Friday, August 12, 2011


Sit in the easy chair position with a bolster under your knees (or in bed). Left hand on the heart, right hand on the solar plexus. Drop the muscles at the back of your tongue and do the inner smile, engage slow gentle deep belly breathing. Get the sense you are floating weightless and pull your minds eye into your inner core. Now sense the 100 trillion cells making up your body and feel into the mitochondria within the cells. Direct gratitude and love, a deep gentle, sweetness, welcoming encouragement and unconditional blessing (beneficence) into your mitochondria…thanking them for producing the fuel that fires up your existence and lights the way. The more you direct your focus into your energy producing plants the greater they will come forth in response, to produce more energy, more clarity and greater efficiency…thereby undoing stress, dysfunction and aging at its source.

That which is loved grows stronger…this is the mothering that “derepresses” suspended epigenetic expression. The fundamental axiom of Life is that it is environment created and creates environment. We can love ourselves into incarnating a greater degree of Self by the quality of attention we give to our cells. You have to be unconditionally happy and bliss-filled to make healthy love to your mitochondria and in return, they will take you to the moon and back. Turning the light around to appreciate the organelle that drives our spaceship is the flip of the switch into hyperdrive. The body is a starship, the mitochondria are its engine room. When you tune into your engine room with conscious loving intent and gratitude (especially first thing in the morning before rising from bed) you green light yourself and liberate your energy stores for the day. This self-loving attention is contagious, and so others imbibe self-care and empowerment from our switched on self-loving bodymind.

It is interesting that if you have discombobulated your nervous system with stress (cortisol) or food that is exhausting for the body to process it is very hard to focus on the mitochondria or to conjure up gratitude. This points to the need for a stress reduction and clean-living lifestyle in order to manifest maximum ATP/light. We need high ATP levels and coherent light to generate Gamma wave frequency in the prefrontal lobes. It takes the supreme focus of Gamma wave to “touch” the mitochondria with love, hence liberate the focused attention needed for learning and memory. We literally re-member our Self through focusing the light of our attention inward.

Remember the mitochondria hold a different set of genes based on the female line, so by green lighting them, you support the epigenetic expression of genes which may have been repressed/depressed during the struggle of females within an oppositional and anti-Eros culture. During Mitochondrial meditation you can feel more activity in the right side of the brain, thus we can lift the lid placed on our feminine intelligence (intuition, empathy, synthesis, wholism, psi, visions, gnosis etc...). Freeing our feminine receptive energy from the shame of Eve and fully showing up as a force of sanity, balance, care and will to pull the human race back from the brink of destruction.

The Inner Arts are the principle form of bonding whereby we attain a deeper relationship with our Self and hence a deeper relationship with the cosmos. By establishing this primary connection we are less likely to be pulled off track into unhealthy entropic relationships that dis-integrate our integrity and waste our time and energy. The more we establish a Gamma wave meditative connection to our mitochondria, the more we build our sovereign core. Stick with the mitochondria meditation first, as you need to get a Uraeus (Gamma wave) connection to your power-plants. In the beginning this communication/communion with your mitochondria is definitely an "exercise," and as you gain success with the contact, you can feel the body do a jump or jolt, like moving through threshold levels of self-recognition or self-remembering.

Initially self-love takes an enormous effort in concentrating Presence, but the results are immediate. As well as sending gratitude to your mitochondria spend some time sending gratitude to your liver as well, for the colossal processing service it does for you. Send gratitude to any other part of the body that is troubling you to bring it back into the wholeness of the integrated starship. The Merkaba lightship is accessed through the gamma connection with the mitochondria, so build that up first.

Link the gamma wave Uraeus with the proton vectors of the mitochondrial membranes and we materialize through stargates to greater incarnation in this dimension by jumping to higher octaves in energy valence. The Mitochondria Meditation is best done first thing in the morning prior to the mask of the daily personality descending, which locks us into a habitual level of energy/consciousness associated with our past conditioning. This may be the secret to the transfiguration of the body, holy communion and the divine life.

The Mito Meditation...of gratitude toward the mitochondria is one of the best methods of installing abundance programming. Because abundance comes from appreciation for that which we already have. There must be apriori satisfaction in order to get out of deprivation consciousness, poverty, fight/flight and criminal gain. Abundance is "built" by rising beyond the neediness level and raising the body's energy and frequency to the radiant-giving level...through which gnosis, genius, synchronicity, enterprise, adventure, true fun and joy occur. Once we are in "right HUman relationship" to the universe...abundance just falls into play from the coordinating resonant energy of our own cellular gratitude and appreciation (depth).

Intra-Stellar Contact
"I was in an hour long Mitochondria Meditation session. I had non-stop jumps. I am so excited with my initial contact. In my session, I was completely naked and I was floating in the Universe. I felt the beauty of my body. I felt the breeze, the moon light, I landed on the moon and fooled around with rocks and looked down at the earth... When I visualized the cells and sent lights to the mitochondria, all the body/mind armor are disintegrated. I no longer need the usual stuff to protect me!!!!!!!!!! I am at the quantum level, I am with the Universe. The prohibition of Eros is being blasted away by my lighted mitochondria.” Debbie M

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