which one person enjoys inflicting physical or mental suffering on another person, who derives pleasure from experiencing pain.  The keystone to unraveling the pathological power pyramid, is the socalled “pleasure” from experiencing the relinquishing of the self-will onto a dominant other that surrogates as a parental figure. When the infantile drive of the pleasure of self-abandonment is overcome by the abject desire for self-determinancy then the pathological power pyramid is undone.  And the pyramid scheme collapses under the sheer joy of cosmic creativity unleashed. To be so clear that clarity becomes the touchstone of one’s existence is the way through the labyrinth of sadomasochistic hell. Existential anxiety lifts on attaining sovereign dignity.

Note that this apparent "enjoyment" of obsequent diversion of the stream of Eros into the will of a dominant other is not so much en-joyment but the relief or absolvement of self-responsibility and annexation (Latin ad, to, and nexus, joining) or the permanent acquisition and incorporation of an "other territorial entity." iThat is for the submissive there is pleasure inherent in the organism of allowing reality to be dictated to and taken care of by a socalled more responsive, more responsible other. Existential anxiety lifts on sovereign dig-nitty. On the eve of global death by techological suicide there is no one left to rely on but our sovereign Self. That is the beauty of the times, as the individual is stripped bare of all their dependence and reliance on family, guru, government, church and state...everything is seen as seething with corruption...there is no recourse but turning to the resource of the sovereign self

The Borg is a brute, and the conscious soul is ostracized by the swaggering arrogance of flatland materialistic science caught in a superficial, outmoded view of things. The Borg IS is all about win/lose, top/bottom, and "taking" in order to "use." What the Hindbrain cannot conceive in its limited scope is that when we "use" we are "used," and so we lose, for we expend energy in "taking." We are used by that which we attempt to use because we are attached to that which we are taking and from whom we are taking it from. Whereas if we are creative we "gain" energy in creating, and then we have more to "share," and giving gives us energy. 
We begin to break free of the mechanism of sadomaschicism once we stop abusing ourselves and allowing ourselves to "used and taken" from by sadistic predators and parasites. It is our tendency to devalue ourselves and treat ourselves as a slave and victim to the incorporated dictatorship that keeps us fate bound within the power pyramid paradigm, without the energy, creativity or resources to break free. Turning abuse into fertilizer has always been my principle motif.

The only way to beat the  sadomasochism of the power-over dynamic is to get out of the dynamic by leaving the relationship or situation. You cannot ask for rationality, logic, fairness, equity, parity, empathy or magnanimity from Hindbrain social structures that are bent on preserving "advantage" for the few at the top, and "disadvantage" for the many at the bottom. The reason why you cannot argue or persuade those in authority to adopt more HUman and humane values and behaviors is because power-over is unnatural and unhealthy under Universal Law, and so if one was to rectify the imbalance of power, one would have to point out the fundamental legal and spiritual crime of pathological power and usury. As long as the bottom dogs submit to negative rule by the Hindbrain tactics of dominators they are diminishing the use and expression of their Wholebrain, through which they could emancipate themselves from the clutches of the sadomasochistic behavior of Homo sapiens commericialus.

Those still caught up in the old world live in fear and scarcity, they do not know that the world of peace, plenty, grace and goodness is around the corner. Thus the Borg is winding up the screws of commerce tighter and tighter, undercutting the potential of everyone to break free into the regenerous socioeconomy of the Wholebrain HUman. The old-worlders are toxic and uninspiring to relate to...they steal energy from you in their condemnation, lack of faith, their taking and limits based being. The spiritually retarded human species is sick, its systems are sick, we are killing the planet. Who knows if this revolution is survivable by whom, within the radioactive background. On the verge of global death by techological suicide there is no one left to rely on but our sovereign Self. Only each individual evolving to the transcultural, sovereign state can save us now. 

It matters no more, but where one stands ethically, devotionally within the cosmos divine.

The psychological burden of subjugation is demoralizing and disheartening, and weighs heavily on the body, mind and soul of those who regularly submit to outer authority. You need to be conscious to experience pleasure or pain, and yet being constantly dominated upon essentially puts to sleep the deeper brainstem reticular formation structures which keep the cortex awake and fuel the motivational drive. Thus the subordinate is made less than fully conscious by the painkilling endorphins and numbing chemistry that allows the bottom dog to underplay his will and thus survive by serving the top dog, while avoiding the aggression of the more proactive operative. The slave relinquishes the responsibility of self-determination for the false security of dependency.

