Sunday, July 18, 2010

Holistic Systems Orculture

As the human species awakens we are moving from a culture of fear to a culture of love. As the left brained patriarchal-hierarchal focus on technological advancement swung the mental pendulum toward the Cartesian reductionism and the mechanistic, material universe, we lost our sense of connectedness to nature, cosmos and the sacred order. Now our physical, mental and emotional pain and the eminent danger of losing our soul is waking us up to the fact that we have gone as far as we can in that imbalanced direction without wholesale systems failure. A new cosmology emerging from the sacred geometry GUT, quantum and hadronic mechanics and Unified Field Theory and we are swinging our collective lens back to a more right brained understanding of the universe. Through the matriarchal-affiliative view we see the Universe as an interconnected, nonlocal whole and an undivided circle of manifestation…even time itself is losing its linear grip.

This feminine feltsense of the nonlinear unity of all things will infiltrate all aspects of human thought and culture…if only because it is so pleasurable to do so. For division and separation without an equal unifying connecting force is spiritually painful as it bereaves the heart. It is through this great return to circle-culture that we will save ourselves from the brink of destruction and bring about a better world for all species.
Not “matter” but “Spirit” or intelligent energy fields is the a priori causal force of cosmogenesis. We are healing the human species through correcting our thought by whole brain consciousness, through compassionate intension and heart intelligence. As Homo sapiens awakens our technology will work with nature instead of against her…and we will discover what truly miraculous creatures we are, and what an awe inspiring enchanted universe it really is.

Thus agency and achievement on the one hand and gratification of affiliative needs (social hunger) on the other need to be given equal status to balance human social systems into a Orculture, organized or ordered as an orb or circle…an interconnected whole. Research into the problem of stress, coping, and anxiety has lead to a renewed appreciation of cooperation, communalism, and altruism. Chiastic structure (ring structure) is a literary term used in ancient literatures including epic poetry for inverted parallelism. We can apply the principles of music, sympathetic vibration, phi, sacred geometry along with our knowledge of the neuroscience of stress to create a society in which humans can flourish in the deepest sense of being human.

Increased awareness of the consequences of our actions and the quickening impact of the coming global warming/ice age will bring on a huge expansion in our subtle-mystical understanding of nature. This will be reflected in a deepening of the Human Kosmos and a profound actualization/liberation of the soul of the individual.

The only real security is our sovereign connection to the cosmos.

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