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Because oxygen is key to brain energy, clarity, detoxification and the balance and resetting of neurotransmitters, we could say that oxygen is the master orchestrator of our sovereign potential. However highly-reactive forms of oxygen called free radicals can also erode the very structure of those brain cells. There is an increase in free radical production in both excess oxygen and lack of oxygen conditions. When there is inadequate exogenous and indigenous antioxidants cellular decay occurs and the bodymind ages, largely because free radicals interfere with the messages transmitted by neurotransmitters. Antioxidants from food can readily donate their electrons to prevent free radicals from stealing electrons out of membrane fatty acids, mitochondria, DNA, and elsewhere. Thus for the maintenance of amplified consciousness we must up our oxygen intake as well as our antioxidant and phytochemical loading.

When we correct the dysfunctional biophysical cause behind our loss of higher consciousness, we open up a limitless new world of the infinite possibilities. Certainly oxygen is key to liberation from toxic relationship…as the quality of our breathing is associated with the health of our social interactions. The bugs in our emotional and rational processes that weigh us down and keep our inertial gravitation around the conventional-conditioned consensus mind. The more work we do to clear out that which is dysfunctional, the more we stabilize this higher level where both timelessness and nonlocal consciousness, dream and awaking seem to interpenetrate.

The physicist Tom Bearden says conscious thought is serial processed, while subconscious mind is paralleled processed and is around 10 times faster. The complete breakthrough into the Self and the elimination of ego oriented delusion, requires our focused awareness to shift from the serial process of "thought," and into the vastly faster parallel processing of "pure perception." That is not to say that we don't have any thoughts, but that we simultaneously abide equally in "no-mind" as well as in "mind." Information is exchanged in the brain very quickly, at the speed of electricity along the axons (with slight resistance), and at the speed of chemical reaction at the synapses.

The adrenaline and cortisol of panic, fear and PTSD means a tightening of the shutter of consciousness towards the serial processing of thought, memorizing danger and vigilance for threat. Not only does this put wear and tear on the nerves, but it cuts us off from the full spectrum of our creative capacity, that would otherwise find solutions to the upsetting conditions, which put us into hyper-thought mode in the first place. Thus the stress load of the Borg-economan is a self-fulfilling hamster wheel, which is impossible to get off without either crashing or transcending. Opening up our breathing and increasing our oxygen supply to the brain allows us to expand from the narrow tightrope of "thought" and into the vast open fields of primordial awareness…which are ever new, brilliantly scintillating and refreshing.

Once the brain comes alive in concerted joy, we discover the whole universe is more keenly linked and tied together, and the more we act in Flow the more synchronicity happens. Flow is when we relax our focus out of the serial thought processes and rely on the pure perception of the sub and supra conscious mind. Primordial awareness only occurs as a result of or concurrently with “natural breath.” Whereas the linear stream of our conscious thought has a significant impact on changes in the depth, speed and efficiency of our breath and oxygen supply. With Flow our sense of effortlessly transcending anxiety is renewed, resulting in better oxygenation of the brain, which further increases alertness and concentration. The off balance states of anxiety and panic are telling us we are out of Flow and need to reestablish homeostasis or unveil our connection with our innate wholeness.

Fears that are seemingly overcome are really only hidden in the brain that is not trained in sovereignty. The reason for persistent fears is that the amygdala has a group of cells responsible for the fear response, and a second for its suppression that inhibit the fear signal transmission to other parts of the brain. Since the fear-coding neurons are still present, as soon as the masking by the fear-suppressing neurons disappears, (for example by changing the context and introducing novelty or surprise), the fear connections come back into action again. Trouble is that stress, anxiety, fear and PTSD states of sympathetic nervous system hyperactivation raise the blood sugar and since glutamate can be made from any sugar, carbohydrates or even from proteins or fats, it is always readily available as an excitatory neurotransmitter.

Glutamate is the brain’s main excito-neurotransmitter, and in excessive amounts glutamate neurotoxicity can cause neuronal degeneration and neuronal cell death by excessive free radical production. To protect against neuro-excitotoxicity the brain uses a system that binds the glutamate molecule (called the glutamate transporter) and transports it to a special storage glial cell (the astrocyte) within a fraction of a second after it is used as a neurotransmitter. The astrocytes or glial cells, consume large amounts of oxygen for mopping up and recycling the GABA and the glutamate. This system can be overwhelmed by high intakes of MSG, aspartame and other food excitotoxins, excessive cereal-carb intake or low oxygen conditions. Excitotoxins destroy neurons in the brain and body partly by stimulating the generation of large numbers of free radicals. Thus breathing and exercise along with stress reducing meditation change the nature of the brain and body chemistry to ensure that the fear masking and glutamate reuptake systems are not overwhelmed…thereby establishing relatively permanent states of Flow.

Toning, hanging, fasting, sungazing, high-antioxidant raw juicing, alkalinizing the blood, lying on the ground/grounding, running/aerobics, oxygen...these are the essentials for eliminating panic/anxiety. You have to reduce acid pH and armored contraction and reenzyme/remineralize using raw plant protoplasm and nature's energies. Wheatgrass juice and other greens will reduce panic almost immediately...through magnesium and chlorophyll’s detoxifying power. Juicing alkalinizes and buffers the acidic toxins entering into the bloodstream, and the enzymes in raw food help remove toxins and disease, while repairing damage done to the body.

