Friday, June 15, 2012


 In sovereignty speak, “the Source is the one and the one is the Source.” Only the whole HUman, alpha and omega, can heal a whole world. According to the Pythagoreans the term “Monad” (Greek monas "unit," or monos "alone"), was used for Divinity or the first being, or the totality of all beings. Monad being the Source or the "One-without-division.” Oh here we have the glitch in the matrix—monas...or the unit, sounds suspiciously like money, hence the commodification of Descartes's material universe, born of the metaphysical justification of the hard science of the Cartesian system. We have made “money” our God. When monos/money is turned into the service of Spirit, then all heaven breaks loose!
By returning to the One we become whole. It takes a whole (holy) individual to return to the One and thus return the whole world to the One. The world is not made less by the differentiation and uniqueness of the individual. Individuation is the amplification of anima and animus, or the Tao of the soul, through the alchemical marriage of the two opposite forces (yang and yin). Only through individuation and the expression of the soul of the individual does the “whole” make sense. Only in being free to think and act in accordance with the “whole” can the individual make sense! If the individual is not allowed to express their God (gut) given truth and talents, then that which is whole and holy becomes fragmented, diseased, separated, alienated, denigrated, afflicted, exiled, martyred, oppressed, plagued, vexed, distressed, depressed and victimized. Thus if the individual in a society is prevented from being who they ARE, then we can expect a very sick society indeed.

Obviously we return the world to sanity through growing our souls and being re-educated by them. Having the audacity to express the uniqueness and originality of our soul will be the principle vocation of enlightened civilizations. And the only way to bring enlightened civilization about is to step fully onto the path of creative freedom, and to step firmly off the path of the mindless consuming machine. For each of us to be a part in “saving the world” we must see through the pre-tension, pretension and delusion of separation from Source. By becoming the Source we return the world to the One, and we can only become the Source through realizing and manifesting the whole HUman. Once we understand the one, unifying aspect behind everything…”Phi,” and the holographic, holozoic, fractal nature of the vibrational Universe and embody the monadic ethos of true spirituality, our lives become daemonic and holy order is restored to earth. Then we become not just earth creatures, but cosmic beings or Living Consciousness, God-Spirit or Inner Christos, as pure expressions of the One thing…the Universe. 

The heretical statement “I and the Father are One,” is only heretical in a deeply fallen and ill civilization. The one, unifying idea that unites the Absolute and the Relative, the Many and the One and knits us back into the fabric of the cosmos and loosens the toxic bonds of disenchanted worldliness is not an “idea” at all. It is STOPPING and STILLNESS and SILENCE  and EMPTINESS and LETTING GO and GOING WITHIN and discovering you are always already WHOLE. Through meditation and the Inner Arts we become the one thing that unifies the universe – “Tai Chi, or The Great Ultimate” – an exquisite, blissful harmonizing and cohering of the two opposite forces (yang and yin). By returning to the One we become whole and can heal a whole world. 

If our self-center is attached to the totalitarian arch-figure, either though acquiescence or rebellion, then we have no vital umbilical to the cosmos—hence are not self-initiated, self-motivated, self-directed, nor self-made. Without each individual being sovereign you don’t have community, you just have a miss-mash of lost beings in docility, submission, or defiance. Only with sovereignty is there truly conscious choice, for even apathy is a form of compliance. Sovereign lifestyle, practice, mindfulness and sovereign peer community are needed for continuity in the awareness that we ARE always already whole. 
Unless people are first stabilized and at peace with their sovereignty then others tend to undermine their divine connection by various Borg dis-associative frequency patterns. 

Until Other has reached a certain level of Self-empowerment then they will try and gain power and energy from us by a myriad of means. The paradox is that it takes an entire planet of sovereign human's to really, really remember who we ourselves are. Joint sovereignty is the only thing that actually "works" and evolves in human systems, because the individual has to be plugged into the cosmos first prior to being human and part of a group or they can't integrate the "spiritual" and genius/gnostic levels. Without accessing and facilitating the highest human faculties community is basically "purposeless."

Eventually every man, woman and child on earth will be sovereign—because they already are—they just don’t know it.

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