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We don't know what beneficent, advanced leadership and the global arena will look like a thousand years from now. The present rapacious governments and the military industrial complex are symptomatic of a species whose physical, cognitive and spiritual capacities are being suspended by the brutal nature of the culture itself. Rather than as the saying goes that "power corrupts" in actual fact corrupt individuals and alliances engage in power-abuse because they have warped senses and sentience....that is they are prefrontally challenged in the moral domain. Power-abuse is what is retarding species development, keeping us back in the sadomasochistic state of the Borg…benumbed, crippled, and deadened.

The accumulated karma, trauma and hell created from our arrested development is literally getting out of control and so while things appear "psychotic" as the veil of repression is lifting...we are beginning to clearly see the mechanism of our collective and individual demise. However without making transition to wholebrain use via conscious play, practice and effort there is no way any of the crabs can get out of the bucket, for without clearly seeing that they are suffering from the power-over/power-under game they won't take refuge in the Source whereby sovereignty could save their souls from the maw of the laviathan.

The Borg is off Phi, so we cannot expect it to be lovingly forthcoming...or if it is is saccharine. Because the Borg is off Phi it operates from fear, need and greed. We are only vulnerable to the machinations of the Borg if we too are operating in fear, need and greed. Competition only works as a power advantage if one of the sides in the relationship can be intimidated, angered or made fearful and envious. As we make conscious and transcend the default social programming, and penetrate the laws, habits and assumptions that keep the Hindbrain adaptive patterns in place…we crawl out of the bucket of crabs. Everything, both inner and outer that would have us endlessly floundering around and scampering to get on top of the pile…actually points to an untruth than can be eliminated.

As we eliminate everything that is not Phi in our lives we come into alignment with our true self…and enlightened society begins to be born. We need a certain amount of visionary objectivity in order to not be pulled down into the crab bucket again…and we cannot adequately grow our prefrontal impulse-controlling functions while still flailing around in the bucket. So this is the evolutionary cul-de-sac that we are in as a species. If we have not clearly looked into the nature of the problem because we enjoy the game of sadomasochism, then the malevolent Hindbrain culture cannot come to a natural end. The human species then willingly conspires to its own suicide, for to go against the force of evolution is to devolve and become extinct. The bottom line is that spiritual retardation will undoubtedly be rejected by nature, for nature is lawful.

“Dissociation on every scale leads to collective dementia. Decentralization into fractal sovereign integrity is paradoxical. Dive IN to get OUT!” Heather Sirotak

Hindbrain fear programming keeps us from aligning with Source and coming in to sync (synchronicity or Phi) with the cosmos. Ironically you need impulse control for spontaneity. That is for Flow of the higher Cosmic Self the lower conditioned and broken self needs to brought to heel and made to submit. Impulse control is not so much a matter of repressing lower thoughts and drives, it is about creating conditions that establish Cosmic Connection and Flow and letting that inform/in-form our being and experience...which in turn creates even more refined or essential conditions for even greater Cosmic Connection and Flow. This is how mystic relationship to our environment comes about and sets up a contagious frequency of ephemeralization. Thanatos, destruction and delinquency do not need to be locked up in the dark in solitary confinement where they fester in our bowels and infest our lives. The windows to the soul just need to be opened to let the light and fresh air in. Movement and Flow clears out the stagnation that habituates the collapse of the whole HUman.

The conspiracy of retardation, negligence, malice and obstruction we call “The Borg” is symptomatic of decelerated evolution…due to Homo sapiens actually getting off of the evolutionary tree. The Borg is the commodified human under the master/slave delusion born of the myopia of the mechanical man prior to the initiation of prefrontal lobe/heart connection. It is the compartmentalized broken human not yet risen above the inequity of primate hierarchy that strives for power and security to compensate for the lack of apriori connection to the cosmos. Having taken away an individual’s sovereignty and their inner connection to God and nature...Borg society then enslaves the population, selling back to them what is already theirs for free. Thus Borg society is degenerative as it represses the best in us while encouraging the worst, the diseased and the delusional.

The Borg is US! Thus sovereignty practice and philosophy aims to heal the whole HUman from the millions of years of animal and primate conditioning at spiritual-self-denial. It is the post-egoic recognition that we indeed are God, looking out at a universe that is God. Sovereignty is the objective recognition of What Is beyond the madness of the collective self-destruction of the Borg. Because the self-negation and nescience of the Borg is caused by the dys-integration of the human cosmos we overcome the closure of the eye of higher awareness by rectifying Phi (love) or the lifeforce, in all aspects of our world from soil to soul.

Can anyone caught in the cage of conformity to The Given genuinely want to get out?
Merely saying we want to be free, is not enough. That is like saying we want to be a millionaire and not doing anything about it. The water of the mind runs down hill unless we know how to make it rise. There must be the desire, intention, will, plan, execution, feedback and the integration of these in a lifestyle that feeds the whole HUman. If the creative cycle is not complete and progressive then the results will be weak and ill-formed. We are in charge of our lives, and if we subconsciously don't want to succeed due to self-rejection, victimhood complex or whatever, then we will distract, divert, block or waste our lives. We see then that sovereignty is self-love and anything short of that is a cop out. If we observe were we copping out, then we see where we are not coping and can devise methods of meta-adaptation. If we don't consciously meta-adapt then we are obsequiously bound to The Given and our lives are defined from the outside in rather than the inside out.

Authenticity does not masturbate away the quintessence of life. Authenticity is not two faced between the inner and the outer Janus. Engaging in politics with the Borg is to roll around in the mud, while dreaming of roses. You will get soiled, despite your most lofty imaginings.

To leave the soul crippling, life destroying, base, corrupt and juvenile delinquent Hindbrain default-mode adaptation level behind us is the principle goal of the spiritual initiate...and yet we can only do this by generating the conditions that put us in synchronicity (or Phi) with the cosmos. The conspiracy of awakening sovereignty starts with us first, and as we tune in and wake up then we can find others moving at a similar evolutionary speed. There is little more depressing to the human soul than to know that the Kingdom is at hand and yet to have those in our community constantly pulling us down. Thus the creation of mystic, visionary living communities is absolutely essential to both the thrival and survival of the human species. By envisioning and manufacturing enlightened society we free ourselves once and for all from our lower nature and so build a world of scintillating abundance, magic and mystery. Through the initiation and development of a sovereign Source connection we substitute the lower drive for power and security with empowerment, cosmogenius and cosmogenesis.

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