Playing to lose is a masochistic survival strategy of those who make a living serving more dominant, competitive types. And yet playing to win is essential to supplying the motivation drive for effective creative output. However competition need not be about winners and losers, dominatrix and submissives. Beyond the Borg power pyramid all individuals can thrive by striving to improve the quality of their work by their willingness to push boundaries, honing innovation skills, trusting  instincts, and problem-solving. Throwing off the mind-dumbing, skull-numbing sadomaschicistic power-trance will allow all of humanity to flourish through Wholebrain creativity and cosmic consciousness, and reap the rewards of their own unlimited genius.

Due to the short-term, linear, compartmentalized, exploitative thinking of the Hindbrain...the Borg cannot fail to act sadomasochistically in everything it does, thinks or feels. The pleasure derived from submitting to orthodoxia of cruel and dangerous authorities that we literally pay to kill us, is the bliss derived from self-harm. Self-injury behavior is something that is more common than many people fact it is ubiquitous in master/slave and codependent relationships, and at its heart is the relinquishment of self-responsibility ie: infantialism or the loss of the core Self.

Stockholm syndrome, or capture–bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward abusive figures of authority. It is expressed during cases of violence, aggression and torture, but it can also be institutionalized and infested into the very structure, law and order of the culture. That is what we have now. We are so lost in the sadomasochistic trance of power abuse that has reached grossly outrageous  and epic proportions in the international arena that the colossal farce of "might is right" is being exposed once and for all. We may indeed be on the verge of an unprecedented outbreak of peace. The pleasure derived from sovereign embodiment far exceeds the blissful anesthetization and stupor derived from self-oppression and subjugation to evil. 

To ascend to the mystic or true HUman we must unpack and transcend the sadomasochistic nature of the Homo commericialus species.

