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The pitfalls on the road to sovereignty represent various methods we use as individuals and collectively to avoid the challenges to growth of the soul and the spiritual life.

• Self-Hatred—The number one impediment to sovereignty is the self-hatred that gets in the road of the compassion (8Hz) necessary to dissolve the encrustated inertia and resistance we call the ego. Distorting or rejecting reality with regards to self, or other is always a form of self-hate. Self-hatred suspends growth and maturity at the age level that the punitive eye of awareness was first turned most fiercely against the self. “Emotional well-being and relative freedom from destructive inner turmoil are directly proportional to energy and substance used in the service of compassion.” P.5, Compassion and Self Hate: An Alternative to Despair by Theodore I. Rubin. This must be the definitive book on the subject of self-hate, so though it is the most important factor to overcome on the road to sovereignty I will leave it up to Theodore to cover this aspect for me.

• Stockholm Syndrome—This involves misplaced loyalty to an abusive patriarchal figure (“protector”) due to fear damage in the self-making centers of the brain, which otherwise would produce an objective distain or distancing from the abuser. Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response sometimes seen in abducted hostages, in which the hostage shows signs of loyalty to the hostage-taker. Entire countries can be spiritually abducted and held hostage in this way through infantile dependency generated by stun damage to the reptilian brain…such as evident in USA after 911.

• Servile Minionhood—Survival stress produces a regression into infantile lust for outer-authority, out of a misplaced projection of the need for protection. But evolution requires us to go in the opposite direction toward differentiation, maturity, self-responsibility, sovereignty, self-ignition and passionate self-authorship or self-origination. This parental projection manifests as a tendency to regress to “good little boy or girl” behavior in order to garner approval and “security.”

• Impinging Meta-structures—Lack of sovereignty has become a perennial issue due to the theft of “the right to divinity of each individual” within power-over pyramidal societies whose members are entranced into following traditions and philosophies that were built for the express purpose of enslavement, control and exploitation. To become sovereign within meta-structures that deny sovereignty you have to transcend the cultural trance and dig much dipper for the answers than those given to your by the controllers or surrounding society.

• Depth Incongruency—Humanity is going through a kind of crisis of "shallowness made apparent" by the swelling that it is more and more apparent that flatland doesn't cut it for a human life, and yet we don't know how to make the connection, community, culture that would truly sustain us as the cosmic-genius that we really are. The good thing is that we are now too awake to abandon ourselves anymore, which is the first step to change.

• Projected Resistance—Sovereignty is hampered by the phenomena of projected resistance...where our own laziness to change—backed by a good dose of anger and self-hatred—is projected onto the vast hoards of ignorant masses—whereupon we insist that they wake up and change - so that we feel that we can accomplish the necessary changes with ease. This projected resistance to change needs to be studied so that language and pathways out of this quagmire can be established. It is of course infinitely easier to just change ourselves and to give up trying to save the world...thereby building self-respect and relieving the terrible tension of evangelism, martyrdom and the Messianic Complex.

• Lack of Cosmic Roots—Since the world still largely operates on original sin, cup-half-empty, and power-over, we must center our self-worth and emotional equilibrium in a frequency of cosmic well-being and Gaian attunement that is transcendent of the human domain and socialization. This is how we can have a positive spiritual awakening while exposed to the negativity in our community and in the current zeitgeist. Through the power of the mind illuminated by the heart we must steer our whole being toward the Light.

• Resistance to Blackening Stage—Every thought and action has a personality and soul...that is why we are called human "beings." We are not one thing, but a process of being and becoming. There is a stage of purification during the inner alchemy associated with a period of blackening and decay of that which impedes the become ever more transparent to the fire of spirit. If we resist the letting go, rotting and die-off stages we fail to grow to the next step beyond our current adaptation to reality.

• Dissociative Abstraction—The ultimate electromagnetic healing device is the human heart. And yet we go through all manner of ordeals, privations, expense and lengths to try and heal ourselves and others with gadgets, pills and ministrations…while the secret healer (wholer) lies within us all along. I think it best to go back to natures healing energies prior to man’s inventions...which are always a little or a lot OFF and skewed with agendas and ulterior motives.

