Sunday, February 23, 2014


The Matrix is the Fallen Man.

At the astral, physical, mental and cultural level people's life energy is being devitalized, condemning humanity to rely on more the primitive circuits of the Hindbrain and rendering the HUman to an elementary automaton. As the 10,000 year old culture of exploitation degrades the environment and destroys the genetic backbone of life on earth the Matrix of dis-ease is so holographic we have species-amnesia, having forgotten not only who we are, but what we are. Negative lifeforce, Thanatos, The Fallen Man, the Borg, the Matrix, the Leviathan, the Nothing, the Machine...this mode of descended energy frequency is symptomatic of a species in errors that has lost its way.

The endless labyrinth of mis-take, of stepping off the Phi spiral path, creates aberration and hence endless compensation and effort to "fix it," to the point where the entire energy of the individual and the civilization is spent of trying to rectify the fallout of their tragedy of errors...only to create further error, because the very foundations of life's relationship to the cosmos has been undercut, and consciousness ripped apart from its cosmic origins. The Borg is known by its ignorance/ignore-ance, perverty, ignominy, bifurcated ego, and general rebellion against Reality in the biggest sense of the word.

Lucifer may well be a holographic projection of the part of ourselves that is an angry, rebellious child, defiantly throwing a temper tantrum and screaming "F- You Mommy and Daddy!"

Borg life is entropic, however once individuals reestablish their syntropic cosmic connection and actively seek higher Grokking consciousness they can emancipate themselves from the gravity of the collusion of delusion. To do that you have to love yourself in a transpersonal way...that is the God in you loving the God in you...and this sets the small wounded self free from endless playback of broken dreams. First you must dare to dream, then in the process of stepping forward the clutter and refuge gets cleared out of the way. The only way we can emancipate ourselves from the Matrix of the Given is to strip away the blinders of the conspiracy of ignore-ance, and to imagine what life would be like in the Made world of our most life-giving dreams. In truth, we have skills, gifts and divine capacity way beyond our wildest imaginations. We need to reboot the Matrix by reframing the HUman.

Culture is a lens of perception given to us by the human continuum. In life, we may never awaken to see the Given lens of culture itself, and so like frogs swimming in slowly heating water we live unconsciously embedded in the Matrix without questioning its premises, laws, rules and assumptions. The Matrix of control is a hierarchy of madness, which is a sadomasochistic trance, which falsely imprisons us, because all living organisms in the universe are given will-to-freedom by Nature herself. Every attempt to play the game by the given Borg rules only gets us further up shit creek, so it is obvious that the game is not for us. 

Reality is too much for some to bear within the Matrix of such perverse dishonesty. There seems no way out of the Matrix but death. Death however is not the answer...LIFE is…for the Matrix only has a dominant hold over us to the degree that we are devitalized and do not own ourselves! We must transcend indoctrination and the oppression of the dominator and not let it break our spirit! The past is buried through living in the Moment-Om to fulfill the goals of a vivacious lifestyle, longevity, maximizing potential, and literally radiating energy.

The Borg is demented and delusional via consciousness that is occluded, blocked, fragmented, dissociated, schismed, repressed, depressed and inebriated, thus it is the expression of the HUman in a state of gross arrested development. Greed, ill will, and delusion are no longer confined to individual minds, but have become institutionalized into globalized corporate forces beyond personal control, and so individuals are relieved of their personal responsibility for collective sin. The mundane Hivemind is the progressive prefrontal dementia of Borg civilization that seeks advantage, profit and power at ANY expense, including untold suffering for future generations and genocide of the majority of the human species and the biosphere.

The Borg has fallen out of cosmic communion, that is why it is delusional. Certainly anything humans touch loses cosmic integrity...the earth gets larger, plus mass/gravity increases, the sun and moon and planets are moving away from us and thus their influence is reducing...Plus now with the city lights we can no longer see the stars. Thus the Gods and the mystery are leaving us, and we ourselves are losing the vitality needed for complex consciousness and full sentience. Those in the Matrix are still being the best they can be within the oppressive dominatrix system, they just don't yet know there is anything else to being human. Most people do not know the magic and mystery of being truly HUman...and if they haven't tasted what is possible they are stuck in the Given (the Matrix).

Raising the vibration out of the swamp of delusion is about eliminating interference patterns and building coherency to reinstate cosmic communion. Once you have sufficient charge, conductivity, coherency and conjugation through eliminating everything that which blocks the light, then the Grace of Spirit is able to descend (incarnate), kundalini sparks up and burns off the rest of the blockage and noise. At which point we are progressively free from the gravity, friction and inertia of the Borg because we have established the ways, means and conditions for maintaining cosmic reconnection. The sovereign individual is a creative artist, free of mind control, who taps into something beyond the matrix and operates within his/her own reality by emerging from the consensus worldview.

The glitch in the Matrix is the endless reoccurring cycle of growth and decay of a pupael species working towards spiritual maturity while simultaneously preventing it. Lack of "receptivity" and alpha wave harmonizing of the brain hemispheres is the cause of the dys-integration underlying the hyperbolic cycle of growth and decay. If the master design of cause and effect is decoded and the glitch in the Matrix removed, then we can move beyond the mal-developmental pattern, and could consciously create sustainable evolution. Or at least overcome this false handicap of cultural repression that we are presently burdened with. The broken human scurries around selfishly trying to get MORE to fortify themselves, but their self-serving individualism only drives them deeper into the divorce from nature and separation from the Cosmic Man within.

The Matrix of control that constitutes the Borg attempts to gain its strength from our weakness, and so to become immune to pathological exploitative power we must become integrally strong. That is have integral grit (integrity) on all levels of being - environmental, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social. By sticking close to nature we glean the benefits of the ultimate organizer, vitalizer, regenerator and creator in the universe. By opening ourselves to nature’s energies and beauty we dig our roots deep into her soil and raise our leaves to her sun, so that we may give forth profuse flowers and bare her exquisite fruit. Then the integrated circle or wheel of the Soul is complete, and we become HUman at last.

Without sovereignty there is no right relationship only dominance and submission, because sovereignty requires “felt listening” to oneself rather than merely “hearing,” and dominance and submission are antithetical to life. We must actually “receive” our Self in order to “be” our Self…and only AS our Self are we ever in reciprocal chosen relationship. Since the sovereign respects themselves enough to truly listen rather than simply control or comply, they can give themselves what it is they are wanting or lacking. Only with this autonomous power of Self-fulfillment can we move from Hindbrain discordinance to Forebrain concordinance. Being thus autonomously self-sustaining, the sovereign can move beyond the outer-seeking mode of deprivation to the infinite resources of the inner-sufficiency mode…known by its self-control, self-ownership, self-possession and self-accumulation. Self-reliance, self-sufficiency, self-creation, self-origination, self-governance, self-emancipation etc...these terms and their understanding need to be spread far and wide in order to overcome the poverty mode, the infantilization and the sleep of the Borg.

Ultimately the knowledge of total self-responsibility is liberating...for if we choose to torment ourselves over past trauma by constantly playing hurt/blame tapes...then it is we who are acting as a predator on our own lives and wasting our time, energy and potential.  The world is not fair, but we do not recover from victimhood by further victimizing ourselves with our own hyperdefense and inability to will ourselves to heal.

Every sovereign is the leader of themselves, and there are no followers.

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