Thursday, September 12, 2013



• IntegrationDivine play leads to the evolution of our self-awareness…that is being conscious that we are conscious. Greater integration means greater integrity, and a synchronization of the parts to establish a more cohesive whole. As we learn to better Know Thyself we can up grade our living dream more to our personal choosing
• Resistance is the Key—The divine mind is not the ego...the defensive ego armoring is "resistance" to the divine consciousness which we have yet to realize as a human being. Resistance to dysfunction is a trap that keeps us from knowledge of our Self. Therefore our resistance to acknowledgement of our dynsfunction the Key to the unveiling of the Self.
• Transformation—Transcendence prior to transformation is dissociation, which presents itself as addiction, illness, codependency, crime, plus unconscious and compulsive behaviors that lead to greater life challenges.  True transcendence (ie: freedom) is acquired through transformation in working through and mastering life challenges as they arise.
• A Priori Causal State—Recognition of our fundamental Self-responsibility is paramount. You are the cause of your feelings, thoughts and emotions. Awareness of self-origination is the heart of mindfulness.
• Wakefulness—Mindfulness is how you maintain the vital edge of your daily play and prevent the contagion of unhappy thoughts and experiences.
• Good-Will—First do no harm is a basic rule of divine play that goes along with the Golden Rule. Do no harm in thought, word or deed and you up-spiral your energy and love.
• Open-Ended Desire—Wish for the “best outcome ever” rather than sticking to a tight action plan, for we cannot anticipate the exact course of events and must remain open to the changing hologram of the unfolding world.
• Equanimity—If the metamorphic process proceeds with adequate grace, then the Percival Heart is born, or the Heart that is radiant and open irrespective of external conditions.
• Nonduality— Follow your heart! The Percival or Open Heart is your navigator. Thus your compass must be unguarded, void of paranoia, soft, furry and good-willing in order to meet its happy mark.
• Cultural Debriefing—When emerging beyond veil of conditioning we can use an intensive interview format with a fair witness to objectively run through our life story through the eyes of an anthropological myth. This acts as a psychic laxative and brings cohesion and wholeness to our sense of well-being.
• Molting—Off load all that is keeping you from the vital edge of divine play so you can accumulate momentum and keep pace with the speed of spirit’s evolution.
• Transform Fear—Use fear as a heat seeking missile to the realization of courage. As we make proactive steps that transcend our fear rather than react to it, we feel courage, power and exhilaration.
• Choice—You get to play whatever role in whatever movie you want. You get to write and direct your movie; plus you are the financier and the audience…so enjoy because it is “your” movie!
• Discernment—In moving out of victimhood (its all done to me) we must realize our role in the creation of "difficulty" and work to change our energy to up-spiral creative director of our lives.
• Veil of Perception—Our lens of perception (energetic state) is more important than perceived circumstances, thus we must fast, run, get bodywork, meditate, do Inner Arts, yoga, climb a mountain etc to reinstate our evolutionary (up-spiral) energy.
• Embrace Reality—Difficulty presents the greatest growth opportunity. Nothing is insurmountable if we approach it in positive-play and without fear…continually learning and creating with the hologram.
• Beginner’s Mind—To keep a plastic brain, we must realize the plastic nature of reality and yield not to habit, but turn towards the spontaneous joyous unfoldment of creation.
• Vigor of the New—By becoming a novelty seeker we continue to learn throughout our lives and remain young and innocent at heart. Divine Play is the elixir of youth.
• Self as Source—Fill up on your own love first, for seeking to be fed from the world while in the deprivation state just makes us more hungry, lost and bereft of meaning.
• Nirvana Now—At all times Universe is conspiring to awaken us to unity consciousness. So we might as well surrender to Nirvana Now, for Nirvana can only be known Now, regardless of where or how we find ourselves.
• Patience—As we accumulate the momentum of divine play we need understanding and patience when encountering the “time lag” in actually manifesting a changed life from our changed beliefs and new intentions. Material reality seems like eons behinds mystical reality, hence patience is in order.
• Take Charge—Claim full responsibility for social interactions, not because everything is "your fault" but because this empowers you to change your energy state, attitude and circumstances. If you are always blaming the other guy for being mad and unreasonable, then you will not be able to focus on doing what it takes to develop lubricated social ease and raise your energy and social power.
• Containment—Indiscriminate “teaching” to those in the consensus trance generates friction, for many people are too stressed, sick and conservative to tolerate enlightening words beyond the given matrix. First and foremost we must build up our own physical, emotional, mental and psychic strength and quit trying to enlighten, teach heal and save a world. Thus we must establish our own personalized forums, salons, workshops and venues for expression without necessarily taking it to the streets. In time, the world automatically shifts to the higher vibration without having to force it into existence.
• Harvest of Dreams—Sleep is the highest consciousness period...for we get our deepest information and integration and precognition while sleeping...hence...ones going to bed practice needs to include stretches, spinal rolling, breathing, water, music in order to set the stage for higher conscious visionary sleep.
• CuriosityAny animal in seeking mode has active dopamine circuits and can feel the Flow of Eros directing and inspiring their actions. Alpha frequency tunes animals into the “planetary vibe and wholebrain integration,” where curiosity and anticipation arise simultaneously with novelty, synchronicity, surprise and fascination with the unknown. The world of the sovereign therefore with lush dopamine dendrites is an expression of Eros rather than the default programming of Thanatos given to us by the death culture, which is defeated before it even begins.
• Observation—Significance and meaning perceived from inquisitive contact with nature's harmonies and extensive interconnections, leads to the revitalization of empathy and involvement in both inner, inter and intra human relationships.
Adventure—Through adventure we find our edge and put ourselves in various new and risky situations that quicken our spiritual metabolism. Adventure means facing challenge and so real life skills are learnt. Thus we evolve by living out our hero’s journey.
• Celebration The old must die for the new to be reborn, hence the highs and lows of happenstance should be celebrated equally. The art of play celebrates and savors the intricate flavors of all experience as the fastest route beyond the prison of self-centric ego.
• Fun Magnet—Establishing the frequency of divine play, we induce the accumulation and acceleration of fun and personal magnetism. As our magnetism for fun increases we draw to us humor, synchronicity, fun, play and happiness and we spread it in equal measure. This serendipity is the alchemical born of unity.
• Appreciation—Appreciation is the key to transformation. For we cannot transform that which we are rebelling, repulsing or resisting. With the expansiveness of appreciation we move like water around the stones in the river of life.
Upping The Game—We can withdraw, transcend and up our game at any point…by zeroing out of the existing play mode through Attraction Meditation, Sun Gazing, Spinal Shower, Binaural Theta Wave, Grounding etc… By becoming more lucid we can then find and embody the higher conscious solution to current drama.

