Thursday, October 22, 2009


• Sovereign Boundaries—No need to fight your way into my heart—you are already there. You need no help, advice, direction, information or anything from me. Nothing I could give you would be of any use to you whatsoever. You are your own person—fully entitled to your absolute freedom of being—as am I and all others. You are sovereign—the center of your own universe. Born to shine forth in all your glory. Nothing you do, think, have or be is of any relevance or of use to me. I have zero claims on your personhood. You are an end in yourself. You are in fact a singularity, such that no reasons, no justification, no explanation, no commentary, no excuses need be given to validate your actions, thoughts, words, feelings or deeds. Only in the depths of our singularity and our individuality can we unify.

• Codependent Institutions—Codependency IS the lack of sovereignty. In pyramid systems we give up our rights and self-respect to cater to a preexisting hierarchy of dominance. Silence, or the inhibition of the expression of truth maintains the status quo of these systems of exploitation. All pyramid systems maintain themselves through conscious and unconscious means of suppression and favorism. Thus most religious training is about the loss of individualism in the service of the head honcho or the power and position of the church (or State). Evolution is about the development of the sovereign individual, while the traditions of codependency are holding the species back in infantilism and preventing the expression of the extreme pain that the loss of soul-freedom causes.

• Exploitive Leadership—As soon as we became pack animals...hierarchy became a part of our social chemistry. In the past it may have had a place to play in selective breeding, the safety of the clan and social stability. But we have to question the validity of a hierarchical structure itself if it acts to suppress human evolution, when we now know that social evolution is the only thing that will save our species and the planet. If we are to have benign leadership it must be universal and Godly as it has never been before.

• Default Meta-Hierarchies—It appears that capitalism, socialism, communism and fascism are all default structures that disregard true human needs and the evolution of humanity. We have yet to create a polis-structure that ennobles and enables the human condition. Until the individual is encouraged to rise to their full sovereign power our civilizations will tend to degenerate the humanizing principle. Thus the structure of society we live in will tend to be adverse to our highest well-being...therefore we will have to fight our own tendencies to comply to self-diminishment and fight the existing sociosphere in order to BE all that we are.

• Hobbling Emotions, Beliefs, and Self-Images—Guilt and shame are an emotional indulgence that enables us to remain immature and avoid feeling worthy enough to have the experience we feel is reserved for better, more real people. Another spiritual block is the combination of self-pity and fear, which is just a manifestation of resistance to working deeper. These problems of narcissistic fear are overcome by rising above mediocrity and the unconscious false-safety of codependency, and going up the scale of evolution to differentiation, soul-muse contact, original thought, innovation, and subsequent creativity. The inner parent (pilot) must be trained to encourage, reassure, compliment, assist, acknowledge, attend, celebrate, harmonize, organize, accommodate, articulate, assimilate and integrate. For if we can’t love ourselves nobody will.

• Political Mesmerization—The uninitiated look for their center, worth and power through an outside source in the form of a glamorous idea, idol, icon, individual or institution. This externalization of control leads to disempowerment and a lack of integration and spiritual maturation of the brain, such that creativity and original thought is reduced...effecting a spiritual paralysis and unconsciousness through the hypnotism of the glamor of power. When we refuse to claim our own power we project it onto a parental protector figure in order to feel like a special, cared for child. However we each can become our own protective parent, whereupon true security and providence enrich our lives from the inside out, so we can actively set about creating a new vision…a new world...and a new end game.

• Infantile Needs and Expectations—Raging at others who fail to return our love or attend to our needs and wants, is wasted raw energy that can be turned into the service of self-development, self-satisfaction, self-origination, creativity and manifestation. In building a syntropic, regenerous world we may find we have to push ahead on our own, without expecting others to come along with us. On our achievement of new projects and new levels of being, we may then inspire others to join in the game…and yet we cannot push or even anticipate that they will do so. As we perfect our trip, we may find others along the journey that want to join us in our travel plans. Perhaps the glue that will tie future societies will not be need or want, so much as teleophilia or soul-creativity…the merger of like minds and souls.

• Indigestion of Social Stress—The faster we learn the lesson that each human interaction offers us, the faster we can "let the people go," and get on with our lives. Even when a relational transaction is toxic, such as when we are duped into unhealthy social exposure or circumstance, we can still apply a degree of uplifting art and science in negotiating the difficulty. The self-hating coping mechanisms are things like narcotic addictions to food and substances, depression, isolation, torpor and avoidance through bingeing on entertainment...and generally sabotaging ones life. The self-loving adaptation to social stress involves cathartic exercise, raising ones vital energy and consciousness, humor and lateral-creative solutions...thus turning the stress into revelation or art.