• Judgment Armageddon Phobia—Children brought up under authoritarian rule who are not given license to a will or spirit of their own, but remain as extensions of their parents ego…forever subliminally anticipate judgment, punishment and injustice lorded upon them out of a need for some sense of control and heightened reality. That is, if we have not fully claimed our “center” we forever desire to be led, fed, told what to do, controlled and abused…representing an unconscious lust for prepubescent victimhood.

• Self-Abusive Superego—The shadow parents within may be willing us to endure the closure of culture into a fascist regime and the rape, pillage and plunder of humanity and the planet by Big-Farming, Big-Pharma, Big-Oil, Big-GMO, and Big-Chemo. But this will never happen if we can dig deep within our dark shadowed nature to root out all that is standing in the way of our eternally sovereign soul. Our nobility lies within, not in climbing the status ladder given to us by a hierarchical pyramid society.

• Abdication of Sovereignty—In conventional society people fiercely fight their sovereignty in an effort to “belong” to a protector daddy system that is screwing them blind. But it can only go on like this for a few more years, whereupon “sovereignty” itself will become the great creator drive. Then things may become interesting. Under the externalized power systems existence is incredibly boring for there is no love or connection, only fear, usury and manipulation. A hate of self-origination itself is propagated by a type of angry fascist paranoia, or fear of thinking outside of the conventional established program.

• Misplaced Need For Guidance—We will be ruled by shadow authorities to the degree that we are ruled by shadow parents within that infuse our experience with a deeply embedded sense of self-hate, guilt, shame and fear of punishment. We do not even need to have had tyrannical parents to harbor within us a censor that is righteousness, dictatorial, self-diminishing, self-doubting, critical and cruel. To give ourselves a break we need to remember the insubstantial and supercilious nature of the critical ego/superego and that it is our own worst enemy.

• Depersonalization and Blockage of Flow—It is "punitive" judgment that is the toxic agent for it stops the flow of Eros and the unity between inner and outer. Predatory authoritarian systems create depersonalization and dissociation, and lead to a loss of sovereignty unless the status-anaesthetization chemistry is fought against and the soul establish despite invasive forces. Life is a sovereign flow from Source. So whenever we are stagnant, stuck or regressing as individuals or cultures, there is some aspect of sovereignty we have failed to address. Eros and Muse that is not allowed to flow freely turns to cancer, self-hatred, anxiety, depression, addiction and the collapse of body, mind, soul, community…and ultimately the collapse of civilization.

• Spiritual Escapism—Forget about spirituality as is a red herring. Consider remineralization, rawfood, exercise, right-livelihood, community building, permaculture, art, philosophy and science...then spirituality is taken care of naturally without any unnatural focus. That is, focus on the causes of our physical, mental, emotional pain...and then we are bought into alignment spiritually. We tend to use spiritual ideology as an aspirin instead of doing the actual work of living a human life that needs to be done. Inspiring Teachers on youtube include David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousens, Brian Clement, Nassim Haramein, Dan Winter, Andrew Faust, David Holgrem.

• Spiritual Immunity—Spiritual immunity is composed of physical, emotional and social immunity and is key to centering and self-direction. Few people are born with a strong sense of it, but it can be achieved by mindful intent, dearmoring and deconstriction of the flow of light (communication/communion). Spiritual immunity is the experience of high states of love, centeredness, certainty, self-confidence, clarity, peace, enjoyment, humorousness and playfulness. Immunics involves releasing reactivity to other people’s opinions (vibes) in order to "create the new," along with heightened stress relief, self-value, self-validation and experience of the pure unadulterated Self.

• Fear of Ridicule—Exclusion from the house of power is a profound subconscious fear, which is laid into the primary wiring playing off the fear of abandonment by parents. By putting down others this helps our ego feel special and unique. Ridicule is an expression of fear. We often see people ridicule other people who in some way appear to be different from them. We often tend to cling to our fears because we have identified with and defined ourselves by them. Knowing this we can feel sorry for those who ridicule us rather than fearing them, for they are weak and scared and do not yet love themselves.

• Divide and Conquer—Those at the top spread fear and scarcity consciousness in order to keep a sense of their importance as “protector” and to keep populations divided against themselves. Anthropogenic meta-awareness defuses the hypnotic power of the attack machine that is set up to impose consensus reality. Generating survivalist mode doesn’t stimulate the economy, it just shuts down the generosity and R & D in a society. Abundance, security and unity comes from feeding the cyclic fertility processes of nature and becoming one with cosmic intelligence or wisdom.