“The highest code of living is detachment. There is no power higher than the power of detachment. When one masters the state of detachment, he becomes the embodiment of dispassion and fearlessness. At this stage, nothing he possesses will possess him. He becomes the master of his possessions, rather than being possessed by them. He becomes master of his universe.” Chin-Nig Chu, Thick Face Black Heart.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


We play the game of subordinary subordinates to fit into the established toxic power systems for the exploitation of human resources, but that is not who we are.

Dopamine activation from the substantia nigra to the striatum is a major output channel from cortex, involved with motivation for action. The frontal lobes contain most of the dopamine-sensitive neurons in the cerebral cortex. In the frontal lobes, dopamine plays a role in controlling the flow of information from other areas of the brain. The wholebrain integrating frequency (40hz Gamma Binaural Beat) is orchestrated via the frontal lobe’s dopamine circuitry to the rest of the brain.

It is this dopamine release and wholebrain integration that produces mental focus and concentration, which is the secret to increased intelligence and stimulates motivation and action towards a goal. Success in higher cognition and task performance is a matter of repressing noise and extraneous information and distraction, and it is dopamine’s amphetamine like high that produces the lasering and brightness of consciousness which we focus with precision on the desired reward or outcome, thus blocking out irrelevant data.

The level of dopamine is metered out in relation to the “distance” to the proximity of the goal or reward. When scientists studied dopamine levels in the brains of rats that were run through a maze to achieve a reward they found that as the animal approached their goal the level of dopamine increased steadily as if in anticipation of a reward. The dopamine signal seems to reflect how far away the rat was from its goal. The bigger the goal or reward the higher the final concentration of dopamine released. Dopamine signaling thus forms an “internal guidance system” that could be used to help an animal make choices on the way to the goal and to estimate the distance to the goal.

The lasering and energizing property of dopamine is a key factor in producing the neurochemistry for the sovereign’s capactity for agency, and free choice, and in overcoming the automacy of learned helplessness and the master/slave paradigm.The exploiter/leader defines the playing field and so creates “the maze” that transports one towards the goal…thereby self-administering the dopamine fix through self- initiatiated action. Self-authoring involves designing the playing field, navigating the direction, engaging in direct action and modifying everything in relation to real results.

The master game is thus the self-authored creation of the playing field, the maze, the board game or the theater itself. While the slave game is in merely compulsively responding and reacting to the rules, limitations and conditions already established by the masters. These are very different patterns of the use of the dopamine reward chemistry. By becoming a creator of the playing field we have powerful control over the supply of dopamine as it is metered out in response to the proximity to the goal.

Things happen, and the human mind makes up reasons for them. Destiny is for those with the conscious ability to determine their fate. Life is predetermined and determined for us to the degree that we are still embedded in The Given without the elevated view of “context” that prefrontal development provides. That is, we are an automaton slave to circumstance the more we merely react to, respond to or fight “What Is,” rather than creating for ourselves what is yet to come. To succumb to fate is a failure of imagination, while those who choose their own destiny learn to harness the wings of the imagination to overcome the force of gravity and inertia that would hold us down.

In other words, without imagination we don’t have access to Robert Kegan’s 4th order of consciousness, that of the self-authoring mind, which allows us to disembed from the neurophenomenal trance of the collective and The Given. Without self-authorship remain programmed by the expectations, values, thoughts and emotions of the socialized mind and fail to shape an intrinsic, coherent, sovereign Self. Put simply: “destiny is opportunity and fate is karma.” If you plant good seeds you will reap good effects, and if you plant bad seeds you will reap bad effects. Destiny involves taking up the challenge of opportunity to turn a situation to our advantage and accomplish something great through our own efforts.