• Hypnotic Effect of the Dominator Meme—Within hierarchical systems...where the largest, loudest ego wins...our feelings, sensations, thoughts, emotions and actions are influenced by the tyrannical other...whether the dictator be a person, institution, thought system, religion or fashion. This is so until we have made the robot-like nature of our neurological wiring conscious through tapping into our deeper sentient nature beyond the Borg. As soon as we encounter deeper structures beyond the autonomic reactive conditioning of our culture, we are initiated into who we truly are, and the pure expression our desires and feelings beyond social constraints. Life beyond the cocoon is vivid, vibrant and amusing. Only "we" can set ourselves free! But we can do so together with the conscious intention of manifesting an unadulterated consciousness on Earth.

• The Great Disconnect—The jist of our current evolutionary dilemma is that we have been born and created as extensions of our parents egos. Thus we are programmed to serve as commodities and cogs in a machine that is consuming the earth. The call to awakening involves a lifepath of pulling ourselves out of the collective bog. But because of a history of socialized fear we are deficient in the prefrontal, affirmative, self-nurturing integrative wiring necessary for precognition, envisioning and planning. With a disconnect between cerebellum, limbic and prefrontal lobes we lack the inspiration and passion...or the inner motivation to engage in purposeful self-directed action. And furthermore, as far as getting our rocks off, nobody is offering a higher alternative than the power accumulation model. However harvesting the unconscious for the riches of consciousness that have been hidden from us is the greatest, most fruitful exploration of all time.

• The Moral Tone of the Messenger—The thing that we do not fully realize as yet, is that using fear-inducing media, even with the best intentions, is counterproductive. We are consistently being warned of dire predictions on all fronts...such that ultimately we become immune to announcements of impending disaster. There needs to more of a mature, responsible overview in our journalism and communications to ensure that we are not simply getting kicks out of scaring people, while pretending to convey an "important" message. The reason why I suggest we make a conscious effort to clean up our media act, is that it is harmful to peoples health and well-being to be constantly dealt bad news, without simultaneously been given empowerment, action plans and resources. So rather than good or bad news, we should demand caring, helpful, meaningful and enlightening socially responsible news.

• Malcontentment—One of the principle blocks to sovereignty is malcontentment. This dissociative, disrupting condition is born of self-hatred, which operates at the chemical level to keep us out of the compassionate (8Hz) lens of being. Instead of resting in NOW we run off to the past or the future...pitting an illusionary ideal against a present that we look at with eyes of removal and distain. Closer inspection into the nature of malcontentment reveals that it can only ever breed more malcontentment, and so is one of the most insidious methods of self-hatred and life avoidance that we can devise.

• Fear of the Inner Life—The Inner Life is not well respected in a society that is mostly comfortable with externals, superficals, soundbites, covering up and getting along. In exploration of the soul-life and creativity individuals are largely on their own. As the results from our creative efforts are most often turned towards status, security, power, control and money...this puts constraints on the Muse...shunting the "product" of the Inner Life into strategic gain in the material world. The highest drive of the Muse however is always toward that which furthers the "depth" of consciousness toward greater truth and greater realization of reality. Thus the Borg and the Muse are at opposite ends of the spectrum of being.

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  1. Hey Jana,
    Glad you have your own blog!. . . now I can say you have been instrumental to introducing me to ppl like Nassim Haramein and Dan Winter -- whose work rings all kinds of bells for me.

    Now I can publicly say "thank you!" --I quote you now and again on my blog (

    You say, "... the structure of society we live in will tend to be adverse to our highest well-being . . . therefore we will have to fight our own tendencies to comply to self-diminishment and fight the existing sociosphere in order to BE all that we are."

    That sure rings an old bell . . . about 19 years ago I wanted nothing more than to live in a forest away from the "insanity of the world" and made great effort to do just that. Long story, but it didn't pen out -- the actual living in the forest part.

    I'm sure anyone -- whose head "lit up like the sun", during a heated word-exchange with (ex) husband (for several minutes) -- would feel the same pull away from 'society' and craved alone time.

    Sayz' you, "The highest drive of the Muse is always toward that which furthers the "depth" of consciousness toward greater truth and greater realization of reality."
    Absolutely . . . and, it's not like we can even fight the Muse's pull. Once 'activated, the Soul's will, will have its way with us.

    Now, with folks like you on the web-net and few others, the world doesn't seem as hopelesly insane.
    Great to see you here Jana:)