Sunday, September 16, 2012

Coincidentia Oppositorum


The Marriage of Light and Dark

The sovereign is the "causal origin point" to the precipitation and perception of their life and experience. Thus if we are engaging in what appears to be outside negativity or something or someone is triggering us, then the first step to realizing our causal nature is to ask what lessons are we investing our time in this experience for. As children we have less perspective, skills and capacity to deal with negative circumstances, but as we develop we evolve to the point of total responsibility for the optimization of our experience. If we cannot course correct and shift a situation towards that which is at least palatable to us (and others) then exiting the scenario is preferable than being poisoned by intractable conditions. That is, we stay with stressors only for as long as they challenge us to grow through inquiry, insight and strategy. Challenges give us an opportunity to grow stronger and as our strength grows, we can take on bigger challenges. Thus the darkside, shadow, negativity, difficulty and triggers must evolve over the course of our lives, or else it is obvious that we are in stasis and are just coasting through life without any peripheral or focal vision of where or who we are.

How we CAUSE our self-world can be readily observed in how we do NOT CAUSE our us the illusion of the world living us, instead of us living the world. We fail to get past stuffy recycling, composting, and rebounding effects until we actually put the loaded paint brush to the canvas and paint. That is our life is not doing us, we are doing our life, even if we have chosen or abdicated to not be an active participant. CHOOSING to be an active participant is the first baby step beyond being a victim of circumstance and asleep at wheel. Individuation is simply becoming who you ARE rather than a commodified resource unit for yourself and others to exploit. Thrival is not achieved through becoming a cog in a machine. True abundance is achieved by the development and expression of our genius and taking up our soul profession. Our real growth and influence is measured by our treatment of our Self. Our only real growth comes from Self-will-power.

The creative process involves questioning, insight, thought, prioritization, action, execution, and creating with intention and purpose. If we have not taken up the conscious cause of our own existence and realized that we are the CAUSE our self-world then we are still living in the hindbrain in conscious or unconscious fear. And in fear we are always a slave to happenstance rather than the master of our own destiny. If your spaceship is vulnerable to the forces of chaos, inertia, decay, delirium, delinquency and attack—then you need to up your shields, boot your core, clean your windows, raise your sails, find your coordinates and commit to your course.

Competition, whether one is top dog or bottom dog is still slave psychosis for it is a fight/flight with other for one's survival. The hindbrain has limited choices associated with animal programming hence it is reactive not creative. It lacks the frontal cortex’s ability to control behavior, plan, reason, conduct higher-level thinking and connect what we know about the world to how we behave. The ability to transcend or disembed from the hindbrain is achieved through the equanimity of gratitude. Thus appreciation, apprehension (understanding), and the capacity to be cellularly grateful for the play of light and dark allows us to develop the neurological aptitude for Fair Witnessing.

If we fall into reactive attraction and aversion we are slave to the phenomenal world and our knee-jerk responses to others. However as we build up the Presence in the Uraeus we develop the dexterity to deal with dualities and paradoxes, ambiguities, manage polarities and hold multiple perspectives without breaking down under the strain of disindentification. By focusing the mind’s eye at the Uraeus (2-3 inches in front of the hairline on the forehead) in meditation we amplify the ability to progressively process more abstract knowledge.

The frontal cortex is organized in a front-to-back systems hierarchy, with abstract decisions about action taking place in the front of the frontal lobe, while the back portion controls the capacity for concrete decisions. Damage or latency to the front area of the frontal lobe affects the proficiency for more abstract decisions of higher (decision-making) but left intact the competency for more concrete decisions and lower functions. Thus the kind of creative decision making that is aligned with higher purpose and one’s authentic nature is transcendent of the lower automatic push-pull nature of the enslaved mind, the Hindbrain or the Borg.

If the higher mind is not utilized, exercised and experienced then we automatically default to the more concrete old-brain consciousness and mechanisms, leaving vast dimensions of ourselves untapped. The noble, royal, sovereign being of self-dominion is FREEDOM…the physical embodiment of freedom, and with that comes all the positive qualities of our higher humanity, such as empathy, care, compassion, intuition, genius, vision, foresight, psi, enthusiasum, courage, flexibility, expansiveness, faith, good-will, optimism, responsibility, self-reliance, independence etc…

Freedom is required for initiation and growth into the anterior part of the frontal cortex thus our social and cultural environment necessitates a certain amount of human liberation in order to utilize the hardware and software for our deepest spiritual HUman capacities. Since we cannot rely on the outside world to provide us with the ideal conditions for our own evolution, we must actively engage in the practices, circumstances and experiences that open the gates to our higher multidimensional being. The world IS ever new, but the more we hang back in the old concrete formal operations areas of our brain, the more stuffy, tired and familiar our decision making and experience is. Thus boredom and “island fever,” if nothing else, forces us to grow.

