Friday, February 8, 2013


“The more real you get the more unreal the world gets.” ~ John Lennon

The symbolic, associative, mythic Hindbrain deals in reacting and responding to apparent opposites…true and false, of good and evil, beautiful and ugly, value and lack of value, joy and sorrow, activity and passivity, positive and negative, life and death, being and not-being, and so on. Thus the Borg functions in irreconcilable dualisms where the two opposites seem to mutally exclude one another…as thesis and antithesis. This juxtaposition of opposites is observed in cultural habitus systems of sensationalism, empiricism, materialism, mechanism, feudalism, association, the egoic mirage and sensuality. The partial human is collectively united, not so much by their conflict, but by their common vacuity, nescience, or absence of realization. Lacking the compassionate embrace born of the loving synthesis of opposites the divided human projects their own fear and weakness onto the world in an attempt to triumph over uncertainty. And in scaring themselves with their own projections they prevent the use and development of the higher centers of the HUman anatomy and thus remain trapped within the primitive operating mode of the arcane primate.

Whereas the more recently evolved neocortex and prefrontal lobes in particular provide distance from the automatic push and pull of opposites by establishing a synthesis. That is a sentience, philosophy and wisdom of the universal, and therefore thought, intuition and imagination, that is both at once difference and unity, discord and concord, discrete and continuous, permanent and ever-changing, complement or rival to. Having resolved the inner conflict through univeralism and synthesis, the Taoist brain of the sovereign triumphs over opposition and revels in uncertainty. Uncertainty or the unknown is grokked as the event horizon of limitless possibility and infinite depths, unity in diversity, and the marriage of heaven and earth. The dragon once tamed retreats to his lear (Anglo-Saxon word "lear" meaning empty or void). Reality is a nexus of opposites, and is not rendered dissipated, diminished and separated thereby. Unity or the Tao is not had by not recognizing opposition, for reality is composed of both thesis, antithesis and synthesis.

Not competition but complementarism.  Extracting ourselves from the soul-fracking effects of power addiction requires that we remove ourselves from the power struggle without winning or giving in, via the proactive cocreation of an atmosphere of closeness, cooperation and trust where there is no fear of blame, shame or pain. If a sovereign complains about being a victim and feels self-pity then they are not self-compassionate, nor are they sovereign. If they were self-compassionate and self-determinate then they could remove themselves from whatever toxic situation they cannot resolve. There is no con-structive relationship as long as one of the parties in the transaction are operating from win/lose. The Borg power world vaguely pretends to be win/win when they think it suites their purposes, but really the basic law of the Borg world is win/lose, which can ultimately only lead to dis-order. So essentially thrival in the Borg world means that we must create a niche for ourselves that is post-Borg...for we cannot maintain our sovereign integrity in a win/lose energy economy.

Anything diseased that is dying tends to get progressively mean, aggressive and stupid; speeding up the very processes of decay that bring about its downfall. So we can assume that the madness and infringement on liberty will continue to ramp up. The great challenge is to handle the bad behavior of power junkies (social retards), but then it is no challenge at all, as they destroy their soul while having fun doing it, so we too can enjoy their long as we don't take it personally or make ourselves out to be a victim. It is interesting that to become a person, we must become a transperson. The personal level in us is aghast, disappointed, insulted or whatever to attacks from the lower memes, but if you look really closely at the energy exchange you see that the attacker can only see you through their in a sense they are only shadow boxing their own demons, thus whatever they say and do we cannot take it personally.

The more they ramp up their power intoxicated madness, the easier it is for us to extricate our responsibility, reactivity and involvement from the exchange. Thereby setting up a safe viewing vantage point from which we can simply watch the drama unfold at a distance…(or not as such entertainment is a bore.) The more we shift to Fair Witness viewing mode the easier it is to handle any flavor of Borg insanity our day has in store for us. When we "expect" bad behavior, it no longer throws us, and good behavior becomes a pleasant surprise. The mark of a mature sovereign would be compassion for those who do not yet know that infringing on the sovereignty of another begin hurts the abuser most…for if they continue in such ignorance they will never find their way home to inner peace and self love.

