Monday, July 4, 2011


We have learnt from Bruce Lipton and others that cell membranes are the crystalline semi-conducting brains of the cells that are the interface of communication flows between the inner and outer worlds. It is general knowledge that the human brain is composed of more than 60% structural fat and 50% of that is DHA Omega-3 fatty acid, so it is the most important fatty acid in the human brain. But what we didn’t know was the importance of the role of DHA in the composition of the cardiolipin inner membrane to the mitochondria.

In delving into the distress and degeneration of the human species, I came to the conclusion that the decline of humanity into masses of relatively uncreative automatons pushed around by a few tyrannical masters and the collapse of the humanization process itself to be caused by the disruption of energy generation in the cell’s mitochondrial power centers. It is apparent that this dysmetabolism arose due to lifestyle and diet changes from the Paleolithic period to the Neolithic age, which ultimately lead to the loss of wholebrain function and expedited the decline into our current exploitation/deprivation mode. That is, the metabolic fatigue at the heart of our lack of individuation and sovereignty can be largely attributed to the drop in cellular energy as the fatty acid composition of the mitochondrial inner membrane was changed by the agrarian diet and the increase in omega 6 from cereal consumption, at the expense of omega 3 rich hunter-gatherer diet.

We can begin to right this energy decline by reducing cereals in our diet and avoiding omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are found in most types of vegetable oil (soybean, corn, safflower, canola etc…), while increasing the consumption of fish, fish oils and other omega-3 sources. By reconstituting the phospholipids foundations to the pyruvate transports in the mitochondrial membranes we can fire up the pure burning energy of oxy phos ATP. This along with taking cinnamon for overcoming insulin resistance and turmeric for inflammation throughout the day will stop us becoming a walking Petri dish for disease. Rectifying the cultural impact on our mitochondria will provide adequate energy for all active, flows, exchanges and movements and promote maximum metabolic efficiency. Essentially allowing us to biopsychically throw off 10,000 years of entrenched patriarchal rule by the sword. Speaking of cereal killer.

Interesting don't you think that the Paleolithic conserved the meme-brains of the mitochondria (which only carry female DNA), but when agriculture began (largely undertaken by females), then this lead to the alteration of our chemistry and brain function that ultimately lead to the subjugation of women, children, the weak, and the rape of Nature, the Earth and the Goddess. Over thousands of years we have made our meme-brains numb and dumb to the point where we wittingly harm ourselves without fear of the consequences. What was capable of the most supersensory reception of our EMF environment to the point of global scale telepathy, is now reduced to the mere knee jerk recognition of our robotic 3D world.

We are only as smart as our meme-brains are optimized as transmitters and receivers of the inner/outer continuum. By building perfected meme-brains we become transparent to God. The fact is our DNA can only respond to information arriving at the nucleus through the cell meme-brain, so quality membranes results in quality information transfer and consequently quality derepression and expression of DNA and RNA synthesis. Regeneration really is a process of re-generation once there is an improvement in communication, resources, environment and energy levels.

The reversion to less than human/humane social systems and behaviors has been greatly prolonged through the loss of physical, mental, spiritual strength associated with demineralization, cooked food, and cereal disruption of our mitochondrial function. Such that we have built a civilization that feeds on its own decomposition like a cancer. Knowing this, it is just a matter of education and the willingness to truly live to turn the Homo sapiens species back to divine communion and the laws of life. If we followed the laws of life then we wouldn't need to invest ourselves so fervently in disease. With smarts there is no need for the angel to be broken in order to fix it. It is time for us to follow the path of greatest compassion to invest in super-humanism and drop our addiction to disease. Once we work out the cultural processes that produce disease, we can learn to truly come alive.

As each of us unleashes our full cellular energy we can overcome the sadomasochistic patterns of dominance and submission that are holding the species back in a primitive, disempowered state and generating disease on all levels. With ideal ATP production to power our genius and enterprise we can begin to redeem our species karma, regenerate the earth and do the right-thing under universal law. We can even begin to know the true meaning of fun! Once full energy generation is achieved we can live a life of unity with Source, whereby all that is false and destructive falls away allowing the epigenetic de-repression of our humanity to begin.

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