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How to use the body to heal the mind and the mind to heal the body?

All human social structures need to be built with the intention of being as stress free and fear free as possible in order to facilitate the “higher human,” prefrontal executive functions. The primary focus of community (whether it be 2 people or 6 billion) must be an up-front appraisal of circumstances towards generating an environment that is stress free and harmonious. Low stress is essential to bringing out the best and highest in our humanity. Therefore, rather than competition and survival of the fittest, it is actually “low stress” that is the principle driver of sustainable cultural evolution. Perma-cultural harmony is our most valuable civic asset in that it creates the greatest coherency and humanization. Autopoeitic spiritual community is synonymous with low stress or high coherency, because low stress provides the coherency of consciousness needed to tap into our depth potential from which all Good, Truth and Beauty emerges. Once the pathological need for neg-power is eliminated we see that all areas of human need are best served by the reduction of unnecessary stress. Stress tends to snowball thus our social structures must be designed and organized around a stress-reduction coefficient. Low stress/high coherency maximizes efficiency, direction, spontaneity, synchronicity, autopoeisis and creative energy. But we cannot be all we can be if our socio-environment is permanently pulling us down. Higher civic design therefore is centered around stress reduction and biological enhancement as the foundations of purposeful and meaningful mystic community.

The primary principle of sovereignty is that “productive thinking” is the positive solution to the inertia of conformity. Although it is well-established that vulnerability to negative emotion is associated with attentional bias toward aversive information, it equally true that focusing attention towards the positive can improve emotional vulnerability. Our sovereign spiritual practices have to be not only self-transcendent (that is release the past), but also culturally and anthropogenically transcendent. That is, practices, ways of being and lifestyle that return the bodymind to its coherent Flow state. This involves mental and emotional self-management techniques that intentionally quieten the mind, shifting one’s awareness to the heart area and focusing on positive emotions, embrace and inclusion. Always the first person we must “include” is our Self…for we have to come back to our own sovereign ground in order to extend that “embrace and Presence” to others. The quintessential accomplishment of the Tao is apriori stillness, it vaporizes the individual's participation in any false paradigm.

Life-closure: Perturbations, deformations or mind viruses are the root cause of negative emotions that short circuit the integration of the whole human and adversely impacts the body's energy system. Strip away the broken, hypervigilant, controlled, guilt, fear, problems, anger and resentment, repression, despair, never enough, double binds. In order for us to continue to 'undo' these errors, we must unknow ourselves and dissolve into the Mystery and stop operating within the conceptual framework of these misinterpretations.

Life-opening: Raising energy, movement and stretches unblocks or balances the flow of Chi, retuning the thought field and the subtle energy channels. Synchronicity, joy, passion, play, new wiring, empowering circuits, life-supporting protocols, brain entrainment, healthy brainwaves, breathing, coherence, healthy epigenetics, being present. The still mind of perfect purity is the living center from which we witness the true dynamic nature of the Creator creating. In the non-act of absolute surrender, the melodramatic cage is shattered along with the stagnant humdrum of banal existence and the quiet desperation of conformity. "The more you trust, the more the whole takes care." Maitreya Ishawara

That which is Real can never be broken. In the evolutionary paradigm of being fully human the primacy of sovereignty is absolute. The seed crystallization of the indwelling consciousness from which all creation emerges is inextricably self-contained and infinitely unique. It is this timeless value of the miraculous star child we each bring to the round table of the collective. Focus on what is Real and the rest will fade away. The visionary faculty comes naturally to all humans when they are relaxed enough. “Life creates itself in delirium and is undone in ennui." E. M. Cioran (Decay, p14)

“One's regret is that society should be constructed on such a basis that man has been forced into a groove in which he cannot freely develop what is wonderful, and fascinating, and delightful in him - in which, in fact, he misses the true pleasure and joy of living.” Oscar Wilde, The Soul of Man Under Socialism

ENERGY IMPECCABILITY—To become sovereign, we must stop leaking mental energy and attention and ensure that all our energy transactions result in elevating emotions to increase our energy bank balance. Once we take ownership of our personal energy and value it more highly, we no longer let it slip away chasing neurotic contrivances and compensations. When we are committed to improving our vital energy and gaining energy impeccability, then we slowly become aware of the debilitating pre-sovereign habits that keep us operating at a more primitive and self-defeating level. When we are not grounded in sovereignty, relationship involves trading, extortion and manipulation to get our deprivation needs met. This is a sum zero game…we end up spending more energy trying to fill the ever widening hole in the self. If your fellow game partners are committed more to sovereignty than to power-over attempts to control, then communication about the pain involved in competition and codependency may slowly build the social ground for meeting needs on a “spiritual playing field” where energy and consciousness naturally builds through life-appropriate investment. Without a strong sense of self, a spiritual center, then distractions and emotional fixations take over. To be sovereign is to be free of the addiction to escapist culture and to become a master of subtle energy socioeconomics.

FLIGHT OF THE SOUL—Physio-symbolically where the wings of flight the root of personal agency and power in the world. How can we break through our coping strategy, our cage of neurosis in order to fly, and thus enter into ecstatic relationship with existence? Perhaps focusing on the shoulder "flight" girdle as a daily practice will help us crack through the subconscious castration of our spiritual wings. I imagine that once this wing clipping is actively disengaged we become every more empowered and liberated from the contortions and perversions of human social reality. Thus taking the hold off our energy battery and allowing our will to function in a more forthright manner, with less resistance and we ourselves would be more "defined," purposeful and ready for "action." When we fail to differentiate and make a stand for ourselves in the world...when we fail to show up, we are so butted around by our own reactivity to phenomena that it is hard to gain the "ground of will" or presence of mind in order to "take self-determined flight." Life is free, release it!
(*See Growing Spiritual Wings in exercises).