The Machiavellian intelligence that enabled humans to dominate life on earth may ultimately be our downfall. The greatest existential risk of global catastrophic we face lies in the competitive dominance behavior of human male primates using "narrow intelligence" to pursue what male hunter-warriors are biologically "designed" to do, i.e. wage war. If we cannot self-reflect on our motivations, emotions and take on multiple perspectives, especially that of “Other,” we remain trapped in the automated ID of biological evolution. Through the inability to read our own minds and programming we cannot perceive or understand our own zombie status. This "mind-blindness" or autistic intelligence, is a failure of the cognitive capacity of perspective-taking to acquire a theory of mind. In the automaton, zombie, or Machiavellian state our frequency is off, whereby the quickness, bit-switching, differentiation and computation of consciousness is set to a “dehumanizing” mode. War and aggression undermine that which is “human” in the hominid.

Where we are on the scale of humanization or dehumanization is determined by the ecological, sociological, economical, cultural conditions in the context of our individual and collective lives. The worth of our existence is based by how our lives contribute to the humanization of the species continuum. Oxygen use and free radical protection determines the baud rate or speed of consciousness, which defines where we are on the scale of humanization vs. dehumanization. If there is inadequate oxygen to bind spent excitotoxins the masking or suppressing of fear chemistry is insufficient…thus we are subject to a permanent threat-to-survival mentality, which drives us towards the Great Attractor of war and competition. We predetermine our fate towards the machine of war when we create positive ion deserts (urban and otherwise), kill our water, defructify nature and generate antibiogenic conditions by which fear chemistry is an unavoidable consequence.

The clearing of the spent neurotransmitters, oxygenation to prevent excitotoxicity, free radical protection…all these require the kind of conditions of nature which our modern acidic, mal-ionized, ungrounded, and cosmically divorced lives cannot provide for us. By separating ourselves from Big Nature, we have become denatured and have thwarted the potential depth evolution of consciousness. We have built physiological, psychological, cultural and technological conditions that are automatically destined for war…unless we can see the full context and implications of what we have created. Speed, complexity, depth, span and connectedness of consciousness…are reliant on the efficient use of oxygen in binding spent neurotransmitters, while sopping up free radicals determines the efficiency or speed of consciousness. The baud rate or modulation rate is symbol changes or pulses per second.

Daniel Dennett argues that a rapid Baud rate is crucial for intelligence because it is essential for natural selection. He points out that if you can't figure out the relevance of the changing environment fast enough to fend for yourself, you are not practically intelligent, however complex you are. So speed counts. Obviously the “relative speed” of thought is important in enabling the right sorts of environment-organism sequences of interaction to occur to ensure survival. In his “Law of Accelerating Returns” Ray Kurzweil points out that the rate of change itself is accelerating, which means that the efficiency or speed of consciousness and our practical intelligence must keep pace to maintain its relevance. Adaptability to accelerating change requires not just an increase in the speed of consciousness but an increase in its depth or “quality.”

Alternative astronomer Tom Van Flandern ( says that the conscious mind creates simulations of the phenomenal world run in almost real time (1/10th sec) that are apprehended at the speed of thought by a momentarily unitary self. Neurons are slow, with spiking frequencies barely up to 200 per second. Human thinking occurs at 1026 calculations, "refresh rate" per second to deliver a dynamic unitary world-simulation. Perception of time-intervals is believed to be mediated by spiny neurons located in the striatum of the basal ganglia. Timing begins with a burst of dopamine and ends with a recognized signal. Marijuana slows subjective time by lowering dopamine available, whereas cocaine and methamphetamine accelerates the sense of time by increasing dopamine availability. Adrenaline and stress hormones can also "make seconds feel like hours".

Right relationship to Reality requires us to clearly see with new eyes…Death, Nature and Time. The “Light” or Baud Rate will save us from the darkness of ignorance and engender us with indomitable sanity. We must die to our preconceptions to become lucid and embrace the Flow of ever-new nascent nature. The natural state of the regener-active wholing human forever investigates and questions what they believe throughout the unbounded frontiers of limitless Space. A faster response time, Baud rate, or refresh rate is related to adaptability to change. When we have more vital energy (Hado, biophotons) and our Baud rate is faster time is perceived as open-ended, and goals are preparatory, focused on gathering information, on experiencing novelty, and on expanding breadth of knowledge. But as we age, loose life-force energy and biophotons our time is perceived as limited or closed-ended, and goals will be short-term and constrained in their very pursuit. Under such conditions, goals tend to emphasize feeling states, from which emotional meaning is derived. Multidimensional Time or Deep Time includes past, present, future, spiral, linear and Eternal or Timeless Time.c

The ability to become resensitized to our own senses and sensitivity is the essential key to becoming sovereign. For we cannot refine and define ourselves as individuals if we cannot be selective about "who we are" and "who we are not." Through resonance we divine what serves us in the moment, rather than relying on habit, culture, acquired knowledge or addiction. Integral sovereignty practice helps us maintain our hado, drala, cosmic integrity, integration and Phi resonance. Because our energy levels and state of consciousness "is one with" the body, when bogged down in the self/other repression of the Borg’ we fail to accelerate to the refresh (Baud) rate of consciousness in which wider possibilities and deeper dimensions of being are anticipated and realized. If we are not operating a sufficient cellular voltage, Hz, or biophoton levels to center consciousness in the prefrontal lobes, then we project the fears imprinted in our reptilian brain, and so recreate our past…thereby recycling the Borg chemistry. Thus trapped at the low frequency level we rarely become lucid to the dream enough to do anything about it. Projection of our shadow is what keeps us imprisoned in the living nightmare, for we never break through the mirror to non-separation or the causal origins. Enclosed in a bubble of helplessness, frustration and social toxicity, we fail to plug into the cosmos and so we remain a child of the Leviathan, eaten by Cronos himself.

The Fasting Path: For Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Healing and Renewal, by Stephen Harrod Buhner is the best book on spiritual fasting.

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