The idea that Buddhism will win is not a Buddhist idea. In sovereignty we seek to remove the anti-freedom Borg repression in ourselves so that we can reduce our suffering and the suffering of others. Because freedom from suffering is the opposite of the Borg. Thus we work from the compassionate need to reduce the suffering of all beings. Sovereignty is the New Buddhism. Sovereignty will "win" because sovereignty or “the sanctity of life” already IS the indisputable Truth. The integrity of a nation’s sovereignty is based on the integrity of the personal sovereignty of its citizens. Since domination and violence ignoblizes any animal, tyrannical or Machiavellian government is the worst blight to befall a nation. Errant leadership is even worse than invasion…for at least with invasion the people have the opportunity to openly fight back. Not being able to carry out “The Heroic Action” in the face of a nedulous, treacherous enemy makes broken cowards of us all. With the people’s money being spent on “public relations” to ensure that the war games continue…we are living in a silent tyranny of global proportions.

The sovereignty meme is indisputable fact and as plain as the light of day. I imagine 100% of people one thousand years in the future will know that “the sanctity of life” already IS the indisputable Truth. I am merely saying we don't have to live like sick stupid animals if we study ourselves anthropogically and work towards absolute sovereignty for all beings (except for sociopathic ones). Since we live in a sociopathic civilization (notice the sardonic oxymoron) we must with conscious compassion work to free Spirit from the sickness of a broken Mankind. As we incorporate ever greater scientific knowledge into our species story so too will our use of symbols and myths become more comprehensive and applicable to our contemporary and future growth as a species. The ancient myths like the 16 crucified Christs (annual sun's passage) need to be seen for what they are and not taken literally to retard brain/soul development of the flock and feed corrupt institutions.

We may have to band together for sanity promoting meditation sessions, work projects and living-communities. We must move directly and determinedly towards the new world to remain immune from the craziness of the old culture as it dies. It is a waste of time trying to convert others who haven't even heard the herald of the new age, nor are aware they are living within a dying beast. We must find others going in a similar direction at a similar speed. Even one person who turns on to sovereignity in a community slowly infests their unique personal maturity into the collective. They may be persecuted for doing so, but there are gorilla-type means like stickers that are fun and don't gain any personal push-back. Every sovereign can bring their own gift to the reevolutionary campaign...and if it an't fun, it an't sovereign. Only Spirit knows the way out of the box!

The beauty of sovereignty as a life philosophy is that the buck always stops with us…and this is our ticket to freedom! So it is always an inside job, even if the whole world is going to pot around us. Blaming external people and events merely holds us back from the sovereign empowerment to change our inner and outer condition. Sovereignty also protects us from spiritual materialism to a degree as we know we can get most of what we need from inside ourselves and from nature. Therefore we don't rush around being a spiritual groupie, buying the icons, talismans and accessories, nor do we try to pump up our status within a spiritual community. Sovereignty compared to current spiritual clicks may look decidingly uncool and boring, because we are not "aping" the current spiritual fashions. Meanwhile a volcano of cosmic connectivity and bliss bubbles within...only to be seen by those whom are similarly lit.

Producing or radiating out of fullness (cosmic connectivity) requires the health/wholeness of the bodymind so as it is not an impediment to the depth, originality, specificity, humor of the moment and so we have the endurance to continue the Witnesss into all moments. The reason why we are so broken and descended as a species is because we have destroyed our bodymind with out antilife culture and we have continued the malevolent power orientation of our baboon-like nature into 21st Century. Both the physical and social domains must be rectified and redeemed in order for higher HUman society to begin. Unless people undergo study of sovereign philosophy and practice, universal law, rawfood diet, anthropogeny, sociobiology, dearmoring/detoxing, right-livelihood and establish a social environment that is nontoxic to the higher neurogenesis of their brains and hearts.....there is no possibility of a genuinely HUman life. That is we cannot rise above the crowd of the fallen, if we continue fallen thought, emotion, deeds and conditions. If we have greater context, greater information and greater vision...then we are no longer a danger to ourselves.

The sovereign has a God given license to BE.


  1. The dream of duality is defined by sleepers and always has been. To paint those that sleep as nefarious Borg of the hivemind is to animate, Frankenstein-like, a creation that only reifies duality for the sovereign. Perhaps that image serves to keep one moving in the right direction.

    "Religion is just the ultimate hustle. Why can't God just defeat the devil? Its the same reason a comic book character can't defeat his nemesis...then, there's no story..." -Bill Maher

    Which is really what nonduality is getting at: no story. History is the procession of duality, written by the victor over the vanquished, in all forms.

    Just sayin. You are an inspiring writer, Jana.

    1. Thanks Jeff I realize the contradiction in my diatribe, but I feel the least I can do is to leave these dribblings for people to follow or amuse themselves as they traverse through the confusion of the chickens of the last 13K years come home to roast. If we have greater context, greater information and greater vision...then we are no longer a danger to ourselves.