• Borderline Disorder Epidemic—The main feature of borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a pervasive pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships, self-image and emotions. Maturation towards adulthood and self-responsibility is suspended. Self authority fails to crystallize due to the perpetual movement and blurring of boundaries of relations within the self-system prevents ego from being defined, creating an ambiguity of intention. Sovereignty, if you will, is like the opposite of borderline disorder...and BPD is caused largely by PTSD. So sovereignty is the reclamation of Self above and beyond the damage inflicted by present, past and future sociological dangers. Hence the importance of the Golden Rule.

• Silence in the Morgue—It feels disrespectful to the Muse to even try to express ones creative process...because even we don't know how it is done, though we are given a taste of why it is done. We sense the derision of Flatlanders and those that would “kill” the perception and expression of a higher, deeper, unfathomable reality…and so silence and the patient execution of our Art, “regardless” of its acceptable in the world, is the safest stance to keep in the land of the Borg. The path of the muse is the realization of our hidden potential.

• Buoyant Boundaries—When sovereign we do not define ourselves as the opposite of that which we don't like. We just want to get on with creativity, construction, exploration, and adventure... Interest in what the other guys are doing drops off, the fight goes out, indignation and rebellion are no more. Only building of the ever new becomes important. Live and let live within the Multiplicity. It is a waste of energy to describe how we are different from the other guy…sovereign energy wants to move with more constructive intent.

•Unrealistic Expectations of Acceptance—In a world of professional protectionism, outer authority, and hierarchically condoned power and control, we can seldom give our gift or speak our truth without attracting ridicule and incredulity. For once people have lost touch with their senses and psi, and are disconnected from soul, Gaia and cosmos they look to badges of orthodoxy from the power-pyramid for evidence as to what to "trust" as truth. It is usually pointless trying to casually enlighten those caught in the matrix maze with the products of one's original thought and Muse, because they are not yet familiar with their own divine inspiration or self-origination. Instead it is better to put together a package of applied truth within a creative project or performance and present that as a polished artifact...a reasonably finished ideogram. Then to step back and distance oneself from the audience response, and to find social satisfaction and support within ones own meme family, without placing unrealistic expectations on the uninitiated masses.

• Prejudice Rules Until It Doesn’t—“The fear of the unfamiliar combined with any sense at all of vulnerability must produce at least some small, however minimal prejudice.” 195, Compassion and Self Hate, by Theodore I. Rubin. A societal structure based on external confirmation of self-worth must be fear based. Just as in primate tribes, fear based societies are organized through difference, separation, exclusion, socio-economic clicks and prejudice. Only when we are initiated into post-animal, spiritual or compassionate awareness can we rise above these automated programs of fear and prejudice.

• Blaming “Them”—We disempower ourselves through finding the source of our failure to be outside of ourselves in the form of an “-ism” “-itis” or “them.” Often we use external figments as excuses for not pushing into and through our fear of success. It is far easier to complain and blame than it is to do what it takes to manifest our dreams and realize our hidden potential. Blaming is an act of self-abandonment and denial. When we are unsovereign we tend to blame others for our problems and how we feel, as a means of protecting ourselves from the unconscious pain of the core wound of self-abdication and having to do something about it.

• Autonomous Complexes—If we don’t have a sovereign operational muse and original thought…then we are likely to be little else but possessed by unconscious complexes…that is, generally composed of mere reactivity to what the world would make of us. We are a species possessed by autonomous complexes, because pyramid societies act to dehumanize people, and sovereignty is the essence of what it is to be human. Without sovereignty we are automatons blindly engaged in reactive compulsions over which we have little control…because we cannot stand outside of our automated self with the focused power of the unique self-originating perspective.

• Unexamined Shadow—Few are doing decent shadow work, and it is shadow work and visioneering that are the two most important areas we need to focus on in the psyche now in order to not simply generate more of the same mess. The inexorable demonic power that seems like it is leading us, trancelike, into self-destruction, is unexamined shadow (demons) and unexplored light (daemon). Paul Levy and Robert A. Masters are delving into shadow with style.

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