The global corporate NWO, military-industrial-machine is a black infectious disease that destroys everything it touches by eating the body, mind and soul...and earth herself. It is the Nothing...and so to establish a never ending story, sovereign's must create Something to shine light into the Nothing and prevent it from taking over. To eliminate the noise of dissonance with the music of the Muse—the light of salvation is the light of the imagination!

“We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons...who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”  ~ Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda

“If those in charge of our society - politicians, corporate executives, and owners of press and television - can dominate our ideas, they will be secure in their power. They will not need soldiers patrolling the streets. We will control ourselves.” ~ Howard Zinn

Ever wonder why you can have genius level people siding with Nazi oppressors? Some people have to side with the dominant power despite the illogic, irrationality, immorality and the obvious conspiracy of lies. Their slave brains are wired to seek authority from outside in order to feel a sense of self-worth and internal power, and it is this drive for outer-power that overrides critical thinking and emotional responsibility. Only when we are screwed over, deceived, emprisoned or otherwise defiled by the patriarchy, bad-management or mal-orthodoxy do we finally break away from the need for outer-authority. In order to become our Self we have to love the Real with a passion, more so than the numbing sleep of sadistic oppression, repression and abuse.

So many of us can apply ourselves to the expectations, limitations, restraints and duties of a “job,” working for someone else for a wage…BUT taking the initiative to work for ourselves and having the discipline to stay focused on attaining goals and achieving success is harder. What is missing is the ability to love ourselves with integrity and ingenuity. Instead, our slavemind is adapted to survival by selling ourselves for a pittance of our true worth, and so the light of our beautiful, radiant, courageous self is never really switched on. We are resigned and habituated to mediocrity, and our survival as slaves requires that our light be perpetually dimmed.

In the dominant/submissive paradigm you are either born into the position of a master or a slave. The brain thus develops from conception as either a director-exploiter or a follower-exploited. As a follower of outer authority we are sensitive to other’s opinion of us and more easily shamed, bullied, seduced and manipulated into obedience to social rules, codes, expectations and dictates. Conformity and resignation to The Given is countermanding to initiative, agency, original thought, imagination, courage, adventure, enterprise and stepping out ahead of the crowd. Thus it stands to order that the Given order that perpetuates the master/slave paradigm is NOT our friend…for everyone within the Borg is in sadomascochistic relationship to each other and themselves. It obvious therefore that to disembed and extract ourselves from the automatic programs of the Borg we must enter into a sublime, creative relationship with ourselves and the universe. The Good is not to be found in the traditions, but in the anti-traditions, for power always corrupts.

The Borg in all its off Phi translations is a prostitute...whether it be master or slave...because these are sub-aware programs. They are automatic, therefore pro-stitution. to stand before one naked...but it is naked in the sense of obtaining profane profit. If anything de-generfies whorism, it is corporativism. In victim mode we victimize ourselves via depreciation, or lack of appreciation…to not Know our Selves is to given in to The Given. It is all about pro-stitution...that is standing before the situation naked. To under-sell one's station is how material progress as it presently stands proceeds. But progress under such terms is not real progress...but regress. Knowing the difference from progress, and regress is the ....kingdom of the liberated mind.

Capitulation to The Given is the counter-creative behavior of the drone. The subordinate or sub-ordinary meme displays complacency, learned helplessness, resignation, victimhood, sycophancy and conservativism, which become survival skills at the submissive position. To transcend the default behavior of the sadomasochism trance of limitation and obedience we must essentially love ourselves enough to stop exploiting ourselves and selling ourselves short.

Ever notice that the ego gets us into trouble, and then into even more trouble as we try and extract ourselves from the trouble. This is the meta-problem with the human species at its current level of spiritual-cognitive retardation. It is relying on lesser cognitive tools to solve complex, time-accrued problems, that can only be solved via a higher spiritual, moral and scientific level of consciousness. Our primitive, trauma-riddled defensive brain actually prevents the physical, mental and social conditions by which Wholebrain consciousness can develop.

Thus we are held suspended in arrested development with ever greater complexification of problems, i.e. the incremental elaboration of disorder and dysfunction that furthers the insidious conditions of disorder, retardation and disease.  Through the NeuroEvolution of the whole HUman, we lift the inefficiencies, retardation and subterfuge and turn the synergy of complexifying evolution to our favor, to discover significantly improved sophisticated strategies and impliment complex solutions. Thus complexity itself is optimized and the human species can thrive and evolve as it should, without untold dark internal and external forces holding it back from reaching its profound mystic potential.

