Saturday, August 21, 2010

Humanizing the Human

I use the term human, humanizing, or humanization in the positive sense as representing the evolution towards the higher qualities of being human. This process involves liberation from pathological social conventions and the culture saturated mind. That is humanization or spiritualization is the Source recovery of the wild or cosmic human who is fully empowered and so being exhibits the noble qualities associated with aliveness, openness and love. Whereas the Borg is the unconscious, unthinking acceptance of the spoon feed cultural constructs and the disowning of ones own personal reality. The authentic “pure” human exhibits fluidity, truth and the spontaneous high energy of multidimensional being plugged into the Universe at large. The sovereign is "truth-being" while the default constructs of cultural normalization turn the unignited into a single dimensional machine with limited brain growth, truncated spirituality and vulnerable to the false reward system of the substitute gratifications composing the commercial world. The true human exhibits a tonality of Spirit where movement-wholeness-openness allow a reciprocal connection to the field of knowing (gnosis) and the receptivity to pure primordial being…(what we call soul).

"When you stop shaping your own reality someone else it doing it for you." Neil Kramer

The short way of saying this is that the Borg represents a machine-like death of the human spirit...and the consequent death of the planet, and everything we touch, through lack of cosmic integration or divine connection.

Since the foods and substances of Borg culture is how we maintain our devitalized state in order to fit into the dense material world through killing our own is through fasting that we most quickly recover our higher human sensibilities. Fasting allows for detoxification of all that blocks our receptors, and prevents the full flow of energy, consciousness and matter around the body. Once we stop our life-suspending habits we quickly rectify the cosmic being within that we have held prisoner by internalizing the outer sense of being controlled into our mechanisms of internal restraint and death. Fasting is the quickest way out of the Flatland prison into the multidimensional life of the true human, where we rediscover the complex layers of peripheral vision and telescope out to the larger perspective. Where the suffering of the separated ego “cut off” from cosmic unity is healed once and for all in the call to compassionate global dharma.

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