KNOW THYSELF—"Other" cannot know us unless we show ourselves as we truly the fullness of our spiritual expression. While our wings remain clipped we are “restrained,” and our complicity in being “less than we are” reduces or puts an end to our individual rewards, privileges, rights and direction. If we have not initiated and carried through with our own spiritual flight, this aborts our free will and consequently inhibits the mature development of our sovereign daemon’s destiny. Resulting in the perversion and contortion of our “life” and the suppression of our breathing, oxygen use and the entire metabolism of consciousness in the body…through which we digest the inner/outer realities and form our trajectory through life. The arms and heart are the organs of relationship, and they must be strong and open in order to be free enough to engage in relationships that serve our dharma/purpose/meaning. As a sovereign we must first focus on our talents, arts, skills, contribution...then if the relationship aids and furthers the expression of who we are and where we are going, then it is likely to be healthy. If a relationship wastes energy and diverts your trajectory in the world, then you are using the relationship to hold yourself back from full flight.

BREAKING LOOSE—The immortal Terrence McKenna, in his outstanding “Psychedelic Society,” talk on youtube said…Human decency or “liberation” is the resonance or anticipation of a perfected future. We transform by attempting to live as far into the perfected future as possible…a visionary flight of the Heart. We can will the perfected future into being by becoming a microcosm of the perfected future, and by no longer blaming outside people, institutions or hierarchies of control. He said that only through the marriage of the masculine (Sky-Father) and the feminine (Earth-Mother), can the alchemical perfection of a new form of humanity arise, and that it is incumbent on us to personally “act” in this regard. And that we acquire this higher order of freedom by virtue of applying attention to the “Art of Being”…beyond our geographically localized grids of fate that make us what we are, but don’t want to be. In the externalization of the soul and the internalization of the mind - through a triumph of imagination and self-evident gnostic truth, we can create a new language to express a new reality beyond the fascist material flatland and create a sacralized secular humanist society on earth for the first time.

THE FLIGHT OF ANIMA (ANIMATION)—The anima and animus are described by Jung as elements of his theory of the archetypal collective unconscious. In the unconscious of the male, it finds expression as a feminine inner personality or “anima.” Conversely in the unconscious of the female it is expressed as a masculine inner personality or “animus.” The anima represents the totality of the feminine psychological qualities (recessive/receptive) while the animus signifies the totality of the masculine psychological qualities (dominant/agentic). Jung said that "the encounter with the shadow is the “apprentice-piece” in the individual's development...while encounter with the (receptive) anima is the “masterpiece.” Jung viewed the anima process (of integrating the recessive right-brain function) as being the source-field of creative actualization.

UNIVERSAL MORALITY IS FREEDOM (MOKSHA)— Instead of warring of opposites...the great alchemical opus is achieved by the lovemaking of opposites. Unless there is a true marriage of the left (masculine) and right (feminine) functions of consciousness, there is no universal morality. The discombobulated left brain consciousness without the emotional integration and empathy of the right can only follow the “rules” — rules of which in a left brain schismed culture deny the full human and are always geared toward the accumulation of power-over and the suppression of the whole human and enchanted cosmos. The life destroying competition of the mechanistic worldview can only reign free when universal morality doesn’t. Until humanity really groks this, we will always be our worst enemy. To become universally moral is to progressively transcend “conditionality” or the Pavlovian dynamics of the given and the determined. Universal morality through the felt-sense of right and wrong (attained via the alchemical marriage of the hemispheres, charges, sexes and poles) offers us once and for all – freedom from the terror and shaming tactics of the lower stages of being human. Cosmic pleasure is the meter of our adherence to truth (Satya), cosmic morality and moksha (release, enlightenment, to let loose).

PLEASURE PRINCIPLE—Cosmic pleasure is the door to the Self. Pleasure, in the highest sense of the word, is the reward for participating in the good (God). It is only when our pleasure wiring, senses and responses get hijacked by the false, the saccharine and the excessive that we run into problems of addiction, avoidance, denial and complicity with all that destroys life, meaning and humanness. Unity, or alignment with the Universal groove results in infatigable, inexhaustable, undefeatable bliss. This bliss is the compass of com-passion that supports right living in our everyday existence. The pleasure of the bliss-compass can orient us towards the direction in which we wish to go, to recover the art of living, and lead us towards a peaceful and contented existence. The Bliss of Nirvana, euphoria, exalted felicity, heavenly joy, the highest degree of happiness…IS the very essence of meaning and purpose in being truly human. Bliss is alignment with timeless dimension and the evolutionary future…in which the entirety of separation and difference is bought home to the apriori stillness in the singularity of Now. To be real is to be unfinished and yet “whole in peace” coalesced by felt Presence of the sovereign core, when one "marries" the impossible dual opposites within through the simplexity of love.

THE SYMPLEXITY OF LOVE—Once we switch on our sovereign headlights we begin exercising the free will of rational self-determinacy in which we can choose greater order, differentiation, specialization, integration, coherence, and so grow sustainably with greater adaptability and survivability. This reduces chaos or entropy through the synergy of what I call “simplexity.” That is complexity reaching a higher order of focus or simplicity through meta-synthesis of parts working together in a larger integrated whole. Love or Eros is the method by which smaller structures form into cohesive wholes in order to deal with novelty with greater simplexity. As we grow up and become sovereign we “become love” through surrender to the creatrix force of the Universe by which life gains order, complexity and consciousness (ie: power). Only the weak and those that resist love impose on the sovereign power of other individuals or otherwise harm the expansion of the Lifeforce. Tom Campbell - The Big TOE (Theory of Everything), Consciousness & Reality

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