Sunday, July 25, 2010

Love Makes Us Whole

Love enhances brain circuits with increased dopamine, serotonin, estrogen, testosterone, oxytocin, vassopressin, anandamide and endorphins. This provides a positive biochemical reward for successful social bonding and sex, along with the associated stress reduction. The opposite chemistry to this induces closure, exclusion, rejection, competition, scarcity, defense, isolation and stress. This is why betrayal by a parent is particularly damaging to a child because the biochemistry for love and togetherness gets contorted and conflicted by the need for protection and defense from the parental figure. Caretakers in a healthy society should be installing in the child the potential for healthy bonding...for love is the primary human need after food and shelter. One can easily see how breaking the basic trust of a child could lead to a lifetime of unhealthy and unsatisfying relationships through damage to the neurology of the pleasure/motivation drive itself.

Overcoming this damage done by untrustworthy, abusive, absent, neglectful, codependent or addicted parents is the foundation of the healing work in awakening sovereignty. For we cannot become our Self if we have not died to the old parental programs and come under the stewardship of our own higher guidance...the capacity for compassionate grokking. Through developing the power of the PFC/Heart connection we have the Presence to repattern the feelings and emotions of our thoughtfield. In this unveiling we draw from our primordial blueprint prior to conditioning/memory of this life, to repattern ourself with good/God information. The sovereign self is the ab-original bodymind free from the scrambled information of dis-ease, and revelled in the temple of the soul beyond time and space. This is the deeper darker work essential to awakening sovereignty, which almost certainly requires fasting, but doesn't necessarily have to be difficult if it is done carefully and with joy, surrender and serenity. (See The Fasting Path by Harrod Buhner)

Once we are free of the old dis-eased vibratory states and suffering flesh there is no need to even forgive...because when freed of the pain of dis-ease we realize the continuum of mental and emotional illness is caused by the ignore-ance of personal sovereignty and by claiming our own we become free. Through our own unique divinity we help humanity come that much closer to the full realization of being human. As each of us recovers our deep humanity by developing our sovereignty, we help return Homo sapiens back to its noble state and heal the human condition.

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