Then when faced with an unfamiliar problem, or a situation seen through the fresh eyes of higher consciousness, activity in an anterior part of the frontal cortex leads to the discovery of abstract relationships between context and action that involve multiple levels of abstraction simultaneously. This multidimensional capability could underlie the ability to adapt behaviors based on the generalization of separate, past learning.

Whatever “spot” one finds oneself in, it is always the right spot according to one’s efforts, or one would be in a different spot. Our state, environment and conditions reflect our currently accepted limitations vs. excellence. We have arrived at this “spot” due to a series of effects and reactions, and we could map out this trail of happenstance with emotive state words like a mind map. Then it is easier for us to observe a metanarrative. Metanarrative means a "big story," sometimes referred-to as a "high level theory," or a narrative about narratives. The comprehension to “see” where we are in our life journey is a skill of sublime objectivity achieved only by the anterior frontal lobe and its talent for multidimensional abstraction. If we don’t turn on our fog lights, so to speak, we won’t be able to see where we are going, and so we might decide to sit under a tree like Rumpelstiltskin in quiet complacency, until life itself prompts or prods us onward. But by actively cultivating the neuro-development of the Uraeus we regain our enthusiasum for novelty and so seek out growth experiences.

The slave has conditioned themselves through learned helplessness to be afraid of or numb to freedom. The uninitiated flatlander has boxed themselves into a static spot with restrictions of perspective, ideology, excuses and all the great "isms."  Thus the narrative of the slave goes around and around in small circles, since the grand quest of the great unknown is left unknown. The meta-narrative of HUmanization is that enlightenment is an inside job of emancipation, egalitarianism and progressive liberation from the gravity of our lower world of competition for power and economic dominance.

The emergent principle of legitimation in society is the time to pay attention to new information. But it is not “time” persay that is the crucial factor, but time spent focusing on the clear identification of what in this ocean of information is worthy of our attention. Knowledge and decision-making is for the most part no longer based on abstract principles, but on how effective it is at achieving desired outcomes. Without the ability to hune our world to our deepest desires and passions we are forced to submit to pathological power programs of the existing status quo, which slow our neurological development to the self-initiated creative Self. Thus temporal focus must be brought to bare on the causal and transcendent fork in the road, rather than retracing over old worn out paths that lead nowhere.

The strength of sovereign community rests to a large extent in the continued striving of individuals to arrive at new views, without the need for uniformity and the totalization of opinion associated with herdmind. Sovereign legitimation must emphasize diversity and the fertile search for new answers to old questions through intellectual inventiveness thereby increasing the performativity of the overall community system. The grail of legitimization or authenticity is actively achieved through imaginatively seeking out instabilities, problems and anomalies in current ideologies to create a new playing field for the unknown. The high art of sovereignty is the metanarrative...that is the resourcefulness to edit one's narrative to arrive at a "better" spot than the previous ones through whole-Self awareness.

The freedom to be whole is achieved through gratitude, which allows the cellular forgiveness necessary to form new and novel building blocks, data bases, pathways, networks and programs designed to develop new technologies for HUman experience.

When lying in bed, on the grass or in seated posture…feel your head to be a martini glass. When you do this your ears will pick up and you will become very cognizant of your temporal lobes. Now from the base of your pelvis pull your energy up through the body and out the crown chakra in a fountain. Keep the martini glass and fountain sensation going while slow belly breathing and feeling unconditional freedom in every cell and fiber of your being. Sovereignty is freedom. The freedom to BE. Sovereignty is the temple of Being in the Heart. Sovereignty is synonymous with coming alive!

A HUman is a nonBorg human. That is one that has ignited and is utilizing their anterior frontal lobes and has access to the full spectrum of the light hues available to the Homo sapiens species at this present time. Thereby accessing spiritual traits and capacities that enable a vastly higher achievement and personal growth beyond mere socialized expectations and values. To get to that degree of purity, harmony and excellence requires that we overcome the negative traits that arise from the poverty of spiritual development. Spirituality encompasses the ecological, physical, vital, mental, emotional and social accomplishments and conditions. One aid to assisting the development of the HUman is to tone HUUUUUU. This resonates in the sinuses, clears out the brain steam, rebounds in the crystal chamber, cleans the brain and enlivens the frontal lobes. Hear it

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