Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Wilhelm Reich called life harming energies “Deadly Orgone Radiation (DOR)” as opposed to Positive Orgone Radiation (POR). Orgone energy can be thought of as organic life-energy or bioelectric energy, that surrounds all living things and is free in the atmosphere. Often people use orgonite, crystals, negative ions or whatever to repel poisonous energy and impart healthy orgone (life energy). But the human bodymind can also be used for busting Deadly Orgone (DOR) energy psychologically. Adjusting to hyper-reality got to thinking that since the Borg or NWO cannot necessarily be stopped, nor the radiation or exaggerated weather and earthquakes...each of us could work to become DOR Busters ourselves.

DOR busting involves psychological black cloud deliberately flooding the brain and charging the cortex with light from the core of the brain, while breathing to clear the energy. By felt-sensing our being as upright, tall beacons of radiant light we eliminate fear in ourselves and others, so that we can think clearly...not to respond to crisis persay, but to build the new world full steam ahead. We are only afraid when we hang back trembling in the old world that is crumbling under our feet.

"Let your body become a generator through which this Great Creative Radiating Principle flows. See this Principle as the emanation of all power; know that it is the principle of all power; then, like an electric generator, your body will collect and magnify this energy until you send it out as a stream of pure white light that nothing can resist, and anything directed toward you cannot harm you." The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East

DOR or deadly orgone radiation could be seen as the Borg's cheating and subversive methods of attaining power chemistry in all its forms...thus one of the protective shields against social brain damage is to fire the circuits by radiating energy through the brain to cleanse it of the toxicity caused by status-power wars. This allows the HPA axis and thyroid to remain immune from social-dis-ease, thereby protecting the cell voltage and the hormonal-endocrine systems. Contemplating cloud busting and DOR busting and creating a radiant light bulb effect of positive energy through the brain allows us to keep our full faculties about us while working in-this-world, among unaware people who are operating on the more gross, material and primitive levels of reality.

Courage, or feeling into the Heart, permits us to face extreme dangers and difficulties without fear. The heart as the source of emotion gives us the courage of conviction, to act boldly with intrepid daring in accordance with our beliefs, especially in spite of criticism. Psychological DOR busting comes directly from the heart’s EMF, which sets the valiant frequency for dispelling the standing pattern of negative or destructive energy. Thereby eliminating stress and increasing order - for stress equates to disorder, while love equates to order.

Since thoughts are energy, we can cleanse the noospheric spacetime in which we live so we can become a catalyst for change, rather than succumb to the multiple negative forces of the existing paradigm. Having freed our standing resonance pattern from the machinations of the current milieu by psychological DOR busting, we can then operate “above” the underhanded tactics of pyramid dynamics and the collective brainwashing…to tune into our cosmic Self. We cannot be an antennae for our true Being when our vibratory system is interfered with and disabled by DOR. Dissonance is both lower energy and lower order and cannot support higher purpose, meaning, or the subtle delicious qualia associated with the simple pleasure of being an embodied soul. (Qualia are simply how we experience our world when we are conscious by giving order to all the information processed by our brain.)

Psychological DOR busting provides our life-energy with the brightness by which negative interference doesn’t build up to undermine us, but instead is stepped down to become an agent of hormesis. (Hormesis comes from the Greek hórmēsis "rapid motion, eagerness;" from ancient Greek hormáein "to set in motion, impel, urge on"). That is because the dissonance of DOR no longer infiltrates our radiant light field, the exposure to toxins and other stressors has the opposite effect that it normally would if negative vibration simply accumulated. Thus we can willingly expose ourselves to the toxic energies of this world in the sure knowledge that we are developing immunity against them. Such a stance of defenselessness in which all our energies are turned towards growth and positive radiance, means that we begin to operate from our sovereign core, rather than being a mere reactive accumulator of the conditions we experience.

When we no longer accumulate and store DOR we move beyond the coercive, infiltration and assimilation processes of Borg culture…and set off on an adventure into the brave new universe. When we raise our energy enough the low vibratory state of the separate-self-sense is overcome and the veil of separation falls and we abide in a delicious dreamscape of the multidimensional Self. Then it is like looking at the world through the eyes of a child…with intense love, awe and gratitude, coupled with the sense that "I never knew it could be like this." Because of the co-opting of technical intelligence by the power cabal, on the cultural surface we still operationally live in a Pre-Telsa universe, but we are about to go quantum any moment now!

To meta-adapt you must realize that our social habitus and its ecological consequences is ALL psychological; that is related to the “way” we use our brains. We are moving through a period of increased cosmic sensing and portents, and soon we won't be afraid of it. To take on the challenge you can simply do more things to counter positive ions, low frequency waves, HAARP, radiation, toxins, solar flares, EMFs etc...All the things necessary to counteract xenobiotic factors are FUN...involving nature, play, water, grounding, movement, dancing, stretching and touch. Thus moving through this transition into an earth friendly society...must be a celebratory adventure. We simply have to have the discipline to pull ourselves away from the various toxicities and immerse ourselves in that which life loves, for the love of life!

“It may be said without the slightest exaggeration that the soul of man is the battlefield of the past and future." P.D. Ouspensky

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