The Borg will do what the Borg will do until it is no longer Borg. If operating from the level of the robotic conditioning of the master/slave there is no way out of that program, but eternal imprisionment in negative power, self-sacrifice, self-negation, drudgery and poverty of soul. In order to gain lift off speed from the gravity of the Borg the bodymind’s energy level must be raised to access the higher circuitry of the Wholebrain.

The skills necessary to break free from the hampster wheel of the trance of scarcity and the deficit socioeconomy are spiritual skills: vision, dream interpretation, farsight, precognition, synchronicity, ephemeralization, epiphany, eureka, illumination, apothesosis, metamorphosis, mindmapping, mindfulness, remote viewing, telepathy, empathy, Muse navigation, intuition, magnetic attraction and influence, positive intention, leadership, mediation, win/win morality, abundance mentality, regenerousity, gratitude, multiperspective, equanimity, restitution, reconnection.

Raising our energy level beyond the sub-optimal frequency of the Borg requires unblocking, recharging and reconnecting…so that we can return to cosmic order and perfection. Only then are we free from the downward pull of the collapsed, unsanctified humutant, and begin to live true to our deepest calling. Awakeness is bubbling up faster and faster...and so pains just reveal what is in the way of the light, so work on removing obstacles. Grounding, fasting, enzymes/juicing and exercising keep the energy moving through obstruction when the Light meets opposition and deadness.

Within the sadomasochistic master/slave system those in authority exhibit the malignant power of misappropriated position. The warmonging parasite is an international infection of the insanity of commercial tyranny (oppressive power). The global cabal enacts secret law, unequal pardon and irresistible executive powers, while the slave clings to their ignorance in the hopes that it will save them from tyranny. We do not know what we do not know. Deficit thinking is a type of oppression and submission enforced by compulsive ignorance. Ignorance was the major control instrument of slavery. Every master realized that he had to know almost everything, and the slaves had to know almost nothing.

Slave—The etymology of “slave" relates to a person who is the property of another.” It stems from the Medieval Latin "sclavus" (cf. Italian schiavo, Old French esclave, Spanish esclavo). This sense development arose in the consequence of the wars waged by Otto the Great (912-973), the founder of the Holy Roman Empire, and his successors against the Slavs, a great number of whom they took captive and sold into slavery.  More common Old English words for slave were þeow (related to þeowian "to serve") and þræl. The Slavic words for "slave" (Russian rab, Serbo-Croatian rob, Old Church Slavonic rabu) are from Old Slavic *orbu - (also source of orphan) the ground sense of which seems to be "thing that changes allegiance" (in the case of the slave, from himself to his master). The Slavic word (rab, rob, rabu) is thus the source of robot. Rabota is the Russian word for both work and job. Originally the word comes from the root “rab” which, when used as an independent word in modern Russian, means slave. The fact gives rise to numerous jokes about rabota being modern-day slavery.

To be a slave is to submit to giving up your executive powers…your superpowers for world change, and instead suffer the monotony of endless futile toil for the benefit of those with more power. You cannot heal from the trauma and repression of tyrannical patriarchal cabals of global power by ignoring hard truths and making up convenient lies. Compulsive ignorance and denial is the mental illness of the master/slave paradigm that keeps the primate power pyramid intact for millions of years. In order for people to face the reality of their predicament as participants in a dying civilization they have to transcend the default sadomasochistic programming and start fully embracing their sovereignty as unique creative individuals.

When the individual is not individuated, but is assimilated into servitude to the collective they learn to treat themselves as an object. When objectified as a human resource by parents, family, community and state  we learn that we are not intrinsically lovable except as far as what we have to offer others. We perform as a puppet to the whims and wishes of the crowd, forever alienated from our truth and the horror of the exploited life. We become our own jailor, starving ourselves of real sustenance and the warmth of HUman experience...enacting a grotesque dance of "normality." Lives stolen for the sake of power and profit...the selling of souls for a pittance.

Trying is for beginners. Radical accountability is individualism's leverage in the cosmic pinball game.