Thursday, January 14, 2010


Na'vi Dignity ~ Source cures all ills
We have established that primate power dynamics are largely maintained by negative, underhanded or shadow means. Socialized into the horror of human power dynamics means our spiritual and relational wiring becomes damaged, saddened and disillusioned. Our hearts are all but killed by belonging to the human race as it presently stands. In moving beyond this socio-psychosomatic deprivation and deterioration we have to find the strength to grow our hearts in hostile territory. If we are committed to our larger purpose in life we have to maintain our sovereign ground and draw directly from Source all that we need to become whole in mind, body and spirit.

The infantile impulse of the broken human (Borg) in us may seek restitution for the ills done against us by others, but the sovereign understands that all such attempts at groveling for dignity from the existing sick power systems are futile. We are so very relational that we often try and seek to gain personal freedom from the person, institution or “culture” that permanently imprisons us. Sovereignty is always Self bestowed. If we don't abandon ourSelf then Source, the Light and the Force are always with us. So don’t try to ask, beg, demand or force the Borg to give you sovereign dignity, for the Borg IS the antithesis of the Christ or Buddha Self and can only ever give you more of its own hell. The Borg can only devastate the human species and ravage the earth till it is a sterile lifeless rock.

If we cannot do the heroic work of rising up against the Borg in our own flesh and coming into the Self, then it makes it that much harder to others to also free themselves from the trance of Thanatos. But this is not a war of death, but a truce of love. Only the sovereign “I” through a powerful connection to Source can heal us from the infinite sneaky machinations of the Borg. The wound of separation from Source is the wound of dehumanization. As we move through the wound of dehumanization that is caught in our bodymind, the incarnation of spirit into repressed and deadened tissue may be excruciating. Growing angel wings is especially arduous, but the secret is to absorb waterfalls of light through the head to illuminate the lungs and the belly...this takes the strain off the heart...then you just close your eyes and breathe into the light.

The temple in our own heart is exemplified and reflected in the world.

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