Thursday, August 21, 2014

TRANSCENDING POVERTY MENTALITY many ways is all in the in socialized poverty. 

When we are born into poverty mentality and it gets reflected back to us from all around us, from the media and the government, it is hard to envision anything else BUT scarcity, deficiency, debt and taxation. But poverty mentality is a delusion. It doesn’t even relate to the natural abundance all around us and the unlimited creative potential for wealth and well-being in all good things of life. At anytime you can look outside the box of your time, place and history, see the greater world and know what it takes to bring heaven into being. Heaven is that condition beyond scarcity mentality and helplessness. Abundance arises from that sense of completeness and unity that is prior to our delusion of poverty and deficiency.

Poverty mentality arose as a chronic condition because we lost our aboriginal soul when we aligned with the exploitive patriarchal or war-culture. The primate Alpha dominated pecking order generates a Leviathan, or demigod of culture as a whole, that acts as a "child eater." In other words, the extrapolation of the sadomasochism of animal dominance and submission generates an omnivisereal force, "a sea monster" that oppresses the cosmic genius and the joyful expression of humanness of "most" individuals within that civilization. On every level governmental, economic, social, the physical body, on down to the subatomic and the Unified Field, power abuse distorts the Phi and Flow of Eros.

Circumstances of childhood poverty and chronic stress may lead to problems with emotional regulation and an increased activity in the amygdala, in adulthood. The brain damaging effects of Poverty in childhood could arise from a myriad of causes such as substandard housing, crowding, noise, and social stressors like parental disharmony, family turmoil, violence or family separation, scarcity mentality, lack of learning skills in planning, forecasting, strategy, lack of positive emotions like hope, faith, awe, gratitude, sibling rivalry, nature deprivation, lack of learning resources and intellectual enrichment, possible impact on childhood friendships, inadequate nutrition, plus enforced silence, repression and denial rather than talking out problems and fears. The culture of Hindbrain power feeds on fear and disease and relegates light, love and joy into a contagion of dark diminishing returns.

Having grown up in self-defeating, poverty-minded homes, the presovereign adult may be inclined to undervalue play by being too focused on scarcity and limitation. Being a wage slave barely gives us enough money to live and so the tendency may be to give up play as being unnecessary to survival. The anamnesis or self-forgetting of the spiritual domain, the foundation of existence, The Source, constitutes a sexospiritual nuturing of the species. Having lost the thread of divine providence we then have to prostitute ourselves for wages to pay the taxes, tariffs and the endless purchases necessary to belong to the death cult.

Poverty is most often crippling to the genius of the Muse, largely through lack of resources for experimentation and time wasted in menial/mindless employment, without the space and energy to explore our greater purpose in life. Poverty also keeps us back in the Hindbrain locked into the mediocre, scarcity mentality, competition, Me, mine and the mundane. Poverty mentality is a self-reinforcing feedback loop, because as long as we remain in a non-creative state, we are separated from the Muse that would manifest the providence by which we would extricate ourselves out of poverty mentality. Our sovereign work is too important to waste our lives earning a living. If we didn't get so stressed earning a living, we could make billions getting a life. Right livelihood brings about the Surplus Socioeconomy rather than the Scarcity Economy. The Surplus Socioeconomy is the high road into the future, of fathomless inner resourcefulness.

I am lucky to have had a vision of a thousand years hence, which makes me impatient with the retarded level we are now operating at. However...since we cannot be responsible for awakening others...we must turn our attention fully to awakening, en-joying and enthusing ourselves. Only then does our world change, and by changing ourselves, we gift the world with change. Those who have not yet found themselves and their Muse often tend to try to "find themselves" and create a sense of self through over-extending themselves to others. In allowing or supporting others in their presovereign infantile poverty mentality we give ourselves a false sense of maturity and control. It is poverty mentality to play it small, to be a doormat and to mother others into incompetency.

Those who were sexually abused as children know full well what a breach of our sovereign integrity is. It is a wound that perpetually bleeds throughout our lives, never fully healing. An inestimatible waste of energy, life and potential. Such wounding however prepares us for the ongoing insults to our dignity and sovereign integrity through living in the Borg world (of parasites, predators, bullies, subversives, seductives). Gandhi said that poverty is violence. Just as an abuser violates us when denigrating our sovereign boundaries, so too to we violate ourselves when we fail to acknowledge the infinite wealth of our soul and the enormity of our cosmic contribution. —James DeMeo's Saharasia is the largest and most in-depth scholarly study on human behavior and social violence around the world.

Sovereignty means overcoming poverty mentality and to do that we must deal effectively with the dragon. I am using the term "dragon" here in the negative sense of the Hindbrain's addiction to power due to its abdication, negation or denial of sovereign empowerment. In this sense the dragon is disgruntled, disruptive and violent because it is trapped in the hot, steamy, autonomic unconscious. Basically when we fail to take up the sword of clear light…"the cool blue steel of the conscious capacities of cognition," both our dragon and the dragon of others gets the better of us. Sovereignty is feeling the freedom of infinite possibility beyond the gravity of negative power and toxicity.

