Saturday, August 21, 2010

Humanizing the Human

I use the term human, humanizing, or humanization in the positive sense as representing the evolution towards the higher qualities of being human. This process involves liberation from pathological social conventions and the culture saturated mind. That is humanization or spiritualization is the Source recovery of the wild or cosmic human who is fully empowered and so being exhibits the noble qualities associated with aliveness, openness and love. Whereas the Borg is the unconscious, unthinking acceptance of the spoon feed cultural constructs and the disowning of ones own personal reality. The authentic “pure” human exhibits fluidity, truth and the spontaneous high energy of multidimensional being plugged into the Universe at large. The sovereign is "truth-being" while the default constructs of cultural normalization turn the unignited into a single dimensional machine with limited brain growth, truncated spirituality and vulnerable to the false reward system of the substitute gratifications composing the commercial world. The true human exhibits a tonality of Spirit where movement-wholeness-openness allow a reciprocal connection to the field of knowing (gnosis) and the receptivity to pure primordial being…(what we call soul).

"When you stop shaping your own reality someone else it doing it for you." Neil Kramer

The short way of saying this is that the Borg represents a machine-like death of the human spirit...and the consequent death of the planet, and everything we touch, through lack of cosmic integration or divine connection.

Since the foods and substances of Borg culture is how we maintain our devitalized state in order to fit into the dense material world through killing our own is through fasting that we most quickly recover our higher human sensibilities. Fasting allows for detoxification of all that blocks our receptors, and prevents the full flow of energy, consciousness and matter around the body. Once we stop our life-suspending habits we quickly rectify the cosmic being within that we have held prisoner by internalizing the outer sense of being controlled into our mechanisms of internal restraint and death. Fasting is the quickest way out of the Flatland prison into the multidimensional life of the true human, where we rediscover the complex layers of peripheral vision and telescope out to the larger perspective. Where the suffering of the separated ego “cut off” from cosmic unity is healed once and for all in the call to compassionate global dharma.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Creative Transformation

We have hit the wall with our follower/leader systems and need to set off on the Grand Opus of each individual finding their inner leadership or sovereignty. Thus we must more fully develop and use our prefrontal lobes and change our social behaviors and social structures into those that supports humanization, humaneness and the liberation or enlightenment of the individual. Our depleted, depressed bodies are not strong enough to deny and suppress the truth anymore, and so our false society is collapsing along with our health and the environment. As the dissolution crisis becomes more apparent our attitude is slowly changing toward greater integrity/integration, but there is a lag time involved in having to survive in the old socioeconomical system while establishing the new. It is thus a difficult transition time in which we have to find our Self and deeply trust our heart’s intuition. The point to remember is that we do this transformative work for the entire human enterprise, for the sake of survival and the evolution required to thrive. We have everything going for us, if we could only find a way to live in nature's truth. Viktor Schauberger revealed most pertinently the mystic reality of nature's secrets, and so by reading his books we can peer into the wheelworks of the cosmos, and thereby learn to live by the Life Code.

The sovereign is about internal self-government. Until we stabilize the lifestyle of the autonomous visionary mystic in our daily life we tend to find our direction and encouragement from external sources and cues. Boredom, doubt, ennui, narcolepsy, futility, lack of pleasure, limbo, hesitation etc...are all forms of default that we use to avoid taking up the proactive, executive role in our lives. The mystic in modern material life lives "outside" of flatland reality and so is not likely to be recognized and affirmed by others. This means one's own internal driver has to be tenacious to stay awake while driving in order to get anywhere...because the social realm is not going to reflect a sense of progress, accomplishment or destination back to mystic. There is no syllabus for the modern mystic, nor can a sovereign individual be easily defined, or readily observable at any point in time. This is so because the mystic is not interested in the trappings of spiritual wears, spiritual dogmas and spiritual doings.

The majority of the "work" is done when we are “down” and forced to strive within for what it is that needs to be born. After tangling with the void we can then "play" without it being mere avoidance...for meaning is born from recognition of the absence of meaning. The sovereign's life is a self-directed approach to learning and seeking opportunity for greater perfection or the joy of inquiry. The navigational compass arises from the depths of the unconscious and hints are given to us in our dreams, but in order to keep the momentum going we must be balanced in our cellular energy, exercise, nature-immersion and soul-food. It is easy to get lost on the journey if we do not have a holistic, integral approach to conserving our forward momentum..."movement, e-motion." If no great quest is naturally elicited we can at least find a large problem, and provide a solution, thereby kick-starting the Muse toward a specific goal.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ab-Original “I”

The opposite of sovereignty and imagination is ignore-ance. Blind belief in the politicing lies of the Matrix results from submission to authority for the sake of certainty. If the believers thought that they had to think for themselves and that their President or the Man in The Sky wasn't doing their thinking for them then they would feel insecure, afraid and without an identity. To the hivemind, conformity and allegiance is more important than truth, right will or personal meaning. This is not just presovereign behavior, it is prepersonal...for those still caught at the tribal level, have not inhabited their prefrontal lobes and so do not have a core of individuality, but are sponges for identity/identification from outside influences. Because this state is emotionally and cognitively very fragile these people cannot be convinced to change their minds through logic or even evidence. The heart-intelligence, soul-dream mind, emotional groking of right and wrong and even their basic ability for rational reasoning are not yet being used, but lie dormant waiting for possible illumination in the future...perhaps through crisis, to break through the infantile circuits and initiate their own capacity for original thought.

"Most deal in subjectivity instead of objectivity."

Consider that the subjectivity of the Borg individual is not even their own subjectivity and so there is no way the hivemind individual can be objective. The "subject" is told what to think and won't allow themselves the original thought to think outside of the officially sanctioned party line. The evolution out of simple cultural absorption is to develop the subjectivity of the individual beyond the prepersonal/collective "I" to the cosmic "I" or soul. However this requires actual spiritual initiation and illumination, which is largely prevented by the brain damaging/power-over structures from the womb to the grave and the antibiogenic technologies and habits of the consumptive culture. Only through developing the inner subjective sense beyond the perspective of hivemind can we gain any degree of critical thought or objectivity at all.

Power plays and fear reduce prefrontal lobe function and lobotomize the brain hemispheres, thus negative means of social control keep the human species back at more primitive operating levels, whereas even now we have the innate ability to function at the mystic/visionary level as a society. Since the culture promotes closure, inertia, conflict, toxicity and impossible dilemmas, we have to transcend the culture. I have been working on the neurology, psychology, sociology, philosophy, anthropogeny, theology, physiology...exercise and training necessary to rise above the machinations of Borg culture and become who we really show up and claim our own unique center of the universe.

Becoming sovereign requires a Whole Life Overhaul:
Strong immune system, brain feeding, neurogenesis, transcending primate status brain damage, empowered endocrine system, sex hormone potency, balanced abundance of neurotransmitters, raw-remineralized diet, fasting, regular exercise, sunlight, sungazing, meditation/practices, dearmoring, creative outlet, fun, play, humor, mindfulness, compassionate-grokking, intellectual excitement, connection with the evolutionary edge, music, arts, muse, amplified dream/vision life, healing past relationships, releasing dis-ease, will to be whole, liberation of one's energies for growth, positive constructive thinking, solutions consciousness, overcoming childlike dependencies and uncertainty, learning to reparent and lovingly tend one's Self, growth of skills and inner resources, novelty and adventure, feeding one's interests, egalitarian and win/win ethos, opening the heart-prefrontal lobe connection, sovereign peers, social reinforcement of sovereign principles and Universal Law.

To become whole or sovereign you have to change the brain that creates the brain through a change of heart.