Friday, April 23, 2010


The Serpentine Emergence of the Soul

In the excellent documentary on youtube "Ayahuasca, The Snake and I," Dr Jacques Mabit, founder of a drug addiction treatment centre in Peru, says that healing involves the need to accept the unacceptable, to capitulate and give up the ego boosting pride that seeks to know and control everything. Both healing and evolution are the same thing and necessitate the loosening the grip of the conditioned mind and overcoming a “refusal to live” that is caught within imprints (engrams) of trauma or resistance to what is. Dr Mabit says that Western culture has destroyed the meaning of the sacred and this absence of a spiritual dimension produces a lack of meaning in life, which can lead to drug-addiction and a general defeat or disillusionment with life itself. The foundations of sovereignty or the structure of the Borg begins early in life.

When we don’t get our spirit acknowledged through loving eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart in infancy…then bonding in adulthood tends to be problematic. If our brains are exposed to isolation and lack of affection/attention in the first 5 can lead to lifelong painful and stressing human interaction. While social estrangement can produce greater gifts of the deeper Self, we may have to dig deeper to break through the shell of deprivation to find new ways of seriously “coming out” and deborging. The interesting thing with doing the sovereignty work is that, as we get deeper into the work, the demands of consciousness accelerate and genuine “thawing” becomes ever more necessary. However we simply cannot use the same shape-it-up, punishment/reward systems of self-persuasion we have used in the past, but must enter a more loving relationship with the Self and find what it needs from the inside on how to unwind out of the husk that we have made of ourselves. We may look to the outside for methods, companionship, reassurance or assistance in doing this work, but ultimately “reparenting” is an inside job. The higher Self will grow from within if we simply get out of the way and give it enough room, fresh air and energy to do so.

This rebirthing process is silent but far from static and it involves increasing tolerance for information processing and emotional integration. The cerebellum comprises of 50% of the neurons in the brain and is linked to the prefrontal cortex in way that is thought to contribute to complex planning. If the cerebellum has been fractured by negative mothering…”No don’t do that, because I say so!”…then the prefrontal lobes find it hard to take the pilot seat and declare sovereignty over ones own life and destiny. There is thus a lot of work (play) involved in recovering our soul from the closure, ignore-ance and madness of the Borg. If the nervous disposition is adequately mothered (soothed and unblocked), through rhythmic, serpentine, spiraling 360° motion, it unthaws and is able to "remember" its true fluid state and hold its charge without having to numb out.

The emergence period requires daily dearmoring practice of physical, emotional and spiritual exercises, so that we do not clamp down and fall back on our old defense/retreat mechanisms. As the tension between spiritual waking and sleep (opening and closing) increases, the beauty of having an actual daily deborging practice is that we can then remember to focus on that, and resist the temptation to blame the world for keeping us in our crippling cocoon. As we start to thaw out the pain of the unborn is felt through the numbness and with this new sensory perception there is grief. Deep, pure atomic grief around the lost life we have been carrying around within us that was never able to express. However we cannot hold onto the grief, but must fluidly move through it to the green, fresh, pulsating vibrancy beyond.

Deborging involves enriching the brain and creating neurogenesis around liberating our executive functions to engage in life-enhancing behavior and directions. It is getting serious about the notion that if we are for our Self, then nobody else will be for us either. Deborging is giving ourselves license to grow up…to grow up and beyond what normally passes for “normal” in the prepersonal culture we live in. For women whose self-worth has been programmed along the lines of losing ourselves in the needs of others…the step towards Selfhood can feel like going out on a limb and walking away from the clan. Indeed we may be ostracized for showing up…but if we do not arrive in this world to bring harmony and balance to the out-of-control unconscious masculine, there is little hope for genuine social evolution for the species. In a world where the potential for love is so vast, we cannot let inner or outer violence win by continuing to shut down and submit to the status quo of war and sleep.

This sovereignty awakening book will help reinforce the humanity of those already seeking an out, but it can't help those without the prefrontal lobes or the desire to want to get out of the Borg. Left to its own devises the Borg may indeed be stronger than the human spirit, for it attacks us from atoms to soul...and the entire human global system is borgated...few can escape with their lives. When looking at the big picture we see the best we can do is to deborg our own life as much as possible...through a myriad of simple things like reducing the fat in out diet so our receptors get a fair go, and to stop eating Californian almonds for they are now pasteurized. Every day we can reduce the life destroying phenomena a little, and increase the life-loving thoughts, words and deeds. Deborg Thyself...let fear go!

Since the exploitive, utilitarian material society is about keeping us in our place as a work unit and consumer...we cannot expect those around us to willingly allow us to flower into our full humanity. Fear is generated in the Borg whenever one of its members has the audacity to breakout of the control and dumbing mechanisms, to declare him or herself as one with the Universe. Thus in order to fit in and stay in this regressive state we have to continually brain damage ourselves through internal self-harm and external social pressure in order to not create tension waves in the Borg matrix. The good news is that freedom is eternally freely available and the full cosmic humanity is eagerly awaiting our reunification. Thus the answers are always forth coming as we move through this birth canal from the enslaved humanoid to the actualized sovereign.