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HADO ~Lifeforce Energy

“Hado is the intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter, the smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness." Masaru Emoto

Hado is a Japanese word meaning wave motion or vibration comprising any phenomenon in natural world. The Japanese spiritual community now uses the word "hado" to express the life-force energy, or prana, chi, mana, odic force, orgone, elan vital, radial energy, archeus, etheric energy, vital life-essence, vital energy or life force and even Sheldrake's morphogenetic fields. Also around the world it is referred to as ka, ichor, inua, sila, manetuwak, oloddumare, qi, Tao, ki, aether and quintessence. Ultimately, hado moves the physical and the intangible and after circulating inside the body or innate materials, hado returns to the air in Mother Nature. As you become attuned to good feeling hado and bad feeling hado you will begin to sense the variations and subtle intricacies of hado. The easiest way to receive good hado is to visit nature, such as walking in the forest, camping alongside a pure stream, or going to the beach. This pure life-force vibration (hado) stays with you only temporarily, so you need to reconnect with nature as often as you can. Plants invariably emit good hado, and the bigger the trunk of the plant, the stronger the hado it releases. If we combine the sensitivity to Hado with the Tibetan concept of “Drala,” meaning bravery, fearlessness or energy beyond aggression…we can arrive at an experience of reality beyond the delusions and machinations of defensive programming. The power of hado or reverse entropy can be harnessed and intended for the Tao of the Way.

The Roman mythological god Janus could be interpreted as the synergistic combination as Beginner’s Mind and the Sage…or Emptiness and Fullness combined. The external and internal cosmic mirror, or the experience of Nowness, is the primordial manifestation of the wisdom of vast mind. The magic of the present moment, is what joins the wisdom of the past with the present. The ultimate mind or the higher mind cannot be manipulated. For by staying focused in the Prefrontal Lobes by full breathing and remembering to go into resourcefulness and effectiveness rather than worry, fear and recrimination, means that we are beyond diversion, distraction, corruption and supplication. Ultimately we should be able to walk fearlessly through the valley of death as a full-blown connected sovereign...using the power of breath and positively directed consciousness. If we cannot "project our own movie" in our own lives, we play a second rate part in others movies and have no control over the script. We must find our own empowerment via executive illumination and whole brain function or be victim to someone else's power…and then we only have our own self to blame for not utilizing our God given resources.

By uniting both novelty and knowledge in one gestalt of conscious presence our thought and behavior becomes less programmed and more spontaneous. This helps us to quit repeating patterns from past experience, where our expectations, assumptions, shadow-agenda clouds our reception of Reality. The point is that Flow and the Universal Mind already IS, we need but re-member to simply stop identifying with our filters, which narrowly bias our view through the miniscule lens of past memory. Attachment to who we were is not who we are, but through staying focused in the Prefrontal Lobes by full breathing we can remember both the implicate and the explicate dimensions of our Being. This of course helps us to not get lost in the dream. Acceptance of our lack of realization will bring us ever closer to fulfillment. The discipline of sovereignty is one of trust in basic goodness, and the expression of basic health. That way you magnetize abundance, brilliance and elegance and truly come to appreciate the magical nature of the world that is all around us.

I do think that we have to be kind and supportive of all those trying to overcome the miosis of the cult of stupor. We are all in the process of reformating civilization, and so we need "all" each of us has to offer and we need to support each other in our efforts. Acknowledging each others contribution will go a long way to letting more of The Goodness flow into manifestation from the Unified Field of Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm originally meant inspiration or possession by a divine afflatus or by the presence of God/Daemon. We have to remember how close we are to death as a planetary organism...and it is our divisiveness that brought us to this point.


Dr. Nikolai A. Kozyrev’s work and others have shown us that all matter harnesses torsion waves and every atom is a torsion generator. Depending on its overall “spin polarization,” and if there is a greater amount of right-handed or left-handed spin in its electron clouds, determines whether the object will either generate left-handed or right-handed torsion waves. Since every atom is throwing off torsion waves as it vibrates, and certain geometric shapes can help harness and direct this torsional energy flow more than others. Pyramids harness the rotational inertia of the Earth, thus they should be aligned to True North to have the greatest torsion field effect.

In a Red Ice Radio interview Sam Osmanagich said that research on people's cells from being inside the Bosnian pyramids showed that they were offloading toxins to a greater degree than normal. Apparently protection from the natural above-ground radiation allows cells to go into housecleaning mode, because they need to exert less resources on defense and rebuilding from radiation damage.

Studies with Golden Section Pyramids built by Alexander Golod in Russia showed that the amount of radioactivity in the body becomes less after exposure in his pyramids. Radioactive materials held inside a pyramid decay more rapidly than expected. Other effects include: increased immunity, reduced side effects from medication, seeds placed in the pyramid showed a 30-100% increase in yield, the plants did not get sick and they were not affected by droughts, an energy column above the pyramids is thought to have repaired the Ozone layer, and the pathogenic strength of different viruses and bacteria becomes less with exposure in the pyramid. Crystalline structures infused with pyramid energy lowered criminal and bad behavior in Russian jails.

Golden Section Pyramids and pyramids modeled after the Great Pyramid of Giza have been found to produce positive biological effects including less neuroendocrine and oxidative stress, reduction in cancer, amplified effect of antiviral and other medicines. Pathogenic viruses and bacteria are less virulent after being held in the pyramid, and lower types of organisms that cause decay, putrefication or produce sluggish vibrations don't flourish within or near a Pyramid environment. Moreover, the taste of inferior liquids, such as cheap wines or stale orange juice, is apparently improved. Psychotropic drugs have less of an effect on people either staying inside a pyramid or within close range of a pyramid. The torsion-wave energy of pyramids also keeps water molecules from crystallizing into ice, but one slight bump disrupts the even flow of the torsion radiation and the water molecules to begin to crystallize. Diamonds manufactured in a pyramid are harder and purer.

Even the viscosity and production of oil increased from wells with a pyramid over them. Russian scientists found that the pyramids have the ability to dissipate the energetic buildup that would normally create violent earthquakes and extreme weather. Poisons and other toxins become less destructive to living systems. Radioactive strontium and heavy metals in contaminated wells were able to be cleared by the effects of the pyramids. Water stored in a pyramid has enhanced healing effects and maintains its purity. Toxins, pathogens, plaques, growths, excess fat, fillings, and all obstructions to the Light, cause distortions and obstructions in the flow of torsion waves and impair the flow of Innate intelligence—a form of putative energy, qi, prana, kundalini, spirit or spiritual energy often metamorphically interpreted as “breath.”

David Wilcock talks about pyramidal torsion field effects in his book Divine Cosmos - Convergence Volume Three, CHAPTER 09: HARNESSING TORSION WAVES AND CONSCIOUSNESS.
Nice print version here:

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