Although I have tolerated my share of toxic people through my own lack of spine, I am now determined to face the dragon, question the dragon, ask the dragon why it behaves as it does, then to turn my back on the dragon and to give it no further energy. We do no one any favors by allowing their dragon to chew on us, and we certainly don't do ourselves any justice if we allow our own dragon to eat us up. There is no security in binding ourself to people who see us as less than we are. Toxic bonds breed only disempowerment and disease. When engaged in entropic relationship we are not even disappointed, because we know we are only holding ourselves back using other people as swamps, anchors and prison walls. The point is to invest in what you want, and not simply put up with that which you don't want.

Look the dragon in the eye.
Question the dragon.
Understand why it behaves that way.
Act like a Hero.
And create the life of your dreams.

Just as we negate, deny and resist our own sovereignty, we also negate, deny and resist our own inner wealth. In a commodified culture we were taught we are only worth what we can offer in services or resources. Ideas, feelings, sentiments, visions, dreams, psychic abilities and telepathy...and atunement to the cosmos are ridiculed as empty childhood toys. When in actuality it is these internal gifts that supply richness, meaning and indeed they constitute our capacity to be human. Thus as we forego our humanness, we sacrifice true wealth in all its forms. The terminally deprived state is one of addiction to "everything." There is no freedom or conscious choice in that...thus the Borg is doomed to perpetual infancy, flitting from one hopeful substitute to other, never finding satisfaction, but only pain, numbness and oblivion.

Generation upon generation we break our children instead of making them. We clip their wings and inflict our own self-hatred onto them. Poverty mentality begins in the sex act itself, the progeny of which "belong" to their captives, and act like good little Stockholm babies who employ silence and learned helplessness in order to glue the family together in mutual dysfunction and self-destruction. This may sound overly harsh, and yet the more we face hard truths, the quicker we free ourselves from the chains of eons of betrayal of sovereignty and the sacred HUman.

As soon as we get a glimmer of who we really are beyond the fog of war and separation, we step onto the road to healing from the post-traumatic-stress disorder and scarcity economics of the patriarchal rape culture. To survive we must recover our humanity and create a tribe. The universal grace puts us in touch with our miraculous life-path, to touch also our spiritual family and to meet the challenge of world change, from the inside out. Beyond the petty power plays, the sovereign lives in the Kingdom of Heaven within, thus is Fair Witness and midwife to the emergent wisdom of re-evolution and guardian of Life and the progress of the Universe! Heaven is that condition beyond scarcity mentality and helplessness.

When we abandon our soul no amount of riches can make us feel secure!
Borg fatigue…of being a witness to the destruction of humanity and the earth cuts to the core. Having compassion for our own hypersensitivity and sense of helplessness allows for a space to heal within the onslaught of aversive sensory data. When the thing that is stressing us is beyond our capacity to control, we are a candidate for conditioned defeat, learned helplessness and depression. Learned helplessness occurs when an organism forced to endure unpleasant, aversive or painful stimuli, and then becomes unable or unwilling to avoid subsequent encounters with such stimuli, even if they are escapable, presumably because it has learned that it cannot control the situation.

Positive play, that is not mere escapism, is the elixir of youth and the greatest source of inspiration for productivity and happiness. But some of us just keep plugging away at harsh survival, wasting away while fantasizing about a more exciting life. However when it comes to play-avoidance, lack of money is a poor excuse. What really is occurring is a lack of self-respect and a failure of the imagination. With sovereign distance or transcendence from The Given conditions we can move on to the ultimate form of exploration…visionary play

Boredom and complaining masks such disgruntled passivity and laziness that we never set out to explore the realm of possibility. The passive-aggressive anger of the disenfranchised acts like a consolation prize to those too feeble and neglectful to try anything new. Perhaps we can make whining an art-form, but really the expression of helplessness doesn't make us more empowered, it just dissipates tension and turns others off. Zen Gardner calls for a ruthless kind of compassionate warrior...meaning we don't have time to mess about namby pambying ourselves or others. If we consider ourselves already dead, that is let go of our known self-world, we can become fully alive. Fight the leviathan and "it has you in its grasp." It is more effective to make yourself stronger fighting by creating the world you want, rather than fighting against that which you feel is holding you down.

Exercise, especially intense bursts of strenuous exercise, provides stress resistance, anxiety relief and prevents learned helplessness. Since uncontrollable stress and existential doom interferes with our motor coordination and motivation exercises helps to overcome the dissociation and psychological dislocation associated with being a witness to the hard truth of human existence.

Toxicity equates with helplessness and futility. The more toxic we become (on cooked food and poisons), the more helpless we feel and so we look at the world through a veil of shit. Fasting is one of the fastest ways to reboot...fasting, meditating, exercising and camping in nature gives us a fresh start. The senses need recharging in nature in order to be renewed and re-enthused (refilled with God). We become myopic, apathetic, languid, disgruntled, dissociated and depressed when the time we spend indoors usurps the time we spend outdoors.

The lower down the spiral we go the greater the poverty mentality because there is less hope, faith, vision and range of skills for dealing with the reality of causality. We see therefore, the need to find others with a similar passion for depth, and to join up with sovereigns around the globe to ultimately create a new society that is not toxic to humanization and the evolution of consciousness. Abundance or “spiritual potency” is a life lived true to sovereign intent, for only the sovereign has enough transcendent or resilient command over tuning their own frequency - to access the stellar powers of truth and fecundity in the real earth of the belly.

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